Division Trumps Truth For Corporate Media

Division Trumps Truth For Corporate Media

By Bob Small

Who are the “useful idiots” in Kyle’s case

It began when one of my favorite Swarthmore Socialists sent me a podcast on Substack by Glenn Greenwald titled Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges

Glenn Greenwald, a favorite reporter, is lefter than left, having founded the Intercept, which he later left, as he did the practice of Law. He currently lives in Brazil with his husband.

Division Trumps Truth For Corporate Media

An early supporter of Edward Snowden, he recently opined on Kyle Rittenhouse.

Among the many points he made, and you should really listen to all 45 minutes, he pointed out that most of the media, surprise, listed inaccurate “facts”,
such as not mentioning that the persons shot were white not black.

He agrees that Kyle is pro-gun, pro-police and pro-Trump but does not see how that makes him a Racist. Rather the corporate Media is working side one of a political civil war, and is “stoking this cauldron of politcal hatred.”

A Radical friend, now in exile in Vermont, sent me an article by Jesse Singal , who has written for The Atlantic, New York Magazine and The New York Times. The Rittenhouse Verdict Shouldn’t Have Been a Surprise.

He points out “The fact that so many people were so confused about this case” blaming the Corporate Media, going on to say that the Left also has it’s “fake news” problem, I. e. ” partisan news coverage and punditry on the left is becoming a serious problem in it’s own right”.

Again, you should read the whole article.

Lastly, you should also read Matt Taibbi’s article The Rittenhouse Verdict is Only Shocking if You Followed the last year of Terrible Reporting

According to Democracy Now, the parents of Anthony Huber are suing the Kenosha Police Department, County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Sheriff and Police Chief for failing to do their job and monitor the crowd.

They mentioned that their son, Anthony Huber, unlike Kyle Rittnhouse, “did not get a trial”.

My conclusion is that the corporate media, have become the “useful idiots” of 2021, and stooges for the established class, at least in this case.

And one more thing. In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Kyle said “I support the BLM movement. I support peaceful demonstrations”, and added “I believe there needs to be change”.

Wonder if we’ll hear this anywhere else.

Composting Blows Blowing Away Regarding Leaves

Composting Blows Blowing Away Regarding Leaves

By Bob Small

So The New York Crimes, I mean Times, had a long-winded opinion piece entitled “The First Thing We Do Let’s Kill All the Leaf Blowers” by a Margaret Renkl. One of my Swarthmore neighbors, John B, hand-delivered it to me –that’s how they do things in Swarthmore — and insisted I write about it. John is anti Leaf Blowers (hereafter LB).

Now, living in Swarthmore, and Delco, the melodic tones of the gas-powered LB reigns supreme at many hours, which leads to outrage in some quarters, though, unless it’s before 7 a.m., it’s kinda legal.

Composting Blows Blowing Away Regarding Leaves

Now there are not any Pennsylvania State Regulations about Gas LB’s (and here you thought there were Pennsylvania State Regulations about everything), but 15 States, including neighboring states, New Jersey and New York, have municipal regulations on this. These municipalities include Princeton and Southampton.

Now we have never used a LB because we refuse to surrender our leaves to the Borough. Instead, our leaves become mulch for our winter vegetables and other plants, and end up in our chicken coop. The leaves make the ground much richer for nature and, by growing and eating our own fruit, as long as we are still allowed to do this, we feel we may be, in our own small way, disrupting this whole notion of the Global supply chain.

At least we hope so.

A rake has advantages over any LB. First, raking does not affect the environment. It is also this thing they call exercise which many married men try to avoid, and it puts you right out there with nature, rather than beyond it.

Which gets us to lawnmowers. We have neighbors using lawnmowers daily, or paying someone. My question has always been Why! Of all the activities I could find (and did as an adolescent), I find daily mowing much less useful than composting (in my house I’m “King of the Compost Pile”), digging for plants, trees, providing for our chickens, etc. However, if this daily mowing keeps our neighbors off the Swarthmore streets, it’s probably useful.

Let’s end with a quote from a former Eagles Player Ricky Waters “For who, for what”. Though I guess if it’s a choice between watching the Fall 2021 Eagles or mowing, then mowing sounds good.

Composting Blows Blowing Away Regarding Leaves

Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

By Bob Small

I had almost forgotten my previous days with a community garden in Philly (she was a blonde, too) when my wife (#3 but who’s counting) decided that now that we’re retired we can start a vegetable garden, along with some fruit trees. Borough Swarthmore fought us on the fruit trees but went down to defeat.

This brings us to Nov. 2 in the state of Maine, a secessionist state –from Massachusetts in 1820– which recently passed Question 3 by 60 percent of the vote. Briefly, this gives individuals “the right to produce, harvest, and consume their own food.”

State Rep William Faulkingham (R-136) give a rather long-winded support of this. Jumping ahead 25 to 30 years into the future, could we see our government creating roadblocks and restrictions to the peoples right to food?

Will Monsanto own all the seeds?

Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

Opoosition ranged from valid concerns to well….

While Katie Hansberry (Maine State Director of the Humane Society) brought up the possibility of lifestock cruelty unlimited by animal cruelty laws, Janelle D. Tirrell (Maine Veterinary Medical Association) queried “Does this mean I can keep a cow in my Portland Apartment? Can I slaughter pigs in my front yard?”

While Maine chose to constitutionalize these rights, only a handful of other states have these rights, Pennsylvania not being one. Thus cities and municipalities can try and determine what you can and cannot grow, Of course you can always appeal this but who has the time and money to take the long way around just to grow apples and tomatoes, etc.

Further, Pennsylvania does not grant a Constitutional right to hunt or fish, as half our states do, but the state does sell fishing ($22,90) and hunting ($20.97) licenses.

I seem to remember that the Pennsylvania Legislature unofficially closed on the first day of hunting season.

You can also continue to purchase raw milk in Pennsylvania — until big Farma prevents that.

So, in Pennsylvania, you may grow and consume your own fruit and vegetables
but you do this at your own risk of legal ramifications.

And Monsanto may be watching.

Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

Write-in For Change In Solanco

Write-in For Change In Solanco

By Bob Small

Driving back from Lapp’s Family Restaurant in Quarryville (Pa.) we kept seeing signs of a write in Candidacy for the Solanco (Southern Lancaster County) School Board, One of the names listed was David Spangler. Arriving home, I searched the Internet for David Spangler –If the name was Bob Smith, I wouldn’t have tried– and discovered him. Once he was located, we arranged a time for the call.

David, who has six children with his wife (four in school) concluded that he wanted to have more of an input, if possible, on the School Board decisions. He said the mask issue was only one of many issues where he felt like he would of made different decisions than the Solanco School Board. He cited high quality teachers, CRT, and the lack of local control on many related issues, and other ideas “slowly seeping into our schools”. He spoke of government overreach and he was speaking about Governor Wolf

Write-in For Change In Solanco

In terms of outreach, there are about 30 yard-signs, along with some 5 to 7 cards. He does have some mentions on a local Facebook group. He was also interviewed by The Lancaster Patriot newspaper, a conservative publication.

He said that this is a movement across Pennsylvania. This may, possibly, be nationwide, and seems to be organic, rather than part of a plan. I find this more constuctive than persons constantly ventilating on their local Next Door group, but not attending government meetings, etc. These “internet warriors” believe they have accomplished something but my experience has been that real change requires “getting your hands dirty”, whether by running in an election you won’t win but at least getting the issue(s) out there, or by being part of a peaceful demonstration or vigil, or finding some other way to have your voice heard.

Write-in For Change In Solanco

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

By Bob Small

Preventing voter denial.

So this was the Presidential Election of 2004 and my Pennsylvania Social Service Union (PSSU) arranged for some recent retirees to work the election season with America Coming Together (ACT).

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin'

ACT was a political action 527, whose most famous Funder was George Soros.

Technically non-partisan — we could not be pro John Forbes Kerry — but we could be non-favorable to George Walker Bush i.e. telling the citizenry that it may be time for a change.

Due to these niceties, many of the people we came in contact with believed we were Socialists, once we convinced them we were not Jehovah’s Witnesses as we were going from urban door to urban door and suburban door to suburban door. Our stated task and what we were funded for, was the noble task of voter registration.

Once I decided I no longer wanted to go with my crew on the mean streets of Boothwyn or Philly, I invented a program which would have a crew to go to senior homes and help the residents complete absentee ballots.

We did this for the rest of the election season, until the absentee ballot deadline.

The facilities loved us because our program would begin in the late morning and continue until lunch then begin again, answering all manners of questions and leaving before rush hour.

Sadly, these efforts to provide absentee ballots to the old and disabled doesn’t seem to have been continued in the 17 years since.

While this does not qualify as voter suppression could it be called voter denial?

Most of the staff in these facilities probably have no reason to work to register the persons living there

This was one of the original reason for absentee ballots but, well, that reason seems to have mutated to people wanting to avoid large Covidy crowds.

I can understand that reasoning but, personally, avoid embracing it.

Due to Covid, we try to avoid large crowds, but on Nov. 2, we will walk the block to our Polling Place and cast our in person votes, because, as Americans and as Greens, that is what we do. Then, as husband and wife, we will go home and argue about it. Because that’s also what we do.

Lastly, because, well, I have worked for the Post Office and other government bureaucracies, I vote in person.

Just saying.

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

Vote Early Vote Often, Memories South Philly’s 2nd Ward

Vote Early Vote Often, Memories South Philly’s 2nd Ward

By Bob Small

This was probably around 1989, when I was visiting my old South Philly apartment-mate, having recently moved up and out to Swarthmore. On the way to the local dinery, we ran into a D Committee Person who asked if I was voting today, Election Day.

“Joe, I don’t live here anymore”

“Bob, I didn’t ask you that”

Vote Early Vote Often, Memories South Philly's 2nd Ward

This was back in the wild and wooly days of South Philly D Politics, where the 2nd Ward Meetings would end with the admonition to “vote early and often”.

Said as a joke. I think. The big names were Vince Fumo, Joe Tayoun, and Joe Vignola. Maybe you heard of them. Quite sure the same jiggery-pokery never happens with R’s in Delco.

If elected, the Greens would never engage in this. Not sure about the Libertarians.

In Swarthmore, at the 2005 Primary, I went in to vote on a Ballot Question, as befits a Green Party member. However, the Judge of Elections tried to refuse to let me vote as I was neither D nor R. As this Ballot Question would involve higher taxes, I asked whether I would be exempt from these taxes as I was denied my vote.

When that didn’t work, I stated I would sit on his election table, as I had sat in at various protests, until I was physically removed or allowed to vote. Wanting to avoid a scene, he allowed me to cast a ballot. What he should have done, if he was unsure of the law — imagine a judge not knowing the law — was to let me have a Provisional ballot.

Later that year, in my only foray into electoral politics, I ran against him, as a Green, and lost, but felt vindicated.

My story ended up being shared state wide among the third parties of the time,
so this particular slight, denial of the right to vote, could never happen again.

I had a running mate in that election, who ran as both a Green and a Republican,
for the Wallingford Swarthmore School Board. She lost, of course, but won the next year as a Democrat. Her name is Mary Gay Scanlon. I often wonder what happened to her.

Memories South Philly’s 2nd Ward

Swarthmore Was Once Republican

Swarthmore Was Once Republican

By Bob Small

For many years, Swarthmore, and Delaware County was safely Republican. Recently the tide has turned, as it usually does, and now both Delaware County Council, and the Borough of Swarthmore, are solidly Democratic. Though many have ascribed it to Swarthmore College’s influence, or “the Kremlin on the Krum”, as one Spiro T. Agnew called it, it was probably time for a change.

In the 2020 Election, Swarthmore had 3,345 votes for Biden and 427 for Trump. The Borough is 59.3 D and 37.0 Exact number of Registrants, it seems, were only available from the Delco Bureau of Elections, via a release of information form, which my inner Libertarian rebelled against.

The Swarthmore Republican Party does exist, but it has no electronic presence!

The Swarthmore Democratic Party has a Facebook page updated
on Sep. 28 (as of Oct 9), The website for the Swarthmore Democratic Committee was last updated in 2018, and also uses Latin (the influence of the College, no doubt). By the way, there was a Swarthmore College Republican Group, but….

As for the Nov 2, Municipal Election, Republicans Albert Federico and David Rowley are standing for Inspector of Elections in their Precincts; 2 out of the 13 major Party Candidates. Albert mentions that he is “running to retain his current position as Minority Inspector”. He could only become the Majority Inspector if he garnered more votes than the Democrat running in his precinct. David Rowley is fairly reticent.

As a Green, I don’t really have a dog in this hunt, though I’ll vote for the Libertarian on the Swarthmore ballot, Patrick John Hochstuhl, who is standing u for Constable. A Constable (courtesy of Berks County)
“A Constable is a sworn Law Enforcement/Peace Officer that can arrest for felony crimes and breaches of the peace committed in his presence, or by warrant anywhere in the commonwealth.”

There are 117 pages in the Municipal Races, just for Delaware County, and there are only 3 Libertarians and one Green running, which is a lost opportunity because many of these offices are unopposed. Among Independents, a David Cleary is running for Garnet Valley School Board.

Statewide, there are almost 150 Libertarians running for various offices, and nine Greens. One of whom, Kearni Warren, will be part of a three-way League of Women Voters of Central Delaware County Candidate Forum 7 p.m., tomorrow, Oct 12 . It will be live-streamed on YouTube. Visit here for details.

Swarthmore Was Once Republican
Swarthmore Was Once Republican

A Republican In Swarthmore

A Republican In Swarthmore

By Bob Small

I spoke to one of the Republicans in Swarthmore with a long and devoted history with the Party about his experiences. He is still active, though a young senior. we discussed the history of the history and future of the Swarthmore GOP, and how things had changed and not changed.

For purposes of this article, he agreed to the interview as long as his name wasn’t used, I’ll call him RS (Republican in Swarthmore)’

Swarthmore, Pa., for those who don’t know is overwhelmingly Democrat.

RS remembers the time when the Borough was almost all Republicans and now
is almost, well it is all Democrat, except for a few minor offices.

A Republican In Swarthmore

He didn’t feel it had changed “a whole hell of a lot”, and that Borough Council continued to be dedicated to “the needs of the local citizens”.

We also touched on Alice “Putty” Willets , whom he worked with in her capacity on Borough Council and who I knew for her work on the “Dew Drop Inn” Senior Center. We both agreed it was a shame she was never elected Mayor.

Here is her obit from The Swarthmorean https://www.swarthmorean.com obituary-death-notice

RS says he has maybe received maybe 10 “crazy comments” in his various duties for the Borough about being a “Republican”, probably the same I have received for being a Green and not a Democrat.

RS is a proud Swarthmore College graduate and we discussed where he agreed and disagreed with the College’s decisions I. e. He thought the Inn was “a great enrichment”, for instance, but worked against the College dropping football. How the College affected the Blue Route (2 lanes rather than four), and how the College seeks to maintain “good community relations” by having Athletics, Concerts, Lectures , etc open to the public.

Lastly, we both being Seniors, feeling “it beats the alternative”, we discussed how the Borough helps with walkability by keeping the sidewalks in shape by reminding homeowners about repair, trimming bushes, etc. Right now, there’s a whole vibrant downtown area, but people of all Parties are becoming opposed to this huge Condo project that might eviscerate up to 50 percent of our shopping area. (More about that in the future).
Like many of us, he worries that the increasing RE taxes and higher rents will affect the future of Swarthmoreans to continue to “age in place”.

A Republican In Swarthmore

Cancel The Cancel Culture And Do It Now

Cancel The Cancel Culture And Do It Now

By Bob Small

One of my exercise T-shirts reads “My Governor can beat your Governor”, sent by my daughter from her adopted Minnesota, referencing then Governor (1991-95) Jessie Ventura. Following his Governorship, 1991-95 (from the Reform Party) he ventured into Broadcasting, his latest show being The World according to Jesse. This program is on RT aka Russia Today.

RT, by the way, though disparaged by some as “Putin’s Network” or Russia’s Voice of America, is actually much wider than that, featuring some news stories before their appearance on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. They are a mix of news and hosted shows.

Cancel The Cancel Culture And Do It Now

Now on Jesse’s Sep 18 show, the second half interview segment featured Dan Kovalik, author of Cancel This Book: The progressive case against Cancel Culture. The title is a nod to Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book.

Dan is an American human rights and labor rights lawyer, peace activist, Columbia grad, and the leftist of left.

Dan was inspired to write this book by the “cancelling” of Molly Rush.

Molly Rush, is the 80-something co-founder of Pittsburgh’s Thomas Merton Center. She is perhaps best known for being one ofThe Plowshares 8, along with the Berrigans, civil disobedient anti-nuclear activists. Again, very lefty.

The center is named for a Roman Catholic poet and monk, also known as a non-violent peaceful change activist. Guess this might be lefty, too. See www.thomasmertoncenter.org for a list of activities.

So what did Molly Rush do to deserve canceling. She posted a meme, about one
Martin Luther King, “Looted nothing. Burned Nothing. Attacked No One. Changed the World.”

Molly was then forced to apologize for this posting, which, incredibly, was deemed “racist” and worse. How is any of what she said wrong, in what universe is this not what, one hopes, most of us Lefties (actually most others) believe in and work for? For a full discussion of this incident, go to an article titled How an MLK meme split the Thomas Merton Center.

I have been wondering whether the Left has been infiltrated by those who are trying to make the Left look , well, stupid. If so, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Does the Right also have these problems? Please tell me they do.

Bob Small is a resident of Swarthmore.

Cancel The Cancel Culture And Do It Now

Being Green In Chester Isn’t Easy

Being Green In Chester Isn’t Easy

By Bob Small

Kearni Warren is running for a seat on Chester City Council. If she should somehow win, she would be the first Green Party member to ever sit on Chester City Council. Her main issue is the ever-present environmental environmental racism issue of Covanta i.e. Chester being a dumping grounds for Delco.

Kearni is running to unseat Portia West (D) who she feels has not done enough on the environmental racism issue. However, this has become a three way race as Stefan Roots (D), blogger and Swarthmorean columnist is also opposing her. It would seem two challenger candidates might consider working together but Democrats act as though they are not, historically, allowed to work with Greens on anything. Now if Warren was a Working Party Candidate, or a DSA Candidate…

Kearni is the daughter of the late Rev. Bernice Warren, who served for two decades (until 2016) as Pastor/Director of Chester East Side Ministries.

Kearni stated that Stefan’s win, in the Primary, against incumbent William Jacobs inspired her to run. However, it seems that Stefan, once an insurgent Candidate, is now aligning himself with the Democratic Establishment.

Also, Stefan had almost weekly articles in The Swarthmorean, which we all looked forward to, on the goings on in the City of Chester, These seem to have stopped,at least recently, Also his Campaign Manager, is one Todd Strine, a Philadelphian who is also co-Publisher of, you guessed it, The Swarthmorean.

Kearni is a graduate of Eastern University’s Business Administration program. She has worked in various positions for (SEIUHCPA) Service Employees International Union Healthcare Pennsylvania, and United Home Care Workers of Pennsylvania.

She’s a great believer in the Bible, especially Luke 12:48 ìFrom everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much will be demanded.î She wants to continue in the Social Justice spirit of her mother.

Though no fan of previous 20th century Chester governments, she stated that “In the 21st Century, we have a constant flow of Democratic Council Members who can’t even get the trash picked up on time, let alone address Chester’s severe social, environmental, and financial pitfalls”

Her electronic presence is at both www.warren4chester.com or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kearniforchester.

Being Green In Chester Isn't Easy