Dr Robert Sklaroff, Patriot R.I.P.

Dr Robert Sklaroff, Patriot R.I.P. — We just learned that Dr. Bob passed away. He was born in 1951. He had metastatic prostate cancer.

His obituary was published by Joseph Levine & Sons, on Aug. 14.

For a man of his accomplishments, the passing of Robert Sklaroff went far too little marked.

His numerous professional citations on the web continue to describe him in the present tense.

Dr Robert Sklaroff, Patriot R.I.P.
Dr Robert Sklaroff

He was an oncologist/hematologist affiliated with several local hospitals, notably Nazareth. He was retained as an expert witness over 500 and testified as such 60 times.

He was a contributor here with his last column coming on Aug. 4, just before he death.

The last time we saw him was at the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event in April. He did not let on he was in ill health.

Dr. Bob was a patriot who loved this country. He carried with him a copy of the U.S. Constitution.  He was a strong supporter of election integrity and Donald Trump. He was active in Jewish causes in Montgomery County, and an opponent of big tobacco. He wrote for The Times of Israel.

He helped institute safer designed needles for nurses, fought medical insurance monopolization, and was instrumental in passing the Pennsylvania Holocaust education bill.

He is survived by his brother Harvey, and son, Michael.

R.I.P., Dr. Bob. You are missed.

Update Of Election Issues From Dr. Bob

Update Of Election Issues From Dr. Bob

By Dr. Bob Sklaroff

Brennan Center

[Note: Rogue elections changed the rules in the 2020 elections without proper authorization in state law.  Bureaucrats adopted drop boxes, mail-in voting, and other vectors of election fraud, citing the pandemic as justification.  Dems seek to make those infirmities permanent.  That’s legislatures must be more actively involved in elections.]

*The SCOTUS agreed to hear Moore v. Harper, a case in which some North Caro­lina legis­lat­ors have asked the Court to embrace the inde­pend­ent state legis­lature notion.

*First, the notion would green­light partisan gerry­man­der­ing of congres­sional districts.
*Second, the radical claim would remove constraints on voter suppres­sion.

*Third, the notion would create elec­tion chaos, disen­fran­chising voters and over­whelm­ing elec­tion offi­cials.

*Fourth, the idea would remove crit­ical checks against elec­tion inter­fer­ence & sabot­age.

Zuckerbucks Group Pushes Poll Worker Recruitment

CTCL Mailing – 7/27/22 + Ideas List here

The mailing describes leveraging high schools and colleges to recruit student poll workers.  It also describes a left-wing group – Power the Polls – that “can provide support for recruitment in general, and targeting specific needs such as tech savvy individuals, multilingual speakers, or any other specific skills or gaps you are seeking to fill. When election administrators flag a poll worker need, Power the Polls can boost recruitment through their various recruitment channels – partners, businesses, earned media, social media (and more)….”  The ideas list stresses bilingual populations, underrepresented communities, teachers unions, and government employees – all of which lean Democrat.

USPS Sets Up New Office to Aid Mail-In Voting

Gateway Pundit

[Note: this is not good news for election integrity.  The potential for election fraud through mail-in voting is well-recognized (e.g., Carter-Baker commission).  And don’t forget all the problems with biased postal workers and their union reported during the 2020 elections, several of which are recounted in the article.]

* With mail-in ballots becoming a feature of all future elections, the United States government, specifically the United States Postal Service (USPS) is now creating a permanent division inside USPS to control the delivery and return of the election ballots.

Paper Shortage Ramifications

Center for Public Integrity

* “In this cycle, there may not be a way to reprint ballots late in the game,” said Matthew Weil of the Bipartisan Policy Center, which recently published a report on the paper shortage. That risks “chaos,” he said, in jurisdictions where a judge might strike a candidate from a ballot as the election draws close.

* The group typically hands out voter registration forms at high school graduations and naturalization ceremonies around the state. In places like Harris County — home to Houston and a population of 4.7 million — the league received 6,000 fewer forms than it requested. “We weren’t able to provide them to everyone” at naturalization ceremonies.

*The League of Women Voters printed 10,000 forms in Harris County alone. 

Dems Go Into Overdrive to Discredit Election Integrity Efforts

New state laws re Zuckerbucks, drop boxes, voter, ID, new investigative units and powers, absentee ballot restrictions are all based on election fraud myths.

Brennan Center

[Note: No, they’re all based on the bad stuff that happened during the 2020 elections, all of which has been copiously documented for anyone who cares to look at the evidence.]

Election deniers are running for administrative positions in several states

Brennan Center / Election Denial in State Races

[Note:  Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton are ‘election deniers’.  One thinks she’s the Governor of Georgia and the other thinks she’s President.] 

Election integrity groups on the Right like the Conservative Partnership Institute and Stop the Steal are just ‘election deniers’.

Brennan Center | New York Times

GOP poll workers are saboteurs and violent Scrutineers mailing – 7/26/22

* The same people who pushed The Big Lie about the 2020 election are threatening to disrupt the midterms.

*(A training teaches) Advance planning to keep yourself and others safe.
[Note:   Telling members that outsiders are not to be trusted and a threat is a cult technique.  Also, the way we hear the story, Senator Schumer has been itching to have a hearing on this but can’t seem to find any victims of Republican poll watchers to testify.]

Michigan Sheriff who brought a complaint against state officials for interfering with his investigation is a far-right kook.


Visit Early Warnings on Liberato.US


AVA Press Release on Electoral Count Act Draft.  Here is the AVA press release with some great quotes from Phill Kline regarding our position on the Senate’s draft language of the Electoral Count Act.  We should not shift the power to regulate and approve elections away from the state legislators and to an unchecked executive branch official.

2.) USPS is creating an election division to oversee mail-in ballots. 


3.) American Confidence in Elections Act.  Republicans are introducing a federal bill to regulate elections, while still reserving some power for the states.  I have included the “one-pager” as well as the actual bill text.  I am curious to hear your thoughts.

4.) Court win in New Mexico!  Voteref.com is publishing voter records across the country to assist the public in being informed of how clean the voter rolls are.  New Mexico election officials filed against the group in federal court seeking to prevent the public from knowing who was on New Mexico’s voter rolls.  True to form, New Mexico Dem Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse referred the matter to the Attorney General’s office for possible prosecution of the organization.  In my limited experience, it is normally individuals who are criminally prosecuted and not organizations.  However, with an exception for victims of domestic abuse, voter registrations will be allowed to be published.


5.) Michigan Election Petition.  I am attaching the petition language from “Promote the Vote” submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, to be placed onto the November ballot.  I understand a conservative ballot petition was also submitted to the SOS’s office last week.  I understand that the conservative petition is seeking to become a state statute, whereas the Promote the Vote language is seeking to become a Constitutional Amendment. =

6.) Misinformation.  A group called the “Scrutineers” offered a Zoom training yesterday where they spread misinformation about voters on the right.  Here is the agenda:

“The same people who pushed The Big Lie about the 2020 election are threatening to disrupt the midterms. We anticipate that they’ll show up both to try to stop people from voting and — in the days following the election — to try to stop the vote counting.  While many groups are organizing to protect voters at the polls, few are paying attention to the dangers of disruptions in election offices after the election.  If you plan to be an observer after the election, you may be feeling concerned about your safety. That’s why Scrutineers’ AFTER Project (Act for Trusted Elections) is holding a special training next weekend. We hope you’ll participate!

Special Online Training  
Nonviolent Conflict Response for Vote Count Observers

This two-hour training is a supplement to the introductory training for vote count observers, How to Help Stop Election Sabotage. If you’re at all concerned that people may show up to cause trouble where you’ll be observing, this training was made for you.

You’ll learn:

o    Why your help observing the vote count is critical right now

o    Tips and techniques to bring your best self into any heated situation

o    Advance planning to keep yourself and others safe


 We are excited at how patriots across the state are taking up the issue of election integrity with their local officials!  Amanda Prettyman described her work with her county Board of Elections and successfully secured their vote for a hand-count of the GOP Primary’s Secretary of State race in 3 precincts in Bibb County.  Marcia Cox updated us on the upcoming vote for a hand count in Cherokee and called for a show of support at the Cherokee County Board of Elections Meeting on August 1st at 9:30 a.m. at 1130 Bluffs Parkway in Canton.  We were also informed of a 2nd call for supporters on Tuesday night’s Cherokee County Board of Commissioners meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the same location in support of eliminating the use of voting machines there.  Kimberly Hoechstetter updated us on the struggles surrounding the petition to unseal the ballots to perform a hand count of the 2022 Primary Election in Pickens County.  Sarah Thomas shared with us this template and instructions she authored for all of us to lawfully request to unseal our ballots in our counties. 

Angie Allison informed us of an initiative by The America Project designed by Election Specialists to determine the level of transparency in each of Georgia’s 159 counties. 

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity!  Garland Favorito shared with us details of his marriage last week to Tamara Seymour. He updated us on the Savannah Election Integrity Initiative Thursday and on VoterGA’s litigation efforts.  

Dr. Sklaroff is a resident of Montgomery County and practices oncology and hematology in Philadelphia.

Update Of Election Issues From Dr. Bob