Homily On Matthew 8 By Saint John Chrysostom

Homily On Matthew 8 By Saint John Chrysostom — But nevertheless, though having such great faith, he still accounted himself to be unworthy. Christ, however, signifying that he was worthy to have Him enter his house, did much greater things, marveling at him and proclaiming him and giving more than he had asked.

For he came indeed seeking for his servant’s health of body, but went away, having received a kingdom.

Do you see how the saying had already been fulfilled? “Seek the kingdom of heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you.” For because he evinced great faith, and lowliness of mind, He both gave him heaven, and added unto him health.

And not by this alone did He honor him, but also by signifying upon whose casting out he is brought in. For now from this time forth He proceeds to make known to all, that salvation is by faith, not by works of the law.

And this is why not to Jews only, but to Gentiles also the gift so given shall be prooffered, and to the latter rather than to the former.

For “think not,” he says He, by any means, that so it has come to pass in regard of this man alone; nay so it shall be in regard of the whole world. And this He said, prophesying of the Gentiles, and suggesting to them good hopes. For in fact there were some following Him from Galilee of the Gentiles. And this He said, on the one hand, not letting the Gentiles despair, on the other hand putting down the proud spirits of the Jews.

But that His saying might not affront the hearers, nor afford them any handle; He neither brings forward prominently what He has to say of the Gentiles, but upon occasion taken from the centurion; nor does He use nakedly the term, Gentiles: Not saying many of the Gentiles but many from east and west:’ Matthew 8:11 which was the language of one pointing out the Gentiles, but did not so much affront the hearers because His meaning was under a shadow.

Neither in this way only does He soften the apparent novelty of His doctrine, but also by speaking of “Abraham’s bosom” instead of “the kingdom”.

Saint John Chrysotom

Homily On Matthew 8

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh-Bearers Church of Swarthmore

Homily On Matthew 8 By Saint John Chrysostom

Laughing helps William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-16-24

Laughing helps William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-16-24

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: No matter what your heartache may be, laughing helps you forget it for a few seconds.

Red Skelton

Laughing helps

Reading of All Good Books William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-15-24

Reading of All Good books William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-15-24

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.
Rene Descartes

Reading of All Good books William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-15-24Rene Descartes

TR And Flag Day And Baseball

TR And Flag Day And Baseball

By Joe Guzzardi

In 1904, the United States was booming under President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.’s dynamic leadership. Roosevelt took over as president after a Polish anarchist assassinated President William McKinley in Buffalo. The populace loved Roosevelt who had been the Rough Riders’ leader, an author, an outdoorsman, a rancher and the New York governor. No city was thriving more than New York with its immigrant-fueled population growth and its flourishing economy. New York was big enough to support three professional baseball teams, the National League’s Giants, the American League’s Highlanders, and Brooklyn’s Superbas. The Highlanders and the Superbas eventually became the Yankees and the Dodgers. Immigrants loved baseball, in part because some of their fellow first- and second-generation immigrants excelled on the diamond. Among the most outstanding were Pittsburgh Pirates’ shortstop Honus Wagner, an eight-time batting champion and the Baltimore Orioles’ third baseman John J. McGraw, who ranks third in career on base percentage, .466, just behind Ted Williams, .481 and Babe Ruth, .474.

Opening Day 1904 at Hilltop Park, a single-deck, wooden structure also known as “The Rockpile,” matched the Highlanders against the Boston Americans, the Red Sox forerunners. Hilltop, built in Manhattan’s Washington Heights section, had a spectacular view. To the northwest lay the Hudson River and the Palisades; look in the opposite direction and the Long Island Sound and the Westchester Hills were visible.

Heavy snow fell during April 14’s morning hours but when the 3:30 game time rolled around, the weather was dry and bitterly cold. The nasty weather did not deter the 69th Armory Band from entertaining the spectators which included former National League star Cap Anson, .331 career average and injured Giants catcher, Roger Bresnahan, the catcher who designed shin guards and the batting helmet.

 As the 15,842 fans filed in, attendants issued each of them a small American flag which they waved enthusiastically at the game’s most dramatic moments. When a bouquet of American red roses was presented to Highlanders’ manager Clark Griffith, the flags came out in unison, a reflection of the nation’s love for baseball and the patriotism Roosevelt instilled in citizens and new immigrants alike. When Americans’ leadoff hitter Patsy Dougherty stepped into the batter’s box, the band struck up “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and fans jumped to their feet to excitedly wave their flags again. Although “The Star-Spangled Banner” was a popular tune, playing the song at a baseball game was highly unusual. Not until 1931 did a congressional act make the song officially the National Anthem.

The bugs, 1900s baseball-speak for fans, saw an entertaining game, marked by memorable performances by all-time greats. New York bested Boston, 8-2. But the 37-year-old Americans’ losing hurler Denton True “Cy” Young went the distance. By the time Young hung up his spikes, he notched 511 career wins, a record that no pitcher will ever equal. And neither will any pitcher ever match winning hurler “Happy Jack” Chesbro’s 1904 season—51 games started, forty-eight completed, and forty-one victories. Wagner, McGraw, Bresnahan, Griffith, Anson, Young and Chesbro are in the Hall of Fame. 1904 was the first 154-game season, a standard that lasted until 1961 when the leagues expanded into divisional play. When the season ended, the Americans edged out the Highlanders by 1-1/2 games.

Roosevelt’s term ended in 1909 but still a youthful forty-nine, he remained active politically and advocated for “New Nationalism,” a program that promoted labor over capital and banned corporate political contributions. Although defeated in his 1912 effort to regain the White House, Roosevelt remained a staunch patriot and promoted the American flag’s significance until his 1919 death. Nine months before his passing, Roosevelt wrote to economist and American Defense Society board member Richard Hurd. With World War I over, Roosevelt wrote, a continued fight to protect “Americanism” and the U.S. flag should forever remain the U.S.’s top priority.

Happy Flag Day.

Joe Guzzardi is a Society for American Baseball Research and Internet Baseball Writers’ Association member. Contact him at guzzjoe@yahoo.com

TR And Flag Day And Baseball

TR And Flag Day And Baseball

Too big to succeed  William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-14-24

Too big to succeed  William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-14-24

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: This government isn’t too big to fail, it’s too big to succeed.
Sarah Palin

Too big to succeed  Sarah Palin

Lamplighter Demolished In Haverford

Lamplighter Demolished In Haverford

By Sharon Devaney

Where did The Lamplighter, 8 Campbell Ave., Havertown, Pa., go so suddenly within 24 hours?

This was a restaurant my parents took us to almost once a week since I was a child.

The staff was wonderful, attentive and the owner took care of his staff .

They had the best bread and menu !

I literally had the best Reuben sandwich before I had my first contractions and went to the hospital to give birth.

I still love Reuben sandwich’s.

Where is the owner of the restaurant? I would like to thank him but his building is suddenly demolished?

Lamplighter Demolished In Haverford

Trump Supporters Rally In Newtown Square

Trump Supporters Rally In Newtown Square — Southeast PA Republican Grassroots has posted this pix of President Trump getting shown support on West Chester Pike in Newtown Square, Pa.

Be nice if the county GOP starts showing a little enthusiasm.

Hat tip Michael Straw

Trump Supporters Rally In Newtown Square

Council Caves On Mental Facility For Delco Woods

Council Caves On Mental Facility For Delco Woods — Delaware County (Pa) Council announced, yesterday, June 12, that it won’t put a mental health facility in Delco Woods Park.

They said the building being considered for an “long-term structured residence” was in poor physical condition and would have cost too much to renovate.

The county acquired the 213-acre tract by from the Catholic Church in 2021 via eminent domain for $22 million with the promise that it would be used solely for recreation.

Marple Township, April 15, rezoned the entire park to open space when county’s plan to place a mental facility there and use two other buildings for offices was revealed.

The 40 acres containing the buildings had been zoned institutional with the rest zoned residential.

The county is suing the township to keep the institutional zoning for the 40 acres.

The Catholic Church is suing the county, by the way, saying the price they paid is only half of the property’s value on the open market.

There is widespread suspicion that the building’s are being used to house illegal immigrants. In fairness, council was told at their June 5 meeting that apparent jihadist graffiti has been found in one of them.

Kudos to the county for caving to the public will. Now, try and figure out how to stop the rumors of illegals. It really shouldn’t be hard.

Council Caves On Mental Facility For Delco Woods

Council Caves On Mental Facility For Delco Woods

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Proposal Causes Break-Out In Democracy

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Proposal Causes Break-Out In Democracy

By Bob Small

We’re not used to an outbreak of democracy in on- party Swarthmore, Pa. but it seems to be happening. There was tremendous opposition to the condo monstrosity at 110 Park Ave., now in the process of being built.

So on Monday night, June 10, when there was an overflow crowd at the Swarthmore Council iegislative meeting, there was a bit of electricity in the air. Mostly everyone was there to comment on the proposed vote on ordinance 05-2024 CPOME which would bancombustion-powered outdoor maintenance equipment (CPOME ). Battery-powered and electric devices are allowable.

Twenty-five citizens commented on the ordinance with 60 percent against, and half of those for it demanding modifications. The British Parliament’s description of this would have been “a dog’s breakfast”.

Three of the anti-speakers were especially persuasive.

Rob M. Jordan, who chairs the Swarthmore Republican Committee, called this an ill-conceived “elitist and dictatorial policy.” He said that when this was first proposed last winter and Borough Manager Bill Webb was asked “how many complaints have come into his desk over two years about outdoor lawn equipment smell or noise he held up less than five fingers.

He add this is a “poorly drafted, unworkable resolution that is full of virtue signaling, but extremely short on quantifiable health output and beneficial effects to residents.” He facetiously, we think, said that Swarthmore might earn the title “Communist Borough of Swarthmore”.

Independent Democrat Neil Young said “The original proposed ban on yard equipment—lawnmowers, snow throwers, and more—was thankfully halted last month. But the legislation being forced through against significant public opposition remains  impractical, unnecessary, and unworkable “ He added “the proposed ban is a textbook case of poor governance”.

Matt Tirpak, long-time owner of Swarthmore’s two-decade old TLC Landscape Service explained how the new law would cause his expenses to rise which would cause his charges to increase.

The room was still packed when David Boonin, who chairs the Environment Committee, declared the ordinance will be tabled.

Council’s next meeting is Monday, July 8.

The Environment Committee meeting, where this may be on the agenda, is 7 p.m., June 24. Boonin asked that Swarthmore residents with opinions on it to contact him at dboonin@swarthmorepa.org

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Causes Break-Out In Democracy

Swarthmore Lawnmower Ban Causes Break-Out In Democracy