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Chesco Inquisition Latest — For those who have been wondering about the status of the Chester County Republican Inquisition, we just found this in our inbox.

Election day is April 26, and we are still awaiting a reply from the Chester County GOP for a suitable date for a “hearing” of charges leveled against the Republican Committee in East Nottingham and Elk townships.   While charges have apparently been dropped by the accusers in East Nottingham, Mark Plaugher (former GOP Area chair) and Estace Walters (Twp Supervisor) continue to pursue a case to unseat conservative Elk Township Committeepeople Donna Ellingsen and Steve Mobley.  

Donna and Steve have nothing to hide. They have asked that the hearings be open, recorded, and that Chairman Val DiGiorgio be present.  Since December 2015 when charges were filed, county leaders have not deigned to reply to these requests.  The big question is WHY?

Listen in to WFYL 1180 AM on TUESDAY, April 12 from 8  to 9  a.m., when Donna will be a guest of Kim Kennedy’s radio show, It’s a New Day.

So dial tomorrow to WFYL and get it straight from one of those directly involved.

By the way, the Chairman Val DiGirorgio and the Republican Committee of Chester County have a special guest at its spring reception at Valley Forge Casino — Ohio Gov. and no-chance Presidential candidate John Kasich, who for some strange reason insists on staying in the battle.

Chesco Inquisition LatestThe event is April 21, just five days before the Pennsylvania primary.

So for the vast multitudes –that’s sarcasm, son– of Republicans who want a guy who finished fourth in a three man race to head the ticket, know that Val and the RCCC have your back.

Actually, the relevant revelation is that DiGirorgio, who reportedly will be the next state Republican chairman, and the RCCC are out of touch and indifferent to the wishes of the vast multitudes of Republican voters.

Chesco Inquisition Latest




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  1. In case you aren’t aware, Govenor Kasich was a guest at the RCCC Fall Reception. Val Digiorio sent an email to committee members reminding them of the event. The email stated that the Govenor’s presence at the event was in no way an endorsement for the Presidency by the RCCC. I find it interesting that Donna didn’t bother to clarify your assumption that the RCCC was endorsing Kasich. Isn’t she still a committee person? She would have received the email.

    The problem I have with your statements is your source of information. You mentioned that Donna and Steve have nothing to hide, that they want an open, recorded hearing. However, they didn’t want committee meeting minutes distributed to its own members and when a committee member asked on two separate occasions to have the meetings recorded they (as part of area 19) refused to even consider the notion for a vote.
    Your information at the county level seems to be totally dependent upon a person who complains about “fairness” yet goes door to door outside of her own precinct where she was not elected; a person who complains about ” term limits” in committee meetings when questioning supervisor candidates, yet is asking voters to elect her to a 4th(?)term? To be quite frank, I’m not sure why she is still pandering for people’s sympathy; if she didn’t want to follow the committee by-laws then she should not be on the committee. As far as I know, no one forced her to run for election. And what is with her incessant need for an audience? My guess is that she wanted to make the hearing about something else, something other than her own dereliction of duties as an elected committee person. Committee members have an important role in local politics. Where is the outrage at her for not following the by-laws?

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