Prohibition Party Is 3rd Oldest Active Party

Prohibition Party Is 3rd Oldest Active Party

By Bob Small

The Prohibition Party, which has a chapter in Pennsylvania, is the oldest existing third party in America and the third-longest active party, dating from Sept. 1, 1869.

One reason for the party’s longevity –besides never needing to make decisions while hung over — is the George Pennock Trust Fund, established in 1930 and still active, which has paid the Prohibition Party approximately $8,000 per year.

Though its focus has remained prohibition, the party has also embraced bimettalism, equal pay and and equal rights, and women’s suffrage, among other issues. Today it supports many things, including animal rights, free education, and school prayer. For a full list, see

The party’s very first presidential candidate, in 1872, was Pennsylvanian James Black. Other Pennsylvania Prohibition Party candidates for president were Silas C. Swallow in 1904 and James Hedges in 2016. 

As is true of the Greens today, they were frequently accused of being “spoilers”. In 1884, they were accused of almost “spoiling” Grover Cleveland’s election over James G. Blaine.

Prohibition Party Is  3rd Oldest Active Party
Some things don’t change

The Prohibition Party was different from the Anti-Saloon League, the WCTU and other similar organizations, although they shared common goals.

There are currently 10 other state Prohibition Parties, besides the one in Pennsylvania.

A recent conversation with James Hedges, the current chair of the Pennsylvania chapter, reveals that they are in the process of creating a website for Pennsylvania and working on ways to attract new members. Hedges quotes the statistic that per-capita alcohol consumption fell by two thirds during Prohibition, and it did not return to its pre-Prohibition level until repeal.

Among other issues the party discusses are “abortion, a balanced budget, ballot access, civil rights, drugs, and gambling”.

Jim Hedges can be reached at

Other informational websites include:

Welcome to the Partisan Historical Society’s website… › cgi ›

Encyclopedia of Cleveland History: PROHIBITION PARTY

Full Disclosure: Jim and I have worked together for many years on ballot access issues. We remain members of the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition. 

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

By Bob Small

I received on Jan. 10 a notice that the Delco Peace Center was closing.

It was founded in 1986 with a mission to “create a welcoming community space dedicated to peace and justice” by the still active Brandywine Peace Community at Springfield Friends Meetinghouse, 1001 Sproul Road, Springfield, Pa.

During my years of involvement with the Peace Center, through Cinema Resistance, Poets for Peace, and other groups, our primary goal was to deliver a  non-partisan, pro-peace message and to enjoy doing it.  This began with Delco Pledge of Resistance, founded 1986.

Then, most of us were with alternative parties (the Green Party, Socialists, etc),  or were registered to vote as independents. The Democratic Party had not yet co-opted the peace movement.

Cinema Resistance featured screenings of Hollywood, independent, and international movies such as these. We would introduce a film, watch it together, and then have a discussion. At least until the popcorn ran out. We also served as a clearinghouse for other area peace-related activities, which I co-coordinated.

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

Like any other group, we had our share of “infighting” over such issues as whether to hire a paid coordinator, the role of politics within the group, and others.

At a certain point, not having stopped any wars, we (my wife and I) withdrew from this activism, and began to focus  on the attempted gentrification of our little borough of Swarthmore, where we won some, lost some,

In the pre-Covid years, when the Peace Center still had Christmas gatherings, film showings, and musical events, my wife and I would attend them, keeping in touch with old friends.

That was then, this is now. Now we’re busy fighting proposed condo monstrosities, the PECO tree cutters, and  the proposed “Poultry Police” in Swarthmore.

I’ll leave the last sad words to my friend Roger Balson, a co-coordinator of Democracy Unplugged: “Just another example of how the peace movement in our area is fading away. Now that the Democrats have cemented their commitment to endless war, I guess this makes sense.”

Delco Peace Center In memoriam

Today Is Bill Of Rights Day

Today Is Bill Of Rights Day

By Bill Denison

Today is Bill of Rights Day, and Resident Biden has just issued the customary annual official Proclamation. 

You can read it here:  

Believe it or not, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Biden’s closing statement:  “I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

 Some of us plan to do just that at the Bill of Rights Banquet in Lancaster County.  No matter where you are, it’s a good opportunity to refresh your recollection with a reading of the document.

The rest of Biden’s Proclamation is really just a State of the Union preview of how he wishes to corrupt and subvert our Constitution and Bill of Rights, with enough gaslighting garbage to gladden Goebbels.

Tomorrow, Dec. 16, we return to our monthly free discussion of the Pennsylvania Constitution and more.  See highlights below for access info and proposed agenda topics.

With tomorrow’s heavy rain forecast, remember God’s Genesis 9 covenant of no more worldwide flood, marked with His token reminder — the rainbow in the clouds.  Today’s God-haters misuse His rainbow symbol, but our merciful and long suffering God will not be mocked.  God is good, all the time.

To participate in this month’s lesson on the Pennsylvania Constitution use this link or call 646-749-3122 and use access code 145-138-829.

The agenda is:

  • The 231st Birthday of the “Bill of Rights”  
  • Article VI, Section 3, “Oath Of Office” – Pennsylvania Constitution 
  • Helping our Sheriffs reclaim their lawful “CLEO” constitutional office
  • Getting other Patriotic Groups to work with us now and we with them where possible
Today Is Bill Of Rights Day

Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting

Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting

By Bob Small

The most used voting system in the United States is plurality, which means the top vote-getter wins regardless of whether he gets the majority of total votes.

Is it the best? 

 The Libertarians Party of Lancaster County, among others, feel there is a better way and will discuss options at their monthly forum 7 p.m., Dec. 21 at 15 Mount Joy St., Mount Joy, Pa. 17552.

The Lancaster Libertarians are opposed to “instant runoff” ranked choice and are lukewarm about “approval voting.” The ones they are pushing for are Best/Alternate/Worst Voting (BAWV) and Approve/Approve/Disapprove Voting (ASDV) which are discussed here.

“Since the continuing use of Plurality is the single largest reason why no other party can compete with the Ds and Rs in elections, it is very important that we all get on the same page (and on the CORRECT page) regarding its replacement!,” say the Libertarians. 

The Libertarian Party of Lancaster County forums concern topics important to the philosophy of liberty and are normally 7 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month on the second floor of 15 Mount Joy St. accessed through the side door from the parking lot.

Check the calendar at for late changes. Topics have been “Rational Thinking,” “Rational Self-interest,” “Rights,” “The NAP,” “Libertarian Taxation,” “The PA Constitution” and “Money.” PowerPoint slides for most sessions are posted here:

While I am a Green and not a Libertarian, we do agree on some issues.

Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting
Lancaster Libertarians Ponder Replacing Plurality Voting

Chesco United To Discuss Election

Chesco United To Discuss Election — Chesco United has scheduled a town hall, 7 p.m., Dec. 1, at 21 Hagerty Blvd., West Chester, Pa. 19382 to discuss the 2022 Midterm Election and Chester County’s certification.

For information contact

Chesco United To Discuss Election

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots — Audrey Strein has been hosting “street rallies” on Almshouse Road in Doylestown, Pa. since 2009 starting with the Kitchen Table Patriots.

This is where a group stands on a sidewalk with signs to get the attention of passersby.

Always her group used the Bucks County Health and Human Service lot for parking.

At a November 2020 rally for Donald Trump, she was told the lots were forbidden to her. She shrugged, and her group parked in a Giant supermarket down the street and walked back.

It was a little annoying as a Biden group had just been allowed to use the Bucks County Courthouse grounds for a rally the same day.

It was suggested to her that she file a right-to-know request to find out why the change in policy. The response was the request couldn’t be fulfilled as the lots had no parking restrictions.

Fast forward two years and Audrey contacts Doylestown police and lets them know her group would be using the lots, today, Oct. 22 for a rally for Republican candidates. Police called her back to inform her that Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia said they were not allowed.

This time she acted. She sent numerous letters to the responsible officials, and told them she would sue each and everyone of them personally for a violation of the First Amendment if they didn’t let them.

“Well, son of . . .,” to quote our President. They let them.

She said this morning’s rally was a great success.

Great job Audrey and Bucks patriots.

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots
Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots

Con-Con Is Con?

Con-Con Is Con? — Nineteen states have approved having a Constitutional Convention with legislation pending in another 21.

A convention lets state legislatures bypass Congress with regard to amending the Constitution and is authorized by Article V of the Constituion.

Two-thirds of the states, or 33, must approve for the convention to happen.

The convention would draft amendments which would then be returned to the states of which three-fourths, or 38, most approve for them to take effect.

Patriot groups are divided. Some think a convention would allow billionaire plutocrats to buy off delegates and rewrite the entire Constitution to their liking.

Others says a convention would be limited to the subjects of a convention’s petition, which concern generally uncontroversial things like congressional term limits, placing restraints on federal spending and limiting the the power and jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.

We are inclined to agree with those who think the event would not be dangerous as approval of three-quarters of state legislators is still required even if conventioneers go off track and the Supreme Court ignored precedent and allows it.

On the other hand, we don’t see much point in having one either.

The Supreme Court, after decades of ignoring the will of the people, have begun reining in the tyrannical behavior of the alphabet agencies, and the people are waking up to the lies of the mockingbird media, which played the role of Grima Wormtongue to their moneyed masters.

The better use of time and energy should be winning elections at all levels, returning to parents control of education, and creating a new media.

A Convention of the States is not necessary.

Con-Con Is Con?
Con-Con Is Con?

Sept 16 Pennsylvania Constitution Lesson

Sept 16 Pennsylvania Constitution Lesson — This month’s discussion of the Pennsylvania Constitution starts 6:45 p.m., tonight, Sept. 16, on GoToMeeting.

To attend by phone call 1-872-240-3212 and use the access code 511-504-3212.

Subjects scheduled to be discussed include  the major organizations in Pennsylvania that are working to destroy our republic; The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Act 77 Majority Decision and Opinion; parts of Article V, Judiciary, in the Pennsylvania Constitution; getting county sheriffs to reclaim constitutional powers. 

These meetings are held the third Fridays of every month.

Bill Denison, of the promoters, says he has been informally asking candidates and officeholders, including police, if they you ever read state constitution. He reminds them they have sworn “support, obey and defend” it. 

“It’s not looking good,” Denison says.  “Three law enforcement officers separately gave the exact same answer: “I’ve never seen it”!!  Several others had only read small portions back at the police academy, and so far only two have read it all. “

He encourages citizens to distribute to them copies of the Constitution which can be obtained for free from state senators.

The Pennsylvanian Constitution can be found on-line here. It’s OK to skip around if you are just starting.

Denison said legislative officeholders and candidates more claim to have read the constitutions.

“I then have a hard time believing them when their actions demonstrate chronic constitutional ignorance and apathy,” he said.  “My favorite was the state rep candidate who said he had not and would not read the Constitution.  ‘Why not?’, I asked.  He replied, ‘Because I don’t remember what I read’!   Well then, I wonder how he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and became a fighter pilot.”

Sept 16 Pennsylvania Constitution Lesson

Joe Dychala Videos Aston Issues

Joe Dychala Videos Aston Issues — Joe Dychala has created a YouTube channel concerning Aston Township issues. In the one below he shows the ballot dropbox at the former municipal building and notes its surveillance camera is solar powered. Will it work at night? Does it have back up when the battery is drained? Certainly questions to ask.

Joe Dychala Videos Aston Issues

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event –Rampant vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. was evidenced yet again when Audit the Vote Pa appeared in Aston yesterday evening (Sept. 1).

About 60 persons crowded the lower room of Gatsby’s Bar & Grill on Pennell Road to hear Toni Shuppe and Karen Taylor explain the problems and solutions.

Mrs. Shuppe said a canvass of the county by election integrity volunteers found that 30 percent of the homes surveyed had phantom registrations which means more voted from the home than were registered.

She said it’s a county’s choice to place the famously insecure drop boxes and not a mandate by the state. Delco has chosen to place 42.

Will they be monitored by county cameras? Mrs. Shuppe said it is a priority to make sure they do. Other interesting ideas were also suggested by the enthusiastic audience.

Mules beware.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event
Hatfield, Montco Committeewoman Sandra Levin with Toni Shuppe

She said even an extremist government like Delco’s can be pressured by the citizenry to do the right thing. She cited Allegheny County which has cut its drop boxes to one after angry people swarmed the meetings.

She said educating the public was a key to secure election. She, like Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, said poll watchers have legally defined powers and must be strong enough to stand up to intimidation. She said judges of election have the legal power to count ballots themselves.

She revealed that the order to stop counting ballots on Election Night 2020 came directly from Pennsylvania’s Democrat-controlled Department of State.

The meeting was sponsored by Delco Conservatives, and in attendance were many committee people and election officials. A Montgomery County woman said she found a 12th drop box in Montco despite the county claiming to have placed just 11. She says they removed it after angry citizens contacted the commissioners.

Montco’s token Republican commissioner, Joe Gale, has been worthless on election integrity matters, one woman said.

Positions for election officials were being filled in Haverford Township by people who didn’t live there, a woman said.

Cameras weren’t set for the drop box in Aston, a man said.

Delaware County GOP lawyers ignored reported problems, a woman said.

Another woman said she sought a lawyer to help expose violations she saw occurring. None, however, would take her case saying the county powers-that-be would try to strip them of their law license.

Atticus Finch does not practice in Delco it seems.

All in all, though, it was an upbeat meeting attended by decent, courageous and indomitable people.

The county Republican establishment should take note albeit one wonders if they’ve become content living soft in second place.

Those wishing to volunteer to help with the Nov. 8 election can sign on at Audit the Vote’s website or with the Delco Conservatives.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event
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