Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites

Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites — Commentators Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens are being ripped as antisemites.

Tucker’s big sin was a 40-minute interview posted on X, April 9, with Palestinian Pastor Munther Isaac Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church of Bethlehem.

“To me Christians should be for peace,” Pastor Munther said. “We wish you (the United States) was investing all of this energy and money in initiatives and money that bring peace not continuing to support Israel unconditionally without holding them accountable which in my opinion is what drove us to this mess right now, with the catastrophe of thousands of Palestinians killed and October 7 and all of that.”

This handwaves past that big ugly elephant in the room, namely that October 7 happened.

Israel’s war in Gaza is an indisputable a war of necessity. A nation can’t allow its daughters to be raped to death or its elderly tortured to death in front of family members. That is what the Gazans directed by Hamas did.

Pastor Munther makes many good points such as Christian Zionism not being very Christian. If this interviewed was published Oct. 6, we would find ourselves in agreement with much of it.

October 7 happened, however, and Tucker deserves all the criticism he is getting for failing to emphasize that Hamas’ attack is without excuse and Israel’s response is necessary self-defense. Hamas is evil. It must be destroyed. After that happens, perhaps what Pastor Munther says should be considered.

Calling Tucker antisemitic, though, is unfair and counter-productive.

He has never in his long public life gave any indication that he hates Jews. This interview, despite its timing and shallowness, is basically a call for peace.

A misguided one but nevertheless a sincere one.

Rather than condemn him, we encourage him to interview Mosab Hassan Yousef, who is the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, and eloquently articulates the culture of poison that infects almost all Palestinians.

This gets us to Candace.

Tucker deserves grief but Ms. Owens does not.

Her sins were sticking up for Kanye West; expressing sympathy for Palestinian civilians; posting “Christ is King” on X on Palm Sunday; getting into a battle with Rabbi/TV personality Shmuley Boteach; and beating Rabbi Michael Barclay in a debate.

An excellent defense of Ms. Owens was by Elliot Resnick of Israel National News.

Using “antisemitism” and “racism” to score political points cheapens the words, which are meant to imply that someone wants to kill or enslave those of a religion or “race.”

No decent person would want to associate with someone who wishes those things.

Racism and antisemitism must only describe those who truly want to do them and never for anything else.

Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites -- Commentators Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens are being ripped as antisemites.

Tucker's big sin was a
Not an antisemite
Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites -- Commentators Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens are being ripped as antisemites.

Tucker's big sin was a
Neither is he

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein – Plans are prepped to suppress speech when governments declare health emergencies, Dr. Bret Weinstein told Tucker Carlson, Jan. 5.

Weinstein was a long-time professor of evolutionary biology at  Evergreen State College in Washington. He resigned in 2017 to protest woke racism at the school.

During the Covid pandemic, he pushed against the narrative and declared ivermectin to be effective treatment. He is now speaking out against the Covid vaccines. Weinstein says they’re expected to cause 17 million deaths worldwide along with other serious injuries. He says pharmaceutical corporations took irresponsible shortcuts in trials and gave an inherently dangerous drug to billions. He noted that the vaccines are not effective, especially with regard to the young.

Weinstein says the plan (31:03) empowers governments to squelch the dissent that allowed so many to escape the vax. Federal health officials will be able to shut big podcasts like Joe Rogan that featured dissenters much less small blogs like this.

Rogan, by the way, gave establishment voices equal time to get their message out.

Weinstein says this plan would end national and personal sovereignty.

It will be ready by May, he says, and he expects Biden and Congress to sign on to it. 

The plan gives the authority to the director of the World Health Organization to put it in effect.

Our Constitutional rights will be stripped, and vaccines will be compelled Weinstein says.

“The provisions that kick in will be beyond jaw-dropping,” he said.

Weinstein said that the Department of Homeland Security already calls “mal-information” part of terrorism, and they define “mal-information” as truth that causes distrust in authority.

Weinstein refers to the pending proposal as the World Health Organization pandemic preparedness plan but its name constantly changes. This might be to make it more difficult to find in search engines. The stuff you find with this in a search engine is innocuous but evil is in the details which are not found.

Common sense tells you that one does not need a treaty to deal with pandemics.

One certainly wouldn’t have helped during Covid.

Would China have shut international travel with a treaty? LOL.

The United States certainly doesn’t need a treaty to refrain from funding gain-of-function research in foreign nations.

Get mad. Speak truth to your neighbor and give grief to elected representatives.

Those who surrender safety for freedom deserve neither, nor do those who accept lies from authorities. Freedom is a gift from God and must be defended, preferably with speech.

Weinstein said if we show courage we will win as we greatly outnumber the greedy power-dunk fools pushing this stuff.

What he said is not much different than what Martin Desmet said recently in Romania.

It’s a time for courage and a time for faith, but most importantly, it’s a time for hope.

Weinstein notes that the enemy might have money and power but they have anything but brains.

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein
Dr. Bret Weinstein and Tucker Carlson

WHO Plans To Destroy First Amendment Warns Bret Weinstein

Tucker Interviews Alex Jones

Tucker Interviews Alex Jones — Tucker Carlson posted on X an hour-and-a-half long interview with Alex Jones, yesterday, Dec. 7.

It’s recommended watching.

Jones points out that the scum running our corporations, universities and “non-governmental organizations” really do hate us.

Further, they want us to hate each other whether it’s because of sex or race or class or religion.

Ultimately, they want us all dead, which we’ve noted before.

“Conspiracy theory” no longer works as an snarky rebuttal, by the way.

We actually find ourselves having to say “just because it’s a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean it’s true.”

Here’s the interview:

Tucker Interviews Alex Jones

Tucker Interviews Alex Jones

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy — Congressional firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene (R?-GA14) spoke with Tucker Carls0n for 37 minutes and Tucker posted the interview, yesterday, Nov. 30.

She persuasively describes the captured, cowardly and instinctive cronyism of our legislative branch, especially those calling themselves “conservatives.”

She explains her support for dethroned Speaker Kevin McCarthy and gives little reassurance that his replacement Mike Johnson (R-La4) is up for the task.

What MTG does best, though, is debunk the numerous smears against her that she is crazy or an extremist.

The interview is worth watch and here it is:

By the way, the captured, cowardly and instinctive cronyism of those calling themselves “conservatives was just demonstrated a few hours ago. George Santos, the Republican who represented 3rd Congressional District was expelled by a 311 to 114 vote, with 105 Republicans joining the Democrats.

For what? Well, he had not been convicted of any crime. Apparently, it was just being a political hack.

The most blood-boiling thing is that he was far from the worst in the House. A dozen Ds can be named whose demonstrable deeds are more despicable starting with Adam Schiff.

Those who don’t fight, don’t win.

Democrat voters, please wake up to the reality that the people running things hate you every bit as much as they hate us. The difference is that they are laughing at you when you vote for them.

Republican hacks don’t do that with us. They actually kind of look at us with nervous suspicion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy

If I Were An Evil Government Official

If I Were An Evil Government Official — Highly viewed, influential and respected Tucker Carlson is doubling down on his claim that the US government is hiding wreckage of extraterrestrial space ships and the bodies of their pilots.

He cites testimony from “high level” whistleblowers as proof.

He accuses Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Ala3) and Congressman Mike Turner (R-Oh10) of preventing the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023 passed in July from being implemented.

Just sayin, but if I was an evil government official, I’d drop strong hints that ET was real and that we had his tech.

Then, at an appropriate moment, I’d have some lizardly AI-created thing appear simultaneously on broadcast and the web, say Klaatu Barada Necktie or whatever, then declare that we all had to get chipped and eat bugs.

Oh, and that he had tasked certain people such as evil government officials as the overseers to make sure this happens.

Question for Tucker: Was the fate of these UFO whistleblowers the same as the FBI whistleblowers or are they landing on their feet?

Here is his X-cast from Nov. 28:

If I Were An Evil Government Official

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent — Former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin did not kill George Floyd on May 25, 2020 according to Tucker Carlson’s latest (Oct. 20) X-cast.

The evidence Tucker and Vince Everett Ellison present is conclusive.

Chauvin is an innocent man serving a 22-year sentence.

He needs to be freed.

Doubt us watch this:

Tucker makes a minor mistake in claiming Chauvin has a 40 year sentence. He has a 22.5-year state sentence for murder and a 21-year federal sentence for civil rights violations but they are running concurrently.

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent

Transgender Explosion Traced To Greed Says Tucker Guest

Transgender Explosion Traced To Greed Says Tucker Guest — Tucker Carlson’s X-cast, Oct. 4, revealed that greed is behind the epidemic of young people wanting to change their sex.

Explaining this was Chris Moritz, a long-time investment banker, who followed the money behind this pseudo-medical scheme.

He said that the sex-reassignment market, which includes surgeries and pharmaceuticals, had $2.94 billion in sales in 2018. This rose to $4.18 billion in 2022 and is expected to hit $7.5 billion by 2030.

“The biggest single policy catalyst for this explosion is Obamacare,”Moritz said.

He said that when the law was enacted in 2010 it quietly included a mandate that insurance companies provide coverage for “medically necessary” gender affirming care.

By 2016, sex reassignment surgeries had increased by 50 percent.

That same year, just before Obama left office, the law was amended to prohibit “gender identity” as a reason for insurance companies to deny coverage.

Sex reassignment surgeries boomed 150 percent in the next year.

Trump revoked this provision but the Biden administration almost immediately put it back

Moritz said that in 2013 the American Psychiatric Association changed The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) from its decades-old definition that transgenderism was a mental illness to one that should be treated physically with chemicals and scalpels.

Transgender Explosion Traced To Greed Says Tucker Guest
Chris Moritz and Tucker Carlson

Also the name was changed from gender identity disorder or transsexualism to gender dysphoria.

“If you remove the pharmaceuticals, if you remove the surgeries, what are you left with?” Moritz said. “You’re left with a . . . cross-dresser.”

Carlson noted that the stakes are low with cross dressing.

“You’re not defacing your body,” he said. “You’re not stopping the natural process of maturation.”

Moritz said that there had been no long-term study on the effects of these procedures on children despite the use of powerful and, obviously, life-altering drugs.

The bad results from these treatments are not widely publicized.

A California study of 869 vaginoplasty patients found that 25 percent required hospitalization afterwards, and that 44 of patients had to have major surgery due to bowel injuries and bleeding, Moritz said.

And the procedure is associated with the total, irreversible loss sensation and sexual function.

Moritz said that mastectomies are increasingly being performed on girls.

The Biden Administration has endorsed genital reconstructive surgery for minors, he said.

The interview features some grisly details on vaginoplasty that every parent even thinking about doing this to their kid should hear.

One shocking revelation is that Iran is one of the largest centers for sex reassignment surgery. Apparently the mullahs, like American college presidents, really believe that this can make a man into a women.

No need to throw him off a building, then, if he should have sex with a man.

Here is the complete interview, which as of Oct. 6 has been looked at by 34.3 million.

Paxton Confirms Vote Fraud Cost Trump Election

Paxton Confirms Vote Fraud Cost Trump Election — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who weathered a vicious lawfare attack which ended with his Sept. 16 acquittal in an impeachment trial before his state’s Senate gave a 46-minute interview with Tucker Carlson that was posted yesterday, Sept. 20.

Paxton confirms vote fraud is real and widespread. He says Donald Trump would have lost Texas in 2020 if steps taken by his office to squelch the plan. He says Trump lost Georgia because what was stopped in Texas was not stopped there.

Paxton also says that the Republican establishment is every bit as corrupt as the Democrat.

He noted that the Bush family and Karl Rove were instrumental in the impeachment effort against him. Paxton shockingly says the Democrats basically control the Texas dispute the GOP’s overwhelming majority because the 65 Democrats vote as a body and can almost always find 11 Rs to buy off. He says that’s how Dade Phelan became Texas House Speaker.

Paxton hinted that he is considering primarying U.S. Senator John Cornyn, who he says is basically a tool of the globalists and the Bushes.

Here is the interview

Paxton Confirms Vote Fraud Cost Trump Election

Paxton Confirms Vote Fraud Cost Trump Election in 2020

Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker

Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker — Tucker Carlson’s 20th episode on X is a 30-minute interview with popular Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán released Aug. 29.

Topics include the Ukrainian war, the sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipleline — almost certainly by the Biden Administration –and the loss of freedom in the West due to its institutions falling under the control of rather bigoted ideologues who consider themselves intellectuals enlightened to such a degree they can kill, lie and rob with impunity as it is all for the “greater good”.

Orban pointedly praises Donald Trump whom he describes as having the best US foreign policy in decades. He says the Ukrainian War would never have happened it he stayed as president. He says America can end the killing there in an instant.

The vid in English has 63.4 million views as of 10:18 a.m., Aug. 30 with another 1.1 million in one with Hungarian subtitles.

Here it is:

Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker

Hungarian PM Praises Trump On Tucker

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming — The biggest problem facing the United States is character.

Weak, indifferent people have picked corrupt leaders. They’ve avoided obvious questions and when they did ask they happily believed the bald lies they were given as answers.

We attended last night’s (Aug. 24) meeting of Chesco United in Malvern.

The topic was Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFoor’s audit of 12 school districts including Abington, Lower Merion and West Chester.

It was revealed that all these districts — and it is fair to extrapolate this to the rest of the state — routinely pass big tax hikes despite having budget surpluses in the tens of millions of dollars.

This means real suffering is occurring among taxpayers — especially among property owners — and none of it is necessary.

What are they doing with this money?

Inflated administrative salaries, featherbedded jobs and unneeded yet overpriced construction projects bestowed on politically connected firms are just three things.

We the people must say no to save our homes, our freedom and the next generation.

We must learn to discern and ignore the name-calling and gaslighting from the government/corporate media that invariably swamps those who speak out to the point they are a threat.

If we don’t learn to stand up to the lies the global warming we will experience will be entirely due a lack of air conditioning.

Yeah, the globalist hiked the air conditioner efficiency standard in January.

One contractor just told us that a fix that would have cost about $800 last year is now $20K.

The people don’t have to accept this.

You don’t have to tolerate Barack Obama, Josh Shapiro and Hunter Biden living in luxury while you eat bugs.

Our national debt is now $32 trillion which means every citizen is on the hook for $200K.

Or not.

If we stand together and stop obeying those who claim to be our betters we can negotiate that down quite a bit.

It will take character though.

Tucker Carlson interviewed retired Col. Douglas Macgregor, Aug. 21, who pointed out that there are 44 four-star officers in our military now whereas at the height of World War II we had just seven.

The vast majority of those four-stars have their eye on a soft life as a board member at Raytheon or Boeing or some new version of Theranos, rather than serving our nation.

Why else would they mandate the vax to the point were thousands took a discharge rather than the jab, while hundreds of thousands of others took the jab unwillingly.

Any of them resign in protest? These guys have other priorities than winning a war much less defending our borders.

People, say no. Scorn the corporate media mouthpieces. Snap back at the guilt trips they try to dump on you. Embrace the persecuted and those victims of lawfare.

Most importantly attend public meetings and vote. Anyone who tells you your vote doesn’t matter is the enemy.

The ones running things now are not the good guys.

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming
This is the good guy