Sept 16 Pennsylvania Constitution Lesson

Sept 16 Pennsylvania Constitution Lesson — This month’s discussion of the Pennsylvania Constitution starts 6:45 p.m., tonight, Sept. 16, on GoToMeeting.

To attend by phone call 1-872-240-3212 and use the access code 511-504-3212.

Subjects scheduled to be discussed include  the major organizations in Pennsylvania that are working to destroy our republic; The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Act 77 Majority Decision and Opinion; parts of Article V, Judiciary, in the Pennsylvania Constitution; getting county sheriffs to reclaim constitutional powers. 

These meetings are held the third Fridays of every month.

Bill Denison, of the promoters, says he has been informally asking candidates and officeholders, including police, if they you ever read state constitution. He reminds them they have sworn “support, obey and defend” it. 

“It’s not looking good,” Denison says.  “Three law enforcement officers separately gave the exact same answer: “I’ve never seen it”!!  Several others had only read small portions back at the police academy, and so far only two have read it all. “

He encourages citizens to distribute to them copies of the Constitution which can be obtained for free from state senators.

The Pennsylvanian Constitution can be found on-line here. It’s OK to skip around if you are just starting.

Denison said legislative officeholders and candidates more claim to have read the constitutions.

“I then have a hard time believing them when their actions demonstrate chronic constitutional ignorance and apathy,” he said.  “My favorite was the state rep candidate who said he had not and would not read the Constitution.  ‘Why not?’, I asked.  He replied, ‘Because I don’t remember what I read’!   Well then, I wonder how he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and became a fighter pilot.”

Sept 16 Pennsylvania Constitution Lesson

Joe Dychala Videos Aston Issues

Joe Dychala Videos Aston Issues — Joe Dychala has created a YouTube channel concerning Aston Township issues. In the one below he shows the ballot dropbox at the former municipal building and notes its surveillance camera is solar powered. Will it work at night? Does it have back up when the battery is drained? Certainly questions to ask.

Joe Dychala Videos Aston Issues

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event –Rampant vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. was evidenced yet again when Audit the Vote Pa appeared in Aston yesterday evening (Sept. 1).

About 60 persons crowded the lower room of Gatsby’s Bar & Grill on Pennell Road to hear Toni Shuppe and Karen Taylor explain the problems and solutions.

Mrs. Shuppe said a canvass of the county by election integrity volunteers found that 30 percent of the homes surveyed had phantom registrations which means more voted from the home than were registered.

She said it’s a county’s choice to place the famously insecure drop boxes and not a mandate by the state. Delco has chosen to place 42.

Will they be monitored by county cameras? Mrs. Shuppe said it is a priority to make sure they do. Other interesting ideas were also suggested by the enthusiastic audience.

Mules beware.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event
Hatfield, Montco Committeewoman Sandra Levin with Toni Shuppe

She said even an extremist government like Delco’s can be pressured by the citizenry to do the right thing. She cited Allegheny County which has cut its drop boxes to one after angry people swarmed the meetings.

She said educating the public was a key to secure election. She, like Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, said poll watchers have legally defined powers and must be strong enough to stand up to intimidation. She said judges of election have the legal power to count ballots themselves.

She revealed that the order to stop counting ballots on Election Night 2020 came directly from Pennsylvania’s Democrat-controlled Department of State.

The meeting was sponsored by Delco Conservatives, and in attendance were many committee people and election officials. A Montgomery County woman said she found a 12th drop box in Montco despite the county claiming to have placed just 11. She says they removed it after angry citizens contacted the commissioners.

Montco’s token Republican commissioner, Joe Gale, has been worthless on election integrity matters, one woman said.

Positions for election officials were being filled in Haverford Township by people who didn’t live there, a woman said.

Cameras weren’t set for the drop box in Aston, a man said.

Delaware County GOP lawyers ignored reported problems, a woman said.

Another woman said she sought a lawyer to help expose violations she saw occurring. None, however, would take her case saying the county powers-that-be would try to strip them of their law license.

Atticus Finch does not practice in Delco it seems.

All in all, though, it was an upbeat meeting attended by decent, courageous and indomitable people.

The county Republican establishment should take note albeit one wonders if they’ve become content living soft in second place.

Those wishing to volunteer to help with the Nov. 8 election can sign on at Audit the Vote’s website or with the Delco Conservatives.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections –A coalition of more than 70 patriot groups, including the Delaware County Patriots, will campaign to pressure the State Legislature to return Pennsylvania to in-person voting as per the Pennsylvania Constitution.

The campaign will be officially launched Aug. 27 at a 5-hour rally at Keystone Horse Center, 103 Horse Farm Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815.

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections
Catherine Engelbrecht

It starts at 11 a.m.

Keynote speaker will be Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote who will describe how the 2020 Election was stolen and the plans to steal this year’s election. Also special guest Jack Maxey will discuss “Hunter’s Laptop from Hell and How the Chinese Own the Biden”

The event will be emceed by Sam Faddis of Unite PA. Also taking the stage will be Webb Kline of We The People of Columbia County, Tonie Shuppe of Audit the Vote, Tabith Vaallea of FreePA and Zach Scherer of Butler County Patriots.

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections
Jack Maxey

Tickets are $10, children are free.

There will be food and drink vendors and entertainment.

Camp stools and chairs are allowed but not outside food or beverages.

Pay at the door by RSVP at or

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections

Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka

Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka— The suffering people of Sri Lanka stormed the presidential palace, this morning, July 9, and had a party while the former occupant ran like a rabbit to a waiting naval vessel.

The nation was in the midst of a food shortage, had a day left of fuel and was out if money. The rabbit, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, had just declared bankruptcy.

Misery doesn’t mean one can’f find fun, though. Here is a Sri Lankan doing an insurrection cannonball into the presidential pool from the presidential balcony.

Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka
Does Gotabaya Rajapaksa look like he gives a crap?

Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14

Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14 — More than 70 Pennsylvania grassroot groups will unite to hold rallies, noon to 1 p.m., June 14 at the district offices of state representatives to ensure honest elections in November.

Those wishing to participate with the Delaware County Patriots can RSVP here.

Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14
Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14

Pennsylvania Constitution Must Reading For Pennsylvania Patriots

Pennsylvania Constitution Must Reading For Pennsylvania Patriots — Delaware County’s Bill Denison has been holding on-line classes regarding the Pennsylvania Constitution and generally promoting the reading of it.

To our embarrassment, reading it was not something we’ve ever done and so a few weeks ago we did.

You’d be surprised at what you find.

Consider Article II concerning the legislature which includes reapportionment:

d)  Any aggrieved person may file an appeal from the final plan directly to the Supreme Court within 30 days after the filing thereof. If the appellant establishes that the final plan is contrary to law, the Supreme Court shall issue an order remanding the plan to the commission and directing the commission to reapportion the Commonwealth in a manner not inconsistent with such order.

(e)  When the Supreme Court has finally decided an appeal or when the last day for filing an appeal has passed with no appeal taken, the reapportionment plan shall have the force of law and the districts therein provided shall be used thereafter in elections to the General Assembly until the next reapportionment as required under this section 17.

When the state Supreme Court ordered that Pennsylvania’s congressional districts be withdrawn in 2018, was that more or less than 30 days after they were approved on Dec. 22, 2011?

Based on the Pennsylvania Constitution, the state legislature should have immediately begun impeachment proceedings for every judge who vote aye for the new districts.

If the citizenry was aware of the what the law was they would have supported the action.

Did you know that there is a specific section regarding absentee voting?

§ 14.  Absentee voting.
        (a)  The Legislature shall, by general law, provide a manner
     in which, and the time and place at which, qualified electors
     who may, on the occurrence of any election, be absent from the
     municipality of their residence, because their duties,
     occupation or business require them to be elsewhere or who, on
     the occurrence of any election, are unable to attend at their
     proper polling places because of illness or physical disability
     or who will not attend a polling place because of the observance
     of a religious holiday or who cannot vote because of election
     day duties, in the case of a county employee, may vote, and for
     the return and canvass of their votes in the election district
     in which they respectively reside.
        (b)  For purposes of this section, "municipality" means a
     city, borough, incorporated town, township or any similar
     general purpose unit of government which may be created by the
     General Assembly.
     (Nov. 5, 1957, P.L.1019, J.R.1; May 16, 1967, P.L.1048, J.R.5;
     Nov. 5, 1985, P.L.555, J.R.1; Nov. 4, 1997, P.L.636, J.R.3)

        1967 Amendment.  Joint Resolution No.5 renumbered former
     section 14 to present section 11 and amended and renumbered
     former section 19 to present section 14.
        1957 Amendment.  Joint Resolution No.1 added present section
     14 (formerly section 19).

One with knowledge of the words in Constitution would have demanded that the addition of the category of “mail -in elector” would have required amending the Constitution rather than merely changing the Election Code as per Act 77 of 2019.

Where you aware that witnesses in contested elections may not withhold testimony upon the ground that it may criminate himself or subject him to public infamy.

The Constitution is not fun reading but even skimming it and being aware of the table of contents is a significant upgrade in understanding.

You can read it here.

The citizenry of this state better start learning how to be citizens.

Thanks Bill Denison for the inspiration.

Pennsylvania Constitution Must Reading For Pennsylvania Patriots Power And Nuclear Plants

Civic Saturdays Comes To Pennsylvania

Civic Saturdays Comes To Pennsylvania

By Bob Small

Civic Saturdays comes to Pennsylvania starting 7 p.m., On Saturday, April 23, at Wake Forest Junior Senior High School, in Tionesta.  They are the brainchild of Citizen University, started by Eric Liu of The Aspen Institute and we learned about it from Ken Krawchuk of The Pennsylvania Project.

Civic Saturdays are secular events but intentionally echo the structure of faith-based gatherings and include a sermon, songs, and readings, followed by a social hour, according to those involved.

There is a leftward tinge to these activities as befits The Aspen Institute, but all political belief systems are invited, according to organizers.

On the other hand, there is a leftward tinge to The Aspen Institute.

To give you an idea of what to expect at any of the four events in Pennsylvania here’s the “Sworn Again American Oath”

“I pledge to be an active American

To show up for others

To govern myself

to help govern my community

I recommit myself to my country’s creed

To cherish liberty as a responsibility

I pledge to serve and to push my country

When right, to be kept right; when wrong to be set right

Wherever my ancestors and I were born, I claim America, 

And I pledge to live like a citizen”

There are echoes of other voices,  including Carl Schurz, maybe the first to say;

“My country right or wrong: if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right”.  Why a  Sworn Again American Oath when we have the Pledge of Allegiance, etc. is a mystery, though this does include “when wrong to be set right”, which should also be the duty of a Patriot, one would think.  This is a non-deistic alternative.  Though the founding fathers were all deists, that no longer applies to the population as a whole.

Some other stories

Sworn Again: Americans Recommit To A Civic Creed › sites › ashoka › 2020/04/23

How To Fix Declining Trust In Elections And The News Media › … › Consider This from NP

And, of course, we have to trust NYT

Opinion | Preaching Faith in Democracy – The New York Times › 2019/07/02 ›

Civic Saturdays Comes To Pennsylvania
Civic Saturdays comes to Pennsylvania starting 7 p.m.,

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn — Kudos to Stan Casacio for a top-flight show, Friday evening (April 8), with the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles 2022 Awards Ceremony at the Green Valley Country Club in Lafayette Hill., Pa.

Keynote speaker was Gen. Michael Flynn, who future generations will remember as a persecuted hero during a dark time in America.

Flynn, the recipient of the Phyllis Schlafly Freedom Award, described what we face as unprecedented that can’t compare with the Revolution or the Civil War. He said the battle wasn’t between Democrats and Republicans, or conservatives and progressives but between “those who love this country and traitors.”

The implication was well understood by the crowd of more than 200 that Republicans don’t automatically mean patriots.

Flynn said it was a spiritual fight with the opponents being those who hold that we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights, and those that want to bring forth a socialist/Marxist/fascist hell were people are mere pawns to be played with by those who hold power.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn
Stan Casacio at the podium. Seated from left are Gen. Flynn, Ed Martin, John Schlafly and an unidentified man.

He said this scheme well-preceded Donald Trump’s presidency. He noted that the removal of God from the Democrat platform in 2012 was planned.

He warned that sitting on the sidelines was no longer an option and that all who cared must get involved. He said he was doing it for his grandchildren.

When Flynn learned that an Oregonian was in the audience, he noted the Republican have not won there since the state went all mail-in voting two decades ago. He said it was a test case for those seeking to make elections forever meaningless.

The general talked about our low performing public schools. He described how parts of this great nation looked like third, even fourth, world places. He described wasteful wasteful spending and indifference among those who govern us. He said he was shocked when he was told that Pennsylvania’s budget was $42 billion for a state with 13 million residents.

Bad news, General. We got to $103 billion in spending in 2020-2021 before we stopped counting which was when departmental budgets dropped to nine digits.

Flynn and the event left one inspired rather than in despair, however. The panel and the crowd may have been diverse with regard to race and religion and sex but was upbeat, motivated and completely united in outlook.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn
Gen. Flynn and the publisher. Photo by Olivia Braccio

Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity, who won election in 2020, to our delight cited Russell Kirk , a brilliant thinker whose name we haven’t heard in a long time.

Bunny Welsh, who served as sheriff of Chester County for 20 years, described the great people in law enforcement and noted how the sacrifices they make are not exaggerated. She described how two of her deputies were gunned down by a man with mental problems during an eviction, and the sickness she felt as she heard it happening while she was in the communications room. She described the long anguish a deputy suffered when forced to shoot a person in the lobby of the Chester County Government Center.

Kathy Barnette, who is running to replace Pat Toomey as U.S. senator, described her youth growing up dirt-poor in Alabama in a home without running water. She said her her birth came about after her mother was raped at the age of 11. She said she always felt loved and grateful despite circumstances, and that it was this love that motivated her to go to college and become a success. Casacio met her a pro-life rally several years ago and encouraged her to enter politics. Flynn met her a year ago and also highly endorsed her.

Ms. Barnette said she is in the top three in polling despite the other two out-spending her more than 10 to 1.

Ms. Barnette is pro-life, pro school choice, pro border security and pro health care. We can safely say we have found a senate candidate we can back in the primary on May 17.

Teddy Daniels, a Purple Heart recipient for action in Afghanistan, made a strong pitch to be the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor. Video was shown of the combat where he received his wound. He is certainly someone for whom we can vote but, unlike the Senate race, there are other good candidates and we remain undecided. We confess, though, that he may be our front-runner.

State Sen. Doug Mastriano, (R-33), was the recipient of the event’s Pennsylvania Voter Integrity Award. Mastriano, who is running for governor, was praised for his military service, for his strong opposition to Gov. Wolf’s covid lockdowns, and for his support for an investigation into the 2020 election. He was endorsed by Casacio and Flynn, and by radio host Donald Beishl, Jr.

There are some people we respect who are very much opposed to Mastriano. We looked for him after the event to ask questions but were unable to find him. He mingled before hand and we likely could have talked to him then but things slipped away so shame on us.

Vote fraud was a big subject with no one in the room questioning that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

Toni Shuppe and Karen Taylor from Audit the Vote Pa described themselves as moms and homemakers, and explained how they became involved when it dawned on them how the election was stolen. They both had high praise for Mastriano.

Calvin Tucker, who is deputy chairman of the state GOP, described the in-roads Pennsylvania Republicans are making with communities that traditionally vote Democrat. He said Trump increased his share of the Black vote from 8 percent in 2016 to 12 percent in 2020. Consider it just one more proof that Trump won the election.

The depravity of abortion came up several times during the night especially with regard to the indifference shown by Washington D.C. authorities to discovery of the bodies of infants who may have been killed outside the womb.

Flynn said that earlier that day he urged Tucker Carlson to keep the story going.

Also mentioned was the unfair treatment of the January 6 protesters who are rotting in a D.C. jail for what is basically trespass.

There were at least two lawyers in the crowd representing some of them. They said the prisoners were not allowed to shave and the man all had thick beards.

Fourteen months in jail is a pretty long sentence for someone who has actually been convicted of a crime. No matter where one stands on the political spectrum, one should be outraged at people being held this long without bail or trial.

Also among the speakers was John Schlafly, who is Phyllis’s son, and Ed Martin.

Josephine Hughes sang The National Anthem, God Bless America and I’m Proud to Be an American. Pastor Todd Johnson gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Olivia Braccio handled photography.

Phyllis Schlafly, who died in 2016, was also an American hero, fighting and beating the Marxists and corporate feudalists starting in the 1950s. She wrote the perceptive and influential book A Choice Not An Echo, which you can read for free here.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn

Trey Gowdy Speaker At Pennsylvania Leadership Conference

Trey Gowdy Speaker At Pennsylvania Leadership Conference — The 2022 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference to be held April 1-2, at the Penn Harris Hotel by Wyndham (formerly the Radisson Penn Harris) in Camp Hill will feature policy “conversations” including an Agenda for PennsylvaniaState of the Conservative MovementEmpowering Pennsylvania Parents, and The Future of Health Care.

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy, currently a Fox News contributor and host of Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy, will be the featured dinner speaker Friday evening at the conference, former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin will be the kick-off speaker, John Gizzi of Newsmax will be the conference breakfast speaker, State Treasurer Stacy Garrity, Auditor General Tim DeFoor, nationally-syndicated radio host Rev. C.L. Bryant of FreedomWorks, Cliff Maloney from the Citizens Alliance of America, Scott Parkinson from the Club for Growth, Cleta Mitchell from the Conservative Partnership Institute, and James Broughel from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University will also address the conference.  The event will include special forums spotlighting candidates for Governor of Pennsylvania and United State Senator from Pennsylvania.

Trey Gowdy Speaker At Pennsylvania
Trey Gowdy

The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference is the premiere gathering of public policy conservatives each year in the Keystone State.  It is the largest and longest-running of the state-based conservative conferences regularly attracting a long list of conservative elected officials, scholars, journalists, and activists for two days of speeches, panel presentations, workshops, and networking.

Here are details of the policy conversations:

Agenda for Pennsylvania

Matthew Brouillette, Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs

Kerry Benninghoff, PA House Majority Leader

Scott Martin, State Senator

State of the Conservative Movement

John GizziNewsmax

Paul Kengor, Grove City College

Empowering Pennsylvania Parents

Andrew Lewis, State Representative

Aaron Anderson, Logos Academy

The Future of Health Care

Lloyd Smucker, U.S. Representative

Henrik Rasmussen, Stand Together

Details of workshops and panel presentations along with the complete conference agenda is on-line at

A pre-conference Pennsylvania Election Integrity Summit sponsored by the Conservative Partnership Institute and the Election Integrity Network will be held on Thursday, March 31t at the Penn Harris Hotel. A separate registration for the summit is required and available at

Trey Gowdy Speaker At Pennsylvania Leadership Conference
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