Montco Scrap Explains Montco’s Plight

Montco Scrap Explains Montco’s Plight — LM of Montco Scrap perfectly explains the problems facing the Philly suburbs is bipartisan.

Unipartisan is actually a better word.

Regardless of the party label most of those who reach positions of influence are in for themselves.

LM explains how the great octopus holds Gov. Josh Shaprio, Mike Vereb, Joe Hoeffel and others together in a warm embrace.

She did a lot of work explaining it and you can find her story here.

If she’s looking for a follow up she might look at the Stradley Ronon connections.

GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists

GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists

By Susan Jane Goldner

Annie Wu Henry who ultimately won it for Fetterman last month was recently written up in the New York Times and praised by the Biden Administration.  She is a 26-year-old social media guru from York, Pa., who was given free rein to operate effectively for Fetterman campaign via social media, networking, strategizing and covering events, and communications.

I met Annie in October at a MontCo rally while doing recon for Dr. Oz.  None of Oz’ paid staffers were there.  She reminded me of myself –except for being on the other side — nine years ago when I passionately joined the Montgomery County fake Republican Committee which is now squashed and useless thanks to authoritarian non-leadership, lack of conservatives, and failure by design.  

Instead of allowing me to do what I do best: networking, strategizing, effectively covering events, outreach and messaging, which I have done for over a decade now for all the right causes, the backstabbing local GOPe –Liz H. and her cronies — silenced me by removal, disparagement, slander and intimidation bc they hold the “power”.

What power?  Where does the power come from*?  Where has it gotten them?  They’ve allowed for Pennsylvania to turn completely blue and have no real victories to show for their pitiful self-serving selves, especially here in the Southeast.  While Annie and the radical democrat socialists are laughing all the way to the WH.

*Answer: the Elite whereas Annie’s messaging largely on social media outlets was successful in a non-threatening way to Bring Power Back to the People.

Ms. Goldner was removed in 2018 from her post as Lower Gwynedd committeewoman — an elected, unpaid, position — after expressing views on Facebook about which party leaders disapproved.

GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists
GOP Loses By Ignoring Activists

Montco House Incumbent Lost By 58 Votes

Montco House Incumbent Lost By 58 Votes

By Bob Small

In what may have been the closest Pennsylvania House race this year, Melissa Cerrato had 16,799 votes for the PA 151st   District, while incumbent Todd Stephens had 16,741.  Though the difference was only  58 votes, on Nov. 17 Todd Stephens conceded.

Todd Stephens was first elected in 2010.  In 2010 Pa. Senator Arlen Specter lost in theprimary, to “the Admiral”, Joe Sestak, who , in turn lost in the General Election.  And that’s how Senator Pat Toomey was first elected.

At the time, it was thought Cerrato’s election gave the Dems a 102 member majority in the House.  However, this is now being questioned.

Democrat State Senator Tony Deluca died on Oct. 9 and there’s a contention he should not be included in the 102 majority.

The special elections, so far, will also involve Austin Davis, John Gordner, and Summer Lee.

Todd Stephens graduated Widener University School of Law.  In 2004, he was appointed Special Assistant United States Attorney, later appointed to the Firearms Unit. When he resigned in 2010, he had achieved a 99 percent conviction rate with 1,500 convictions, including 18 homicide convictions.

According to Ballotpedia, there were over a hundred bills sponsored by Todd Stepherns;

This summer, he sponsored House Bill 2125 which would ban the criminalization of homosexuality.

Stephens said “Love should never be illegal”. This does not fit the stereotype of a conservative republican, as portrayed in the legacy media.

The 151st District is in Montgomery County and includes  Horsham and parts of Upper Dublin Township.

Melissa Cerrato had been chief of staff to PA State Rep Liz Hanbidge (D-61). Prior to that, she had been an elder caregiver and Uber driver, all the while being a mother to four children.  Her husband, John is a member of Steamfitters Local 420.

She has an extensive list of priorities (see the above website) but some main ones are affordable child care, clean air and pure water, decreasing drug costs, and living wage.

Montco House Incumbent Lost By 58 Votes
Montco House Incumbent Lost By 58 Votes

Montco Commissioners Grilled About Unsupervised Ballot Boxes

Montco Commissioners Grilled About Unsupervised Ballot Boxes

By Pauline Braccio

Election integrity was the subject of most of those speaking before Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, Sept. 1, and many questions involved the unsupervised ballot drop-boxes placed around the county.

Also, the manner and place where the mail-ballots will be counted was brought up. As well, as the length of time people will have to vote. The mail-in ballots are slated to go out starting on Sept. 19.

That means more than 7 weeks of early voting. 

Another hot topic is the unlawful interpretation of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Law. The Sunshine Law governs the way public meetings are held. The law is not being followed. Josh Stein, the current county solicitor, is the author of the Rules for Public Comment. It has been brought to his attention on several occasions in the past several months that he is violating not only the Sunshine Law, but the US Constitution, as well. Objections were raised while he was reading the “Rules.”

The new justice center is also of debate. The commissioners approved a building that will cost the residents $500 million over the next three to five years. That is half a billion! Is it any wonder taxes are climbing and will continue to do so? There was no information given as to why this colossal building is necessary. No building plans made public. This is the dream of Judge Thomas DelRicci. He is still a judge on Court of Common Pleas. DelRicci just stepped down as the President Judge.

Please come to the next meeting in person. It is 10 a.m., Thursday, Sept 15 at One Montgomery Plaza,  425 Swede St, Norristown. It is directly across Swede St from the courthouse. The meeting is held on the 8th Floor.

If you attend through Zoom, you will not have the ability to voice an objection during the meeting because your mic will be muted. This is also a violation of the Sunshine Law.

You can watch the Sept 1 meeting here or below.

Start at minute marker 17:31 to get to the beginning of the Public Comment portion and Josh Stein is reading the rules for public comment. What follows are the comments from those in attendance and on Zoom. 

Montco Commissioners Grilled About Unsupervised Ballot Boxes
Montco Commissioners Grilled About Unsupervised Ballot Boxes

Josh Shapiro Is Dangerous Says Pauline Braccio

Josh Shapiro Is Dangerous Says Pauline Braccio

By Pauline Braccio

My column was inspired by Josh Shapiro Tweets Toni Shuppe in which he calls Mrs. Shuppe “dangerous.” The only way Pennsylvania is in danger is if Shapiro becomes governor. I can’t speak for Delco, but here in Montgomery County we have a rapist as the chair of the Board of Elections. That would be Ken Lawrence who is also the vice-chair of the Board of Commissioners. The Board of Elections consists of the three commissioners hence also includes Republican token Joe Gale as vice chair and Valerie Arkoosh, who is commissioner chairwoman.

Valerie and Ken were picked to be county commissioners by Shapiro — Valerie before Shapiro left and Ken as his replacement when he became state attorney general.

They will do what it takes to see that Little Josh will prevail in Montco. Remember, Josh lives in Abington, Montgomery County.

If Josh becomes governor, he will appoint Valerie as Health Secretary. Her medical license listed her as anesthesiologist until December 2020 when it was changed to surgeon.

Valerie Arkoosh has kept up the Covid mandates in Montco long after Wolf backed off and the CDC ended vaccine status discrimination. She is still, at nearly every meeting, insisting that people continue getting vaxxed. Is this foreshadowing what she will recommend for PA when she is the health secretary?

Josh will also take Ken for whatever position in Harrisburg.

Ken’s “work history” consists of sitting on different boards. For a time, he was on the Judicial Conduct Board as vice-chair, but you won’t see that in his bio. He resigned when it was determined that he would become a member of the Montco Board of Commissioners in May 2015. Shapiro thought it best so there would be no appearance of a conflict of interest.

Josh Shapiro Is Dangerous Says Pauline Braccio
Dangerous Josh Shapiro

Currently, Ken is on the board of SEPTA. I am sure that fact has been instrumental in helping SEPTA with the new rail line from Philly to Reading. Also, Ken is the treasurer of the committee formed to oversee the progress of the new SEPTA line. No conflict of interest there?

Go to the Montco website to see other boards of which Ken has been a member. I do believe he is/was on the Merck Board, but that is not listed in his bio.

Ken Lawrence, Jr is a rapist. How do I know this? He raped me. This has been written about and made public. Right after I told my story, Shelly R. Smith, the former County Solicitor resigned. Ken’s Administrative Assistant, Shannon, a young woman, quit. A township supervisor in Montco and long-time good friend of Ken’s, cut off all contact and support for his campaign in early 2019. She and I met at her request and she told me about their conversation when she confronted him. She did not know me at all until she met me. She said Ken never denied raping me.

He cannot be trusted to do the moral and legal options when it involves anything to do with the elections.

Yet, there he sits as the Chair of the Board of Elections. 

In 2023, the commissioners are up for reelection. If Doug Mastriano wins, will Valerie and Ken run? If they do, we must not let them win.

If you want to witness how the commissioners violate the Constitution, break the PA Sunshine Law, and other antics, come to the next Commissioners Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15. It is held at 10 a.m. in One Montgomery Plaza, on the 8th Floor. The address is 425 Swede St, Norristown. The building is directly across from the Courthouse.

Josh Shaprio And Val’s Wife

Josh Shaprio And Val’s Wife — Everyone considering voting for Josh Shapiro should ask: Why as Montco’s big Democrat boss did he get the wife of soon-to-be-state-GOP-chairman and soon-to-be-force-out-in-disgrace Val DiGiorgio a $105K do-nothing Montco job?

Josh Shaprio And Val's Wife
Big Buddies

Stan Casacio Comments From Montco GOP Election

Stan Casacio Comments From Montco GOP Election

Stan Casacio sent us a copy of the speech he made after the Montgomery County Republican Committee’s election of officers, last night, along with a letter to supporters.

Liz Preate Havey was re-elected as party chairwoman in a surprisingly close election.

We are publishing Stan’s comments.

Being the chairman of a party especially ours is like herding cats everybody is pulling and tugging you in many different ways.  

For 50 years I’ve supported our great Republican Party. I’ve been standing on the poles since the days of hard hat for Nixon and yes my hair did stick out from underneath the hard HAT. 

 I’ve always tried to emphasize the positive aspects  of our Republican message Which is a common sense pragmatic conservative moral message. 

We understand that inflation, government corruption and crime does not discriminate. Many of you have been to my house and HAVE enjoyed many of my events.

 I have offered time on my radio show to our candidates to speak anytime

Diane and I have entertained everyone from national leaders to  local candidates to Tuskegee pilots to Tiffany Trump and everyone in between

But enough about me.  the question IS why we are here tonight.

We are here tonight because we all know that’s something is not right.

We are here tonight because our grand old party continues to SNATCH DEFEAT from the victory.

We are here tonight because we are tired of our leadership ignoring the needs of the people.

We are here tonight because we are tired of getting an echo instead of a choice AND BEING Disenfranchised.

We ARE here tonight to say that the insanity of doing the same thing over and over again and hoping to get a different result ends tonight.

We are here tonight because TONIGHT we are going to begin to start to win.

We are here TONIGHT to state that the American dream is not dead and that we the people are in charge of our destiny.

We begin tonight to unite this party like it has never been united before

We begin tonight to be like our founding fathers and not back down And not to accept that BS that we are the radicals when in fact the progressive liberal Democrat party are the radicals of destruction

AFTER  tonight we will begin TO take back our schools, our government and have fair elections.

After tonight we will take back and recognize real science SO That IN Montgomery County transgender men will not compete in women sports or get changed in women’s locker rooms. 

And we ARE HERE TONIGHT TO SHOUT OUT THAT ALL LIFE IS IMPORTANT AND WE will always err on the side of life.

WE ARE HERE TONIGHT TO SAY THAT little Nero Josh Shapiro with his Laurel CROWN ON his head will no longer be able to fiddle while crime sores and our state burns.

I end on this though –in the movie FM Peter Finch at the end OF the movie is so fed up with what is happening he and demands everybody go to their windows and stand up shout out and say we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. 

We are in a revolution IN WHICH THE democratic leftist party is destroying Our county our state in our country and it’s up to us to shout out that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. 

I ask you to stand and make this pledge that we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore .

Please vote for me let’s make  change happen.

Thank you letter

Dear Friends,

I would like to take a moment and thank everybody who took time out of their day and engaged in the process to try to make our Grand Old Party better. I also want to thank all of you personally for supporting me and supporting the movement that, I hope, in some small way helps us to become winners.

As I stated, Republicans have the message. We should not run from it. We have the historical data that proves the common sense pragmatic conservative moral based message works. The real antagonist to our American dream is the now socialist progressive Liberal Democrat party, that somehow believes that laws, voting systems and government can be changed to meet their globalist view. Our constitution is meaningless to them. The Success or failure of individual Americans does not matter to them.

As to the meeting, at best it was confusing, at worst it was chaos. That is not to say I question the outcome but I do question the process. As a relatively successful businessperson, I am always looking to do things better so that we can obtain better outcomes. It was mentioned to me after the meeting by one person, who joked, “How can this party correct our voting system when it cannot even conduct a coherent voting process”. 

There is no question that the by-laws need to be changed. That the election of three most important positions chairman, vice chairman and treasurer, should be held as individual elections.  Then a candidate for one can be nominated for other positions if they lose in the initial position. The reason for that is quite clear, generally that person has generated enough interest by party members to have other alternatives open to that person.

Another suggestion that should be made in the bylaws is that there is truly a need for a recall provision. By having the recall provision, a chairman, a vice chairman and a treasurer,  will know that a majority of Republican Party committee people will need to be satisfied  and the success or failure of the leadership’s agenda can be changed. Four years is a long time to put up with a failed administration. Example -Joe Biden!

The other legitimate question that I was asked was why in the end did I challenge Liz Havey. Clearly as a vote total showed, there was a large group of active Republican Committee people, who are in the trenches every day, wanted a change. I felt that given those circumstances it was important to at least have the opportunity for those people to vote. That is the great thing about a democracy in which people have choices. Under a fair voting system, The act of voting becomes a relief valve which can prevent much broader chaos.

So once again thank you for being there, thank you for expressing your support and thank you for all that you do for our great party. Remember the real antagonists, the real radicals are not Republicans, are not conservatives and they truly are not the American people but is this radical socialist progressive Democrat party that has brought chaos and turmoil to our cities, has redefined the nature of science, and is now driving the American family into poverty.


Stan Casacio

Stan Casacio Comments From Montco GOP Election
Stan Casacio Comments From Montco GOP Election Stan Casacio Comments From Montco GOP Election Stan Casacio Comments From Montco GOP Election

Liz Squeaks By In Montco

Liz Squeaks By In Montco — Liz Preate Havey maintained her seat as Montgomery County Republican Chairwoman beating Stan Casacio in an apparent squeaker of an election, last night, June 23.

Liz Squeaks By In Montco
Keeps her title

Casacio said it was agreed that the final total would not be disclosed.

Nancy Becker will remain as vice chairwoman.

Casacio said it was the most passionate meeting the party has had in a while.

“Room was so packed you couldn’t even move,” he said.

Mrs. Havey, who works for the generally Democrat-supporting Center City law firm of Dilworth Paxson, said several times during the night that she will strongly back Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano over Democrat Josh Shapiro, a fellow Montco resident who also worked for a Center-City law firm, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, before becoming Pennsylvania’s attorney general.

That she had to say it shows why there was a contest.

Liz Squeaks By In Montco

Faceus Features Elaine Mickman

Faceus Features Elaine Mickman — Elaine Mickman of Lower Merion will be interviewed, 9 tonight, Oct. 20 on F.A.C.E.U.S. radio regarding her book, Court-Gate…the Courts “Divorced from the Law” : Without Liberty or Justice at all, which concerns her experiences with the Montgomery County, Pa., courts.

The show is co-hosted by Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Marci Friedman and Hillary Hogue and can be heard here.

Elaine is a full-time mother to 5 children. After 21 years of marriage, she was blindsided when her ex-husband filed for divorce. Four months later she found herself trapped in the eroded court system where not one court order was based on fact or law. After eight years of litigation, the court never divided the marital assets. All appeals, including those from orders that proved fraud, were denied. 

Faceus Features Elaine Mickman
Faceus Features Elaine Mickman
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