Heasley To Speak At Gatsby’s March 7

Heasley To Speak At Gatsby’s March 7 — There will be a Keystone Town Hall, 6 p.m., March 7 at Gatsby’s Bar and Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

Speaker is Gary Heasley. The event is sponsored by United4Delco.

It’s free but please order a drink or menu item.

Heasley To Speak At Gatsby's March 7

Keystone Town Hall Hears From Magnolia Women’s Center; Gets Legal Update On Election Actions

Keystone Town Hall Hears From Magnolia Women’s Center; Gets Legal Update On Election Actions — Melissa Aguilera, yesterday, Feb. 8 passionately explained the mission of the Magnolia Women’s Center at a Keystone Town Hall in Malvern, Pa.

Mrs. Aguilera, who is the center’s executive director, had two abortions decades ago in her teens and described the trauma she suffered from them. She said she doesn’t want young women to go through what she experienced. She said abortion is absolutely taking a life.

Magnolia is at 7811 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia and would be an excellent fundraising project for a church or charity.

Also speaking was a representative of the Election Research Institute (ERI) who detailed Dawn Keefer et al vs Joseph Biden et al filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

As it is a federal case it will bypass the shamelessly partisan Pennsylvania judicial system.

Ms. Keefer, who represents the 92nd District in the Pennsylvania House, and 26 other legislators say their civil rights as legislators were violated by executive orders, emails and edicts by Gov. Josh Shapiro, the Pennsylvania Department of State, and President Joe Biden. These violated blackletter state law — not to mention the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions — regarding running elections.

The ERI rep also said that E&S voting machines used in Northhampton, Cumberland and Philadelphia counties will remain despite having been found to have flipped votes last November in Northhampton County, and despite being objectively non-compliant with standards set by state law.

She also described how the Pennsylvania Department of State has issued an edict that motor voter registrations must be accepted even if driver license or Social Security numbers don’t match the name.

This again, violates blackletter state law. Counties are actually compelled to ignore it but they are guided, sheep-like, by solicitors afraid to cross Shapiro and the Pennsylvania judiciary.

Gary Heasley noted how an Ohio sheriff has said terror threats are at an unprecedented level because of our open border and that there are five cyber attacks per day on his small county by the Chinese. He also noted that America’s budget now includes $1 trillion per year in interest payments on the debt.

Heasley said that a recent Gallup poll has 43 percent of Americans calling themselves independent with those calling themselves Republicans or Democrats split at 27 percent.

When pushed as to which way they leaned, 45 percent said Republican and 43 percent Democrat.

Keystone Town Hall Hears From Magnolia Women's Center; Gets Legal Update On Election Actions

Keystone Town Hall Hears From Magnolia Women’s Center; Gets Legal Update On Election Actions

Patriot Petition Party Is Thursday

Patriot Petition Party Is Thursday — United4Delco is holding a Patriot Petition Party, 6-8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 1 at Gatsby’s Bar & Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston Pa. 19014.

It’s free but please support Gatsby’s by ordering one of their many beers or a delicious menu item.

For information contact DelcoRepGrassRoots@Gmail.com

Patriot Petition Party Is Thursday

Pennsylvania Man To Launch Crusade To Re-empower Sheriffs

Pennsylvania Man To Launch Crusade To Re-empower Sheriffs — A press conference is scheduled for 10 a.m., tomorrow Jan. 23 at the Pennsylvania Capitol in the Rotunda to educate the public about the usurpation of power by county district attorneys from county sheriffs, and how the state constitution has been amended unlawfully, says William Taylor Reil.

Reil is founder and CEO of the County Sheriff Brigades of Pennsylvania
(CSBP), introduced two documents that he has written and circulated.

Following the event, Pennsylvania citizens in attendance will hand-deliver copies of two documents prepared by Reil along with and a personalized “notice and demand open letter” to approximately 300 state officials and 50 established press reporters in Harrisburg and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Reil says that he will also direct the coroner in each of the 67 Counties,
as required by Title 231 Pa. Code § 400 ( c ) – Person to Make Service, to serve each county sheriff with these documents.

Also to be served will be all county commissioners, home rule council members, district attorneys and judges, Reil says.

Reil says those who want to help him should email him at williamtaylorreil@gmail.com

Pennsylvania Man To Launch Crusade To Re-empower Sheriffs

Pennsylvania Man To Launch Crusade To Re-empower Sheriffs

Citizen Journalists Get Bill Of Rights Honors For Maui Blaze Stories

Citizen Journalists Get Bill Of Rights Honors For Maui Blaze Stories

By Bob Small

Two of the four award honorees at the 2023 Bill of Rights Banquet are residents of Hawaii.

Geoff Cygnus and Eric West of Maui covered the August wildfires on their home island in ways that went against the official narrative.  

Cygnus created a series of podcasts detailing the fires starting with these:

Lahaina West Maui Fire episode 1. This is my experience the morning of … 

Lahaina West Maui Fire episode 2. In the second installment …

He then reported on the attempts to stop this recording: Majoring in MEDIA apparently teaches you nothing about …

And efforts to hide the results: What Are They Hiding in Maui? Black Fencing Hides Fire-Ravaged Area

Geoff Cygnus runs Cygnus Performance which specializes in automobile suspension systems. 

West, who runs Hawaii Real Estate with his wife, Lisa, also ran a series of podcasts about the fire:

Maui Fire LIVE Update from Eric West Sept 8, 2023

Eric West #lahainafire #Lahaina #corruption …


Hawaii’s emergency siren warning system was silent during Maui … – C 

Every Day at 5:00, Japan Tests Its Disaster Warning System With Folk .. 

Which led getting their business audited.

Maui Realtor’s Fire Relief Fundraiser Under Audit From .

“My wife and I will just hold on to our once-in-a-lifetime memories of Honolulu,” he said.

Citizen Journalists Get Bill Of Rights Honors For Maui Blaze Stories

Citizen Journalists Get Bill Of Rights Honors For Maui Blaze Stories

2024 Take Back Delco At Gatsby’s

United4Delco will have 2024 Take Back Delco, 6-8 p.m., tonight, Jan. 4, at Gatsby’s Bar and Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

The always great Donna Ellingsen will explain how citizens can be empowered by filling party precinct committee seats if they should be vacant or staffed by someone indifferent to one’s concerns.

The event is free but those attending are asked to order something from the bar or menu.

That should be no problem as the food and drink are good and inexpensive.

2024 Take Back Delco At Gatsby's

Time Of Treason And Hope Was Message At Quarryville Gathering

Time Of Treason And Hope Was Message At Quarryville Gathering — It was a warm gathering this afternoon, Oct. 14, for those who braved the bitter rains, backroads and buggies of Quarryville, Pa. but what was heard came without a sugarcoating.

“We live in treasonous times,” filmmaker and author Trevor Loudon told them.

The event was sponsored by Patriots of Lancaster County.

Loudon said that there were 100 members of Congress who couldn’t pass a background check for a top secret-clearance and 40 members of the Senate.

He noted the FBI is answerable to them so don’t expect action on that front.

He said Iran and China our aware of this gap in our security and worked to get those elected who either sympathized with them or whom they could control.

Loudon cited Congressmen Jerry Nadler (D-NY12), who chaired the House Judiciary Committee when the Dems had control, and Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA28) as two examples of those under their sway.

He said that Joe Biden was working with Russia since the 1970s, Iran since the 1980s and China since the Millennium.

Loudon said that was the reason that  Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland has been shutting down every oil lease and uranium mine she can.

Her department controls about 20 percent of the country.

He said that China is running voter registration drives in swing states using data maps made by an American socialist who graduated from George Mason University but is working out of Wuhan University.

Loudon said Democrat-sympathizers often run as Republican in Pennsylvania and win.

He also said it is foolish to avoid social issues, unlike what the professional pols claim, as that is what drives turnout.

People will always vote for God, country and children, he said.

He said that vote fraud must be ended and can be. Florida did it he says. That was why it was the only state with a red wave.

He suggested that vote fraud can be handled nationally with a highly vetted squad of agents “untouchable” to corruption.

Loudon said that courage is required for these times and that courage is proof of faith.

He said the cowardly are listed first in those assigned to Hell in The Book of Revelations.

“You can say you believe . . .all day but until you put your job on the line, your reputation on the line or your life on the line they are just words,” he said.

J R McGee

Security consultant J R McGee described a likely strategy by Israel regarding the horror inflicted on that nation, Oct. 7, by Hamas terrorists from neighboring Gaza.

Israel will give residents of Gaza City 72 hours to evacuate and be put into tent camps in the southern Gaza desert, McGee said. Israel will then march into Gaza City considering everything to be a potential military target.

McGee noted that Hamas along with Lebanon-based Hezbollah are controlled by Iran.

He said that when Israel invades Gaza, Iran will have no choice but to unleash Hezbollah from the north. This is a much more serious issue as Hezbollah has far more and far better weapons than Hamas.

McGee thinks Iran overplayed its hand, however. He said he is absolutely sure it’s using money Biden gave them

McGee said that America is in the same boat as more than 20,000 military age men from Iran and China were captured by Border Patrol in last two months. He said, though, that those who got away can’t be counted.

“If you don’t think we can experience something that Israel is facing now you haven’t been paying attention,” he said.

He said that Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban are absolutely in the United States.

McGee said Iran has become very good at duplicating our stuff, and that the things Biden left behind in the evacuation of Afghanistan is being studied by the Iranians, Chinese and Russians.

He urged all to vote, even if they didn’t like either candidate.

“In the primary support the perfect candidate,” he said “In the general vote for the one that is not the greatest evil.”

When you don’t vote, the greater evil wins, he said.

He said to vote even if you think there is cheating.

“We are on the winning side,” he said.

Freedom Caucus Panel
Time Of Treason And Hope Was Message At Quarryville Gathering
Freedom Caucus at Quarryville gathering

McGee was followed by a panel of state representatives Wendy Fink (R-94), Dawn Keefer (R-92), Mike Jones (R-98), Tom Jones (R-98) and David Zimmerman (R-99), all of whom are members of the Pennsylvania House Freedom Caucus.

They said that Pennsylvania had the largest freedom caucus of any state legislature.

Zimmerman noted that the establishment is scared of the grassroots and will pull out all stops to keep power.

Mrs. Fink’s primary victory of long-term incumbent Stan Saylor in 2022 has absolutely terrified them.

Mrs. Fink she had little interest in politics before 2020 when the establishment’s actions regarding Covid and that year’s election woke her up.

“I was happily living in Wendy’s World,” she said.

But she got involved and caused an earthquake.

She was later teased by another caucus member about “Wendy’s World”.

“Wendy’s World was nice,” she said.

Discussed was Gov. Josh Shapiro’s unlegislated mandate of automatic voter registration at driver’s licensing. Nobody is certain how Shapiro specifically instituted the policy. Was it a phone call? A memo?

One would think there would be some legal challenge by the opposition. Mrs. Keefer said that neither Republican leadership in the House nor Senate was interested, however.

She said the Freedom Caucus is looking at a lawsuit using private lawyers.

On the other hand, motor voter registration has gone overwhelmingly R.

On the other hand, Pennsylvania’s Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors or SURE system has gone down three times in October.

Yes, it’s suspicious.

“SURE System just reeks,” Mrs. Keefer said.

Mrs. Keefer said one goal of the Freedom Caucus is to have ballots counted at precincts rather than at centralized centers like the Wharf.

Tom Jones said lukewarm Republicans are worse than Democrats.

Mike Jones condemned child porn and condemned the legislators who make excuses for inaction, especially regarding school libraries.

Not Unanimous For McCormick

Attorney Josh Prince, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Commonwealth Court in the primary, described his Russian Roulette blog series regarding the strident reaction by the GOP establishment to the grassroots.

He said it seems that supposedly Republican supporters such as Commonwealth Partners inevitably back weaker candidates in primaries setting them up for inevitable November defeats.

Prince suggested that York County District Attorney Dave Sunday be the GOP Attorney General nominee for 2024. He said Sunday squelched the attempts of state oppression in his county during Covid.

He also brought up the Pennsylvania GOP’s strange, early endorsement of equity fund CEO Dave McCormick for U.S. senator.

Prince said he understands the endorsement vote was not unanimous as had been claimed. He said the voice vote was declared over before the asking for nays, and there most certainly were nays.

Cutler Challenge From Nissley

Ron Boltz of PA Liberty Fund described his organization’s training sessions and how it has been actively campaigning against State Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-100), who had been Speaker of the House until Republicans lost it last year.

Time Of Treason And Hope Was Message At Quarryville Gathering
Carmela Ciliberti and Dave Nissley

Boltz noted that Cutler spent money to defend endangered incumbents in primaries, rather than use it for the general. He thinks this was a big reason for the GOP defeat.

Cutler will face a primary challenge next spring from Dave Nissley who was introduced along with Carmela Ciliberti.

Carmela will be again challenge long-time incumbent John Lawrence in the 13 District State House GOP primary.

She recommended Tactics by Gregory Koukl for all political newbies.

Time Of Treason And Hope Was Message At Quarryville Gathering

RightForBucks GOP Bylaws Project

RightForBucks GOP Bylaws Project — Andy Meehan has let us know that RightForBucks of Bucks County, Pa. has a new webpage concerning Pennsylvania GOP bylaws.

Check it out at this link.

“Patriots from all over the Commonwealth should be following our lawsuit and filing their own when they discover that their bylaws are illegitimate, unregistered, non-compliant,” Andy says.

RightForBucks GOP Bylaws Project

PA Freedom Caucus Legislator Roundtable In Lanco Open To Public

PA Freedom Caucus Legislator Roundtable In Lanco Open To Public –Peggy and Cheryl of Patriots of Lancaster County will host an election integrity roundtable with eight Freedom Caucus Pennsylvania legislators, 1-5 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 14 at King’s Farm, 448 Springville Road, Quarryville, Pa., 17566.

Sam Faddis will be moderator.

There will also be speakers including Josh Prince, Charlie and Maryann Strange, JR McGee, and Trevor Loudon.

Grassroot leaders from many Pennsylvania counties will provide updates.

There will be an important announcement from a very special guest.

The event is free and open to the public, rain or shine.

Send questions for the legislators to PatriotsOfLancasterCounty@gmail.com.

PA Freedom Caucus Legislator Roundtable In Lanco Open To Public

PA Freedom Caucus Legislator Roundtable In Lanco

Election Watcher Training Oct. 5

Election Watcher Training Oct. 5 — An election watcher training session will be held 6-8 p.m., Oct. 5 at Gatsby’s Bar and Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

It’s sponsored by United4Delco and The Delco Election Deepdivers.

It’s free but one is asked to thank the host by ordering something from the menu.

The municipal election is Nov. 7.

Volunteers are needed to watch the logic and accuracy testing of the voting equipment; drop boxes; counting at the Wharf; and the post-election audit.

Attendees, at the least, will have a better understanding as to how Delaware County elections work.

Election Watcher Training Oct. 5
Click to enlarge

Election Watcher Training Oct. 5