Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal

Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal — Sharon Devaney’s life got worse when her Toyota Camry was t-boned at Lawrence and Ellis roads in Haverford Township, Pa. about 8 a.m., April 10, 2017.

Sharon, then 44 of Havertown, was dropping her daughter off at her parents before work.

She said it was lucky that the crash was on her side as her girl, who was just a middle-schooler, might not have survived.

As it was, Sharon was left with permanent injuries to both legs.

“I used to go running. I can’t run any more,” she said. “I can’t bike. There is so many things I can’t do.”

She said the other driver was doing about 70 mph when she hit. She was an illegal alien from Trinidad and Tobago.

Police would tell her they couldn’t turn her over to immigration authorities as Delaware County had declared itself a sanctuary county.

Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal
Sharon Devaney

And that was when it was controlled by the GOP.

We wrote about it which brought forth much protesthing from the powers that were.

Anyway, the lady from Trinidad escaped serious punishment and she remains in the area today.

Sharon began making illegal aliens an issue.

This was the right thing to do. Exempting a group of people from the laws of the land is basically committing social suicide, after all.

She said, however, this made her the subject of a vicious harassment campaign.

A series of customers claiming bad service and implying racism caused her to leave a job as a massage therapist in Lawrence Park. She had never before received complaints and her children are bi-racial.

She said that for the first time the children’s books she wrote started getting bad reviews on Amazon.

Her Facebook account was cancelled and the Haverford Township Free Library wouldn’t let her do a book reading.

Remember, she is a township resident and a published author. Her books are not controversial.

This is a library that has no problem letting large, sexually confused males dress as women and read to children.

She was also was rejected for an opening on the Library Board.

Sharon has had both knees replaced and four surgeries on her legs. Doctors are afraid to do any more on her left.

“I had to learn to walk again twice,” she said.

She has a handicapped placard for her car. She walks with a brace. In winter when its icy she needs a cane.

“It’s humiliating,” she said.

Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal

6 thoughts on “Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal”

  1. I’m not surprised. Now, if she or her daughter had been killed, then it’s another matter. It happened to a former tenant of ours where he was literally sitting still at a traffic light heading to pay us rent. He was hammered from behind by an illegal alien who then tried to back up and take off in the car he smashed up. Our tenant was able to shut off the ignition to the vehicle the IA (it wasn’t even his car) was driving. He then pulled the guy out of the car and held him until the police arrived. What happened next was obscene…the police questioned him in front of witnesses, asking if he had struck the IA which he said he didn’t and witnesses said was true. He asked why they asked him that? “Well, if you had hit him we would have to cite you for assault”. This was in Norristown. What happened to the IA? They let him walk away. Fortunately, the owner of the vehicle the IA was driving was insured and he got a settlement out of it but really, come on, man!

  2. This is another classic inversion story. The criminal wins and the good guy gets slandered and cancelled. I’d tell her to move the the land of the free and home of the brave, but there no longer is such a place.

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