United4Delco Has Inaugural Meeting

United4Delco Has Inaugural Meeting — Kudos to Joe Dychala and Wendy Willhauer for organizing the inaugural meeting of United4Delco held tonight, June 1, at warm and friendly Gatsby’s Bar & Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

About 40 filled the banquet hall. Joe described his write-in campaign in the May 16 GOP primary for Aston 7th Ward Commissioner in which he got nearly a third of the vote against 16-year incumbent Mike Higgins.

The main speakers were election integrity activists Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom, authors of The Parallel Election. While much of what they said would be familiar to readers of this site, Greg and Leah each described the very real personal costs they endured during their campaign.

The County can go a long way in easing legitimate suspicions regarding how it runs elections simply by not fighting right to know requests especially when arbiters rule against them, and by not ignoring requests for documents in bald rejection of the law.

How can one not be suspicious?

Oh, an update on this morning’s story: We have been told that Delaware County Director of Elections Jim Allen has contacted Greg along with GOP County Council candidate Joy Schwartz and agreed to allow them to count — and photograph — the ballot envelopes. That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?

United4Delco Has Inaugural Meeting

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle — Lt. Col. Allen West gave a dire exhortation, May 11, about the state of the nation and the need for all to step up to save it, while radio host Chris Stigall noted that politics is no longer about two sides working towards a common goal but dark spiritual warfare.

The men were honorees at this year’s Pennsylvania Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Awards Dinner held at the Marriott Philadelphia West in West Conshohocken.

West, who retired from the Army in 2004, represented Florida’s 22nd congressional district from 2011 to 2013 and served as chairman of the Texas Republican Party from 2020 to 2021. He received the Phyllis Schlafly American Patriot Award.

Stigall was a long-time host at WPHT and now appears from 6 to 9 a.m. on AM990 along with his own The Chris Stigall Podcast. He received the Phyllis Schlafly Truth in Journalism Award.

West described growing up Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward with loving, patriotic parents.

“I was raised in a household of patriots,” he said.

His parents taught him that there is no greater nation than the United States of America.

“I am the testimony to them,” he said.

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle
Stan Casacio with Allen West, Chris Stigall and Andy Teitelman.
Photo by Olivia Braccio

His father, Herman, served in the Army in World War II leaving with a rank of corporal while his older brother served in Vietnam. His mother, Elizabeth, was a civilian employee of the United States Marine Corps.

West was commissioned after graduating from the University of Tennessee and its Army ROTC program.

West said rights are inherent and from God. Those who now run things hold they are not and do not. He said they want to bring back the English feudal system where one needs permission from self-proclaimed betters regarding life choices.

West said those who love freedom must stop thinking about election cycles and become constantly engaged. He encouraged outreach to neighbors and emphasized the importance of communication. He noted that billboards can be surprisingly effective.

West said it is imperative to recapture the judicial system from those who no longer have an objective standard of justice.

It is no longer Democrat vs Republican, he said.

“I don’t even think about party any more,” he said.

West thanked the many who prayed for him after his motorcycle accident three years ago. He noted not many survive a 75 mph motorcycle crash on an interstate.

Stigall talked about his faith and about how Jesus delivered him from alcoholism, which ironically was just before he lost his job at WPHT. He said, however, this led to the Salem Media Group signing him and giving him national exposure.

Stigall was introduced by Sean from Queens, a frequent caller to the show. Sean said he is the Democrats’ worst nightmare as he is a black guy from Queens who is a big Trump supporter.

Other Speakers

The first at the podium was noted Philly attorney and police supporter James Binns. He talked about the sacrifices made by those in law enforcement and called attention to the many killed in the line of duty. He said police are mentioned in the Bible, name Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matt 5:9) and Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13).

Binns has appeared in several films including Rocky Balboa and Rocky V.

Ed Martin, who is an attorney and president of Phyllis Schlafly International, noted he is representing several January 6 protestors despite establishment pressure not to. He said many attorneys are afraid to take them on as clients.

He said while reviewing video he saw someone clearly plant a pipe bomb near Sen. Kamala Harris, who was then vice president-elect. There has yet to be an arrest for this.

Alla Pukhtetska, a Ukrainian refugee, described the suffering in her country due to its war with Russia and how two million Ukrainians are now refugees in the United States with 300,000 of them living in Pennsylvania. Speaking with her was fellow refugee Julia who was Miss Ukraine 2018.

Stan Casacio, who heads Pennsylvania Phyllis Schlafly and is the force behind the dinners, spoke about the need for meritocracy in the face of the garbage being thrown at us.

He quoted William Clement Stone as saying we must have the courage to say no and the courage to face the truth.

Casacio is a long-time Montgomery County political activist who hosts the Don’t Back Down program with Vicki Lightcap. He was given the Common Sense Conservative Award to his surprised as the board had kept the honor hidden.

Several candidates for this year’s election cycle attended the dinner and were recognized.

These included Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough, who is running for the state Supreme Court; Attorney Josh Prince, who running for Commonwealth Court; Andy Warren who is running for commissioner in Bucks County; Ed Moye, a former state trooper who is running for Montgomery County Sheriff; and Tom DiBello and Liz Ferry who are running for Montgomery County Commissioner. DiBello says issues include election integrity. He said the dropboxes need to go away and the voter rolls need to be cleaned up. Ms. Ferry noted crime is becoming a problem and that they are running to win the general election.

“We are not running for third place,” she said. ” We are running for first and second place.”

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers
With Allen West are Montgomery County Commissioner candidates Tom DiBello and Liz Ferry. They say they plan to win in November and do not recommend “bullet voting”.
Photo by Olivia Braccio

Also recognized were Andy Meehan and Barry Casper of Bucks County. Meehan’s band provided entertainment for the night, with Meehan playing harmonica and doing vocals.

The candidates are all Republicans and have primary challengers. The primary is this Tuesday, May 16.

Podcaster and author Chris Scott introduced Teddy Daniels, who had run for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania two years ago.

Daniels warned the candidates that they will take as much fire from the establishment Republican leaders as they do the Democrats, and will likely be united against them.

Daniels said he has never seen an American government as oppressive to dissenters.

He said a friend who was a Jan. 6 protester from West Virginia and served a 90 sentence had been scheduled to speak. He was prohibited from leaving his state, however.

Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrett, who had been scheduled as a speaker, was unable to attend. Daniels said she told him to tell the audience that she is doing everything in her power to foil the Biden administration’s scheme to punish those with good credit and reward those not inclined to pay their debts.

Schlafly Board Member Angelina Banks talked about courage of mothers and introduced attorney Andy Teitelman, who received the organizations Inaugural Award for Election Integrity Service. Teitelman has represented many election integrity activists pro bono.

M. J. Costello spoke on behalf of Audit the Vote.

Radio host Don Beishl criticized the GOP establishment saying they always demand populists to hold their noses while voting for corporatists in general elections but are quick to abandon populists when they win nominations. Beishl said the GOP corporatists who run many of the Philadelphia area Republicans parties did not just abandoned Doug Mastriano in last year’s governor’s race but out-and-out opposed him. He mentioned several names including then Delaware County GOP Chairman Tom McGarrigle.

Photographer for the event was Olivia Braccio. Visit https://oliviabraccio.com/ for examples of her work or to contact her.

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle

Digital Privacy Bootcamp

Digital Privacy Bootcamp — Jeff Peterson, who made his millions pioneering social media and other tech, has let us know that the Covenant Baptist Church in Spartanburg, S.C. is sponsoring a “Digital Privacy Bootcamp” from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., April 29.

The agenda includes teaching how Big Tech uses phones and computers to spy on citizens; how to remove Big Tech from these devices; hands on training with free and open source software (FOSS); and alternative communications systems — including ham radio — with local operators.

Granted Spartanburg might be a tad far form most of our readers but there are a lot of churches in the Philadelphia area that might be interesting in holding a similar event.

For information about the happening in Spartanburg visit www.Mark37.com/events.

Check out Jeff’s telegram channel and his chat telegram channel for tips on how to free yourself from Big Tech.

Digital Privacy Bootcamp

Venezuela Leads World In Refugees, Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Told; McCormick To Try Again For Senate It Seems

Venezuela Leads World In Refugees, Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Told; McCormick To Try Again For Senate It Seems — Pennsylvania Leadership Conference opened Thursday at the Penn Harris Hotel in Camp hill and ends Saturday.

Tidbits picked up Friday were, as per Daniel Di Martino, that Venezuela, which was once the world’s fourth richest nation, now leads the world in refugees; former Bridgewater CEO David McCormick who ran a primary race last spring to fill the Pennsylvania Senate seat vacated by Pat Toomey is planning to try against Bob Casey Jr. in 2024; and that The Freedom Foundation has convinced over 136,000 teachers to opt out of their union giving them more take home pay along with control of their political donations.

Di Martino, a native of Venezuela, was one of the speakers and said his homeland’s descent into poverty was entirely due to socialism and was voted in by the population that was seeking “change”. McCormick was interviewed on stage by journalist Salena Zito.

The Freedom Foundation facts were provided by Ashley Varner and Zach McDonough.

Also among those speaking were former Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen and Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association President David Taylor who warned about the consequences of legalizing marijuana for recreational use; State Treasurer Stacy Garrity; State Auditor General Timothy DeFoor; State Sen. Scott Martin (R-13); and Congressman Dan Meuser (R-9).

The headline speaker of the day was former Trump campaign manager and senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, which we were unfortunately unable to hear.

The big news will likely come tomorrow when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks. Again, we do not expect to be able to attend.

Venezuela Leads World In Refugees, Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Told; McCormick To Try Again For Senate It Seems
At the Face the Culture booth are Chester County attorney and podcaster Carmela Ciliberti; Lehigh County communications specialist Anthony Messina; Chester County Committeewoman Donna Ellingsen; Leah Hoopes of Delaware County, who is the co-author of The Parallel Election; Marlene Downing of Susan B Anthony Pro Life America; and Kim Kennedy of Face the Culture

IAP Re-Launching In Pennsylvania

IAP Re-Launching In Pennsylvania — The IAP (Independent American Party) is in the process of re-launching in Pennsylvania. They want to be seen as “the solution party”. Their solutions are many and these are some listed in this Utah born Party.

There goals include “To uphold and revere our constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers as this land’s only and supreme law” and “To return the control of government back to the people as intended.”

The IAM was founded in 1993, inspired by a speech given by Ezra Taft Benson.

On May 16 1998, a vote was taken for the formation of a national IAP.

Pennsylvanian Will Christensen was one of the original founders of the IAP. See the history section of the IAP website for a bio.

The IAP is anti-one world government and pro life. Their website lists many other positions, including where they stand on the Article 5 Convention, Covid 19 vaccination,  the Federal Reserve, the National Popular Vote Compact, and Red Flag Laws, etc.

Lonny Ray Williams, current National Chair, and descendant of Luzerne County Coal Miners sent a lengthy response to my questions

“The difference between the IAP and the Constitution Party is that we embrace the spiritual component of our nation and insist that it is an integral and important component of restoring and protecting the republic,” he said.

He uses Kathy Barnett as an example of a candidate he would support

“Our Plan is to rebuild America into a community of neighbors that love each other and are willing to help each other out through the difficult times in their lived (my ital) not one that relies on government as the arbitrator of kindness,” he said.

The Regional Coordinator of Pennsylvania is Scott Bartlett at Sbartlett@yahoo.com

Let me end with one of his statements “I would encourage everyone out there to stop voting for the lesser of two evils”.

IAP Re-Launching In Pennsylvania

Prohibition Party Is 3rd Oldest Active Party

Prohibition Party Is 3rd Oldest Active Party

By Bob Small

The Prohibition Party, which has a chapter in Pennsylvania, is the oldest existing third party in America and the third-longest active party, dating from Sept. 1, 1869.

One reason for the party’s longevity –besides never needing to make decisions while hung over — is the George Pennock Trust Fund, established in 1930 and still active, which has paid the Prohibition Party approximately $8,000 per year.

Though its focus has remained prohibition, the party has also embraced bimettalism, equal pay and and equal rights, and women’s suffrage, among other issues. Today it supports many things, including animal rights, free education, and school prayer. For a full list, see www.prohibitionparty.org

The party’s very first presidential candidate, in 1872, was Pennsylvanian James Black. Other Pennsylvania Prohibition Party candidates for president were Silas C. Swallow in 1904 and James Hedges in 2016. 

As is true of the Greens today, they were frequently accused of being “spoilers”. In 1884, they were accused of almost “spoiling” Grover Cleveland’s election over James G. Blaine.

Prohibition Party Is  3rd Oldest Active Party
Some things don’t change

The Prohibition Party was different from the Anti-Saloon League, the WCTU and other similar organizations, although they shared common goals.

There are currently 10 other state Prohibition Parties, besides the one in Pennsylvania.

A recent conversation with James Hedges, the current chair of the Pennsylvania chapter, reveals that they are in the process of creating a website for Pennsylvania and working on ways to attract new members. Hedges quotes the statistic that per-capita alcohol consumption fell by two thirds during Prohibition, and it did not return to its pre-Prohibition level until repeal.

Among other issues the party discusses are “abortion, a balanced budget, ballot access, civil rights, drugs, and gambling”.

Jim Hedges can be reached at hedges@prohibitionists.org.

Other informational websites include:


Welcome to the Partisan Historical Society’s website…

ech-dev.case.edu › cgi › article.pl?id=PP3

Encyclopedia of Cleveland History: PROHIBITION PARTY

Full Disclosure: Jim and I have worked together for many years on ballot access issues. We remain members of the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition. 

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

By Bob Small

I received on Jan. 10 a notice that the Delco Peace Center was closing.

It was founded in 1986 with a mission to “create a welcoming community space dedicated to peace and justice” by the still active Brandywine Peace Community at Springfield Friends Meetinghouse, 1001 Sproul Road, Springfield, Pa.

During my years of involvement with the Peace Center, through Cinema Resistance, Poets for Peace, and other groups, our primary goal was to deliver a  non-partisan, pro-peace message and to enjoy doing it.  This began with Delco Pledge of Resistance, founded 1986.

Then, most of us were with alternative parties (the Green Party, Socialists, etc),  or were registered to vote as independents. The Democratic Party had not yet co-opted the peace movement.

Cinema Resistance featured screenings of Hollywood, independent, and international movies such as these. We would introduce a film, watch it together, and then have a discussion. At least until the popcorn ran out. We also served as a clearinghouse for other area peace-related activities, which I co-coordinated.

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

Like any other group, we had our share of “infighting” over such issues as whether to hire a paid coordinator, the role of politics within the group, and others.

At a certain point, not having stopped any wars, we (my wife and I) withdrew from this activism, and began to focus  on the attempted gentrification of our little borough of Swarthmore, where we won some, lost some,

In the pre-Covid years, when the Peace Center still had Christmas gatherings, film showings, and musical events, my wife and I would attend them, keeping in touch with old friends.

That was then, this is now. Now we’re busy fighting proposed condo monstrosities, the PECO tree cutters, and  the proposed “Poultry Police” in Swarthmore.

I’ll leave the last sad words to my friend Roger Balson, a co-coordinator of Democracy Unplugged: “Just another example of how the peace movement in our area is fading away. Now that the Democrats have cemented their commitment to endless war, I guess this makes sense.”

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

Today Is Bill Of Rights Day

Today Is Bill Of Rights Day

By Bill Denison

Today is Bill of Rights Day, and Resident Biden has just issued the customary annual official Proclamation. 

You can read it here:  

Believe it or not, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Biden’s closing statement:  “I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

 Some of us plan to do just that at the Bill of Rights Banquet in Lancaster County.  No matter where you are, it’s a good opportunity to refresh your recollection with a reading of the document.

The rest of Biden’s Proclamation is really just a State of the Union preview of how he wishes to corrupt and subvert our Constitution and Bill of Rights, with enough gaslighting garbage to gladden Goebbels.

Tomorrow, Dec. 16, we return to our monthly free discussion of the Pennsylvania Constitution and more.  See highlights below for access info and proposed agenda topics.

With tomorrow’s heavy rain forecast, remember God’s Genesis 9 covenant of no more worldwide flood, marked with His token reminder — the rainbow in the clouds.  Today’s God-haters misuse His rainbow symbol, but our merciful and long suffering God will not be mocked.  God is good, all the time.

To participate in this month’s lesson on the Pennsylvania Constitution use this link or call 646-749-3122 and use access code 145-138-829.

The agenda is:

  • The 231st Birthday of the “Bill of Rights”  
  • Article VI, Section 3, “Oath Of Office” – Pennsylvania Constitution 
  • Helping our Sheriffs reclaim their lawful “CLEO” constitutional office
  • Getting other Patriotic Groups to work with us now and we with them where possible
Today Is Bill Of Rights Day

Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting

Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting

By Bob Small

The most used voting system in the United States is plurality, which means the top vote-getter wins regardless of whether he gets the majority of total votes.

Is it the best? 

 The Libertarians Party of Lancaster County, among others, feel there is a better way and will discuss options at their monthly forum 7 p.m., Dec. 21 at 15 Mount Joy St., Mount Joy, Pa. 17552.

The Lancaster Libertarians are opposed to “instant runoff” ranked choice and are lukewarm about “approval voting.” The ones they are pushing for are Best/Alternate/Worst Voting (BAWV) and Approve/Approve/Disapprove Voting (ASDV) which are discussed here.

“Since the continuing use of Plurality is the single largest reason why no other party can compete with the Ds and Rs in elections, it is very important that we all get on the same page (and on the CORRECT page) regarding its replacement!,” say the Libertarians. 

The Libertarian Party of Lancaster County forums concern topics important to the philosophy of liberty and are normally 7 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month on the second floor of 15 Mount Joy St. accessed through the side door from the parking lot.

Check the calendar at lplcpa.org for late changes. Topics have been “Rational Thinking,” “Rational Self-interest,” “Rights,” “The NAP,” “Libertarian Taxation,” “The PA Constitution” and “Money.” PowerPoint slides for most sessions are posted here:

While I am a Green and not a Libertarian, we do agree on some issues.

Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting
Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting

Chesco United To Discuss Election

Chesco United To Discuss Election — Chesco United has scheduled a town hall, 7 p.m., Dec. 1, at 21 Hagerty Blvd., West Chester, Pa. 19382 to discuss the 2022 Midterm Election and Chester County’s certification.

For information contact ChescoUnited@proton.me

Chesco United To Discuss Election
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