Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama

Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama — We’ve been told that we never properly ended our Chesco Inquisition story that started on New Year’s Eve 2015 when we wrote how Elks Township committeewoman Donna Ellingsen was ordered to appear before a board of inquisitors for supporting conservatives and opposing the corruption and incompetence rampant in the Chester County GOP establishment.

Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama
The winner

Yeah, hindsight proved her 100 percent right.

After much drama, her constituents ended up promoting her to Area 19 chairwoman, and of course her number one adversary Val DiGiorgio ended up slinking off in disgrace for other matters.

Even though Donna ended up as area chairwoman the party leadership went after her again.

Anyway, we were told we never reported that in March 2018, a tribunal of area chairs cleared her albeit through gritted teeth.

Victory is sweet.

Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal — Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal
Ha ha

Val DiGiorgio, the Pennsylvania Republican boss who we are convinced has been some kind of saboteur since his days as Chester County GOP chairman, has been caught carrying on sexting relationship with Republican Philadelphia City Council candidate Irina Goldstein.

Yes, it reportedly involves an explicit picture of an excited Little Val.

How stupid can people be?

Val is married as we have noted before.

He resigned today his post as Pennsylvania GOP Chairman and submitted a letter saying “It is with regret, after much thought and consideration, that I am resigning as chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania effective immediately.”

He said “A recent media report contains gross mischaracterizations of mutual consensual communications between myself and a former primary candidate. My resignation should in no way be confused with confirmation of these mischaracterization.”

A new chairman will be picked sometime this summer.

Lawrence Tabas, a well-admired and wise attorney with deep Republican roots, apparently also saw DiGiorgio for what he is and took him on in 2017 in the fight to lead the Pennsylvania Republicans. Tabas lost by just two votes despite intense pressure from party insiders to vote for DiGiorgio.

Tabas would make a great replacement.

Wonder how the gang at Stradley Ronon is taking this? How about Val’s good buddy and Dem star Josh Shapiro? You know he’s not happy.

The Republicans might survive now in this state.

Note the Republicans in Val’s Chesco bailiwick were told not to mention Donald Trump just last April.

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco? — A little birdie has told us that Chester County Republican party bosses are telling the area chairpeople not to mention Donald Trump.

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

We believe it considering the string of Chester County GOP failures that can be directly tied to how the in-it-for-themselves leaders chased away the most honest and dedicated people seeking involvement in GOP affairs.

Hey party leaders, we are Americans first and the Republican Party is just a means to an end. It’s not our religion. We can tolerate to some degree you getting a comfortable lifestyle from your politicking, but spit on us and you will lose it.

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned — The horrific performance by the Pennsylvania Republican Party in the last two elections is getting the attention of national GOP leaders including Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump  Concerned
Well played, Val. Well played.

And our old pal Val is finding himself behind the eight-ball.

“The bleeding has led a faction of Republicans to point their fingers at the state party chairman: Val DiGiorgio, who hails from populous and increasingly Democratic southeastern Pennsylvania,” Politico.com’s Holly Otterbein reported today (Dec. 17).

Valentine DiGiorgio, who took charge of the Chester County GOP when Chesco was still Republican, became state boss in February 2017 beating widely respected attorney Lawrence Tabas by just two votes.

“The list of complaints about DiGiorgio is long,” Ms Otterbein wrote. “He’s a bad fundraiser. His staff is anemic. Though he eventually got behind Trump in 2016, he initially backed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the primary.”

Note after Rubio was eliminated, DiGiorgio got behind Ohio Gov.  John Kasich’s bizarre attempt to force a brokered convention. 

Anyway, a lot of criticism of Val assumes mere incompetence. The poor kid is out of his depth so to speak.

We think that is unfair. We think Val is doing a supremely good job for his prime employer, namely the Philadelphia-based political fixing firm Stradley Ronon, which is a strong backer of all things Deep State and never-Trump.

By the way, Pennsylvania Attorney General and rising Democrat star Josh Shapiro also has close ties with Stradley Ronon. Unlike Val, his career is doing well. 

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman — Val DiGiorgo stepped down as Chester County Republican Party Chairman on Dec. 7 but remains the head of the State GOP.

By Jane Taylor Toal

Former Congressman, Chaka Fattah, received a 10-year sentence for federal corruption in the 2nd District of Philadelphia, which is traditionally supported by the PA GOP, and was convicted of the VICO Act violations and other related crimes, which hosts a 2-year sentence. Also receiving this sentence was Herbert Vederman. Mr. Vederman was a Senior Consultant for the government and public affairs group, Stradley, Ronan, Stevens, and Young, LLC, a Philadelphia based law firm.

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman
Val DiGiorgio

Valentino F. DiGiorgio III chaired the banking and public finance sections, while being a partner. Government and public affairs were considered part of his “focus.” The PA GOP Chairman is currently employed at said firm. Pennsylvania Attorney General Joshua Shapiro (D) was counsel at the firm. Mr. Shapiro obtained employment for Mr. DiGiorgio’s wife in Montgomery County, consisting of a 6-figure income. The Attorney General still practices general corporate work, real estate, and regulatory compliance with the LLC. Firms such as these in our great Commonwealth should be shut down.

The Chair was elected to this position at the Republican Convention on February 4, 2017, in Hershey.

A close friend has a long history of supporting big government causes in Chester County. Alex Rahn is reputed to be the brains behind a shadow group named United Republicans of Chester County, has tried unsuccessfully to remove committee people from Elk and East Nottingham Townships. Mr. Rahn directed activities for the late Senator Arlen Specter, who represented both the Republican and Democrat political parties in 2003/2004. Can we say “collusion?”

Flash forward to the 2018 gubernatorial race, the PA GOP Chair accepted monies for the support and endorsement of the flawed and publicly violent candidate, Scott Wagner. Six State Committee members wrote a letter of disgust stating that they were lied to and deceived by Mr. DiGiorgio, their party boss. They referenced facts pertaining to said candidate which were held from them and they found these to be vile and did not want to be included in this support. A separate letter, via grassroots activists, also asked him to withdraw his endorsement, and was received with no reply.

With this being said, the Chair is no friend to those with opposing views. He uses his bully tactics and back room schemes to promote his status quo establishment agenda. As a registered Republican voter of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am calling for the letter of resignation of Mr. Valentino F. DiGiorgio III. He is not a friend of We the People. Politics is placed before the Keystone state’s citizens. This gentleman deceives those with whom have placed their trust in him.

The deadline for this will be the date of May 18, 2019,which is the day prior to our primary election. A special election will need to be held for his replacement.

Ms. Toal  is president and CEO of Citizens for Liberty

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman

Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco?

Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco?
Hitting the iceberg is a full-time job.

Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco? — It’s being reported that Val “Republican Titanic” DiGiorgio  wants to step down as Chester County Republican leader to focus full time on his responsibilities as state GOP chairman.

We’re not sure if that’s a good thing.

Hey Val, have you considered stepping down from Stradley Ronon, Pennsylvania’s premier political fixing firm?

Just kidding.

Names bandied as replacements include Rick Loughery, the Chester County Recorder of Deeds, Steven Sansone, local Republican Party Executive Vice Chair, and Joe Toner, Uwchlan Township Industrial Development Authority President.

We’re not sure if that’s a good thing either.


Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco?

Val Facing Insurgency In Chesco?

Val Facing Insurgency?
He couldn’t even make the trains run on time.

Val Facing Insurgency In Chesco? — Our article  on Election Night pinned the blame on Pennsylvania’s poor showing squarely on the tail of state GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio.

We also blamed DiGiorgio for singlehandedly destroying the once-powerful Chester County Republican Party, which he still insists on chairing.

DiGiorgio is a partner with Stradley Ronon, a Philadelphia-based firm whose purpose  is to influence politics for its clients who pay high fees.

This was known before he became state GOP chairman. We certainly warned about it. 

There were just enough Republican State committeepeople, however,  who live in the land of unicorns to back him.  He beat the respected and honorable Lawrence Tabas to win state chairman by two votes in 2017.

Yes, there really was a majority of Republican Party animals who though Val was not going to put the interests of Stradley Ronon ahead of theirs much less that of the average citizen.

Regarding his county post, we suggested on Nov. 12 that Donna Ellingsen, who chairs Area 19 and has been the subject of DiGiorgio’s wrath for the last three years due to principle opposition to his party-poisonous policies, replace him. The suggestion seems to be taking root considering some of our feedback. Donna’s not the only one being bandied as a replacement. John Emmons, who chairs Area 28, has been suggested and there are others.

May the replacement come quickly for the sake of the Chesco Republicans.

Hopefully, some are pushing him to step down from his state job as well.

Val Facing Insurgency?




Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val

Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val
Donna Ellingsen

Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val — One Republican bright spot in Pennsylvania in the Election Day disaster was Chester County’s Area 19 chaired by Donna Ellingsen who is county Chairman Val DiGiorgio’s long-time nemesis.

Val also chairs the State GOP but he refuses to let go the reins to Chesco.

That he really, really, really doesn’t like Donna is about the best resume enhancer you can ask for.

During Val’s tenure as county party boss, Chesco has gone from reliably Republican to solid D. He seems to be on the way to doing the same thing for the state since eking out a win to the top job in February 2017 over widely respected Lawrence Tabas.

Val’s well-paying day job is with Philly-based political fixer Stradley Ronan. You really think he cares about Republican voters?

Anyway, Donna’s area came through big for the Republicans. She brought home the votes for very good state Representative John Lawrence in the 13th State House District and got majorities for the congressional candidates despite big losses elsewhere.

Area 19 is anything but solid conservative. It includes Democrat bastion Oxford Borough and the biggest precinct is Lower Oxford East, which includes Lincoln University, that went almost 7-1 for the donkey party.

There was a lot of ticket splitting. Lou Barletta lost to Bob Casey by 2 points among the area’s U.S. Senate voters by our counting of the figures on the Chester County election site.  Scott Wagner was trounced by 5 points in the gubernatorial race. Slick move on those bathroom bills, Scott.

Donna would be the perfect choice to replace DiGiorgio as Chester County GOP chairman. For those into identity politics and quotas, she is an immigrant, minority female. For the rest of us, she is effective, honest and was tough enough to stand up to the bullying over the last three years from DiGiorgio and his minions.

Do it Donna.

In a related Chesco matter, out-going Congressman (and Val minion) Ryan Costello has been blaming President Trump for the Republican losses in Southeastern Pa. A little birdie told us that Costello had to quit his re-election bid after it was learned he had some serious problems with election petitions. Please tell us that’s not true.

Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val

Donna Ellingsen Persecution Back

Donna Ellingsen Persecution BackDonna Ellingsen Persecution Back — The persecution of popular Chesco GOP Area 19 Chairwoman Donna Ellingsen has restarted.

Mrs. Ellingsen was subjected to a bizarre purge attempt by allies of County Boss Val DiGirogio  in early 2016 alleging that she violated party bylaws in  supporting a candidate other than the nominated one.

It was thought that her overwhelming re-election in April 2016 and her easy election as area chair in June 2017  put the matter to rest.

Oh well.

Mrs. Ellingsen announced in late December she was running for State Committee. Val’s heart must have been warmed by that bit of Christmas news. In early January, Mrs. E got a letter from the county GOP demanding she appear before a new inquisition on Feb. 19 for something or other. They weren’t exactly clear about what. She is trying to find that out but they aren’t telling her despite repeated requests.

She also got a letter from county voter services — run, certainly coincidently, by Kara Rahn who is wife of Val confident Alex Rahn and previous Area 1 chair– demanding all spending receipts going back to 2014.

Donna notes that she has chaired her area since 2017 but is not the treasurer who is responsible for record keeping and financial filings. She was nevertheless told by Chesco Voter Services not to destroy the records she doesn’t have.

Donna further notes that she will run for the Republican State Committee post whether the party establishment endorses her or not. Obviously Val wants her out. The well-connected operator won his promotion to state GOP Chairman by just two votes a year ago.

For the record, Donna happily endorses Sheriff Bunny Welsh for state committee and points out that she couldn’t run against her if she wanted to as Donna is in Republican State Committee Region 2 and Bunny is in Region 3. Rumors had been spread — who could have done that Val? — that Donna was taking on the popular sheriff.

We find it interesting, remarkable actually, that Val DiGiorgio, who still chairs the Chesco GOP despite his new state duties, has time to again attempt to remove the active Mrs. Ellingsen from party involvement especially considering how under DiGiorgio’s helmsmanship the Republicans managed to lose every Chesco row office race in November and despite the horrible election results the Republicans had statewide.
Donna Ellingsen Persecution Back

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco — Donna Ellingsen, the Elks Township committeewoman who was the subject of a bizarre purge attempt by the Chester County Republican establishment in early 2016, was overwhelming elected to lead the county’s Area 19.

The vote taken, June 8, was 11-4.

“A political party is merely a means to providing honest, responsive government,” said Ms. Ellingsen. “It is not as an end to itself and it is especially not a means to a well-paying  job.”

Committee seats and area chairs are non-paying positions.

Ms. Ellingsen’s victory can be seen as strong rebuke to Val DiGiorgio who remains county party chairman, despite his unexpectedly narrow victory in the race to become state chairman.

The Chesco GOP divides the county into 28 areas. Area chairs are basically responsible for managing the campaigns within their area. They are authorized to call special meetings and required to attend all meetings of the Republican County Executive Committee where they “shall at all times state the opinions, polices and positions” of their area committee.

Area 19 consists of Elk Township, East Nottingham, West Nottingham, Oxford Borough East and West, Lower Oxford East and West, and Upper Oxford Townships im Southern Chesco.

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco