Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told— Way back when Tony Fauci was still appearing at White House press conferences he was asked why African Americans were disproportionately dying of Covid-19.

His answer, simplified, was that they were too fat.

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Those with dark skin are disproportionately dying of Covid — three times as much in May. The explanations offered by the “smart set” were greater co-morbidities as per Fauci or that Blacks were less likely to quarantine because they were performing “essential” labor like stocking warehouses or transporting neat gizmos to teachers enjoying extended vacations.

We have not seen one certified Beltway expert bring up that vitamin D appears to prevent bad results from Covid and that those with dark skin are more likely to suffer vitamin D insufficiency.

You would think that if they cared, they would throw it out as a possibility. It doesn’t have to be called a certainty. Vitamin D is a supplement sold over the counter. It’s not regulated by the FDA but Fauci’s task force could have provided guidance as to how much not to take. At least you would think so. says “no studies have investigated the effect of vitamin D supplements or vitamin D deficiency on the risk of contracting the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

Fair enough, but again you would think that the task force would be prioritizing such a study.

And it certainly seems far more harmful than not to tell those with dark skin that vitamin D appears to lessen Covid’s effects (fact); they are more likely to suffer from vitamin D insufficiency (fact); and that it might be wise for those with dark skin to supplement their diets with vitamin D within appropriate guidelines.

In June –two months after Fauci blamed co-morbidity for the higher death rate among blacks — he testified before Congress that it was really racism.

Look in the mirror, Doc.

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told


Make HCQ OTC — A group of doctors held a press conference in front of the Capitol, yesterday, July 27, in which they blasted media reporting and government interference concerning the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19.

Video from the conference has been banned by Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter., however, has it for those curious about the other side.

Watch it here and feel free to share it.

Hydroxychloroquine is a long-used, well-understood drug that is arguably safer than aspirin. Many countries allow it sold over the counter and even freely distribute to its citizens.

It could be why nations we sneer at as “Third World” have much better case-fatality ratios than the U.S. and especially Western Europe.

We should end all barriers that inhibit doctors from prescribing HCQ .

Actually, why not just make it available over the counter? In these lockdowns, marijuana dispensaries were deemed “essential services” in those places that have them. If you can trust people with pot, you should be able to trust them with something that could save their lives.

Doctors can still prescribe HCQ for Covid-19 despite the FDA action withdrawing its emergency use allowance, but they face extreme and unnecessary hurdles.

Yes, the HCQ-using “Third World” places are doing better than the USA and Western Europe.

Northeast Covid Death Rate Twice That Of Rest Of America

Northeast Covid Death Rate Twice That Of Rest Of America — There are about 2.8 million Covid-19 cases in the United States as of yesterday, July 5, with the disease killing 129,576. That’s a death rate of 4.5 percent or 40 times that of the flu.

Northeast Covid Death Rate Twice That Of Rest Of America

More than half those deaths — 66,000 — occurred in five Northeast states, Massachusetts (8,149), Connecticut (4,326), New York (32,188), New Jersey (15,211) and Pennsylvania (6,749). The states combined have about 816K cases giving them a death rate of about 8 percent or twice the nation as a whole.

Take the fatal five out of the equation and the national number of cases is 2,025,609 with the deaths dropping to 63,576 with a death rate of 3 percent.

Many of the deaths in the Northeast were avoidable and can be placed squarely at the foot of state incompetence notably that of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and his henchperson Rachel Levine.

And now we are learning that hydroxychloroquine dramatically increases survivability despite the establishment fighting tooth and nailing against it the whole time. Yeah, they were lying through their teeth. We think we can call it murder.

Sick, evil, Godless people govern our corporations and run our bureaucracies. We have to keep this in mind in our voting. We have to keep this in mind in our economic choices. We have to recognize that the attacks on common sense are organized and orchestrated, and that we have a moral obligation to defend our self-interest and protect our families.

Northeast Covid Death Rate Twice That Of Rest Of America

Shutdown The Shutdown Montco Reps Being Told

Shutdown The Shutdown Montco Reps Being Told — Sorry Bob Small. We were going through old emails and saw this one about the “Shutdown the Shutdown” event being hosted today (May 30) by the Montgomery County Libertarians with Ken Krawchuk as guest emcee.

It consists of nine rallies being hosted at the homes of Montco’s State House contingent which started at 9 a.m. for Christopher Rabb (D-200) and was followed by one at 10 a.m. for Steven McCarter (D-154). As of this writing (11:49 a.m.) a demonstration aimed at Ben Sanchez (D-153) at Jenkingtown and Meetinghouse roads.

The remaining schedule is:

12 p.m.

State Rep Thomas Murt (R-152)

Park and meet in Boileau Park on Byberry Road near Orangemans Road

1 p.m.

State Rep Todd Stephens (R-151)

Meet at corner of Witmer and Old Witmer

Park on side streets

2 p.m.

State Rep Steven R Malagari (D-53)

Meet at Hancock Street Park, Hancock Road and Maple St.

Park on side streets

3 p.m.

State Rep Matthew Bradford (D-70)

Meet at corner of Trooper and Spring Hill

Park on side streets

4 p.m.

State Rep Tim Briggs (D-149)
Meet at Crow Creek on Keebler Road.

Park on side streets

5 p.m.

State Rep Mary Jo Daley (D-148)

Park and meet in Sabine Park, Montgomery Ave. and Sabine Ave.

6 p.m.

Post-rally Munchies (optional, non-political, just food)

Germantown Pike and Joshua Road

Park on Joshua Road

Nearby is a Wawa, a pizza place, decent Indian take-out, and a grassy park

For information about the Libertarian Party, the public is invited to contact the Montgomery County Libertarian Party at, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania at or (800) R-RIGHTS, or the National Libertarian Party at or (202) 333-0008.

Shutdown The Shutdown Montco Reps Being Told
Shutdown The Shutdown Montco Reps Being Told

Face Mask In Car Music Video

Face Mask In Car Music Video — Remember when MTV was fun? Remember when artists questioned consensus and authority? If you do you are not a Millennial but this is for you anyway.

Hat tip Jamie Dlux.

And credit to theSmiley for making it.

Face Mask In Car Music Video
Face Mask In Car Music Video --

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.

By Kim Kennedy

We have two America’s happening right now guided by two completely different ideologies.  States run by red Governors are largely working to open their states from the shutdown or have already done so.  Western Journal reports, “15 days after restrictions started being lifted, Kemp indicated on Twitter that the emerging evidence supports his decision and proves his critics wrong.  “Today marks the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide (1,203) since hospitals began reporting this data on April 8th,” he posted Saturday. “Today also marks the lowest total of ventilators in use (897 with 1,945 available). We will win this fight together!” he added.”1. We have the ongoing deteriorating state of Pennsylvania with its citizens suffering under poor leadership.  I had mentioned in a previous article published April 27 about how Gov. Wolf was ignoring representative government tactics of dealing with the potential of a major health crisis and was dictating policies with no input from legislators or private sector.  Governor Wolf continues the same stance, acting as if he is the Supreme Leader in Pa answerable to none.  He has no sense of urgency to help citizens regain lost time and revenue for business owners.  Many counties in Pa have either not had a single case of COVID or 10 or less cases. 

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.
Covid response warrants Impechament

In speaking with Pennsylvania State Rep. David Zimmerman (R-99) concerning the overall handling of the COVID-19 situation in Pa, I share this report with you.  The lesson that must be learned: Democrats cannot hold public office in this country.  They do not respect representative government and defy rule of law, with little or no consequences.

Yes, the Governor does have absolute power granted to him in health emergencies.  Are we still in a health emergency?  Well, we are seeing data manipulated and used and some of it later exposed for being false.  Reader be aware!  The Republicans hold the majority in both the House and Senate.  Rep. Bryan Cutler is the House leader and has reached out, without success, to have Gov. Wolf meet jointly in planning sessions on how to get Pennsylvania moving again.  This has been his way of “leading” throughout most of his 2 terms.  Rep. Cutler would like to stop payment on some of his pet projects in order to force a conversation.  Interestingly, before COVID-19 the state had close to a $1 billion surplus, 800 million of that is gone.  Even more interesting, the money was directly appropriated by Gov. Wolf himself, bypassing the process of going thru the legislation process.  I asked, where did that money go?  Rep. Zimmerman listed off Human services projects, help for his campaign and it appears as though where other funds went is unknown.  On March 19, the state was put into a 90 day lockdown.  The latest day of opening again is June 4, two days after the Pennsylvania primary.  Rep. Zimmerman is in complete agreement that Health Secretary Levine should step down and face criminal charges.  Zimmerman owns several retirement communities in Lancaster county.  One of them in Ephrata, Fairmount Home, was ordered by the Department of State to take a patient from a hospital who had COVID-19.  Not the jurisdiction of the government.  It’s a completely illegal demand and it never should have happened.  Dr. Levine should be held accountable for this.  Rep. Zimmerman does support Rep. Metcalfe’s call to impeach Gov. Wolf.  Rep. Metcalfe’s call for impeachment are listed at the end of this article.

Legislation was passed in 1977 that allows a local disaster emergency to be declared by the governing body of a political subdivision upon finding a disaster has occurred or is imminent.

Each political subdivision included in a declaration of disaster emergency declared by either the Governor or the governing body of the political subdivision affected by the disaster emergency is authorized to exercise the powers vested under this section in the light of the exigencies of the emergency situation without regard to time-consuming procedures and formalities prescribed by law, according to the law.

“Gov. Wolf’s orders in response to the COVID-19 outbreak have violated a number of our God-given rights affirmed in the United States Constitution,” said Zimmerman. “In particular, his order mandating the closure of physical locations of all businesses that he has deemed ‘non-life sustaining’ has violated our citizens’ rights in many devastating ways.”

Zimmerman said Wolf’s order constitutes a taking of property from business owners without just compensation. “The lack of due process and judicial review permitted under his order also violates the Constitution. In addition, this order coupled with the stay-at-home order, has violated our rights to free speech and assembly,” he said.

Another troubling aspect of his mandates is the utter lack of transparency demonstrated by the administration, Zimmerman noted.

Agencies under his control have stopped responding to requests for records and his office has refused to provide vital information,” he said. “The waiver process established under the Department of Community and Economic Development resulted in arbitrary and capricious decisions about which businesses may stay open.”

Zimmerman said that the public, press and General Assembly all have the right to know about these decisions and how they have been made. “While the Wolf administration has finally slowly begun to release some of the relevant information regarding which businesses received waivers, they have yet to release any information about how or why these decisions were made,” he said. His delays and obfuscation have been, and continue to be, entirely unacceptable.”

Zimmerman also noted Wolf’s failure to adequately administer the unemployment compensation system. He said that countless Pennsylvanians have been unable to collect their benefits.

“His focus on restraining business is particularly disturbing, as the majority of deaths due to the pandemic have been residents of long-term care facilities,” Zimmerman said.” The governor should have focused his attention there, but he has entirely failed to implement a comprehensive state plan to protect our most vulnerable citizens who reside in nursing homes, which have had inadequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment and testing kits throughout the outbreak.”

Zimmerman said impeachment is the only means to address the actions of Wolf.

“As Gov. Wolf has violated so many of our fundamental rights as citizens of the Commonwealth, I will be introducing a resolution impeaching the governor and exhibiting Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. His actions plainly constitute the misbehavior in office required for his impeachment under the Pennsylvania Constitution.

“While these are certainly challenging times, Gov. Wolf must be held accountable for his actions that have harmed so many of our citizens and violated so many of our rights. No individual or office is above the law.”

It is clear that this Governor is going to rule Pennsylvania as if her were Sovereign Lord.  He is not.  We are a representative government.  All Americans need to know this and be aware, this can happen anywhere!• Take responsibility for your own liberty• Participate in peaceful, public demonstrations• Constantly write to leadership and tell them what is happening in your life as they take their good ole time opening the state.  Remind them that you vote!• Exercise your Constitutional rights.• PRAY!  The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turns it wherever he wills.  Proverbs 21:1

Ms.Kennedy is founder of Restore the Culture.

Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep. Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep. Wolf Impeachment Planned By State Rep.

American Workers First In Pandemic

American Workers First In Pandemic

By Congressman Paul Gosar and Kevin Lynn
If the most conservative member of Congress can partner with the director of Progressives for Immigration Reform, then there is a real chance our nation can undertake true meaningful immigration reform. Prior to coronavirus laying waste to the economy, President Trump often correctly said that we have the “greatest economy in the history of the U.S.” We boasted about low unemployment numbers and celebrated new stock market highs, GDP growth and job creation. What looked promising on the surface belied serious flaws that lay beneath.

American Workers First In Pandemic

Even when unemployment was reported to be low, Americans were being displaced by foreign workers at alarming rates. Today a record 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment – most in the last six to eight weeks. For reasons only a few can fathom, the Administration seems hell-bent on bringing in more workers from abroad through our employment-based visa programs, such as the H-1B, H-2B and Optional Practical Training (OPT). In good times and bad, corporations and policymakers are unwilling to recalibrate employment visa quotas to current economic conditions. We saw this in 2008, and we see it now. It needs to change now.

At the time of this writing we face an unemployment rate that meets or exceeds the peak of the Great Depression. The institutionalizing of neoliberal policies that has enabled the unfettered movement of people and money across international borders so as to maximize profits has gutted the nation’s productive class. In the 1990s we were told there were jobs that didn’t have an economic right to exist and shipped a large portion of our vital manufacturing sector overseas.

Later, we were falsely told there were jobs Americans simply would not do, so we opened the floodgates to large numbers of legal immigrants and turned a blind eye to people coming here illegally who were only too eager to work for less money and no benefits. Now we are being told there are jobs that Americans can’t do. Almost as if the country that put a man on the Moon and invented the Internet could no longer produce skilled knowledge workers and needed to place its homegrown technology infrastructure in the hands of foreigners. The truth is Americans have always been among the most productive and hardest working people. But they should not have to work for below-market wages, kept artificially low by cheap foreign labor.

In the words of Lisa, a knowledge worker:

“I have degrees in math and computer science from the late 80s. Ditto my husband. He’s a database administrator. We’ve both been in IT our entire careers and are sickened to see what’s happened with all of the outsourcing. We are sick of training our Indian replacements.”

Another American wrote to us:

“I’m a 47-year-old database developer. I’ve been replaced multiple times (that I’m aware of) by OPT workers, and I’ve seen my entire IT department at a major corporation replaced by Indian H-1Bs. I do ‘have skills.’ I’m highly regarded and well-respected by my peers and boss, and I have a well-established work history. I’ve been fighting the work visa treason for years, and I never feel like anyone in Washington, D.C. cares about American workers.”

That is why Congressman Gosar has filed H.R.3564, the Fairness for High-Skilled Americans Act of 2019. It would eliminate the OPT program that is used to hire foreigners over U.S. citizens and pay them less. It is immoral and wrong. We encourage our students to get into STEM fields, but because of OPT, 50 percent of STEM graduates can’t get a STEM job.

The pandemic spotlighted that outsourcing and offshoring of jobs have not made America stronger, rather the country has been weakened, vulnerable to the whims of foreign interests. How can we stave off a pandemic when most if not all the components of personal protective equipment are produced overseas or when 90 percent of our antibiotics and antiviral drugs are produced abroad? This is not only an economic concern; it is a national security concern. At one point China threatened to withhold pharmaceuticals from Americans. This is no small threat when almost all are made in China.

But there’s more. The nation’s top financial services and insurance companies have offshored hundreds of thousands of IT and call center jobs, with many going to India. Does it leave us vulnerable having so many foreign nationals able to access our citizens’ sensitive data?

Coronavirus has exposed the greed and corruption of the neo-liberal system and its high priests. In the face of a pandemic, our healthcare system failed us. These efficient and complex global systems did not function well when stressed. Truth be told, the system was beginning to crack before the virus, and it was financialization – not productivity – that was propping up the world’s economy.

However, in the midst of all this chaos, could there be a silver lining? It is time for our elected officials to act and reform the system. This is a great opportunity to hammer out a plan that repatriates manufacturing and back-office operations to the U.S. Moreover, we can take this opportunity to implement immigration reform that puts American interests first. It is time to bring back America, and one way to do it is to make America first when it comes to hiring.

Congressman Paul Gosar represents Arizona’s Fourth District in Congress and has an America First platform that starts with ending cheap foreign labor. He is consistently ranked among the most conservative in Congress.

Kevin Lynn is the executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform, an organization focused on the unintended consequences of immigration policies and guest worker programs that undermine working Americans.

American Workers First In Pandemic

Plandemic Censorship Troubling

Plandemic Censorship Troubling — The video, Plandemic, featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits and alleging that Dr. Tony Fauci is personally profiting from connections to “big pharma” has been scrubbed from Facebook, Youtube and just about everywhere else.

But not everywhere else. See below.

We have expressed concerns about big pharma’s (and Fauci’s) endorsement of remdesivir and dismissal of hydroxychloroquine with regard to treating Covid-19 but we will remain neutral about Dr. Mikovits and Plandemic.

In the interest of free speech and free thinking, you can watch it for yourself at here:.

Plandemic Censorship Troubling
Plandemic Censorship Troubling