Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached

Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached — Gov. Josh “Male Democrat Feminist” Shapiro saved “Minion” Mike Vereb’s butt from a big beating when he had the state settled the sex harassment allegations against him, as per  Angela Couloumbis of Spotlight PA.

Vereb still had to resign as the Secretary of Legislative Affairs, though.

Betcha he lands in something soft though.

If he’s buds with Josh, you know he has good connections.

Hey, did know that Mike once chaired the Montgomery County Republican Party?


Why is Josh giving Republicans Party leaders top jobs? Why are the Republican Leaders accepting them?

Is there two parties or just one?

Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached
Gov. Josh “MDF” Shapiro
Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do?

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do? — Radio host extraordinaire Dom Giordano has a column in today’s, June 13, Delaware Valley Journal concerning a threat made by Norristown Council President Tom LePera to send the borough’s homeless to the Villanova University Campus.

Nova law professor and homeless advocate Stephanie Sena has been doing her best to keep Norristown, which has a poverty rate of 21 percent, from solving the problem.

LePera, a Democrat, noted that Villanova has lots of dorm rooms available with school being out for the summer.

Villanova is in Delaware County’s rich Radnor Township, the Main Line land of limousine liberals.

LePera has since somewhat walked back his statements so Christine Reuther might be able to refrain from ranting at Joy Schwartz about it during the next Delco Council meeting.

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do?

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do?

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle — Lt. Col. Allen West gave a dire exhortation, May 11, about the state of the nation and the need for all to step up to save it, while radio host Chris Stigall noted that politics is no longer about two sides working towards a common goal but dark spiritual warfare.

The men were honorees at this year’s Pennsylvania Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Awards Dinner held at the Marriott Philadelphia West in West Conshohocken.

West, who retired from the Army in 2004, represented Florida’s 22nd congressional district from 2011 to 2013 and served as chairman of the Texas Republican Party from 2020 to 2021. He received the Phyllis Schlafly American Patriot Award.

Stigall was a long-time host at WPHT and now appears from 6 to 9 a.m. on AM990 along with his own The Chris Stigall Podcast. He received the Phyllis Schlafly Truth in Journalism Award.

West described growing up Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward with loving, patriotic parents.

“I was raised in a household of patriots,” he said.

His parents taught him that there is no greater nation than the United States of America.

“I am the testimony to them,” he said.

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle
Stan Casacio with Allen West, Chris Stigall and Andy Teitelman.
Photo by Olivia Braccio

His father, Herman, served in the Army in World War II leaving with a rank of corporal while his older brother served in Vietnam. His mother, Elizabeth, was a civilian employee of the United States Marine Corps.

West was commissioned after graduating from the University of Tennessee and its Army ROTC program.

West said rights are inherent and from God. Those who now run things hold they are not and do not. He said they want to bring back the English feudal system where one needs permission from self-proclaimed betters regarding life choices.

West said those who love freedom must stop thinking about election cycles and become constantly engaged. He encouraged outreach to neighbors and emphasized the importance of communication. He noted that billboards can be surprisingly effective.

West said it is imperative to recapture the judicial system from those who no longer have an objective standard of justice.

It is no longer Democrat vs Republican, he said.

“I don’t even think about party any more,” he said.

West thanked the many who prayed for him after his motorcycle accident three years ago. He noted not many survive a 75 mph motorcycle crash on an interstate.

Stigall talked about his faith and about how Jesus delivered him from alcoholism, which ironically was just before he lost his job at WPHT. He said, however, this led to the Salem Media Group signing him and giving him national exposure.

Stigall was introduced by Sean from Queens, a frequent caller to the show. Sean said he is the Democrats’ worst nightmare as he is a black guy from Queens who is a big Trump supporter.

Other Speakers

The first at the podium was noted Philly attorney and police supporter James Binns. He talked about the sacrifices made by those in law enforcement and called attention to the many killed in the line of duty. He said police are mentioned in the Bible, name Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matt 5:9) and Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13).

Binns has appeared in several films including Rocky Balboa and Rocky V.

Ed Martin, who is an attorney and president of Phyllis Schlafly International, noted he is representing several January 6 protestors despite establishment pressure not to. He said many attorneys are afraid to take them on as clients.

He said while reviewing video he saw someone clearly plant a pipe bomb near Sen. Kamala Harris, who was then vice president-elect. There has yet to be an arrest for this.

Alla Pukhtetska, a Ukrainian refugee, described the suffering in her country due to its war with Russia and how two million Ukrainians are now refugees in the United States with 300,000 of them living in Pennsylvania. Speaking with her was fellow refugee Julia who was Miss Ukraine 2018.

Stan Casacio, who heads Pennsylvania Phyllis Schlafly and is the force behind the dinners, spoke about the need for meritocracy in the face of the garbage being thrown at us.

He quoted William Clement Stone as saying we must have the courage to say no and the courage to face the truth.

Casacio is a long-time Montgomery County political activist who hosts the Don’t Back Down program with Vicki Lightcap. He was given the Common Sense Conservative Award to his surprised as the board had kept the honor hidden.

Several candidates for this year’s election cycle attended the dinner and were recognized.

These included Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough, who is running for the state Supreme Court; Attorney Josh Prince, who running for Commonwealth Court; Andy Warren who is running for commissioner in Bucks County; Ed Moye, a former state trooper who is running for Montgomery County Sheriff; and Tom DiBello and Liz Ferry who are running for Montgomery County Commissioner. DiBello says issues include election integrity. He said the dropboxes need to go away and the voter rolls need to be cleaned up. Ms. Ferry noted crime is becoming a problem and that they are running to win the general election.

“We are not running for third place,” she said. ” We are running for first and second place.”

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers
With Allen West are Montgomery County Commissioner candidates Tom DiBello and Liz Ferry. They say they plan to win in November and do not recommend “bullet voting”.
Photo by Olivia Braccio

Also recognized were Andy Meehan and Barry Casper of Bucks County. Meehan’s band provided entertainment for the night, with Meehan playing harmonica and doing vocals.

The candidates are all Republicans and have primary challengers. The primary is this Tuesday, May 16.

Podcaster and author Chris Scott introduced Teddy Daniels, who had run for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania two years ago.

Daniels warned the candidates that they will take as much fire from the establishment Republican leaders as they do the Democrats, and will likely be united against them.

Daniels said he has never seen an American government as oppressive to dissenters.

He said a friend who was a Jan. 6 protester from West Virginia and served a 90 sentence had been scheduled to speak. He was prohibited from leaving his state, however.

Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrett, who had been scheduled as a speaker, was unable to attend. Daniels said she told him to tell the audience that she is doing everything in her power to foil the Biden administration’s scheme to punish those with good credit and reward those not inclined to pay their debts.

Schlafly Board Member Angelina Banks talked about courage of mothers and introduced attorney Andy Teitelman, who received the organizations Inaugural Award for Election Integrity Service. Teitelman has represented many election integrity activists pro bono.

M. J. Costello spoke on behalf of Audit the Vote.

Radio host Don Beishl criticized the GOP establishment saying they always demand populists to hold their noses while voting for corporatists in general elections but are quick to abandon populists when they win nominations. Beishl said the GOP corporatists who run many of the Philadelphia area Republicans parties did not just abandoned Doug Mastriano in last year’s governor’s race but out-and-out opposed him. He mentioned several names including then Delaware County GOP Chairman Tom McGarrigle.

Photographer for the event was Olivia Braccio. Visit for examples of her work or to contact her.

West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle West And Stigall Warn Of Dangers To America, Spiritual Battle

What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention

What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention — The below letter was sent by Stan Casacio regarding the meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Committee concerning the election to replace Liz Havey as party chairman.

Dear friends + fighters for real Republican values,

     Thank you to my fellow ally Republicans for their patience and their belief in that, although difficult, competition can never be crushed if brave people do NOT back down.  Something did change on March 1st 2023!  A lot of the people there did not have real knowledge of what is at stake, or of the big issues facing swampy MCRC.  I know many of you do not know this, but when I showed up and asked to go into the Chair Convention (also Endorsement Convention derailed), the armed guards—which alone is unbelievable to have armed guards—refused me access to the room no matter what I said.  I then had to send someone in to find the parliamentarian lawyer to come out.  After about 5 to 10 minutes he came out and he told me that I couldn’t go in.  I said, wait a minute, that’s impossible.  I am a member of the Republican Party and I live in Montgomery County and I’m a candidate for Chairman.  He said hold on and went back in the room to communicate, I’m sure with the party bosses, on what to do.  He came back out and said ‘OK I can come in, but my lawyer couldn’t come in.’  At that point my lawyer and I said if he can’t come in, then this is in no way a proper meeting and I will have to initiate court action.  The lawyer then said ‘OK hold on a minute, let me go back.’  About 10 minutes later, he said ‘OK as long as you’re not disruptive’ (I have never been disruptive and I’ve always been respective of all my fellow Republicans even those that I disagree with) and we were allowed to come into the room, but we were not allowed to circulate and had to stay in the back of the room. Why? Why are they run by fear?

     Very interesting way to start a supposed “democratic by the rules” convention.  To further demonstrate hypocrisy, one of the parliamentarians made a grand speech indicating that there will be no disruptions and that we will follow Robert’s rules and the bylaws.  The former of which did not happen.  Just a thought – how many elections in the last 20 years have our bylaws won?  He then proceeded with the meeting.  Of course you all know what happened then, Joe Rooney—who was probably one of the best area republican leaders—and has put his life on the line for our country, stands up to make a point of order in which he asked, “When did Liz resign?” and of course it was brought out that Liz resigned on the 15th of February but then appointed herself as ‘acting chairman’ until the convention.  Rewriting the bylaws at their convenience.  Now I’ve been doing business for close to 50 years and have dealt with a lot of lawyers; I know all lawyers can make up anything out of everything, so we were told that ‘yes the bylaws do say that the chairman can appoint themselves as a temporary chairman until the chairman is elected,’ even though nowhere in the bylaws does it allow for that.

     Joe Rooney wanted to make a motion to postpone the convention and was trying to explain his reasoning as to Why but was then unbelievably told to “Sit down and shut up!” or he would be physically removed from the meeting by those armed guards!  I don’t know about you but I was totally shocked.  Joe being the consummate gentleman, sat down and the meeting proceeded.  You know the rest.  3 minutes to decide the future of MCRC—no questions from the floor—no debate between the candidates and one wonders why MCRC is failing.

     What we found out is, there are rules but yet there are NO rules when it comes to having a debate in our Republican Party.  If you remember I only had about a week to campaign and I was on vacation which was planned by my wife for four months prior.  Plus you also have to remember that Chris Nascimento (nice guy) was basically groomed prior to anybody knowing the exact date that Liz was going to resign.  He had an opportunity to collect the myriad of proxy votes (our party’s version of mail-in ballots) and because of this had a tremendous head start.  When you calculate the total vote (including proxies) of approximately 500 plus votes and the fact that Chris got 300 plus and I got 200, then if you eliminate the proxy votes, and remember I only had a week to campaign and flew up in 24 hours of the convention, I call it at the very minimum dead even vote.  

     There’s something else that’s even more important and that is that 50% of the party has no say or position on any of the committees that surround the party chairman.  In effect as I said General Patton in one of his famous quotes “if everyone’s thinking the same no one’s thinking”.  Remember that if it were not for passionate conservatives and passionate Republicans there would be no MCRC.  In fact, as I looked over the room I saw many old timers who have consistently supported the head chairman of MCRC—good, bad or indifferent—and therefore really bear responsibility for the demise of our once great Republican Party.  I knew how they would vote.  Of course, they never EVER take ANY responsibility.  It’s always those darn rebels.  There are never any mirrors in their homes. 

     As of today, I have not had a single call from Christian to ask me how we can bring the party together.  How can we demand voter reform, transparency in our debates if we cannot even have transparency or act democratically at our local parties?  Why is it that the Party Chairman, especially the one that I think has been replaced, takes criticism or ideas as somehow a personal threat and therefore those people must be destroyed via attacking their character, name-calling, etc.  I guess my hope that something would change and there would be an openness and an effort to include everyone is just the impossible dream that I have.

     Thank you for your support.  I will continue to support individually great candidates who represent common sense conservative principles that have proven over historical times to work.  I will never back down from the ineptness of leaders who think they walk on water.  I know I don’t.  I do know humanity only improves when we challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Thank you for your time.

Stan Casacio

What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention
What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention

GOP Establishment Keeps Control In Montco

GOP Establishment Keeps Control In Montco — Christian Nascimento won as expected, March 1, the chairmanship of the Montgomery County Republican Party.

What wasn’t expected were the armed guards who initially prevented his opponent, Stan Casacio, from entering the hall at the Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia, and would later threaten to eject his other opponent Joe Rooney.

Stan says the guards claimed his name was not on the list of those allowed. After a fuss, party officials agreed to let him in, but not his lawyer, Andy Teitelman. After more fuss, they agreed to let Teitelman in as well but said he had to stay in the back and couldn’t mingle.

During the proceedings, party officials objected to points Rooney was making leading to the threat of ejection and causing much contention.

Rooney would later endorse Stan and encourage his supporters to give him their votes.

Stan estimates that the final tally was about 300 to 200 for Nascimento with the margin being cast by proxy votes. About 400 attended the event.

Nascimento will fill the remainder of Liz Havey’s four-year term, which began in June. She unexpectedly resigned in mid February.

Stan is not conceding and is planning a lawsuit based on violations of process.

GOP Establishment Keeps Control In Montco
GOP Establishment Keeps Control In Montco

Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate

Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate — Stan Casacio announced his candidacy to replace Liz Havey as chair of the Montgomery County (Pa.) Republican Committee after her surprise resignation 10 days ago.

Casacio nearly unseated Mrs. Havey when she stood for re-election to the four-year position, June 23.

A new election by county committeepeople is scheduled for March 1. The party establishment’s choice is said to be Christian Nascimento who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against Madeleine Dean in 2022.

There is no requirement for a quick election, Casacio notes, and he suggested that it be postponed 30 days so the committeepeople can be fully aware of their options.

He would also like a candidates debate to held immediately before the vote and only those attending be allowed to cast ballots. This would mean no proxy voting, he said.

Casacio, who represents the party’s populist wing, says the only way the GOP can win elections in Montco is if the populists and establishmentarians work together.

A debate and a considered, trusted election would go a long way in ending suspicions and achieving this goal he notes.

A phone call to Nascimento was not returned.

Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate
Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate

Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair

Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair — Stan Casacio has declared his candidacy to replace Liz Havey as chair of the Montgomery County (Pa) Republican Committee.

Mrs. Havey announced last week that she is stepping down from the post she has held since 2018.

The establishment’s choice to replace is thought to be Christian Nascimento.

Nascimento is the former president of the Methacton School District who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against Madeleine Dean in 2022.

Casacio, whose involvement with Republican politics goes back to the 1960s and started soon after his discharge from the Army, nearly unseated Mrs. Havey in a committee election last June.

Here is the letter Casacio sent explaining the reasons why he is seeking the post.

Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair
Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss — Elizabeth Preate Havey has resigned as chairwoman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee. She has held the post since 2018.

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss

Her replacement will be picked March 1 during the party’s endorsement convention.

Speculation is that it will be Christian Nascimento. The former president of the Methacton School District who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against Madeleine Dean in 2022.

Montco Scrap Explains Montco’s Plight

Montco Scrap Explains Montco’s Plight — LM of Montco Scrap perfectly explains the problems facing the Philly suburbs is bipartisan.

Unipartisan is actually a better word.

Regardless of the party label most of those who reach positions of influence are in for themselves.

LM explains how the great octopus holds Gov. Josh Shaprio, Mike Vereb, Joe Hoeffel and others together in a warm embrace.

She did a lot of work explaining it and you can find her story here.

If she’s looking for a follow up she might look at the Stradley Ronon connections.

GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists

GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists

By Susan Jane Goldner

Annie Wu Henry who ultimately won it for Fetterman last month was recently written up in the New York Times and praised by the Biden Administration.  She is a 26-year-old social media guru from York, Pa., who was given free rein to operate effectively for Fetterman campaign via social media, networking, strategizing and covering events, and communications.

I met Annie in October at a MontCo rally while doing recon for Dr. Oz.  None of Oz’ paid staffers were there.  She reminded me of myself –except for being on the other side — nine years ago when I passionately joined the Montgomery County fake Republican Committee which is now squashed and useless thanks to authoritarian non-leadership, lack of conservatives, and failure by design.  

Instead of allowing me to do what I do best: networking, strategizing, effectively covering events, outreach and messaging, which I have done for over a decade now for all the right causes, the backstabbing local GOPe –Liz H. and her cronies — silenced me by removal, disparagement, slander and intimidation bc they hold the “power”.

What power?  Where does the power come from*?  Where has it gotten them?  They’ve allowed for Pennsylvania to turn completely blue and have no real victories to show for their pitiful self-serving selves, especially here in the Southeast.  While Annie and the radical democrat socialists are laughing all the way to the WH.

*Answer: the Elite whereas Annie’s messaging largely on social media outlets was successful in a non-threatening way to Bring Power Back to the People.

Ms. Goldner was removed in 2018 from her post as Lower Gwynedd committeewoman — an elected, unpaid, position — after expressing views on Facebook about which party leaders disapproved.

GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists
GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists
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