DACA Foxes In The Police Hen House

DACA Foxes In The Police Hen House

By Bob Small

It’s rare when The Daily Mail (UK) focuses on the internal workings of a US City but a recent story concerns Seattle’s plan to use illegal migrants to bolster its depleted police force.

It’s encouraged via signed by Democrat Governor Jay Inslee in February that those who speak more than one language can be chosen above an equally qualified candidate.

The legislation took effect, June 6.

And the The US Justice Department now lets  DACA recipients have firearms and ammunition as part of their official law enforcement officer duties.

Meanwhile, former Lieutenant Jessica Taylor, who resigned after almost a quarter of a century, sent a letter to Police Chief Adrian Diaz, saying “Your controlling, bullying, and gaslighting tendencies have wreaked havoc on this department, driving away talented and dedicated officers,

“On May 29, Diaz resigned amid charges of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. He was later to “come out” as a gay man.

DACA police are also being hired in California and Chicago.

According to state officials, “Washington is home to more than 14,000 DACA recipients, and “Dreamers” canhelp ease Seattle’s cop shortage.

DACA recipients are also considering allowing the DACA recipients to become county deputies, fish and wildlife officers, and Seattle firefighters.

In April, Seattle’s KTTH am station, had a report, from Jason Rantz, that alleged that the police were at a staffing level not seen in almost 70 years.

The Seattle PD has advertised for DACA recipients on Linkedin! Seattle Police recruiting DACA recipients to be cops.

It can be considered the fox guarding the en house never seemed so apt.

This has yet to be discussed by either Delaware County Council of Philadelphis there may soon be a market for the newly formed SSL (Spanish as a second language) classes. At least certain phrases in Spanish such as as “I have an alibi”, “it was my identical twin” or “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”.

Note; Thanks to Scott from Vermont.

Constitution Party Nominees Don’t Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

Constitution Party Nominees Don’t Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

By Bob Small

For the many years that we were involved trying to get nomination petition signatures, we fought the Democratic party challenges to our Green Party candidates. Many of us also joined with The Constitution and Libertarian Parties in their challenges, either in Harrisburg or Philly.

PaBac Ballot Access Coalition was the result of this cooperation. Our unspoken promise, also, was, that if our particular party did not get on the ballot, we would vote for either of the other two Parties who were on the ballot, no matter the candidate. Some years, it’s a big ask.

The Constitution Party of Pennsylvania declares itself to be predicated on the following three documents; The Bill of Rights, The Constitution of the United State, and The Declaration of Independence, which we all support. Some of us might question some of their affiliated groups, such as the John Birch Society and the Oath Keepers. However this also applies to the Greens and Libertarians.

On their website they quote Dwight D. Eisenhower: Every step we take toward making the state the caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the state our masters.

The Constitution Party is divided into six regions with Troy Bowman representsing the Southeast Region.

In 2024, they chose Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, as their presidential candidate . He has a lengthy arrest record for both violent and non-violent protests.

Operation Rescue’s motto was “If you believe abortion is murder, then you must act like it is murder” — implying that violence against abortion providers and staff was justified.

This is rather like a later day John Brown trying to bring people to Harper’s Ferry. That said, one has to admire his consistency, if not agree with all his tactics.

Randall Terry has a masters degree in Foreign Relations and Islamic Studies

The Vice-presidential Candidate is Afro-American Pastor Stephen Broden of Texas. He has a Masters of Arts in Communication from Michigan and a Masters of Arts in Bible Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a fervent Pro-Life advocate.

Maybe the Green Party will get their candidate on the ballot this year.

Constitution Party Nominees Don't Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

Constitution Party Nominees Don’t Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

When Causes Collide

When Causes Collide

By Bob Small

While we can support equal — albeit not extraordinary — rights for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual, and for Transsexuals and their right to have public events, we also support Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian groups having a public presence. The problem comes when, as has recently happened, one group invades the other’s space.

On Sunday, June 2, the annual Philadelphia Gay Pride Parade was well on its way when all heck broke loose. The specific group, (I am not making this up) is Queers for Palestine which is a definition of the word oxymoron.

One of the quoted but unnamed protesters said “pride celebrations have merely become a public relations instrument used by the state to divert public attention away from the configuration of violent, repressive policies and practices inflicted upon queer bodies worldwide”.

Another commentator said “The alliance was always an odd one because of rampant homophobia and violence towards LGBTQ residents of Gaza prior to the terror attacks on Israel.”

It wasn’t just Philly. Conflict happened in Boston, New York City and others others.

The first Gay Pride parade was in New York in 1970, not in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, in Israel,10,000 persons marched in Jerusalem’s annual Pride and Tolerance March, one third of last year’s total.

Netanel Shaler, executive director at Havruta, a military reservist was “on a special leave to participate.” Havruta is an LGBTQ group for those “with a religious leaning”.

According to Queer in the World Homosexual relations were legalized in Israel in 1988,” along with further measures.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, There still are laws, from the British Mandate time, forbidding any consensual homosexual acts”

Finally we end up with Mark Segal, (The Philadelphia Gay News), whom I’ve known for only 50 years, around poetry readings, protests, etc. Don’t allow anyone to stop your Pride for their agenda “YOU WILL NOT TAKE OUR PRIDE AWAY. “ He ends by saying about the disrupters “ Many in our community know about bullies. They now know what you are. “

When Causes Collide

By Bob Small

While we can support equal -- albeit not extraordinary -- rights for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual, and for Transsexuals and their right

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Proposal Causes Break-Out In Democracy

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Proposal Causes Break-Out In Democracy

By Bob Small

We’re not used to an outbreak of democracy in on- party Swarthmore, Pa. but it seems to be happening. There was tremendous opposition to the condo monstrosity at 110 Park Ave., now in the process of being built.

So on Monday night, June 10, when there was an overflow crowd at the Swarthmore Council iegislative meeting, there was a bit of electricity in the air. Mostly everyone was there to comment on the proposed vote on ordinance 05-2024 CPOME which would bancombustion-powered outdoor maintenance equipment (CPOME ). Battery-powered and electric devices are allowable.

Twenty-five citizens commented on the ordinance with 60 percent against, and half of those for it demanding modifications. The British Parliament’s description of this would have been “a dog’s breakfast”.

Three of the anti-speakers were especially persuasive.

Rob M. Jordan, who chairs the Swarthmore Republican Committee, called this an ill-conceived “elitist and dictatorial policy.” He said that when this was first proposed last winter and Borough Manager Bill Webb was asked “how many complaints have come into his desk over two years about outdoor lawn equipment smell or noise he held up less than five fingers.

He add this is a “poorly drafted, unworkable resolution that is full of virtue signaling, but extremely short on quantifiable health output and beneficial effects to residents.” He facetiously, we think, said that Swarthmore might earn the title “Communist Borough of Swarthmore”.

Independent Democrat Neil Young said “The original proposed ban on yard equipment—lawnmowers, snow throwers, and more—was thankfully halted last month. But the legislation being forced through against significant public opposition remains  impractical, unnecessary, and unworkable “ He added “the proposed ban is a textbook case of poor governance”.

Matt Tirpak, long-time owner of Swarthmore’s two-decade old TLC Landscape Service explained how the new law would cause his expenses to rise which would cause his charges to increase.

The room was still packed when David Boonin, who chairs the Environment Committee, declared the ordinance will be tabled.

Council’s next meeting is Monday, July 8.

The Environment Committee meeting, where this may be on the agenda, is 7 p.m., June 24. Boonin asked that Swarthmore residents with opinions on it to contact him at dboonin@swarthmorepa.org

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Causes Break-Out In Democracy

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Causes Break-Out In Democracy

Reform Party Nominates RFKJ

Reform Party Nominates RFKJ

By Bob Small

We received an email, June 4, from the Reform Party of the United States that they had joined other “alternative” parties in nominating Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as their presidential candidate.

The Reform Party was formed by Ross Perot in 1995. In 2004 they nominated Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan in 2000.

Kennedy’s nomination by the Reform Party allows his campaign to raise “up to $48,000 per donor in Florida, six times as much as he could raise as in independent candidate.”

Kennedy cited the Reform Party’s motto, “it’s time to put people first”.

Other alternative parties that have nominated RFK, Jr. include California’s American Independent Party and Michigan’s Natural Law Party.

The Reform Party website has 15 separate items on their platform, many of which are worth reading They also state “It’s time to end the two-party system and return to government for the people”.

If only.

Kennedy has already gained ballot access in seven states; California, Delaware, Hawaii, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

According to his campaign, they have sufficient signatures, to be on nine other states, barring the inevitable challenges. These are Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Ohio. He’s already on the ballot in two of the “swing states”,

Michigan and Nevada. Pennsylvania has a deadline of Aug. 1 but, as they always say “All dates in this calendar are subject to change without notice.”

RFKJ says that Biden is worse for Democracy than Trump.

He also says Biden is spoiler for his campaign and calls for him to drop out.

We should add that there are now even RFK, Jr commercials on cable TV which we find truly amazing.

There is also a UK Reform Party, they way. , Reform UK, is a pro-Brexit, anti Covid-19 lockdown party whose most famous candidate, and leader, is one Nigel Farage, who will be standing for Parliament on their next general election, on July 4th, a date one would think the British would rather not remember.

Reform Party Nominates RFKJ

Reform Party Nominates RFKJ

The Many Faces of Madonna

The Many Faces of Madonna

By Bob Small

Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) has been around for a longggg longggg time. See Madonna’s 50 Greatest Songs.

She’s still touring at age 65.

The last (free) stop on her “Celebration” tour, was not a cause for celebration for many conservative Christians who felt the “licentious” concert on Rio De Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach, on May 4, caused the devastating floods in Rio Grande de Sul.

Another Christian influencer pointed out that Rio Grande do Sul is one of the states with the highest number of centers of Umbanda and Candomblé, which are African Brazilian religions associated by many evangelical Christians with the devil,

For further information, see Spiritist Society of Philadelphia.

So these faithful types, who believe in the almighty power of God, are ascribing equal power to Madonna? Are you hearing yourselves?

Meanwhile, Justen Lipeles attended Madonna’s March 7 Concert then filed a class action suit due to, among other things, “intentional infliction of emotional distress” , “pornography without warning” and “topless women on stage stimulating sex acts”.

See also Madonna sued for “pornography without warning” and for “deceptiv

There was also z complaint that her concert did not start on time.

So this brings us, regrettably, to Woke War and we find ourselves praising at least one aspect of Billy Graham.

Owen Strachan recommends excommunication for the “woke” while Athena Butler, a Penn religion scholar and author of White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

While looking up Billy Graham, we discovered that in the 1953 Chattanooga Crusade he personally tore down the dividing ropes between the races, even though the head usher had insisted on segregation. This was two years before the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Would we consider this “woke” today and do we need to reconsider previous historical determinations?

The Many Faces of Madonna

Regulatory Prosecutions Destroy Lives

Regulatory Prosecutions Destroy Lives

By Bob Small

Sometimes Scott of Vermont sends me an article that one just has to dig into and Government Overcriminalization Catches Unwary Americans is one of them.

The House Judiciary Committee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance, April 20, heard testimony on Overreach: An examination on Federal Statutory and Regulatory Crimes.

Brett Tolman of Right On Crime has a simple solution.

Tolman wants the Biden administration to reinstate Donald Trump’s Executive Ordern Protecting Americans From Overcriminalization Through Regulatory Reform.

Regulatory overreach is happening.

Yes, according to Alec.org.

Consider the Oregon landowner who spent a month in jail and got a $1500 fine for collecting rainwater on his property; and the Kentucky couple who got three years probation and a $5,000 fine for setting a net on the wrong side of a river to acquire caviar for their caviar business.who had all the necessary permits to run their caviar business

And then there was the Michigan mom who faced a 90-day jail sentence for running an illegal daycare because she watched her friends’ kids while they waited for the school bus.

Abner Shoenwetter was charged with smuggling when the veteran seafood importer agreed to buy lobsters from a usual supplier. He served six years in prison because of a violation that was not a violation!

And for even more extreme punishments — death is pretty extreme — see We Spend $296 Billion Each Year On A Justice System concerning the stories of Philandro Castile, George Floyd, and Duante Wright whose crimes were a broken taillight, a counterfeit $20 bill, and an expired plate.

The Mercatus Center makes three main points Quantifying Overcriminalization in Federal Law “There has been a significant increase in the number of federal criminal statutes and regulations over the past three decades.”

They also note that these federal laws override the principles of Federalism by superseding state and local laws. By the way, we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. Just saying.

Politico in The Overcriminalization of America mentions five suggestions, in this 2015 article. The second one is to “address prosecutorial abuses”. Guess we’re still working on that.

See also The Ongoing Problem of Over-Criminalization in America and Six Questions About Overcriminalization – Annual Reviews..

Regulatory Prosecutions Destroy Lives

Regulatory Prosecutions Destroy Lives

Libertarians Chasing the Presidency

Libertarians Chasing the Presidency

By Bob Small

Back in March, when my choice of the winner of the second 2024 Free and Equal Debates was one Chase Oliver we didn’t know that he would then become the winner of the recent, and hotly-contested Libertarian Presidential contest.

He beat out nine other candidates, including R. F. K.,Jr. at the recent DC convention.

The Libertarians will be on the ballot in at least 37 states. Like the Constitution and Green Parties, they won’t know their Pennsylvania ballot status until August, at least.

The Convention’s theme was “Become Ungovernable”.

The party “called for the release of the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, “ among other proposals.

Among the other quotes from Mr. Oliver is his self-description as being “armed and gay”

 “If you are living your life in peace,” then your life “is your life, your body is your body, your business is your business.”

He also reached out to younger voters who “don’t want octogenarians running their lives.”

He also added that “I’m ready to continue to be a fly in the ointment of the two-party system,” .

Chase Oliver has been running for president for the last year. He has appeared on CNN, CSPAN, FOX Business, Reason TV and Vice Media., among many. He has been profiled in Bloomberg, the Guardian, the New York Times, Rolling Stone and the Washington Post. One of the quotes in the above website is  “Armed people are harder to oppress and harder to attack.”

He has worked as a sales account executive and HR representative, among other jobs. He was in the restaurant industry for 13 years, and the corporate maritime trade industry.”

Other information is included in Chase Oliver and Chase Oliver, the Libertarian Party nominee for president

His running mate is Mike ter Maat who believes in the “Gold New Deal” and “police and justice reform”, among others.

Libertarians Chasing the Presidency

Libertarians Chasing the Presidency

Raw Milk Is Good For You And Can Be Bought In Delco

Raw Milk Is Good For You And Can Be Bought In Delco

By Bob Small

The harassment of Amos Miller continues but hopefully will be soon resolved.

Our whole family, animal and human, are raw milk consumers.

The anti-raw milk campaign began before most of us, though not Joe Biden, were born. The Defender, traces it to a 1945 article in the gone but unlamented magazine Coronet titled“Raw Milk can Kill You.” Coronet cited a non-existent brucellosis outbreak in the imaginary town of Outlook.

Fast-forward to 2007, and we find the Food and Drug Administration attacking raw milk in a Power Point presentation using flawed data.

And now the Department of Agriculture declared there were symptoms of avian flu in it despite the lack of confirmed viral presence.

The authorities pointedly ignore the other side.

Farmers’ Almanac say that pasteurization killing odd bacteria “is actually a problem” as it also kills many beneficial microorganisms, including  probiotics, naturally found in milk. It notes that people had been drinking raw milk, straight from their own cows, sheep, and goats, for millennia without getting sick.

Everyday Health notes raw milk sales are surging. It quotes Raw Milk Chairman Mark Mcafee saying “There is yet to be one case of avian influenza in humans from raw milk consumption.”

And no less an establishment organ as The New York Times says that none of the three reported cases of avian flu virus in the United States has been tied to drinking milk.

The title of the article was Raw Milk’s Risks Don’t Stop Right-Wing Commentators From Defiantly Pushing It.

Raw Milk is legally sold in Pennsylvania. Two places were it can be purchased are Martindale’s Natural Market in Springfield and the Swarthmore CO-OP | Your Community Food Market.

Those sneaky right wingers.

Raw Milk Is Good For You And Can Be Bought In Delco

Peter Sonski And American Solidarity Run Principled Presidential Campaign

Peter Sonski And American Solidarity Run Principled Presidential Campaign

By Bob Small

The next President will have five letters in his name. The next President will be serving his second term. The next President will be our oldest serving President, older than Ronald Reagan, 77 when he left office. Either way, we will have six more months of Biden/Trump.

There are a dozen of what I call “Alternative Parties” with presidential candidates and with Pennsylvania connections.

The American Solidarity Party of Pennsylvania can be accessed at here.

They are a self-described Party with Christian democratic values” Among their seven principles is Sanctity of Life, which means they are anti-abortion and anti-death penalty and see themselves as consistent in this regard.

Among their 14 platform segments, they see foreign policy as the belief that “the United States should be committed to a more peaceful world through international cooperation and restriction of the use of military force to a strict understanding of just war theory. “

Peter Sonski is the party’s nominee for president for 2024. He former radio host, a member of Connecticut’s regional School Board 17, and director of The Knights of Columbus Museum.

His running mate is Lauren Onak who has a masters in Adolescent Education from Hunter College but is a stay-at-home mom to three children.

Good party .org gives an outline of What to Know About the American Solidarity Party including that they support “ economic policies that promote fairness, workers’ rights, and the redistribution of wealth to combat inequality.” including a living wage, etc. This article also mentions that they draw inspiration from the “ Christian Democratic movements prevalent in Europe and Latin America,” a rather unusual combination in North America.

One of my newest favorite online publications, The Imaginative Conservative, gives a dozen reasons why one should support them and starts with the adage “good news is only good when it’s subversive.”

The article’s third reason is that “The ASP supports common-sense environmental initiatives. Without being crazy tree-huggers, they promote responsible care for the environment that corrects wanton commercial exploitation.”

The eighth reason is “Supporting the ASP means holding your head up (because you are gazing at the stars) rather than hanging your head because you were gazing at the gutter”

Anyway, we probably know who the next President will be, if not the vice-president.

Peter Sonski And American Solidarity Run Principled Presidential Campaign
Peter Sonski And Lauren Onak

Peter Sonski And American Solidarity