Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker

Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker — Tucker Carlson’s 20th episode on X is a 30-minute interview with popular Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán released Aug. 29.

Topics include the Ukrainian war, the sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipleline — almost certainly by the Biden Administration –and the loss of freedom in the West due to its institutions falling under the control of rather bigoted ideologues who consider themselves intellectuals enlightened to such a degree they can kill, lie and rob with impunity as it is all for the “greater good”.

Orban pointedly praises Donald Trump whom he describes as having the best US foreign policy in decades. He says the Ukrainian War would never have happened it he stayed as president. He says America can end the killing there in an instant.

The vid in English has 63.4 million views as of 10:18 a.m., Aug. 30 with another 1.1 million in one with Hungarian subtitles.

Here it is:

Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker

Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker

Andrew Tate Another View

Andrew Tate Another View — Tucker Carlson interviewed for two hours social influencer Andrew Tate, July 11, regarding the human trafficking charges he’s facing in Romania, along with his views on life in general.

Tate looked confident, intelligent and said things that needed saying.

Tate says the charges involve neither sex or trafficking but that he charmed some women into doing Tik Tok videos and giving him the money, which he also denied doing.

Yesterday, July 16, conservative journalist Liz Wheeler posted on Twitter a six-minute video that contradicted what Tate told Tucker.

The video has numerous snippets of Tate shamelessly telling interviewers that he uses sex to get females to fall in love with him, convinces them to make online sex shows and then takes most of the money.

“I get called a pimp a lot,” Tate says in one clip. “I see it as Positively Inspirational Motivating Person.”

He says he learned his techniques from a book written by a guy who was a pimp in the 1990s.

What Tate is saying here is poison to young men, poison to young women and poison to society in general. It has to be called out and condemned, even if a lot of what Tate told Tucker was not just right, but necessary.

Here is the video Ms. Wheeler posted:

Andrew Tate Another View

Andrew Tate Another View

Tucker Second Twittercast Dwarfs Fox Viewership

Tucker Carlson’s second twittercast, last night, June 8, has drawn 42.1 million views as of 1:45 p.m.

Watch it here:

Fox New’s top-rated show is now Jesse Watters Prime Time at 6 p.m., which drew 1.87 million on June 6.

Tucker 2nd Twittercast Dwarfs Fox Viewership

Tucker On Twitter

Tucker On Twitter — Tucker Carlson has put his first show on Twitter. Subjects include this morning’s, June 6, attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in Ukraine and UFOs.

You can watch it here:

Tucker On Twitter
They tried

Guns Not Leading Cause Of Child Death

Guns Not Leading Cause Of Child Death — Establishment propagandists and power-mad politicians have been pushing the trope that guns are the leading cause of death among children.

David Harsanyi of The Federalist fact-checked it.

“According to the CDC, the number one killer of children between 1-14 are accidents — vehicular, suffocation, and drowning,” he writes. “Twice as many kids under 12 died in cars than from guns. Also, if these studies began at birth rather than starting at one, the leading killer of all children would be diseases and genetic abnormalities.”

Harsanyi further notes that the studies cited by America’s answer to TASS count 18 and 19-year-olds as “children.”

This further inflates an already inflated count.

“When you take 18- and 19-year-old adults out of the equation, the number of gun-related deaths among kids plummets considerably,” he says.

He also points out that if one starts counting at fetal viability late-term abortion is by far the leading cause of death among the young. He says that — more than 8,000 viable unborn are killed annually with and probably more than 50,000 after 15 weeks.

Hey soccer moms, ask yourselves why so many traditional media sources would so unashamedly distort the data.

Guns Not Leading Cause Of Child Death

Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture

Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture — Discussed on last night’s (April 26) Face the Culture with Kim Kennedy and Pastor Stephen Gruen were the crusade by Robert Mancini to learn obtain certain public records and Delaware County, Pa.’s peculiar quest to keep them from him.

Mancini won a judgement from Pennsylvania’s Office of Open Records which Delco is appealing to Common Pleas Court.

The records Mancini wants concern with Fort Orange Press of Albany, N.Y., which prints the county’s election ballots; the number of voters who cast a ballot in a precinct in Marple; the mail-in ballot applications Fort Orange Press received; and the identity of those who installed software on certain voting machines in Marple along with the software that was installed.

Access to these things should be considered routine and uncontroversial. That the county is fighting raises unfortunate questions.

Also discussed with guest Greg Stenstrom, was the victory won by himself and Leah Hoopes in which Commonwealth Court has agreed to hear their appeal of case by Delaware County Common Pleas Court that county election officials destroyed or are hiding evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.

He noted that Leah and himself will have to resubmit the documentation as the court initially rejected the appeal.

Greg also noted that his social media platform Patriot.Online is gaining readers and influence.

It’s an excellent site that we recommend.

Bill Lawrence of this site was also a guest.

The program can be heard here:

Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture
Delco Voting Issues Aired On Face The Culture

Tucker Carlson Heritage Speech; Historic, Ironic, Scary And Hopeful

Tucker Carlson Heritage Speech; Historic, Ironic, Scary And Hopeful — Tucker Carlson addressed the Heritage Foundation, April 21, hours after his last show with Fox News and three days before the suits fired him despite his being the most-watched cable newsman.

“The most likely outcome is the most ironic outcome,” he said in the short discussion with Heritage President Kevin Roberts that ended his appearance.

He was quoting Elon Musk whom he just interviewed.

The hit-you-in-the gut part of Tucker’s talk come about half-way through when he starts talking about abortion and transgender surgery.

“Policy papers don’t account for it at all,” he said. “If you have people who are saying ‘I have an idea, let’s castrate the next generation; let’s sexually mutilate children’, I’m sorry that’s not a political debate . . . What’s the outcome we are desiring here? An androgynous population? . . . I don’t think that anyone could defend that as a positive outcome.”

He points out though that the weight of the government and a lot of corporate interests are behind that.

“What is that?” he says. “Well, it’s irrational.”

He said he understood the traditional debate regarding abortion i.e. sometimes it might be necessary vs protecting life.

“But if you are telling me abortion is a positive good, what are you saying? Well, you are arguing for child sacrifice. . . When the treasury secretary stands up and says ‘You know what you can do to help economy? Get an abortion’ that’s like an Aztec principle,” he said.

“What’s the point of child sacrifice? Well, there’s no policy goal entwined with that. That’s a theological phenomenon . . . none of this makes sense in conventional political terms. When people, or crowds of people or the largest crowd of people of all, which is the federal government, the largest human organization in human history, decide that the goal is to destroy things . . . which you’re watching is not a political movement, it’s evil.

He explained that humanity has always had an understanding of good and evil.

“Good is characterized by order, calmness, tranquility, peace, lack of conflict, cleanliness . . . and evil is characterized by their opposites, violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth,” he said. “If you are all in on the things that produce the latter basket of outcomes, what you’re really advocating for is evil.”

Tucker Carlson Heritage Speech; Historic, Ironic, Scary And Hopeful
Kevin Roberts with Tucker Carlson, April 22

Tucker’s quote regarding irony concerned how the the internet was causing ignorance.

“The core promise of the internet was as much information as we’ve ever had at your fingertips and the result has been the centralization of information –deliberate . . . but unnoticed by most people — (that) results in more controlled information that we could even have imagined 20 years ago,” he said.

“So a lot of information just is not available because it’s digital and it’s controlled by a small number of companies. Polling suggests that a lot of Americans — and I don’t mean hundreds but hundreds of millions of Americans – have no idea what’s going on. They don’t know the facts about certain things. It’s not because they are dumb or distracted on their iPhone. The whole point of the iPhone was to inform you and the net effect has been people completely ignorant of the . . . non-disputed facts about a lot of different things and you saw this certainly during Covid. That challenges the idea of democracy which rests of the notion of an informed voting public.”

Tucker said to save non-digital media like books because they can’t be revised by Big Brother. He said to prioritize the tangible, especially personal relationships.

“As the world becomes more digitized and people live in this . . . realm that’s disconnected to physical reality, I think the only way to stay sane is to cling more tightly to the things that you can smell. I’ve gotten to the point where if I can’t smell it, I’m not dealing with it and that includes books.”

Tucker encouraged all Americans to pray for their country for 10 minutes a day.

Watch his speech here:

Tucker Carlson Heritage Speech; Historic, Ironic, Scary And Hopeful

Dominion Answers Would Have Been Found If Fox Fought

Dominion Answers Would Have Been Found If Fox Fought — Fox, showing the courage for which corporate America is known, caved in its court case with Dominion Voting Systems confessing it told lies about the company after the 2020 election and paying it $787 million to avoid a $1.6 billion settlement.

One would have thought they would have at least gone to trial simply to keep their cred which would be higher with a fighting loss rather than rolling over.

One would have thought that even with a defeat in a jury trial they sill had numerous paths to appeal as Dominion would presumably fall under the public figure/public official standard created by New York Times vs Sullivan .

If the company that runs our elections is not a public official what exactly is?

Further, if Fox showed some spine it could have perhaps compelled Dominion officials to answer the questions they refused to take from the Pennsylvania Senate.

Further, the could have queried them about their strident opposition to software audits such as one they one they squelched in Fulton County, Pa.

And maybe they could have even brought up how Fulton County, itself, is suing Dominion. They could have maybe worked into the debate the findings of   Wake Technology Services Inc.  concerning Dominion machines.

The opposition to audits is obvious grounds for suspicion.

Cowardice is going to kill this country.

And regardless of whether the suspicions are grounded or that Dominion is evil or any other similar thought lurking in the minds of millions of Americans, why are we using private machines for our elections? Why does the intellectual property of corporations take precedence over election transparency?

Demand answers to these questions starting with your committeeman and take it all the way to the governor.

Oh, the latest concerning Fulton County regarding lawfare and the destruction of faith in our elections:

Note that Pennsylvania’s partisan Supreme Court is not saying Wake TSI found nothing. It’s saying it shouldn’t have looked.

Dominion Answers Would Have Been Found If Fox Fought
Dominion Answers Would Have Been Found If Fox Fought

Carmela To Again Challenge John Lawrence

Carmela To Again Challenge John Lawrence — Carmela Ciliberti announced on her March 28 podcast that she will take another shot at knocking do-nothing State Rep. John Lawrence from his comfortable perch in Pennsylvania’s 13th House District in the 2024 Republican Primary.

The rest of the extremely educational broadcast concerned the importance of voting and being involved; not getting discouraged by succumbing to the lie of the “lesser of two evils is still evil”; how neither party is particularly interested in serving the people; and explained how elections work in Pennsylvania from the local to the national level.

It’s worth a listen and can be found here:

Carmela To Again Challenge John Lawrence
Carmela To Again Challenge John Lawrence

Living Costs Expected To Grow In Pennsylvania

Living Costs Expected To Grow In Pennsylvania — Carmerla Ciliberti’s latest podcast includes the dire warning that tax hikes are coming to Pennsylvania and life is going to get harder for Pennsylvanians.

Gov. Josh Shapiro promised these policies in last week’s budget address and Carmela doesn’t see the useless drones int the State House and Senate stopping them.

“Politicians from both sides of the aisle are more than happy to confiscate individual and corporate earnings to grow government bureaucracy,” she said.

The constitutionally required but still oft-ignored deadline for passing the budget is June 30.

Listen to it here:

She includes some excellent sound bits from the late Milton Friedman.

Living Costs Expected To Grow In Pennsylvania
Living Costs Expected To Grow In Pennsylvania
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