Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

The Delaware County (Pa.) Democrats have picked Chester City’s former director of ACORN  as one of its candidates for County Council, and the GOP is shouting it loud and proud, albeit the woman in question not necessarily so. Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

It was most recently noted at tonight’s, Sept. 18, meeting of the Springfield Republicans by party Chairman Mike Puppio

Patricia Worrell has not been referring to that bit of her life in either her campaign literature or public statements. She has also not been boasting about her job with Action United, which succeeded ACORN after it was implicated in shameless vote fraud.

Chester, it should be noted, was one of the places where ACORN was caught tilting the scales.

Ms. Worrell is running — here’s  a bit of irony — with Bill Clinton, albeit this one is an Upper Providence Councilman and has never been accused of raping anyone in an Arkansas hotel, albeit he has been a strong supporter of tax hikes in his township, according to Puppio.

Their opponents are incumbents Mario Civera Jr. and David J. White, who are basing their campaign on their record of saving the Delaware River refineries and keeping the county pension plan solvent which is actually a pretty significant achievement considering what has been going on in the rest of the state.

Puppio noted tonight that apart from the natural gas counties, Delco has the best employment record in the state.

Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

ACORN Could Get $15 Billion In Obama Plan

Pajamas Media is reporting that President Obama’s latest economic stimulus proposal would make ACORN and other leftist activist groups eligible for $15 billion in taxpayer money.

Whoda thunk it?

Reborn ACORN Wants Sestak Unforlorn

The despicable and thoroughly discredited left-wing activist group ACORN announced April 1 that it was dissolving its national structure.

Well ho, ho, ho, April Fool.

It continues to solicit funds and its notorious get-out-the-vote operation, Project Vote, continues to operate on a $15 million budget from its Washington D.C. office.

In Pennsylvania, ACORN spun its state chapter into Pennsylvania Neighborhoods for Social Justice (PNSJ) and Action United.

And to whom are these organizations giving ground support in the Pennsylvania senate race? That’s right matey, Admiral Joe Sestak.

Action United was behind the loud demonstrations at the Toomey-Sestak debate outside Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center and PNJS is reportedly conducting get-out-the-vote drives in Democrat strongholds such as public housing projects.

So if you win, Joe you know to whom you are beholden.

If you should lose as expected, however, and you decide to try something different, say pimping underage illegal immigrant girls as prostitutes , you know where to get the advice.

Hat tip to The Daily Caller.

Philly ACORN Sues Journalists

The office director for ACORN Housing Corporation in Philadelphia sued a pair of investigative journalist, Jan. 21, in U.S. District Court For The Eastern District Of Pennsylvania on the grounds they violated Pennsylvania’s wiretap law when they sought counseling from the office regarding how best to set up a prostitution business using minor girls illegally in this country.

The plaintiff is Katherine Conway-Russell. The journalists are James E. O’Keefe III and Hannah Giles.

The PDF of the complaint can be found here.

ACORN’s Philly Office Welcomed Pimp And Pro

It looks like the claim that Philadelphia ACORN office booted James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles while they posed as pimp and prostitute was incorrectly reported by the old media.

The tape can be found here.

Pa. House Passes Barrar’s Amendment To Defund ACORN

What a difference three weeks makes.

The State House, Oct. 7, passed an amendment proposed by Steve Barrar (R-160) to prohibit state money from going to any non-profit organization that

  • are under indictment for violating any federal or state campaign finance or election law, including voter fraud.
  • fail to comply with federal or state lobbying requirements.
  • file a fraudulent form with any state or federal agency.
  • are the subject of a cease and desist order or any order from the
    Department of State to prohibit the solicitation of contributions.

In other words ACORN.

The vote was 157 to 42.

On Sept. 17, an almost similar amendment by Barrar failed on an almost perfectly partisan 102-94 vote with the Democrats, of course, being the ones trying to protect the discredited organization.

Barrar says that he will continue to advocate the passage of House
Resolution 426, which would institute a formal request by the House of
Representatives for the state attorney general to investigate
ACORN. His office has also sent a letter to the attorney general’s
office to request an investigation, and he is awaiting a response.

Better Late Than Never Regarding Acorn

Kudos to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

On the front of today’s Currents, the editorial section, it carried a fine summation of the ACORN scandal written by Kevin Ferris, with the added bonus of an excellent report by Frank Wilson of Bruce Bawer’s book, Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom, which points out the strange lengths the media, art and educational
establishments go toward appeasing radical Islam. Wilson noted, for
instance, that a survey showing that 20 percent of US Muslims aren’t really opposed to suicide bombing was portrayed in papers such as USA Today and the Christian Science Monitor as being a positive thing.

Wilson took pride, rightfully, in pointing out the Inquirer ran one of the controversial Danish cartoon depictions of Mohammad that created a stir in 2006.

He appears incorrect, at least as per Wikipedia, with regard to the Inky being the only daily to do so. However, it is true that the vast majority of the old media — broadcast as well as print — chose to run and hide.

So kudos to the Inquirer.

Better Late Than Never Regarding Acorn

Better Late Than Never Regarding Acorn

Silence Of The Thunder Lizard-Lambs

Pa. State Rep. Steve Barrar (R-160) represents an area served by the Delaware County Daily Times. On Thursday, Barrar attempted to make it illegal for tax money to go to partisan groups. The action was aimed at ACORN albeit one’s mind is boggled that it should be even the case that groups that take sides in an election can even receive Pennsylvania tax dollars.

The attempt was shut down on partisan lines with the Democrats in the State House voting unanimously against it.

Yet not a peep in the Daily Times about it either yesterday or today. And they don’t even have the excuse of needing space to cover the death of a Phillies announcer or an ”80s pop star.

Barrar on July 30 attempted to get a resolution passed requesting the state Attorney General to investigate ACORN. The motion was sent to the State Government Committee where it disappeared. The committee is chaired by Philadelphia Babette Josephs (D-182). She is reportedly a member of ACORN. The silence in the Philadelphia Inquirer is deafening.

The Inky did carry today on page B2 a sweet and sympathetic story about how Philadelphia ACORN — which spends about $400,000  per year — will be unaffected by the federal cuts.

Lentz, Vitali Protecting ACORN

Lentz, Vitali Protecting ACORN — Among the 102 Democrats who think it acceptable to give tax money to partisan groups were Delaware County’s own Bryan Lentz (161) and Greg Vital (166). They were among the partisan mob voting against a motion by Steve Barrar (R-160) to amend the state Fiscal Code to prohibit tax money from going to groups that solicit campaign contributions, endorse or oppose candidates and conduct partisan voter registration drives.

While the motion was directed at ACORN, it obviously would have applied to any group

There were 94 members — all Republicans — voting for the measure.

Jack Potter from the office of State Rep. Seth Grove (R-196) has said that
ACORN has received $200,000 in state grants since 2007.

ACORN Member Chairs Pa House Committee

Steve Barrar (R-160), on July 30, introduced House Resolution 426 that was a formal request to state Attorney General to investigate ACORN. It was referred to the  State Government Committee. It’s chaired by Philadelphian Babette Josephs (D-182). She’s a member of ACORN as she confessed at an April 3, 2008 hearing.

Not much has happened regarding the request.


ACORN Member Chairs Pa House Committee


ACORN Member Chairs Pa House Committee