Embattled DCCC Cuts Back In Philly Market

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is cutting back its Philadelphia television ad buys until the final week of the campaign which starts Oct. 26. The plan originally called for heavy advertising for the last two weeks.

The DCCC is the national campaign arm for Democrat U.S. House Candidates.

The market which includes New Jersey and northern Delaware  has numerous endangered Democrat seats including Pa7 where former federal prosecutor  Republican Pat Meehan is fighting Democrat state Rep. Bryan Lentz for the seat being giving up by Democrat Joe Sestak; Pa8 where Democrat incumbent Patrick Murphy is down in the polls to Republican challenger Mike Fitzpatrick; Pa13 where Democrat incumbent Allyson Schwartz has found herself wary over-the-shoulder glances at Republican Dee Adock; and NJ3 where incumbent Democrat John Adler is taking desperate measures against Republican challenger John Runyan.

And of course in Delaware there is a Republican-held seat being given up by Mike castle which is contested by Republican  Republican Glen Urquhart and  Democrat Lt. Gov. John Carney.

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Tea Party Asks Stalking Horse To Quit In Pa

How Jim Schneller got on the ballot isn’t helping him with Tea Party groups to which he claims to have allied himself.

Schneller is an independent candidate for the Pennsylvania 7th Congressional District seat being vacated by Democrat Joe Sestak. The major party candidates in the race are Republican  Pat Meehan, who is a former Delaware County district attorney and federal prosecutor, and Democrat Bryan Lentz, who represents the 161st District in the State House.

It has been learned that about 4,800 of the approximately 7,900 signatures Schneller acquired to get on the ballot were collected by Lentz volunteers including Swarthmore Democrat Chairwoman Colleen Guiney, Nicholas Allred of the Swarthmore College Democrats andSpringfield activist Rocco Polidoro.

Since 4,200 names were needed, Schneller would have been over a thousand shy on his own.

Polidoro, btw,
says he has cooled substantially on the Democrat Party in the last year
but is still behind Lentz.

Anyway, the action appears likely to backfire on Lentz. The publicity concerning the  act has made him look old-school schlocky and the district’s Tea Party groups are disassociating themselves from Schneller.

A letter sent to Schneller from the Independence Hall Tea Party Association signed by Don Adams and The Delaware County Patriots expresses concern and disappointment with his 3rd party candidacy and asks that he withdraw his candidacy “which Bryan Lentz feels will benefit his campaign.”

FWIW, Schneller says he hadn’t realized that it was Lentz supporters circulating his petitions.

Presumptive GOP 7thD Nominee Unloads On Corrupt Bill Filled With Backroom Deals

The former U.S Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and Delaware County District Attorney who is going to almost certainly be the Republican nominee for the Pennsylvania 7th District Congressional seat being vacated by Democrat Joe Sestak for a senate run has spoken out on the health care disaster passed last night by the House of Representatives.

“Dems rammed through legislation that raises taxes on middle class & represents a government takeover of 17% of the economy,” Pat Meehan said on Twitter. “This is a bad bill filled with corrupt backroom deals to secure a bare majority of support. (The) bill could not stand on own merits.”

His expected opponent in November, State Rep. Bryan Lentz (D-161) has called the travesty “The type of common-sense starting point we need to lower costs for the consumer, improve the quality of care and help stabilize our economy.”

Where does the Democrat Party find such geniuses.

Hey Lentz, how about we put in the restrictions on access to lawyers that we just put on access to doctors and nurses and drugs? How about we restrict the actions of lawyers as we just did the actions of doctors and lawyers and drug makers?

It should be noted that Sestak voted for the bill, and was an enthusiastic backer.