Pennsylvania Constables Seek Return To Traditional Role As Peacekeepers

Pennsylvania Constables Seek Return To Traditional Role As Peacekeepers — State Constable Timothy Kregiel points out that his position has as much authority as any other police in Pennsylvania.

More, actually as their jurisdiction is the entire state despite being locally elected.

Note the locally elected.

Unlike most police, constables are the people’s choice.

Kregiel serves the 4th Precinct of Lower Burrell in Westmoreland County.

Kregiel recently interviewed former Allentown constable Steven Wiggs, who was pushed from his job by the county authorities displeased with the independence he showed.

Constables are commonly thought to be tasked with merely keeping order at polling places, serving warrants and dealing with tenant disputes.

They can, however, make arrests and control traffic.

It was traffic that got Wiggs in trouble.

He became concerned when he found a car stopped on the highway in a dangerous spot. The exhausted father was taking his children to New York State during his visitation and stopped for a few moments of sleep. Wiggs got them to a safer place and made it a mission to routinely check on stopped motorists.

Constables wear uniforms and can have marked cars with lights.

They have to pay for these things, by the way, along with their training an insurance.

Wiggs while crossing the Schuylkill in Philadelphia on I-95 saw a woman stuck on the bridge’s shoulder. He pulled behind her and activated his lights to slow other motorist while she called for assistance. State police arrived though and started giving him grief. He didn’t back down, though, saying the law was on his side.

This escalated and led to the powers-that-be in Lehigh County launching a nine-month investigation in which they declared Wiggs live in the city and must be removed.

Allentown has become more than half-Hispanic. Wiggs became a popular figure in his ward because he walked a beat and talked to the residents.

That’s what peacekeeping is about.

Here’s a link to the interview with Steven Wiggs:

Pennsylvania Constables Seek Return To Traditional Role As Peacekeepers
Steven Wiggs

Pennsylvania Constables Seek Return To Traditional Role As Peacekeepers

Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck

Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck — Evita Duffy-Alfonso of The Federalist recently interviewed a Chicago policeman about the horrors occurring in his city.

Counter-productive gun control and Soros-DA Kim Foxx were cited as reasons for the catastrophe but the unexpected kicker was music executives.

We quote:

One of the main ways I think we can make Chicago safer is to change the music that our children are listening to and try to find a way to stop a lot of these big music organizations and executives from exploiting our children to promote their own destruction. And I say that in regard to rap music or a specific sector, drill music.

So let’s just say you’re part of a gang, and I’m a part of a gang, and we’re both rapping, but we are in opposition to one another. I rap about your group, you rap about mine, but my group comes and kills someone from your side. And then I rap about it. I mock killing your loved one or your best friend, or a person in your gang. You get back on the same song or different song, and now you rap about retaliating — coming to kill someone that means something to me, and it just goes back and forth.

And a lot of these executives, they come into our low-income communities, and they say, ‘Oh, man, this guy got 5,000 or 10,000 likes on his song, let me give him $1,000,000 to rap about that stuff at a bigger level,’ so people around the country can listen.

People celebrating — and committing — murder are getting million dollar paychecks to take things to higher levels.

Neither a city nor a nation can survive with a culture like that. The solution isn’t to ban this, though. It’s to out-shout it. Start by putting the Bible and prayer back in our public schools. Can it honestly hurt anything?

Where are the leaders speaking out against it? How about the church leaders? We sorta suspect they might be more inclined to celebrate this rather than condemn it.

Evita’s story can be found here.

Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck
Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck

Ending FBI Would Be A Good Thing

Ending FBI Would Be A Good Thing — Chris Farrell at Gatestone Institute is calling for the elimination of the FBI.

This is long overdue.

The FBI does not a have storied history but a propagandized one.

Ending FBI Would Be A Good Thing
A TV show is not the real thing

It did not get Bonnie and Clyde. That was accomplished with a posse led by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer.

It did get John Dillinger but that was only after they let him escape twice causing the death of at least one innocent bystander, which is not an uncommon occurrence for the G-men.

They take credit for the capture of Nazi saboteurs in World War II, but the laurels should really go to the Coast Guard.

Defending us from the Reds in the Cold War? LOL. Robert Hanssen funneled intel to the Soviets for decades — even long after the Berlin Wall fell — causing the deaths of numerous Russians working for us.

The FBI tormented Martin Luther King Jr., illegally surveilled other activists, and created agent provocateurs to disrupt and disunite the Civil Rights Movement, and the nation in general. It gave us Kwanza, after all.

The FBI denied the existence of the Mafia for decades. Seriously, what was up with that?

It caused the unnecessary deaths of 82 people — including children — in a botched siege in Waco, Tx in 1993; and killed a mother holding a child while trying to arrest a guy for cutting a shotgun barrel too short.

It played political favorites ignoring serious crimes by the appropriately connected while ruining the lives of the not-so-connected by twisting the law worse than a pretzel, if not out-and-out ignoring it.

It pulls all stops to investigate meaningless and minor matters to cater the crony class for head-pats, while ignoring real terrorism and violations of civil rights.

Just like J. Edgar Hoover did with Mafia, present Director Chris Wray has claimed that Antifa is not organized.

Just as it was the portal to our secrets for the Soviets, consider this.

The nation would be better off if the FBI never existed. We have a surfeit of federal law enforcement agencies, anyway. Get rid of it.

Ending the FBI? It’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart might say.

Andy Ngo Describes Beating By Antifa

Andy Ngo Describes Beating By Antifa — Journalist Andy Ngo describes on Telegram and to Laura Ingraham, June 2, the circumstances of the severe beating he received by Antifa members, May 28, in Portland and the indifference to it shown by the journalistic community, local law enforcement and business owners.

That there is no outrage is an outrage. Ngo is a hero, and one of the few true journalists left. Most who claim the title are cowards and sycophants.

Fellow Americans, turn off the establishment voice you trust without thinking and look for alternatives.

What’s happening to Ngo is what happens when National Socialists take over a city.

Here’s the interview from the Ingraham Angle.

Andy Ngo Describes Beating By Antifa
Andy Ngo Antifa Beating

Defund The Police Nazi Style

Defund The Police Nazi Style — Defund The Police? It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. Well, sorta. “Fact-checkers”, who are better described as establishment propagandists, say the Nazis expanded the police rather than defund it.

And if you leave it at that, they are right.

Of course, the argument isn’t really about police funding but control.

“Progressives” have no problem with police funding, just so long as they control the police.

The Nazis centralized German police departments ending the authority of the local governments to fund and control the police.

And that is exactly what the left is seeking in the United States.

Defund The Police Nazi Style
Defund The Police Nazi Style

Back The Blue Sequel Oct. 17

Back The Blue Sequel Oct. 17 — Citizens for Liberty is hosting Back The Blue And Our President Two: The Sequel, on Saturday, Oct. 17, 1 to 2:30 p.m. at Route 202 and Mall Boulevard in King of Prussia in front of the Wells Fargo Bank.

Jane Taylor Toal of the group asks participants to bring neatly printed signs with factual information, American flags and police/first responder flags.

She asks that participants not park in the restaurant lot, and notes that the press will be in attendance. There will be music, free police/first responder wrist bands and limited number of extra flags and signs for those unable to bring one.

A guest speaker will be announced.

The first event was a roaring success.

Sequel Oct. 17
Back The Blue Sequel Oct. 17

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported — There is much misreported as the establishment propaganda mockingbirds demonize Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old lifeguard who shot three killing two in self defense on Aug. 25 during the Kenosha, Wis. riots.

Kyle did not cross state lines to participate in some kind of militia activity. He worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard. He did not bring the rifle across state lines. He was asked by the owner to help protect what was left of a car dealership destroyed by the rioters. He did not do so on his own initiative.

Kyle had brought a first aid kit and was attempting to help injured rioters when he was set upon.

Kyle initially fled. He fired when it appeared he couldn’t escape and his life was in danger.

It’s more and more clear that he shot all in self defense, yet he is charged with numerous crimes including first degree murder.

And, of course, the two he killed had significant records of felonious violence. What are the odds that the only killed would be violent felons if it were a crowd of peaceful protestors seeking fairness and justice?

Here is the statement from his attorney Pierce Bainbridge:

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

What else is being under-reported is Jacob Blake, the martyr /s, whose shooting by police caused the turmoil.

Blake was wanted on felonious sexual assault. He, in July, had allegedly entered the home of a female acquaintance as she slept on her bed with her child. He penetrated her with his finger, sniffed it and accused her of being with other men, all with the child present leaving her humiliated and in tears. He then took her keys to steal her car and left. He returned on Aug. 23 and she called police. He resisted arrest and was shot.

Wear his name on your helmets all you corporate athletes so your dwindling number of fans can see where you stand.

Then say #MeToo.

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

Most Violent Day In Chicago

Most Violent Day In Chicago — May 31 was the most violent day in Chicago in the last 60 years with 18 killed in 24 hours. Stores were looted as police were absent. You saw the headlines right? That was sarcasm. The traditional i.e. establishment globalist media is not about telling the truth or informing the public.

Who needs police around anyway? Actually, you probably don’t if you are killing someone or looting a store.

Most Violent Day In Chicago
Most Violent Day In Chicago

Buffalo Brutality Was Staged And Woke Pols Fell For It

Buffalo Brutality Was Staged And Woke Pols Fell For It

Update: Gerry Mander Senker from ThisIsLowerMerion.Com is curious as to how this incident could have been staged as the stager, Martin Gugino, was injured. Gerry, we – and others — are saying that Gugino, with premeditation, put himself in the way of a line of officers advancing to a disturbance to create an incident to make the police look bad. He succeeded. He should be ashamed of himself. A shove is what you do to move someone out of the way. We are confident that the officer’s goal wasn’t for Gugino’s head to hit the pavement. We have a strong suspicion though that Gugino’s goal was for some cop to lose his job. We are adding Tweets screensaved from Gugino’s now protected Twitter account.

Two police officers were suspended in Buffalo after video went viral purportedly showing them shoving a helpless old man to the ground and letting him bleed during a protest.

“I was deeply disturbed by the video,” said Mayor Byron Brown.

“(It) disturbs our basic sense of decency and humanity.” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “Why, why? Why was that necessary? Where was the threat? Older gentleman, where was the threat? Then you just walk by the person when you see blood coming from his head?”

Oh come on Andy. Just pretend he was a patient in one of your nursing homes.

It turns out that “helpless” old man was Martin Gugino, a long-time agitator who was apparently trying to stage the incident.

The suspended officers’ brothers and sisters on the riot squad knew it was a scam. They resigned in mass. How did the community leaders react? With shrugs.

Who needs police anyway? Except for normal working people, of course.

Buffalo Brutality Was Staged And Woke Pols Fell For It
Buffalo Brutality Was Staged And Woke Pols Fell For It

Michael Malinowski William Henderson Remembered

Michael Malinowski William Henderson RememberedThe Joe Billie for Congress campaign has sent us the following statement. We are grateful that at least one political figure remembered these public servants.

Joe Billie for Congress would like to give condolences to two men who had dedicated their lives to protecting Delaware County who died this month.

Morton-Rutledge Volunteer Fire Capt. Michael Christopher Malinowski died of an appartent heart attack, Dec. 3. He told fellow firefighters that he wasn’t feeling well shortly after returning from a call the day before regarding downed wires and trees.

He fell ill at work the next day and died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

He was 40.

Mr. Malinowski participated in training and fundraising at the department and used his carpentry skills to fix areas of the fire station including the company’s firefighter memorial.

He is survived by his wife and five children.

On Dec. 14, Dectective Lt. William Henderson of the Ridley Township Police Department died while on duty of natural causes. He also served as chief of the Vauclain Fire Co.

He was 64 and is survived by his wife and two children

May these heroes not be forgotten.

Michael Malinowski William Henderson Remembered In Delco
Michael Malinowski William Henderson Remembered --The Joe Billie for Congress campaign has sent us the following statement. We are grateful that at least one political figure remembered these public servants.