Your Body So What Says Mary Gay

Your Body So What Says Mary Gay — An undated video of Delco’s congresswoman, Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa5), is flying around X in which she praises lockdowns and says those reluctant to take vaccines deserve what’s coming to them as far as loss of employment and education.

Former Al Gore advisor Naomi Wolf describes her smile as “demonic”.

Patrick Byrne is, well, even more undiplomatic.

Mary Gay proclaims “my body, my choice,” as she demands restriction-free abortion even through the ninth month.

Granted, the slogan ignores the body of the baby and the wishes of the father, albeit ironically far more often than not it’s the father whose choice is what’s honored in the termination of a pregnancy.

Her hypocrisy, though, is still glaring.

There are a lot very good reasons why one might not want to take a vax, even one far more tested that the Covid ones foisted upon us.

For Pete’s sake, there are people who can’t eat peanuts.

Here is the video.

This November, let’s choose to retire Mary Gay.

Your Body So What Says Mary Gay
Oh, come on, Naomi. It’s not THAT demonic.

Biden Wants Bobby Dead?

Biden Wants Bobby Dead? — The Biden Administration continues to refuse Secret Service protection for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his independent run for the presidency.

This is requiring Bobby to spend his own money for the obviously needed security. This prevents him from paying for other campaign costs like staff and advertising.

If something should happen to the son of Robert and nephew of John we are not sure how the nation will handle it but we are certain as to who will be responsible.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley is going to get Secret Service for her desperate kamikaze run against The Donald.

Go figure.

Why does Biden want Bobby dead, anyway?

Well, here’s a video of his uncanny prediction as to how the Covid vaccine drama would unfold.

Biden Wants Bobby Dead?

Biden Wants Bobby Dead?

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein – Plans are prepped to suppress speech when governments declare health emergencies, Dr. Bret Weinstein told Tucker Carlson, Jan. 5.

Weinstein was a long-time professor of evolutionary biology at  Evergreen State College in Washington. He resigned in 2017 to protest woke racism at the school.

During the Covid pandemic, he pushed against the narrative and declared ivermectin to be effective treatment. He is now speaking out against the Covid vaccines. Weinstein says they’re expected to cause 17 million deaths worldwide along with other serious injuries. He says pharmaceutical corporations took irresponsible shortcuts in trials and gave an inherently dangerous drug to billions. He noted that the vaccines are not effective, especially with regard to the young.

Weinstein says the plan (31:03) empowers governments to squelch the dissent that allowed so many to escape the vax. Federal health officials will be able to shut big podcasts like Joe Rogan that featured dissenters much less small blogs like this.

Rogan, by the way, gave establishment voices equal time to get their message out.

Weinstein says this plan would end national and personal sovereignty.

It will be ready by May, he says, and he expects Biden and Congress to sign on to it. 

The plan gives the authority to the director of the World Health Organization to put it in effect.

Our Constitutional rights will be stripped, and vaccines will be compelled Weinstein says.

“The provisions that kick in will be beyond jaw-dropping,” he said.

Weinstein said that the Department of Homeland Security already calls “mal-information” part of terrorism, and they define “mal-information” as truth that causes distrust in authority.

Weinstein refers to the pending proposal as the World Health Organization pandemic preparedness plan but its name constantly changes. This might be to make it more difficult to find in search engines. The stuff you find with this in a search engine is innocuous but evil is in the details which are not found.

Common sense tells you that one does not need a treaty to deal with pandemics.

One certainly wouldn’t have helped during Covid.

Would China have shut international travel with a treaty? LOL.

The United States certainly doesn’t need a treaty to refrain from funding gain-of-function research in foreign nations.

Get mad. Speak truth to your neighbor and give grief to elected representatives.

Those who surrender safety for freedom deserve neither, nor do those who accept lies from authorities. Freedom is a gift from God and must be defended, preferably with speech.

Weinstein said if we show courage we will win as we greatly outnumber the greedy power-dunk fools pushing this stuff.

What he said is not much different than what Martin Desmet said recently in Romania.

It’s a time for courage and a time for faith, but most importantly, it’s a time for hope.

Weinstein notes that the enemy might have money and power but they have anything but brains.

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein
Dr. Bret Weinstein and Tucker Carlson

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein

Martin Talk On US Covid Culpability Goes Viral

Martin Talk On US Covid Culpability Goes Viral — Dr. David Martin, who just a few short years ago, was a respected business commentator on CNBC before he threw it all away to warn the world about mad science experiments to increase virus skill sets.

A tweet of his talk at the International Covid Summit in Brussels hosted by the European Parliament, May 2-4, has gone viral courtesy of Kim Dotcom.

Martin says that Covid-19 was engineered in North Carolina and released in Wuhan to cow humanity to accept loss of liberty and vaccine mandates.

Martin Talk On US Covid Culpability Goes Viral
Dr. David Martin

This is not the first time this claim as been made. See this article from May 8, 2021.

Or consider this letter by Dr. Richard Ebright, who sits on the Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University.

Among those endorsing Martin’s claims is Gen. Michale Flynn.

When a cyberpunk fugitive and a decorated retired lieutenant general join a businessman telling the European Parliament that it is bad actors in the United States responsible for the 7 million Covid deaths, the crazy-train hurricane has reached Cat 5.

Below is the Kim Dotcom tweet with the video:

Martin Talk On US Covid Culpability Goes Viral

HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study

HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study — A just released French study showed that hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin reduced deaths by 71 percent from Covid if given early and 45 percent when given after hospitalization.

Remember how our health authorities prevented this from being prescribed during the pandemic? Remember how doctors were threatened with legal and administrative sanctions if they did? And how doctors actually lost licenses for doing this?

We hope you do and we hope you shout to the rafters that those behind this wind up behind bars. Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if these corrupt pieces of scum simply stayed out of the way.

Hat tip Craig Kelly.

HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study
HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study

Germany 44% Excess Deaths

Germany 44% Excess Deaths — Swedish jounalist Peter Imanuelsen is reporting that Germany’s death rate was 44 percent above expected according to the most recent data which was as of Jan. 1. It was 50 percent above expected the week before.

This is obviously not Covid.

Germany 44% Excess Deaths

Died Suddenly Garners Criticism

Died Suddenly Garners Criticism — Died Suddenly, the widely watched documentary concerning the consequences of the Covid vax, is getting criticism from reputable places.

Dr. Robert Malone, who is gold standard for all things vax, has just published a Substack article saying the film is flawed. He is basing this on reporting by Dr. Josh Guetzkow who is Senior Lecturer in Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Guetzkow takes no issue with the claims by morticians and embalmers about fibrous blood clots being removed from the recently deceased. He calls them truly horrifying. He says, however, that the claim of a massive drop in Australian births is due to delays in data input by the government, and the high miscarriage rate in the Pfizer report to FDA is also a misrepresentation.

Guetzkow also said Microsoft founder Bill Gates 2010 Ted Talk statement can be considered with nuance.

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion,” Gates said. “Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.

Women have fewer babies when child mortality drops and maybe that’s what Gates meant about promoting vaccines, Guetzkow said.

Well, Ok. Maybe. Guess that’s one way of looking at it if you want to be charitable.

On the other hand:

Smirking and giggling in triumph at the death of the guy with the dirt is not a good look.

And Steve Kirsch does not really repudiate the film in this post as Guetzkow implies.

He actually sort of defends the film.

Anyway, it’s good to have a debate and let all sides get aired.

Died Suddenly Garners Criticism
There isn’t dispute that this new type of clot is now being frequently found by embalmers
Died Suddenly Garners Criticism

Died Suddenly Documentary

Died Suddenly Documentary — Died Suddenly, a just-released documentary by Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer, can be found at

It concerns the dramatic rise in the number of people who are dying suddenly.

It’s already been watched by 5.16 million people over the last two days.

Watch it yourself and tell a friend.

Died Suddenly Documentary
An example of the strange new blood clots funeral workers are finding in the recently deceased

Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality; Worse Than We Imagined

Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality; Worse Than We Imagined — Dr. Robert Malone put on his Substack a few hours ago (Oct. 27) a video of a recent talk regarding the Covid “vaccine” along with a transcript.

If I didn’t believe in God, I’d be hitting the bottle 24/7 after reading it.

I’d suggest atheists pass on clicking the link or even reading further. Faith is required more than ever.

Malone speaks almost with the voice of God on this subject. Except for “mockingbirders” or those wont to parse words, he is the inventor of the mRNA process. His authority is without dispute for the rational.

Malone says what has been injected into 5.4 billion arms for protection from Covid is not really a vaccine.

“These are gene therapy technologies applied to vaccination,”he said.

His early dream of treating those suffering from permanent misery by giving them new genes reached a dead end as the immune system invariably attacked new genes regardless of how beneficial.

“And that turned out to be the logic flaw in gene therapy,” he said. “And they still haven’t solved that.”

Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality; Worse Than Any Of Imagined
Dr. Robert Malone

This technique, however, could be used to elicit a vaccine response, he realized. He filed the patents in 1989.

Merck bought the rights, and spent over a billion dollars before abandoning the project.

“It all sounds great on paper, and then, you got to make it work, and you got to deal with the consequences when things don’t go right,” Malone said.

The government, however, figured it might have a use.

“The CIA basically picked up the RNA part out of the trash can and pushed it forward and made it work,” Malone said.

And when Covid arrived, it was there.

The vax, however, was rushed and the FDA was coerced into bypassing standard tests.

Chemicals like polyethylene glycol were added because too long a delay after opening the bottle can cause toxic globs to form in the vax. Unfortunately some have hypersensitivity to this.

“Polyethylene glycol is probably responsible for a lot of the short-term anaphylaxis,” Malone said. “These are people that die within an hour or two after administration.”

Malone said the vax does not use not true RNA.

He used natural RNA when he developed the technique. This would only remain for a few hours due to the immune response, though.

University of Pennsylvania researchers replaced the uridine in RNA with pseudouridine.

“It makes the RNA last a much longer time so it can keep making protein,” Malone said.

But pseudouridine remains poorly understood.

“Folks have kind of gotten ahead of their skills all the way through,” Malone said. “They’ve pushed the technology because they want it so badly because the unmet medical need is so profound.”

Malone says that the courts have forced Pfizer to disclose an analysis of adverse events that have happened after authorization that the company wanted kept secret for seven years.

It included central general disorders, nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory disorders, skin disorders, infections, cardiac, vascular, psychiatric, blood and lymphatic, eye, immune, it goes on and on.

“They’ve known all this stuff,” Malone said. “This is data coming from all over the world accumulated by Pfizer by the pharmaco vigilance team, and this is what they’re reporting to the FDA, which the FDA of course then denied was actually happening.”

Malone said that the list is like nothing the experts have ever seen with such a product.

There is no question that the vax contains contaminants of small glass fragments and small metal fragments in many lots, Malone says

He said animal testing that was done not with the spike encoding RNA, but with the firefly protein called luciferase — yes Emerald Robinson, you were sorta right — using the least sensitive method for detecting where the product goes.

The vax periodically releases biologically active RNA fragments that can elicit immune responses, he said.

Also immune imprinting is happening hence the need for boosters. Malone thinks boosters are going to make it even worse.

“You actually become more susceptible to the viral infection,” he said.

Second Circle Of Hell

The vax was made with sincere intentions, says Malone. It wasn’t about power or money, and the CIA pulled the tech from the trash can for a legitimate reason.

“The technology to enable individuals to engineer bio-weapons has become so trivial that a college senior working out of their garage with stuff they can get off of eBay, can easily recreate the most lethal pathogen combinations that our government came up with in the bio-warfare program that we ran for years,” Malone said.

The CIA wanted to develop a temporary vax for a specific pathogen to give to special forces teams taking out those making the bad stuff.

This was thought to be just the ticket for everybody when Covid arrived.

By the way, DARPA, which is the CIA’s operational development arm, funded and built Moderna. Malone also said that In-Q-Tel, which is the CIA’s investment arm, built RNA manufacturing facilities in Canada.

“This is a CIA program,” Malone said. “There’s no ambiguity here. I’m not telling state secrets.”

Malone confirmed that the bio-warfare tech has now reached the point where pathogens can be engineered so they’re relatively specific for different ethnic groups based on their genetics.

Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality

Unionville-Chadds Ford Agrees To Parents’ Vax Wording

Unionville-Chadds Ford Agrees To Parents’ Vax Wording — Kathleen Carmody has let us know that the  Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board, Monday, Oct. 17, voted to use wording that allowed for exemptions to immunization requirements due to religious grounds or on the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief or moral/philosophical grounds or whose physician certifies that the student’s physical condition contraindicates immunization.

The board initially sought to remove the wording moral-philosophical as a reason for an exemption.

As importantly the board also included the phrase or in accordance with law, regulations, or a legally binding order from the PA Department of Health and/or Chester County Health Department as a reason to exclude a child from class. The initial wording sought was programs or guidance established by the PA Department of Health.

“Both of these improvements are a noteworthy win,” Mrs. Carmody said.

She said that board members Robert Sage and John Murphy appeared to have played “the most significant role in correcting this alarming situation.”

Also kudos to WPHT’s Dom Giordano for putting light on the situation.

Unionville-Chadds Ford Agrees To Parents' Vax Wording
Unionville-Chadds Ford Agrees To Parents’ Vax Wording