Big GOP Day In Pa

Republican Tom Corbett handily won the governorship last night beating Democrat Dan Onorato. The unofficial tally with 53 districts — 40  in Philadelphia and 13 in Delaware County —  to go was 2,136,683 votes to 1,783,581. With Republicans retaining control of the state Senate and winning the state House, Pennsylvania can make the elephant its official mascot for at least the next two years.

The senate race was much closer than expected and not called until after midnight when Democrat Joe Sestak conceded to Republican Pat Toomey. The unofficial tally as of 7 a.m. was 1,993,704 votes for Toomey to 1,916,284 votes for Sestak. Exit polls showed Toomey winning by 4 percent rather than the 2 that he did, but silly people should know that dead Philadelphians can’t answer exit polls.

Toomey lost Philadelphia by more than 283,000 votes with Corbett doing only slightly better. With the GOP running things now Corbett should put stopping vote fraud pretty high on his things-to-do list.

Sestak won on his home turf in Delaware County, 108,307 votes to 84,630.

Five of the state’s 19 congressional seats switched to the GOP including Sestak’s 7th District Seat won by Pat Meehan over Bryan Lentz. None switched to the Democrats so with the dust cleared, Republicans are sitting in 12 of the seats.

According to incomplete and unofficial figures from the Department of State, Meehan won 133,146 to 106,214 with James D. Schneller getting 2,635 votes.

Regarding the other switched seats, Republican Mike Kelly beat incumbent Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper, 102,601 to 82,125 in the 3rd District; Republican Michael G. Fitzpatrick beat incumbent Dem Patrick J. Murphy 125,081 to 108,452 in the 8th District; Republican Thomas Marino beat incumbent Democrat Christopher Carney 109,603 to 89,170 in the 10th District; and Republican Lou Barletta beat incumbent Democrat Paul Kanjorksi 100,108.

Two incumbent Democrats who opposed ObamaCare — Jason Altmire of the 4th District, and Mark Critz of the 12th District, who was not in office at the time of the vote — won squeekers over Keth Rothfus and Tim Burns respectively.

With regard to the state House, Republicans are expected to control at least 110 of the 203 seats including the seat held by retiring House Speaker Keith McCall in the 122nd District which is in Carbon County and was won by Republican Doyle Heffley over Democrat Justin Yaich; and in what might be the surprise of the night, the 116th District seat in Luzerne County held by House Majority Leader Todd A. Eachus which went to newcomer Republican Tarah Toohil  9,693 to 7,957.

Complete details can be found at the Department of State website .


Big GOP Day In Pa

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