Change Starts With Committee Seats, Delegates

Change Starts With Committee Seats, Delegates

Dear Editor

I watched the same Aston GOP Committee members run uncontested for the past decade or more while we lost the 161st State House, the State Senate in the 9th, the 5th Congressional District, our check and balance in the US Senate to John Fetterman, our once solid Moderate Republican County Council to Radical Progressive Democrats and now a decade of the two tyrants Tom “lockdown the state” Wolf and Josh “lockup the nuns” Shapiro.

Not to mention no less than four of them hold Township Commissioner seats. That is a full discussion for another day. The loss of services, property tax increases and the continued burden of the 1 person income tax that is supposed to keep property taxes low are met with residents overwhelmed and businesses closing, leaving or simply not arriving.

I believe Aston Township has better days ahead, I believe that because I want to serve the community that has benefited me in so many ways. Living in the township since 1985 I have spent the majority of my working years employed in Aston including eleven years at my previous job in the 7th Ward until 2018 and have worked in the 6th Ward since.

Vote for Joseph B Dychala and Wendy Ann Willauer for Aston Township Republican 7th Ward Committee Man and Committee Woman in the Pennsylvania Primary this April. Also please vote Wendy Ann Willauer for Delegate to represent Delaware County at the Republican National Convention on the same ballot.

United We Stand.

Joseph B Dychala


Change Starts With Committee Seats

Change Starts With Committee Seats, Delegates

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