Arise And Walk Considered By Jerome And Hilary

Arise And Walk Considered By Jerome And Hilary — It is easier said than done. Whether the sins of the paralytic were forgiven, only He who forgave them knew for sure.

“Arise and Walk” Both he who arose and those who saw him arise were able to vouch for this. Hence there is a bodily sign in order to demonstrate a spiritual sign, though its impact is to curb the imperfections of body and soul.

And we are given an understanding of sin and many bodily weaknesses to come. Perhaps too, sins are forgiven first, so that with the causes of infirmity removed health may be restored.

Saint Jerome

Further, more so it could be understood that He was in a body and that He could forgive sins and restore health to bodies, Jesus said, ” That you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins,” then He said to the paralytic “Arise. take up your pallet.”

He could have simply said “Arise” but since the reason for doing every work had to be explained, He added “Take up your pallet and go home.”

First, He granted remission of sins; next He showed His ability to restore health. Then with the taking up of the pallet, He made it clear that bodies would be free from infirmity and suffering; last with the paralytic’s return to his home, He showed that believers are being given back the way to paradise from which Adam, the parent of all who became profligate from the stain of sin, had proceeded.

Saint Hilary of Poiters

Saint Jerome was born in Dalmatia in what is now Croatia in about 340 A.D. and died in Bethlehem in 420. He is considered to be one of the Church Fathers.

Saint Hilary was born about 300 A.D. in Poiters in what is now France and died in 368. He was know for opposing heresy.

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh Bearers Church in Swarthmore, Pa.

Arise And Walk Considered By Jerome And Hilary

Whatever fortune brings William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-30-24

Whatever fortune brings William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-30-24

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: Whatever fortune brings, don’t be afraid of doing things.
Herman Melville

Whatever fortune brings William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit
Whatever fortune brings William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-30-19

Prized Catch In Ardmore

Prized Catch In Ardmore — A young fisherman shows off his catch on the SEPTA busway by Chestnutwold School in the Ardmore section. The creek is clean with fish, turtles and ducks. The busway needs a lot of work, though. The fish was released after it was caught.

–Sharon Devaney

Prized Catch In Ardmore

Wise man reads William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-29-24

Wise man reads William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-29-24

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Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cyptowit: The wise man reads both books and life itself.
Lin Yutang

Wise man reads William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit
Wise man reads William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-29-19

GOP Chairs Had Debate Night Bash

GOP Chairs Had Debate Night Bash — Here’s some of the crowd that attended the Donald Trump debate party, last night, June 27, sponsored by Swarthmore GOP Chairman Rob Jordan and Media GOP Chairman Michael Straw. Political candidates who showed up included Kathy Buckley who is seeking the  168 District seat in the Pennsylvania House and 5th District Congressional Candidate Alfe Goodwin (not pictured).

GOP Chairs Had Debate Night Bash

Delco Dems Hiding Information?

Delco Dems Hiding Information? — We just got this little tidbit from someone with connections to the Delaware County (Pa) Courthouse.

Make of it what you will.

It would be helpful for citizens to know that since Dems have taken over courthouse, the way cases are handled has altered. Info which was once freely available has become unavailable.

Delco Dems Hiding Information?

Montco Adds 94 New County Jobs

Montco Adds 94 New County Jobs — Montgomery County, yesterday, June 27, approved 94 new positions with the highest salary at $151,148.80 for an interim director of Health and Human Services.

Republican Thomas DiBello,, who is Montgomery County’s mandated minority commissioner, said it was the last time he will vote for expanding the payroll until the county starts finding ways to save money.

David Morgan of Ambler noted in public comments that taxes in the county have risen 34 percent in the last few years.

Vice Chairman Neil Makhija said the county is still understaffed.

Morgan would later describe abortion as not a “reproductive right” but a failure of reproduction, which inspired a snippy bit of anger from Chairwoman Jamila H. Winder who basically said a woman can do what she wants with her body.

The Marquis de Sade would agree.

And whatever was Montco’s vax policy a short time back?

Elder Abuse

Also in public comments, Jenny Reimenschneider, whose mother, Elsie, is one of the victims of Montco’s guardianship program, again brought up the elder abuse in which Montco is complicit. Elsie has been forced into captivity, Ms. Reimenschneider said.

She said that Elsie lives in isolation and is a broken woman.

The judge and attorney who put her there are still getting paid, she said.

Day Care Grant

Day care providers Zakiyyah Boone, Christina Lynch and Kim Follette (phonetic) thanked the county for a $500,000 to hire substitutes. They said, however, the money would have been better used for raises for hard-to-keep staff.

If taxes were lower, they’d have more money for raises and the staff wouldn’t need as much. Just sayin’

Foy Park

A slab of asphalt in Foy Park in Lower Frederick Township caused much discussion. The 7-acre tract had been deeded as open space but the township put in a playground and basketball court in 2005 along with an asphalt pad for a skate park. The county found out and stopped the skate park but let them keep the basketball court and playground.

The township then recently thought it would be good to put a “traffic garden” on the pad. This would be just adding paint. A traffic garden is an image of streets and buildings. It supposedly helps children learn traffic laws and safety.

The county was fine with it until it realized that the asphalt was in a floodway. They decided that Lower Frederick can paint the traffic garden on the basketball court but it has to remove the other asphalt.

Somewhere King Solomon is laughing his butt off.

Bump Stocks

Makhija praised “Pride Month” at the meeting’s start. He also condemned the Supreme Court ruling that said that bump stocks could not be banned by presidential decree but required a law.

Bump stocks are devices that let semi-automatic firearms fire rapidly.

The Trump Administration banned them after Stephen Paddock allegedly used them, Oct. 1, 2017, to kill 58 people and injure 500 at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas. He caused this carnage firing about a thousand 5.56 caliber rounds from 500 yards away.

Bump stocks are considered to be wasters of ammunition.

But we don’t want to put conspiracy theories in anyone’s head.

And when are we going to get a “Gluttony Month?”

It seems that would be more fun.

Follow it with “Sloth Month.”

Every month is Avarice Month, of course, in places where taxes are rising 34 percent.

Finally, it was announced that Please, Please, Please by Quakertown native Sabrina Carpenter has hit number 1.

The Board says it will play it at future meeting. One even suggested having her come in and sing it.


Montco Adds 94 New County Jobs

Montco Adds 94 New County Jobs

One Beethoven William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-28-24

One Beethoven William Lawrence Sr Crytpowit 6-28-24

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Xuz Kgfmzs

Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven.
Ludwig van Beethoven

One Beethoven William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit
One Beethoven William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 6-28-19

DiBello Pushes Poll Watcher Freedom At Montco Counting Center; Dems Seem OK With It

DiBello Pushes Poll Watcher Freedom At Montco Counting Center; Dems Seem OK With It — Republican Thomas DiBello,, who is Montgomery County’s mandated minority commissioner, suggested at today’s, June 27, meeting of the county Election Board that poll watchers get free access to the entire central ballot processing center.

He noted that the reasons for the existing limitations were a legacy of Covid and no longer necessary.

County Election Director Frank Dean agreed as did Commissioner Vice Chairman Neil Makhija.

Mush suspicion would disappear if Montgomery County went through with this. Delaware County should take note.

DiBello also asked if it were possible for cellular signal jammers to be placed in the building. He said the signals are rampant. Dean said he would look into the feasibility and would also investigate DiBello’s concern regarding the possibility of the scanners being hackable with cellular devices along with his suggestion to livestream the ballot drop box cameras.

Dean also addressed questions posed by Jim Mollick of Worcester regarding the process of purging voter roles. He said a person can only be purged when a death is reported or by a state approved methods concerning the voter moving.

Mollick, during public comments, addressed a challenge by Chairwoman Jamila H. Winder to find vote fraud. Mollick noted that the state prohibits voters to use a Post Office box to register.

“Here is 50,” Mollick said. “Actually it is the same PO box.”

Mollick also said that he found five persons who moved from the county and are still on voting rolls. This includes one who moved to New York yet still votes in Montco.

Barbara Furman, a judge of elections in New Hanover, said it is impossible to determine chain of custody in the existing system and suggested that having the mail-in ballots be counted at the precinct would increase security.

Marleen Laska said it’s illegal for non-citizens to vote but many don’t realize it as they are told otherwise. She said the county should put signs declaring only US citizens may vote. This is not an unreasonable suggestion.

Sandra Levine said that Montgomery Township did not have the proper ballots for the machines at an election and that many voters could not wait and were in effect disenfranchised.

Adrian Seltzer, a judge of elections, said that Montgomery Township could have offered provisional ballots or allowed the ballots be placed manually in the dropbox to be counted later. She defended Montco’s system of elections.

Scott Emmet advocated handcounting the ballots.

Issues with right-to-know requests were also a subject as they had been at the preceding commissioners meeting.

Jean White said she has submitted 14 right-to-knows with the county new open records officer Joshua Wertheimer with little effect. Many involved seeking information about the voting process and she was told to subject them voter services, which she did, again without much luck.

Free clue: Fighting right-to-know request does not — repeat does not — ease suspicions.

DiBello Pushes Poll Watcher Freedom At Montco Counting Center;  Dems Seem OK With It -- Republican Thomas DiBello,, who is Montgomery County's mandated

Hearing On Sending Arthur Back To Prison Continued; County Doing What It Can To Stop Mother And Child Reunion

Hearing On Sending Arthur Back To Prison Continued; County Doing What It Can To Stop Mother And Child Reunion — A hearing on revoking Arthur Herring’s bail was continued until July 2 because complainant David Jaskowiak couldn’t appear at the one held, yesterday, June 26 before Bucks County President Judge Raymond F. McHugh

Arthur was arrested, April 27, for picketing Jaskowiak’s home in New Britain. He was charged with two counts of harassment and sent to Bucks County Prison on $100,000 bail.

Arthur is homeless.

After five weeks in the county lockup, McHugh lowered the bail to 10 percent of $10,000 and Arthur’s friends were able to free him.

Bail reduction requests are allowed after 30 days. Arthur says it was granted because he explained he was only picketing on a public sidewalk and not saying anything.  

Jaskowiak is the lawyer appointed by Montgomery County as attorney for Arthur’s mother.

His mom has been under court-mandated guardianship since May 2021. See this story.

Arthur feels the county is slowly siphoning off his mother’s estate without her permission. This is reason enough for anger but far worse, though, is how they are preventing mother and son from seeing each other.

Arthur and his mom haven’t been together since December. Arthur blames Jaskowiak.

McHugh, as conditions of bail, directed Arthur to get a psychiatric evaluation, apply for a public defender and not have contact with Jaskowiak.

Getting the psych evaluation was harder than it sounded but Arthur managed. He applied for a public defender but met him for the first time yesterday. Public defenders are swamped let us note. The fellow, by the way, seems like a pretty decent lawyer.

Arthur, unfortunately, sent an email to the court-appointed guardian of the estate — whose salary is coming from the estate — informing him that their mail to him was being sent to an incorrect address. He cc’d Jaskowiak as had been his custom. Jaskowiak contacted police who contacted the judge who called a hearing about revoking bail

Arthur’s mom is 99 years old and Arthur is 70. If he goes to prison he may never see his mom again.

It’s one thing to keep a parent from an abusive child but if mom wants to see child and child wants to see mom, and the system lets a petty tyrant stop that, the system is evil.

Hearing On Sending Arthur Back To Prison Continued; County Doing What It Can To Stop Mother And Child Reunion

Arthur protesting at a Montco Commissioners meeting