Reborn ACORN Wants Sestak Unforlorn

The despicable and thoroughly discredited left-wing activist group ACORN announced April 1 that it was dissolving its national structure.

Well ho, ho, ho, April Fool.

It continues to solicit funds and its notorious get-out-the-vote operation, Project Vote, continues to operate on a $15 million budget from its Washington D.C. office.

In Pennsylvania, ACORN spun its state chapter into Pennsylvania Neighborhoods for Social Justice (PNSJ) and Action United.

And to whom are these organizations giving ground support in the Pennsylvania senate race? That’s right matey, Admiral Joe Sestak.

Action United was behind the loud demonstrations at the Toomey-Sestak debate outside Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center and PNJS is reportedly conducting get-out-the-vote drives in Democrat strongholds such as public housing projects.

So if you win, Joe you know to whom you are beholden.

If you should lose as expected, however, and you decide to try something different, say pimping underage illegal immigrant girls as prostitutes , you know where to get the advice.

Hat tip to The Daily Caller.

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