Home For Drug Addicts Would Break Residency Law In Haverford

Home For Drug Addicts Would Break Residency Law In Haverford

By Sharon Devaney

The Haverford (Pa) Zoning Hearing Board, Thursday, April 25, questioned Mary Nolan who is the president of The Savage Sisters which is seeking to use 17 Tenby Road as a community living arrangement for recovering drug addicts.

Many neighbors attended in opposition. While they weren’t giving a chance to testify, they said outside the hearing that their children play outside and fear they may be endangered.

The homeowner of the home in question had passed away and his children don’t want it, and The Savage Sisters are seeking to move in.

Township law allows only three unrelated persons in a home.

This angered Ms. Nolan, who is seeking to have nine, when this was pointed out, and she began yelling threats that she would fill it with 25.

The residents will pay $175 per week to live there.

Among those on The Savage Sisters Board of Directors is Amanda Cappelletti, the Democrat who represents the 17th District in the Pennsylvania Senate.

The board asked about Ms. Nolan’s credentials and she was forced to concede she had no license or training for dealing with addiction.

“I have life education,” she shouted.

Ms. Nolan says she they have acquired a property in Upper Darby and there are no issues with the number of occupants.

She says Delaware County will give them a grant to fund the Havertown home.

Savage Sisters Program Director Melanie Beddis, who is a graduate of The Savage Sisters program, was asked if she was aware of the zoning concerns. She said she was not.

The lawyer for the Zoning Hearing Board produced a letter signed by Ms. Beddis saying she did understand the issues.

She says she didn’t remember signing it.

The hearing was stopped at 11 p.m. and will continue 7:15 p.m., May 23 at the Haverford Township Building.

Show up early.

The fear in Haverford is palpable. On the night of the hearing 6 ABC News broadcast a report of the dramatic increase in crime in the community.

And the idiotic plastic bag ban is not helping the quality of life either.

Home For Drug Addicts Would Break Residency Law In Haverford


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