Montco Judge Puts Lawyer In Cuffs

Montco Judge Puts Lawyer In Cuffs — We just posted the horror story involving Montgomery County, Pa.’s judicial system and then we learn this was just put on Facebook by National Safe Parents.

It concerns Richard Ducote, a litigator on matters of domestic abuse. Ducote, who is based in Louisiana, got a license to practice in Pennslvania in 2009.

Montco Judge Puts Respected Lawyer In Cuffs
Richard Ducote

He is representing noted ophthalmologist Dr. Nicole Gross in her own horror-story divorce case.

Montco Common Please Court Judge Kelly Wall had Ducote arrested and handcuffed, May 8, while he was questioning a witness, according to Danielle Pollack of National Safe Parents.

Ducote had said that Judge Wall should recuse herself as she had engaged in ex parte communications, which is a violation of judicial ethics.

He says his arrest was retaliation for this.

Ex parte is when one of the parties in a legal dispute is not present when an action occurs. Sometimes it’s allowed but usually not.

Montco Judge Puts Lawyer In Cuffs

Montco Courts Still Won’t Let Jody McMahon See Her Kids

Montco Courts Still Won’t Let Jody McMahon See Her Kids — Maybe the evil was always there and maybe it just seems worse because it’s getting exposed.

Which would be a good thing, we suppose.

Anyway, here’s another story from Montgomery County, Pa.

Jody McMahon’s marriage hit the rocks, and she and her husband, Shawn, separated in 2017.

Jody, of West Pottsgrove, was an English teacher at Owen J. Roberts High School. Shawn was a financial adviser.

There was a custody fight over their four children. An adjudication hearing was held June 4, 2019. Shawn showed up with a team of lawyers. Jody represented herself.

Shawn got complete custody.


A custody evaluation described him as “immature and self-indulgent”. It said he “might go into rage because of poor impulse control.”

Among other things.

So why did he get complete custody?

Jody is an epileptic and prone to seizures. Is that a reason for a stripping a mom of all rights and contact with her children? Only in a place completely devoid of compassion.

A truly monstrous place.

Like Montgomery County.

Jody returned to court on Nov. 19 of that year. This time she brought a lawyer.

Or thought she did. The lawyer didn’t show. Jody says she learned the lawyer was pressured to drop her that morning.

Her American with Disabilities Act advocate, Tina Graham, stood by her, however.

Jody had a right to the advocate because of her epilepsy.

Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy was made aware of Jody’s condition and why Ms. Graham’s presence was needed.

During the hearing, Jody had a seizure.

Did the judge postpone the hearing? Call for an ambulance?

No, she put Jody in leg shackles and handcuffs, and charged her with contempt.

When the deputies lifted her from her chair they dropped her and her head banged the courtroom’s concrete floor.

So an ambulance was called, after all.

Her restraints weren’t removed, though, not even at the hospital.

There is a well-understood protocol for treating epileptic seizures. Unfortunately it can’t be done with one’s hands and feet shackled.

Jody fell again at the hospital, again banging her head on the floor.

This time she fractured her skull.

She also suffered a stroke.

Did Demchick-Alloy schedule a new hearing? No, she awarded Shawn sole custody.

Jody got one-hour-per- week supervised visitation for the first year.

There was no visitation during Covid.

Now, she gets 15 minutes per week with her children over Zoom. She has to pay $90 to the county for someone to supervise.

She says the children ask why she let their dog starve to death.

For the record, she didn’t.

You kind of wonder where they got the idea she did.

The $90 per week to talk to her children is her largest expense, she says. She is well below the poverty line.

Regarding what happened in Judge Demchick-Alloy’s courtroom, you would think the media would have made it a bigger issue.

KWY’s Carol MacKenzie had a story which was followed by crickets. Nothing in Larry Weilheimer’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Nothing on any of the local evening newscasts.

Somebodies and somethings are being protected.

Montco Courts Still Won't Let Jody McMahon See Her Kids -- Maybe the evil was always there and maybe it just seems worse because it's  getting exposed.
Jody McMahon in happier times with her children.

Montco Courts Still Won’t Let Jody McMahon See Her Kids

Elderly Woman Gets Expensive Misery Courtesy Montco Adult Services

Elderly Woman Gets Expensive Misery Courtesy Montco Adult Services — The social services promoted by the caring crowd are appearing more and more to be a money making scam, and a cruel one.

Jenny Reimenschneider has a horror story about the Montgomery County (Pa) Older Adult Protective Services.

It started about 2-and-a-half ago. Her mom, Elsie, then 84, had been living with her 59-year-old  brother, JG. For years they were inseparable and Elsie took him everywhere, then lost an eye after botched cataract surgery by Wills Eye Hospital.

The brother had been recognized as disabled by Social Security since a teen, though he had a business degree and made many of Elsie’s appointments.

They lived in a condo in Mont Clare.

When Elsie could no longer drive, Jenny and her sister Sophia helped as they could but it was not enough.

Friends pitched in to take Elsie to appointments and meals but it was still not enough.

The brother asked the visiting doctor if they could get help. She brought the matter up to the county who turned it over to Adult Protective Services.

An agent visited the home and declared it to be an unfit environment.

Jenny concedes it was not perfect but Elsie had a constant companion and was content.

No matter. Montco assigned Elsie a lawyer she didn’t want. The lawyer began charging her $300 per hour, while ignoring her directions and wishes.

A guardian was assigned.

“Guardians are thought to be good things,” Jenny said. “You know like guardian angels.”

This one though was cold and cruel. She was also indifferent to the wishes of the mother.

She appeared to be in cahoots with the lawyer and it was from her she took directions, Jenny said.

A hearing was held.

The mom was ordered from her home and into Genesis Healthcare’s Manor Care of King of Prussia.

Her children’s visits were supervised. Jenny says Elsie cried at each one asking why they were keeping her there.

The children were forbidden from saying why.

The county began the steps to take her $200,000 home.

Here, though, is where the plot was foiled.

JG’s disability kept him from being evicted.

Three more hearings ensued. Jenny, Sophia and her other brother Jerald acquired joint custody of Elsie.

Still the county won’t let Elsie leave a “care” facility.


Imagine us rubbing our fingers together while pretending we have green paper between them.

The Reimenschneiders’ battle to get Elsie home continues. So far it has cost them about $15,000 in legal fees — which Jenny says pales compared to others fighting Montco — and the $10,000 apiece Elsie was forced to pay the county-appointed lawyer and the county-appointed guardian.

The county also paid the lawyer $10G and the lawyer continues to bill the county.

If it looks like corruption, swims like corruption and quacks like corruption, what else can it be?

Elderly Woman Gets Expensive Misery Courtesy Montco Adult Services 
Elsie Reimenschneider with her family when she was free
Elderly Woman Gets Expensive Misery Courtesy Montco Adult Services 
Elsie Reimenschneider confined at Manor Care

AG Wants 30 Days To Answer Connolly RTK

AG Wants 30 Days To Answer Connolly RTK — The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General says it needs another 30 days, or until April 24, to answer the right-to-know (RTK) request Sean Connolly submitted March 18.

RTK Officer Sharon K. Maitland said the extension was needed due to the extent of Connolly’s request.

Connolly of Collegeville bought a Toll Brothers-built house in 2017 and says its shoddy construction makes it barely livable.

He has recorded his grievances at

He says state, municipal and Montgomery County authorities are protecting Toll Brothers and then Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Connolly seeks communications between the AG office and attorneys Jennifer Horn and Carter Williamson of Horn Williamson relating to Toll Brothers along with documents such as inter-office emails and meeting agendas involving former Consumer Protection Division Director Sarah Frasch in which Connolly was mentioned.

He also seeks financial records relating to use of special agents used to contact Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, both of Delaware County, after they reported election irregularities in November 2020 to former US Attorney Bill McSwain.

Connolly also asked for all communications sent to Dr. Scott Rifkin who is an advisor to now Gov. Shapiro. He says Shapiro, Rifkin and others were involved in a backdoor deal to sell the 200 acre county-owned Parkhouse property while Shapiro was a county commissioner.

Connolly has numerous other request in his RTK and we are including a pdf of the attorney general office’s response.

AG Wants 30 Days To Answer Connolly RTK -- The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General has informed Sean Connolly they will need another 30 days,

Flipping On Shapiro?

Flipping On Shapiro?Doom, despair and misery aside, most in law enforcement and government are good guys. Granted, they are not usually the ones running things but they are the majority.

We just heard from a credible source that someone is about to flip on Gov. Josh Shapiro.

Keep watching the Montgomery County Courthouse, people. Keep watching the courthouse.

Flipping On Shapiro?
“Steele” yourself

Corruption Rampant In Montco; Resident Describes To Commissioners Cronyism And Falsifying Documents

Corruption Rampant In Montco; Resident Describes To Commissioners Cronyism And Falsifying Documents — Sean Connolly took his peeled onion to his county commissioners, this morning, March 21.

“I know about the corruption that goes on in Montgomery County,” he said.

Connolly said deeds and certificates of occupations have been falsified, and crimes were covered up by law enforcement. He laid all at the feet of Josh Shapiro who chaired the Montco Commissioners before becoming Pennsylvania attorney general in 2017 and then governor in 2023.

He said Shapiro was involved in a backdoor deal with Scott Rifkin to sell the 200 acre county-owned Parkhouse property as county commissioner.

Connolly, a former Montco deputy sheriff, said Shapiro had a long-standing personal relationship to the Toll family of Toll Brothers developers. He said Shapiro has taken substantial campaign contributions from the Tolls and that he has worked to cover up complaints over Toll Brothers homes such as water-intrusion..

That’s what started Connolly’s crusade. He had purchased an expensive Toll Brothers home in 2017. There were problems even before he moved in and he, his wife and kids were living in a hotel. After he moved in, things were not fixed.

The roof leaked. There were gas leaks, and frozen pipes. The framing from basement to roof was compromised.

He said there were about 20 other homes in his development with the same problems.

He said the certificate of occupancy had been falsified by the township code inspector. Connolly said he contacted police and nothing happened. He sought his records via a right-to-know request and what police gave him was redacted.

Connolly said his deed was illegally recorded.

He was unable to get relief from the authorities — whether at the municipal, county, state or federal level — that allegedly protect citizens in such matter.

So he has taken the matter to the public.

Yesterday, he was interviewed by Emerald Robinson and gave far more detail than he was able to in the three minutes granted by the Montco Commissioners.

He has also started the website in which he shows the receipts he acquired on his journey.

Connolly has branched off into investigating the other scandals involving Montgomery County. In his three minutes before the commissioners he cited the one concerning conservatorships. In an interview afterwards, he said there is a looming child sex scandal.

Some have accused Montco’s courts of using their power in the appointment of guardians to rob the elderly of their estates. The late talk show host Marti Oakley had it as a regular topic.

We have written several times about Elaine Mickman who says the county has worked with her ex to strip her of her home and assets.

Today we met Arthur who brought a sign saying “DA Steele Protects Guardianship Corruption.”

Arthur also has a website:

There is a whole lot of smoke in Montco and somewhere we think there is a raging fire.

Other ugliness revealed, today, was that King of Prussia was the nation’s second largest source of child trafficking behind Las Vegas.

A woman, who said she worked at one of the county’s Jefferson-Einstein hospitals, said young foreign women constantly arrive to give birth. The fathers are invariably “disgusting” American men with fake address. She was in near tears. She said she fears what happens to the babies after they leave.

Commissioner Tom DiBello backed her up. He said that Pennsylvania is the worst state in the nation for child trafficking due to its location and interstates.

One speaker said that taxes rose 34 percent over the last four years.

The commissioners passed a bizarre Soviet-sounding ordinance establishing a “Food Policy Council”. This would include “stakeholders” who are people who have no stake in the production or profitability of an enterprise.

Commissioner Neil Makhija said the county has 600 farms but only six percent grow vegetables.

Resident Joe Rooney of Abington called out their stupidity.

He said this was a five-year Soviet plan.

“How many of you people have ever raised chickens?” he asked. “How many of you have ever raised turkeys?”

We have a suspicion that there will be a whole lot less than 600 farms by the time this bunch is through.

There are a whole lot of half-acre backyards in Montco that would make just peachy vegetable patches. Who needs swimming pools and barbecue pits? Hey Neil, let all your wealthy suburban supporters know they can solve this problem themselves.

Despite the serious problems, today’s action by the commissioners was mostly creepy wokeyness. There were poetry readings and celebrations of women’s history month. Makhija took great pride in the upcoming “pride” month. Why one would take pride in pointless, dangerous and deviant sex remains a puzzle.

Maybe in a few short years the child traffickers will get a month of their own.

Corruption Rampant In Montco; Resident Describes To Commissioners Cronyism And Falsifying Documents
Arthur with his sign outside the commissioners meeting room.

The interview by Emerald Robinson of Connolly along with Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes:

Corruption Rampant In Montco and Corruption Rampant In Montco

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce — We met attorney Renee Mazer at Wednesday’s hearing concerning election transparency in Delaware County and learned she is an author, a bit of a comedienne, and a crusader for reform in Pennsylvania’s family courts.

Her book The Dirty Secrets of Divorce or What Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You is a warning about the dangers and costs of divorce along with the apparent corruption that makes divorce far more painful and expensive than it has to be.

This apparent corruption includes the alleged theft of property and untenable and unconcionable loss of access to children.

It’s based on what she experienced in Chester County family courts during her divorce, and what she saw in countless other cases from around country.

What she describes meshes with Montco resident Elaine Mickman’s experiences mentioned several times here.

The Dirty Secrets though is anything but angry. It’s short, whimsical and upbeat. It features poetry — which is rather funny — and cartoons.

The warnings and explanations of the problems with the process are pointed, though.

Practical, much cheaper, options for couples wanting to split up are presented and they might be the most significant part of the book.

These include marriage restructuring with informal arrangements, legal separation, and collaborative divorce, all clearly described.

Places where the book can be bought include Amazon.

Besides the book, Renee has created a whole new method for divorce called The Mazer Method, which is almost court free.

“We act as coaches,” she said. “We don’t act as lawyers.”

Basically, the parties file their own papers and little or no time is before a judge.

It is much more affordable and healthier, she says. She says her clients are quite pleased with the service, and their kids are doing great.

And she’s also considering going into comedy.

And she says that her experiences with Pennsylvania’s family court system have left her with strong opinions regarding divorce.

“Hypothetically, I can unequivocally say . . . I would choose a psychopathic, child torturing spouse I haven’t had sex with in years over child torturing psychopathic lawyers and judges who screw me on a daily basis,” she said.

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Remembering Pauline Braccio, A Fighter For Dignity

Remembering Pauline Braccio, A Fighter For Dignity — A memorial service, today, Dec. 10, for Pauline Braccio packed the Golden Boar restaurant with those seeking to pay tribute to Montgomery County’s defender of underdogs.

Pauline died unexpectedly last month. The event was organized by WWDB hosts Stan Cascio, Andy Teitelman and Don Beishl. Many of the guests were New Yorkers involved in the city’s freedom movement.

Yes, believe it or not, The Big Apple has a freedom movement.

About two dozen of them traveled two hours on this rainy day to remember Pauline. Many took to the mic to share memories and stories of her. They had gotten to know her from her daughter Olivia’s photo essays and stories of New York events.

And they got to love her as many of us did.

Olivia’s work, by the way, is becoming well regarded in influential circles.

We’d also like to plug the Golden Boar which was generous with its time and service. It’s a Ukrainian restaurant and we can attest that its food is authentic and delicious. You can find it at 2158 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006.

Remembering Pauline Braccio, A Fighter For Dignity

Remembering Pauline Braccio at the Golden Boar

Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached

Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached — Gov. Josh “Male Democrat Feminist” Shapiro saved “Minion” Mike Vereb’s butt from a big beating when he had the state settled the sex harassment allegations against him, as per  Angela Couloumbis of Spotlight PA.

Vereb still had to resign as the Secretary of Legislative Affairs, though.

Betcha he lands in something soft though.

If he’s buds with Josh, you know he has good connections.

Hey, did know that Mike once chaired the Montgomery County Republican Party?


Why is Josh giving Republicans Party leaders top jobs? Why are the Republican Leaders accepting them?

Is there two parties or just one?

Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached
Gov. Josh “MDF” Shapiro
Vereb Sex Harassment Settlement Reportedly Reached

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do?

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do? — Radio host extraordinaire Dom Giordano has a column in today’s, June 13, Delaware Valley Journal concerning a threat made by Norristown Council President Tom LePera to send the borough’s homeless to the Villanova University Campus.

Nova law professor and homeless advocate Stephanie Sena has been doing her best to keep Norristown, which has a poverty rate of 21 percent, from solving the problem.

LePera, a Democrat, noted that Villanova has lots of dorm rooms available with school being out for the summer.

Villanova is in Delaware County’s rich Radnor Township, the Main Line land of limousine liberals.

LePera has since somewhat walked back his statements so Christine Reuther might be able to refrain from ranting at Joy Schwartz about it during the next Delco Council meeting.

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do?

Montco Threatens Delco With Homeless Invasion; What Will Christine Reuther Do?