BillLawrenceOnline Addresses Delco Council

BillLawrenceOnline Addresses Delco Council — We like to keep ourselves out of the story but at yesterday‘s Delaware County, Pa. Council meeting we thought we’d put the bug in their ear that a former Don Guanella building could be a great new home for the Delaware County Historical Society.

The county is looking for a new home for the society, after all, and museums go hand-in-glove with parks.

Unlike mental hospitals.

However, earlier in the evening Councilman Kevin M. Madden said all the county wanted was a “sliver” of the property and we felt obliged to point out that the 40 acres they don’t want rezoned is a lot more than a sliver.

We said there is a real trust problem between the Delaware County public and its government.

And then we felt obliged to bring up the county ballot printer Fort Orange Press of Albany, N.Y.

Really, what is the big secret regarding Fort Orange Press?

Robert Mancini of Upper Providence submitted an open records request for its correspondence with the county.

The county said no. You may not see it.

Mancini appealed to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.

Yes, you may see it, they said. It is public record.

County appealed to county Common Pleas Court and, unsurprisingly, won.

We pointed out to council that the innocent reason the county fought this is simple arrogance.

That’s a bad thing.

We then pointed out that the more logical reason though is that the county is hiding something.

That something would have to do with our elections.

That’s a far worse thing.

Our two minutes at the podium can be found here starting at 1:35:47.

Madden would respond during council comments saying they would not use the full 40 acres zoned institutional.

Which get us back to the trust issue.

If the zoning isn’t changed nothing much would stop them if they should decided they needed it all.

By the way and for the record, we actually respect Madden for recognizing the need for a better mental health response.

In 1960, when mass shootings and rampant homelessness were not issues there were three times as many incarcerated in mental hospitals than in prisons.

As of 2001, the latest we found, there were six times as many in prisons.

Obviously, we don’t want to return to the days of Pennhurst but we ought to recognize the necessity of finding a happy medium.

Just not in a recreational space.

BillLawrenceOnline Addresses Delco Council

ChatGPT Working For BillLawrenceOnline

ChatGPT Working For BillLawrenceOnline — We figured we’d give ChatGPT a spin as a correspondent so we asked the artificial intelligence phenom to write a story concerning Delaware County, Pennsylvania for Here’s what we got:

Delaware County, Pennsylvania is a place of great history and beauty. Founded in 1682, this county is the oldest in Pennsylvania and has seen its fair share of change over the centuries. It has been a center of industry, a bustling port city, and a vibrant suburban community.

In modern times, Delaware County is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the Philadelphia region. The county boasts excellent schools, a diverse population, and plenty of recreational opportunities. It is also home to several historic sites and attractions, such as the Delaware County Historical Society, the Longwood Gardens, and the Brandywine Valley.

Delaware County residents have a strong sense of community and pride in their area. There are numerous community events and organizations that bring residents together and celebrate the county’s unique character. The county government is also committed to preserving the area’s natural beauty, providing a wide range of parks, trails, and open spaces for residents to enjoy.

Delaware County is also home to many successful businesses and entrepreneurs. The county’s proximity to Philadelphia and its thriving economy make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Numerous corporations, large and small, have made Delaware County their home and contribute to its economic growth.

Delaware County is a unique place with a rich history and vibrant present. Its people are proud of their heritage and committed to preserving their community’s unique character. With its strong sense of community, thriving businesses, and natural beauty, Delaware County is a great place to call home.

Not all that bad but most of the other requests we made of it were pretty lame.

ChatGPT Working For BillLawrenceOnline
ChatGPT Working For BillLawrenceOnline

Truth Social Logjam Breaks

Truth Social Logjam Breaks — The logjam broke this morning (April 23) and the hundreds of thousands queued since February to join Truth Social are now on board, including us.

If you’re on the app you can find us @BillLawrenceOnline. Appears direct links aren’t available yet. The app is still only available for the iPhone.

Truth Social is easy to use and seems like it will be a winner.

Truth Social Logjam Breaks

Elon might want to rethink his tender to Twitter.

If you remain on Twitter and want to check if you shadow-banned, a particularly craven means of attacking dissent, use this tool.

Truth Social Logjam Breaks

Misty Joins BillLawrenceOnline

Misty Joins BillLawrenceOnline — We’d like to welcome Misty as the newest member of She comes courtesy of Carol from P.A.L.S. of Broomall, Pa. and Mary, Cindy and Katie. Thank you all.

Misty Joins BillLawrenceOnline
Misty with the big boss
Misty Joins BillLawrenceOnline
Misty Joins BillLawrenceOnline -

BillLawrenceOnline On The Radio

BillLawrenceOnline On The RadioBillLawrenceOnline On The Radio — BillLawrenceOnline.Com will be guest on Kim Kennedy’s It’s A New Day! program on WFYL 7-8 tomorrow (Jan. 5) morning.

Expected topics will be Katie McGinty and the impending purge of grass-roots conservatives from the Chester County Republican Party.

WFYL is 1180 on the AM band and can be heard worldwide online here.

BillLawrenceOnline On The Radio