Free Men Are Not Experiments

Free Men Are Not Experiments

Here is the letter I sent to the Delco Symphony and the Executive Assistant to the President of Neumann University effectively severing my decade long affiliation with the Orchestra.

During the past ten years I have been a season ticket subscriber and haven’t missed a concert other than the ones canceled in 2020 or the occasional snowstorm cancelation in previous years. I also supported them financially during 2020 when they were not permitted to play to an audience, through donations to help fund a virtual season.

Feel free to post this email should you find it of interest for your readers.

To whom it may concern:
I am emailing to inform the Delaware County Symphony and Neumann University, after a decade of patronage, I will no longer attend any chamber or symphony concerts.

I am basing my decision on the hysteria caused by a virus with 99 percent survivability. Essential freedom is never to be traded for a false or temporary sense of security.

Demanding performers and guest artists “show their papers” is not only an egregious violation of one’s personal medical information it reeks of authoritarianism. In addition, demanding patrons wear a cloth mask, that does little to nothing to prevent exposure to viruses, however provides a damp environment for all sorts of harmful bacteria to thrive is neither healthy nor based in sound science.

I am in effect “canceling” my affiliation with the DCS and will continue to practice socialist distancing from proponents of what I know is junk science and Lysenkoism.

Just this past week the CDC and the FDA engaged in a debate over booster shots. Science is not by consensus. Science is repeatable and demonstrable. Never forget the CDC gave us the Tuskegee Experiments and the FDA approved Thalidomide.

I am a free man. I am no one’s experiment – social, scientific or otherwise.

Joseph B Dychala

Aston, PA 19014

Free Men Are Not Experiments
Free Men Are Not Experiments

Superintendent Steinhoff Must Explain Himself

Superintendent Steinhoff Must Explain Himself –Penn Delco Superintendent George Steinhoff needs to answer directly to the parents and taxpayers of the district as to why he is on a local affiliate of a national news channel essentially saying pushing this agenda is more important than speaking truthfully about what they want implemented.

He states he was naive for thinking people were “past that” regarding the words diversity, equity and inclusion. Past critical thinking or past definitions and precedent? He admits being advised to call it anything else whenever possible hence the CARES committee.

Words mean things. What exactly aren’t we supposed to know about diversity, equity and inclusion that they won’t even say the words out loud.

You may email the superintendent with any questions or comments. Please be respectful in your words and consider attending the next school board meeting

Joseph Dychala


Superintendent Steinhoff Must Explain Himself
A book for Superintendent Steinhoff to read.


Penn Delco Puts Propaganda Over Education

Penn Delco Puts Propaganda Over Education

An open letter to the PDSD school board

Board members, parents and students, teachers and administrators, residents and tax payers:

I’m writing to follow up on the establishment of the diversity, equity and inclusion committee now known as CARES.

While I was unable to join the very start of the meeting, parts of the presentation stood out. Instead of assuaging my concerns, I now have more questions than answers. I plan to view the archived meeting in it’s entirety as soon as it is posted online.

It was implied this committee should be adopted because other districts and corporations have DEI policies. Recent revelations about diversity training involving Coca Cola under the guise of equity show employees were told they need to be “less white.” In the United States there is no room for this type of discrimination and quite frankly this vile hatred. How can the board assure us this rhetoric will not be allowed to creep into the the policy setting process? What accountability will there be for an all volunteer committee? What is the criteria for selecting CARES members?

In addition, during the public comment section one of the speakers used “alt right” to describe those of us with concerns about the committee. This was in my opinion inflammatory, distracting from the substance of the issue. A prominent resident of Delaware County and well known blogger was castigated simply for publishing a letter I authored because they live in a neighboring district. This is the exact opposite of inclusivity. Part of the First Amendment guarantees our right to petition elected officials, of speaking freely and reporting events and opinions.

Finally, the committee was not even minutes old after being established when “cancel culture” surfaced. The lone dissenter on the school board was told in no uncertain terms to resign. So much for respecting other opinions. Is this how the committee will address issues they do not agree with? Will the person who made this comment be allowed to sit on the committee? How does this support an open and honest dialogue?

I intend to follow the development and staffing of this committee very closely. We must all continue to work together, as Americans, to continue to advance our cause to form a more perfect Union. As stated in my public comments, growing up in the City of Chester I grew up in diversity and never saw color or race until that was pointed out to me. I believe people, especially children, are inherently good and kind. I submit that if we continue to point out our physical and other differences, rather than celebrate our shared experiences of this unique melting pot that we are all truly blessed to be a part of, we will continue to drift further apart to our own detriment and to that of the young people we profess to be helping.

Joseph B Dychala

Penn Delco Puts Propaganda Over Education
Penn Delco Puts Propaganda Over Education

Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee

Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee

An open letter to Penn Delco School Board

Board members, parents & students, teachers & administrators,
residents & taxpayers:

I’m writing to express concern for a proposal to create a steering
committee for diversity, equity and inclusion.

The board states they recognize several points while providing no
supporting evidence to show how the current academic environment has
not lived up to the standards of PDSD, “To enable all students to
achieve, succeed and excel.” This appears to be an exercise in
implementing a solution before addressing issues with existing policy.
What is the “clear priority” and what are the “compelling principals?”

My concern extends to incidents currently taking place. An example is
a poster in an elementary classroom in the district, “what is said
here (classroom), stays in here.” While that may be a fitting slogan
for a travel ad to Las Vegas this is completely unacceptable for a
public institution charged with educating young minds.

In addition there is evidence of at least one district employee during
working hours soliciting on social media, attempting to collect
“evidence” in the forms of “anecdotes shared with anonymity.” In
America we have the right to face our accuser. Using taxpayer funded
time to further a cause, political or otherwise, with the intention of
changing district policy using “anonymous evidence” is a violation of
and disregard for the Bill of Rights.

President Eisenhower helped integrate schools so our Nation could live
up to our founding values. It’s time to stop pointing out the myriad
differences that make us unique and promote the two things we all have
in common: We are all human beings and Americans. Do we heed the words
of Martin Luther King jr who had a shared dream that our nation’s
children would not be evaluated according to their color or creed but
simply on the content of their character. Perhaps what we need is a
steering committee on American History and Civics.

Proponents of this change make false claims of “systemic” failure to
justify upending existing policy. As a lifelong resident of Delaware
County, a graduate of Sun Valley High School and a resident of the
district for nearly four decades I do not see the need for such
drastic changes. This would only create another level of bureaucracy
between our students and the teachers and administrators who are
tasked with educating our children.

I reject the notion the voters didn’t elect the most qualified
candidates to the school board; that teachers and administrators are
not currently equipped to solve problems for students on a case by
case basis; that the school board is incapable or unwilling of
addressing issues that have been escalated to them. I most certainly
reject the vocal minority that attempts to say Penn Delco is not
living up to their own mission statement and policies to the students.

I ask this resolution be unanimously voted down. The school’s function
in a civil society is not to tell the students what to think but to
prepare them to be critical thinkers. Thank you for taking the time to
read this email.

Joseph B Dychala

Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee
Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee

Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco

Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco — Please consider signing the petition for Penn Delco and share. The vote will be Wednesday, Feb. 24. It will be a zoom meeting 

The petition can be found at

As a school board director I feel a responsibility to make stakeholders aware of a resolution the board plans to vote on Wednesday.

The vote is on a Resolution that supports a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a political narrative we have heard for the last eight months across our nation. Students should not be used as a political pawns in the narrative and pandering to a political agenda.

The goals of political activist/organizations pushing this agenda is to incorporate this into our policies, curriculum and in the hiring of staff. This is a slippery slope to introduce the agenda. This will include, beyond what is already being inappropriately identified and discussed in the classroom, Cultural Proficiency, Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, White Privilege, Systematic Racism among much more which does not belong in our schools. 

Don’t be fooled if anyone says “This is just a committee”. No matter how you spin it this is a slippery slope to introduce the agenda. We have policies and procedures and in place that well define our mission.
Activist pushing this agenda have a petition that they are circulating to get this resolution passed. 

These are your children and your tax dollars and the board needs to here from you if you share my concerns. 

Your feedback is important. I am asking you to please comment below and let us know you are a Penn Delco resident.

Please SHARE this petition as the board will be voting on the resolution this  Wednesday, Feb. 24.

Time is of the essence.

Your email to the board would also be helpful. 

Doing what is right is more important than what is politically expedient

Thank you in advance,
Lisa Esler

Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco
Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco

Elizabeth Preate Havey Must Resign

Dear Editor

Elizabeth Preate Havey must resign as chair of the Montgomery County Republican Committee.

With the result of the Nov. 5 Pennsylvania general election, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, has remained with its Democratic Row Officers winning this election, consistent with the former Chair. 

Monies were funneled to Montgomery County Republican insiders in a joint effort to defeat the current / newly elected Republican County Commissioner, from Philadelphia Democrat politicians. The recipient being the Horsham Republican Party. The Chair supports / accepts the former Planned Parenthood board member’s donation as well. We do not want to fall under the guideline(s) and become another Philadelphia county.

As true grassroots, the registered voters of Montgomery County support the pre-born. Said Chair is not acting in true fashion with our values.

The Chair held no regard to the fraudulent activity / activities that occurred in our May primary election. Voters were being purposely deceived into believing there was an “endorsement” when there actually was not. We find this theft by perception.

A grassroots candidate is flourished from seed. Said candidate is deemed a Free Thinker, not to be controlled by the Chair / Committee. To uphold true morality, integrity, and honesty, as our Founding Fathers were so very instrumental in doing. The majority of voters feel the Chair did not and does not stand up to these Conservative grassroot attributes and is no friend to them.

With this being said, I am requesting the Chair to step down immediately after the new year. A special election will appoint the new one.

Jane Taylor Toal
President (Ret.)
Citizens for Liberty

Elizabeth Preate Havey must resign as chair of the Montgomery County Republican Committee.

Montco Wrongly Credits Ex And Now Wants Her Home Says Woman

Montco Wrongly Credits Ex And Now Wants Her Home Says Woman — There are two sides to domestic disputes but this is Elaine Mickman’s. And if her ex-husband is earning millions and has cut his child off, shame on him. The government should not even need to be involved for him to help his son. Of course, the truly troubling thing is Ms. Mickman’s claim that Montco officials are seeking her assets because of what she says is a phony overpayment recorded for her ex-husband by a county employee. We will be keeping an eye on it and we doubt the matter is over.

To the Editor

My youngest child’s support was prematurely and illegally terminated December 2018 by Domestic Relations without due process and a required hearing that I “timely” and properly requested in writing.

Montgomery County has been silencing and suppressing my reports of employee corruption when the fraud is anti-family, harms me, endangered my child(ren), and caused the County and state to lose millions of dollars of Federal Title IV-D Matching Funding for many years, begging to wonder what or why would employees do this, and why would public officials ignore complaints and remain complicit other than “currying favors” to receive “personal benefits”.

My 2003 child support case evolved into Domestic Relations employee(s) substituting Montgomery County as a party to my case after the Support Obligor (father/my Ex residing in UK since December 2002) withdrew his Jan. 28, 2019 Petition seeking for me (100 percent physical time custodial/residential caretaker) or our minor autistic son, the child support recipient, to pay father/Ex child support because a county employee entered a $550,000 credit for Ex.

This action violated Federal Regulations/Codes which requires support payments to be sent in to the state automated system and disbursed to the custodial/residential caretaker. The credit created a “phony” overpayment so that my child or myself owes Ex child support!

I received zero divorce settlement and I have a zero-earning capacity by court order. I also was medically approved by Social Security as Permanently Disabled because I have four crushed cervical discs in my neck from domestic abuse, therefore I am dependent upon SSI (Social Security Disability).

I have been a full-time homemaker mom for 37 years without employment history since I was 19 years old.

After I raised Federal Regulation and Code violations in my Answer/Response objecting and refuting Ex’s Jan. 28, 2019 Petition, he withdrew his Petition on Feb. 11, 2019, most likely because he doesn’t want to bring attention since he earns millions of dollars per year and was defeating the entry of large child support orders.

Regardless that Ex withdrew his Petition Feb. 11, 2019, Montgomery County substituted itself as a party to my case by continuing to charge the child support so that I, or my child owe the County child support since Montgomery County has been operating an “asset-forfeiture” scheme to “collect” as much money as possible to “line their own pockets/pensions” while funding a new half- billion dollar judicial “campus”, BUT financially burdening the residents, especially targeting those in family court, with supporting a “sanctuary city”.

FYI, Pennsylvania law 23 Title 4604 prohibits liens on the primary residence public assistance recipients, therefore the County would have to illegally Sheriff my house to seek the “phony” overpayment created by corrupt Montgomery County employees, but the County can also incarcerate a person for non-payment of child support or suspend their Driver’s License.

The County Officials have violated their Oath by “assaulting” and/or abandoning the PA Constitution.

This is not complex or complicated. Corrupt County employees are abusing their positions, power, and authority, for no explainable reason other than receiving “personal benefits”, BUT at the loss of Federal funding for the County and state, and at the suffering and hardship of my child and myself.

I have records as proof, and have a sworn statement documenting what occurred, as well as that of a witness to the proceedings.

(You can’t make this stuff up)

Regards, Elaine Mickman

Montco Wrongly Credits Ex And Now Wants Her Home Says Woman
Montco Wrongly Credits Ex

Val Wants Shapiro As Governor

Val Wants Shapiro As Governor — Letter to the Editor

Val Wants Shapiro As Gov

Dear Editor

I have a credible source who has made me aware of a Montgomery County Republican Committee collusion in Pennsylvania, between themselves and the PA GOP, along with the Office of the Attorney General. As we all know by now, Val DiGiorgio and our Attorney General worked together at the law firm of Stradley Ronon.

With the anonymity of said person(s), due to my freelance press shield ethical vow which I adhere to, am being told that they, once and for all, want to rid the Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale, and his brother and running mate, Sean, out of the political spectrum in the Commonwealth.

It is also being said that the Chair of the MCRC, it’s former Chair, and the PA GOP Chair, Mr. DiGiorgio, want the Attorney General to be our next Governor, and plans have been brought to light pertaining to a hooeful victory.

With this being said, it is known that I support the Gale brothers and their transparency, as well as ethical values. I have always, and will continue to stand on the side of transparency. I, as the Gale brothers believe, place people before politics.

Be a Free Thinker. If there is a lack of transparency, there is a lack of honesty. The matter is being further investigated and I look forward to sharing pertinent information with the voters of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

James Zerbe
Montgomery County

Val Wants Shapiro As Governor

GOP Accused Of Sign Stealing

GOP Accused Of Sign Stealing

To the Editor:

State Representative Alex Charlton ( 165-Rep ) wrote in his Facebook page on October 12 that he was “incredibly disappointed with the level of discord in politics… and that individuals need to start calling out bad behavior within their own ranks”. Most decent people would agree with him on this. The former Springfield GOP chairman, Charlie Sexton and current Springfield Commissioner Robert Layden were seen outside a Democratic rally at the Radnor Hotel handing out phony $10,000 Bills that had Jennifer O’Mara’s photo on the bills. Jenn is the Democratic candidate running for the same State Representative seat. On the Bills were the words: In Socialism We Trust. And two weeks ago, I was told that security cameras from a private home, show a Springfield Township employee coming out of Township vehicle and stealing a Jenn O’Mara lawn sign. The police are currently investigating that incident. So why hasn’t State Rep Alex Charlton practicing what he preaches ? Isn’t his word any good ? Can we trust Charlton to call out these gutter political practices from the same political party that recruited him and finances his campaign ? To all good voters in Delaware County, aren’t you tired of gutter politics ? This year you can vote for a fine young woman who has the qualities to be an outstanding legislator. If you’re tired of the “good ol’ boys” then join me in voting for Jenn O’Mara for State Representative.

Rocco J. Polidoro


GOP Accused Of Sign Stealing

America Finally Gets Left Which Is Why Left Lost

America Finally Gets Left Which Is Why Left Lost

By George Coyne

It’s been nine  months since the election and the Left seems to still not understand why they lost to Donald Trump (the lead deplorable). Actually only about half of the Left do not understand it. The rest do understand it, but can’t admit it, since that admission would contribute greatly to irreparable damage to their philosophy and agenda. So they have searched desperately for some excuse outside of the emptiness of their campaign, which pathetically promised more of the same approach of the last eight years.

First it was FBI Director Comey, who was forced to publicly disclose the criminal compromise of classified information by Clinton and her personal server, which was not under government supervision. Then it was the Russians “hacking” the election. The implication was that somehow the Russians interfered with the voting process. There has been no evidence provided that this occurred after six months and assuredly, if such evidence existed, it would have been broadcast by now. The latest reason recently provided by Clinton was misogyny.

The real reason that Clinton lost was that the American people finally began to understand the MO of the progressive Left and its relentless “progress” to socialism and the overwhelming power and control of the federal government at the expense of individual liberty. Look no further than the degree of support for avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, who may actually have gotten the Democrat nomination without the interference of the Clinton team. People began to understand the poison of “identity” politics that had been perfected under Obama, in which ethnic, racial and social groups were pitted against each other to gain government favor. Individual freedom and rights were being submerged in the process. Also look no further than the unconstrained power and growth of unelected bureaucratic (and politicized) agencies such as the IRS, EPA, DOE, CPA and SEC.

Significantly more citizens, within every artificial “identity group,” understood this long-term trend better today than they did eight years ago and realized that they again wanted to be proud of America and its values.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” — Lord Acton.

Mr. Coyne is a resident of Newtown, Pa.