Deep State Drag Net

Deep State Drag Net — Here is how to handle the mind-blowing, corrupt attempt to marginalize those who fully understand why the D.C. suburbs are among the richest places in the world and oppose lies, greed and general corruption in government and other institutions.

This meme that we found on Gab comes from a photo of suspected federal undercover officers at yesterday’s (Sept. 18) Justice for J6 rally.

Deep State Drag Net

The dresses, of course, are inspired by what Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14) wore to the exclusive Sept. 13 Met Gala.

The rally was to call attention to the plight of those arrested for participation in the Jan. 6 protests at the Capitol and the disparity in their treatment with those who participated in far more violent actions last spring and summer.

President Trump and many others warned sympathizers to stay away yesterday as it was suspected to be a set up by the corrupt corporatists to continue the narrative that those who opposed them were violent extremists, “right wing” white supremacists, pick-your-hate-label.

Rally participants, who were beyond peaceful, appeared to be far outnumbered by the media, police and, well, under-cover feds.

Here is the original photo.

Deep State Drag Net
Deep State Drag Net

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade — Little things can make a big difference. We’ve been advocating making DuckDuckGo one’s default search engine in lieu of Google; and Brave one’s default browser replacing Chrome or Safari. These things aren’t hard to do and if you won’t do them shame on you.

Tech pioneer Jeffrey Peterson, though, is taking it to a new level. On his Telegram channels, he’s evangelizing for the wholesale migration to the Linux operating system.

It’s about time.

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade
Jeffrey Peterson

Linux is the open source alternative to Mac OS and Windows. Open source is source code free to modify or distribute. Note the word free. Yes, it means free, and this includes most of the software which is just usually as effective as what is offered by the Big Tech companies but without the costly licenses.

More significantly Linux is far more secure and private than what the plutocrats offer.

Another big plus is that old computer sitting in a closet and thought to be obsolete can be likely returned to life to such an effect one finds one using it more than the new machine.

The obsolescence is often planned, after all.

Anyway, Jeffrey’s Linux group is JP’s Technology Chat and can be found here. Obviously you need a Telegram account which we certainly recommend.

Another good Linux resource is Linux Users of Gab which can be found here. Obviously, you have to have signed up for Gab, which we also recommend.

And as long as we are considering a new dawn of technological freedom, quit Facebook, or as some refer to it Nouveau Lifelog.

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade

Patriot Online Is Ready

Patriot Online Is Ready — Patriot.Online is ready we are told. It is a great message board for Pennsylvania and the Philly suburbs specifically. It’s members only but if you are interested in the news of the day from newsmakers without trolls and other distractions — and want to keep Big Tech out of your business — make an application.

Patriot Online Is Ready
Patriot Online Is Ready

Leah Hoopes Speaker At Bannon Rally In Bradford County

Leah Hoopes Speaker At Bannon Rally In Bradford County — Leah Hoopes, the principled Delco poll watcher upon whom we have written much, will be among the speakers at the Rally To Save The Republic, Grassroots PA Unite, Saturday, July 10, at the event grounds of Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko, 1167 Red Rock Road, Wysox, Pa. 18854.

Gates Open at 9 a.m. with rally starting at 11 a.m., rain or shine, with the National Anthem. Keynote speaker is Steve Bannon. Speaking along with Steve and Leah, will be Sam Faddis, a retired CIA officer, now commentator on intelligence matters; March Finchem, a retired law enforcement officer now serving in the Arizona House and running for Secretary of State of Arizona; Debbie Dooley of Georgia who is national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, and involved in the scrutiny of the questionable elections in The Peach State; Rick Crump of Kinetic Faith; and Tabitha Valleau of Free Pa.

The event is free. Food will be available and security will be provided. Donnie Malliband will provide music.

Leah Hoopes Speaker At Bannon Rally In Bradford County
Leah Hoopes Speaker At Bannon Rally In Bradford County

Elana Fishbein Will Speak At Delco Conservatives

Elana Fishbein Will Speak At Delco Conservatives — The Delco Conservatives will host Dr. Elana Fishbein, founder of No Left Turn in Education, as this month’s speaker, 5:30 p.m., July 1 at Gatsby’s Bar & Grill, 4936, Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

She will describe how education is becoming tainted with historical revisionism based on distortions and lies, political correctness, and the outright rejection of values which have long been at the core of the American experience.

Information about her group can be found

Also, Mike Ciach, who is  the Republican State Committeeman in Delaware County, will explain what it means to be a State Committeeman (or Committeewoman) and why voting in the Primary is important.

Also, Ruth Moton will explain how to become a poll watcher and provide information on a class she will be teaching, and Leah Hoopes will be explaining “Right to Know” and “Freedom of Information Act”.

Links about voting, the election, “No Left Turn”, “1776 Patriot Pac”, “Audit The Vote PA”, and more, as well as information about current, local candidates can be found Click on “resources” at the top of the home page or just click here.

Interested citizens can also use the contact at the bottom of the resources page request research into specific area or additional links.

Delco Conservatives meet the first Thursday of every month at Gatsby’s. Come grab a drink and a bite to eat while you are there, support local!

Elana Fishbein Will Speak At Delco Conservatives
Elana Fishbein Will Speak At Delco Conservatives -- The Delco Conservatives will host Dr. Elana Fishbein, founder of No Left Turn in Education, as this month's

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda — We got an email (see below) that “streamers” like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Studios are seeking “TV series with a social message.”

In other words, the one-percenter tech oligarchs want propaganda designed to make you angry and afraid. They don’t want to make you happy. They don’t want to inspire you to help others. They want to make you angry and afraid.

They want you to hate.

And Orwell only predicted two minutes a day of it.

But but but, you say, maybe they want content that inspires you to help others.


Any content sought by this crowd is going to cover up injustice if not out-and-out encourage it.

This crowd lives on oppression.

How do you beat propagandists with this much power?

We could suggest cancelling but that won’t do much and just leave you out of touch with what the masses are getting fed.

We would instead encourage reading, especially the Bible but the great philosophers like Plato as well, along with original documents and speeches like the Constitution, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural and The Federalist Papers.

And histories.

Read good histories like those by Stephen Ambrose and bad ones like those by Howard Zinn. See the difference. Know what the other side believes, why they believe it and why they are wrong.

Mental exercise is a lot like physical exercise. It starts hard but then becomes easy, and you find yourself much healthier and stronger.

We are encouraging deletion of Facebook accounts. Not just deactivation but full deletion. Cancel Facebook.

There are 80 million Trump voters. Yes, we think millions of Trump votes were flipped to Biden and Biden is an illegitimate president. Even if you insist on the 74 million figure, though, 10 million of us deleting our Facebook accounts will have an enormous impact. Don’t forget that those who want to keep in touch with you will have to seek you on the media that you use.

The fish that swims from the school is the cool one.

And make DuckDuckGo your default search engine on the desktop and mobile. Google is Goliath but Goliath was beaten.

The email:

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda
Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda

Bill Of Rights Commemoration Passes On The Banquet

Bill Of Rights Commemoration Passes On The Banquet –Carris Kocher of the Bill of Rights Bicentennial Committee says this year’s Commemoration of the Bill of Rights — the groups’s 29th — will be a bit different this Dec. 15.

“To host a Bill of Rights Commemorative Banquet at a public restaurant and ask guests to abide by the state-imposed restrictions on our Liberties was unconscionable,” she said. “Especially in 2020! The 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Compact, the beginning of self-government in the New World.”

Carris is asking that patriots pass out copies of the Bill of Rights; gather with like-minded friends and read it aloud; bring it up in conversation; ask their ministers to offer a special prayer of thanksgiving this Sunday for the blessings of civil and religious freedom, and their for their restoration; and to pray individually, for thanksgiving and repentence.

“Our freedoms hang by a thread, and, frankly, we are not deserving of their continuance. Our sins are many. But God is merciful. So let us humble ourselves, repent of our sins, and return to the God of our Fathers,” she said. “It may be that He will have mercy. That’s what the king of Nineveh hoped for. And so it was, and Jonah was disappointed!”

Bill Of Rights Commemoration Passes On The Banquet
Bill Of Rights Commemoration Passes On The Banquet

Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

This is courtesy of the Delaware County Patriots:

We’ve got a chance to vacate/withdraw the recent certification of PA electors for Joe Biden, based on alleged fraud in the General Election.

Senator Doug Mastriano offered a resolution on Friday to that effect stating that the GOP-controlled state legislature “will make a bid 
to reclaim its power to appoint the state’s electors to the Electoral College.”  Click  HERE for more information.

The resolution must pass the Senate and House, by Monday, Nov 30, when this legislative session ends. 

We need to support Senator Mastriano, and our President!

Call or email Senator Mastriano and GOP Assembly leaders listed below.  
Tell them 
“I strongly support Senator Mastriano’s resolution to withdraw certification of PA electors, given the extent of alleged fraud.”

Senator Doug Mastriano

(717) 787-4651


Speaker of the House: Bryan Cutler  

(717) 783-6424


House Majority Leader: Kerry A. Benninghoff 

(717) 783-1918


Senate Majority Floor Leader: Jake Corman (Republican)

(717) 787-1377


Lawrence Tabas, GOP State Chair

(717) 234- 4901

Delco Patriots Push
Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

Women Organize Car Parade For Trump, Police

Women Organize Car Parade For Trump, Police — Women for Trump and Citizens for Liberty will have a Wheels of Our Pride car parade in support of President Trump and Police/First Responders.

It starts 2p.m., Sunday, Oct. 25. Cars will leave in single file from behind the Wells Fargo Bank at Route 202 and Mall Blvd. in King of Prussia.

Please place a flag(s), neatly printed poster board, or sign, on your vehicle. Remember not to obstruct your view while driving.

A map of the route will be provided. The parade will travel to Route 202 South and drive through downtown West Chester, and return via Route 202 North and drive through Bridgeport and proceed left through downtown Norristown. This is the heart of Montgomery County. At the Main Street Railroad Station, we will turn left onto the Danhower Bridge and adjourn at our meetup spot.

Horn blowing is permitted.

Be sure to follow our leader and abide by all traffic laws.

Women Organize Car Parade For Trump, Police
Women Organize Car Parade For Trump, Police
The candidate that doesn’t want to destroy Pennsylvania

Back The Blue Sequel Oct. 17

Back The Blue Sequel Oct. 17 — Citizens for Liberty is hosting Back The Blue And Our President Two: The Sequel, on Saturday, Oct. 17, 1 to 2:30 p.m. at Route 202 and Mall Boulevard in King of Prussia in front of the Wells Fargo Bank.

Jane Taylor Toal of the group asks participants to bring neatly printed signs with factual information, American flags and police/first responder flags.

She asks that participants not park in the restaurant lot, and notes that the press will be in attendance. There will be music, free police/first responder wrist bands and limited number of extra flags and signs for those unable to bring one.

A guest speaker will be announced.

The first event was a roaring success.

Sequel Oct. 17
Back The Blue Sequel Oct. 17