Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned — The horrific performance by the Pennsylvania Republican Party in the last two elections is getting the attention of national GOP leaders including Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump  Concerned
Well played, Val. Well played.

And our old pal Val is finding himself behind the eight-ball.

“The bleeding has led a faction of Republicans to point their fingers at the state party chairman: Val DiGiorgio, who hails from populous and increasingly Democratic southeastern Pennsylvania,”’s Holly Otterbein reported today (Dec. 17).

Valentine DiGiorgio, who took charge of the Chester County GOP when Chesco was still Republican, became state boss in February 2017 beating widely respected attorney Lawrence Tabas by just two votes.

“The list of complaints about DiGiorgio is long,” Ms Otterbein wrote. “He’s a bad fundraiser. His staff is anemic. Though he eventually got behind Trump in 2016, he initially backed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the primary.”

Note after Rubio was eliminated, DiGiorgio got behind Ohio Gov.  John Kasich’s bizarre attempt to force a brokered convention. 

Anyway, a lot of criticism of Val assumes mere incompetence. The poor kid is out of his depth so to speak.

We think that is unfair. We think Val is doing a supremely good job for his prime employer, namely the Philadelphia-based political fixing firm Stradley Ronon, which is a strong backer of all things Deep State and never-Trump.

By the way, Pennsylvania Attorney General and rising Democrat star Josh Shapiro also has close ties with Stradley Ronon. Unlike Val, his career is doing well. 

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned”

  1. Gosh, who would have thunk it? Mr. DiGiorgio hasn’t reached out to those Republicans interested in limited government, free enterprise and the Constitution. Those folks, who believe in Reagan-like ideals are a MAJOR inconvenience to Mr. DiGiorgio and so are ignored or worse. The problem for the Republican Party is that those people are the backbone of the party. Apparently, though, they don’t like being treated shabbily and, more importantly, having their strongly held views ignored. And the party is now in shambles. I guess Mr. DiGiorgio would rather rule in hell than served in Heaven though.

    But Bill is right, Mr. DiGiorgio is doing well with what is important to Mr. DiGiorgio:

    Mr. DiGiorgio’s (Democrat) colleague, Attorney General Shapiro, is all set to be the next Governor and

    Mr. DiGiorgio’s lobbying is lucrative for him and his law firm.

    1. –Mr. DiGiorgio’s (Democrat) colleague, Attorney General Shapiro, is all set to be the next Governor and–

      Very good point. It’s not Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s Stradley Ronon vs. the rest of us.

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