Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son Who Defended Her To Prison

Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son Who Defended Her To Prison — Jane Herring died about 7 o’clock this morning, July 2. Her son Arthur had not been able to talk to her since December and even then only with supervision.

Bucks County President Judge Raymond F. McHugh revoked Arthur’s bail sending him back to Bucks County Prison eight hours after Jane’s death.

That’s not much time to grieve.

Arthur is facing a charge of harassment for picketing the New Britain home of David Jaskowiak, who had been the lawyer appointed by Montgomery County Orphan’s Court for Jane. His arrest was April 27. Bail was initially set at 10 percent of $100,000 — remember Arthur is an an American citizen so the breaks illegal aliens get don’t apply to him — and he was hauled away.

After five weeks in the lockup, bail was reduced to 10 percent of $10,000 and friends were able to free him.

Among the conditions of bail set by McHugh, however, were that Arthur have no contact with Jaskowiak.

On June 10, Arthur cc’d Jaskowiak on an email sent to the court-appointed guardian of the estate informing him that their mail to him was being sent to an incorrect address and unfortunately include a few choice words.

Jaskowiak immediately contacted the court and a bail revocation hearing was scheduled.

Arthur had been living in his car. He is 70 years old, weighs 135 pounds and will stay in prison until his pre-trial hearing, July 16.

A lawyer once gave a law lecture about ways an attorney could send an opponent to prison via lawfare. He would get three hots and a cot and a date with Bubba, this lawyer said.

Whoever could this lawyer be?

Arthur very well might miss his mother’s funeral.

This was one contact in a month of freedom.

Does McHugh have an ounce of compassion or is he just lacking common sense?

Or maybe it’s just the backstory that he’s missing.

It can be read here.

Montgomery County’s court system is rife with horror stories concerning family matters like divorces and guardianships.

One can be read here.

And another here.

Let’s not forget this one.

Or just do a search for Elaine Mickman.

Some are saying that what’s happening is simply legal robbery allowing those connected with county legal systems to loot the estates of those in domestic turmoil.

We will reserve judgement.

But we will ask questions.

Why can a mother be prohibited from seeing her son when the son wants to see her and she wants to see him?

Why would a judge prohibit a family member from videoing a person under guardianship?

How could skin cancer not be diagnosed in a nursing home until it became malignant?

That’s what happened to Jane Herring.

A final thought: Why would the subject of a competency hearing be told it was not necessary to call witnesses?

Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son Who Defended Her To Prison

Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son

Swarthmore Environmental Committee Spikes Lawnmower Ban

Swarthmore Environmental Committee Spikes Lawnmower Ban

By Bob Small

Just a handful of citizens attended the June 26 Swarthmore Environmental Committeee Meeting to hear it declare it was not ready to move the proposed lawnmower ban forward at July’s meeting.

Actually, the proposed ordinance would ban all combustion-powered outdoor maintenance equipment (CPOME ). Battery-powered and electric devices remain legal.

Citizens overwhelmingly came out against it at the June 10 borough council meeting causing council to table it and return it to the environmental committee.

The proposed ban would have been the first in Pennsylvania, and received extensive coverage in local media.

Back to the important things in life like the Phillies.

Swarthmore Environmental Committee Spikes Lawnmower Ban

Start booing until July. William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-2-24

Start booing until July. William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-2-24

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: Don’t worry, the fans don’t start booing until July.
Earl Weaver

Start booing until July.  William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit
start booing until July.