Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results

Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results — Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom are being sued for costs — claimed to be $19,224.56 — relating to their actions against the Delaware County (Pa.) Board of Elections for perceived irregularities stemming from the Nov. 3 election.

Leah and Strenstrom –who were Delaware County Board of Elections certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center — testified at the Nov. 25 hearing in Gettysburg before state senators that the chain of custody for ballots was shattered in Delaware County, and the USB drives containing records from voting machines disappeared.

Leah says when the Board of Elections ignored their concerns, they took the matter, on Dec. 22, to Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

Judge John Capuzzi did not allow them to present evidence or allow discovery to see ballots and envelopes, she says.

On Jan. 11, he dismissed the case with prejudice.

And now, the Democrat-controlled county, in which can only be considered an act of intimidation, is seeking attorney fees, despite the attorneys defending the board being county employees.

OK, there doesn’t seem to be any dispute that USB drives vanished and the chain of custody was violated.

Why aren’t the courts interested in investigating? Why hasn’t there been any resolution to the voter books that were given to unauthorized persons as we reported on Oct. 31?

Capuzzi is a Republican. So what? People are starting to realize that it is not about Democrat vs Republican but a battle between people who want to get rich off of government — i.e. have the people be the servants — and those who know that it is government that should serve the people.

Leah says the Delaware County Republican Party has abandoned them in their battle as has the state party. Leah says the GOP lawyer they had quit and their new one, Deborah Silver, has been threatened with disbarment.

“We are being denied our 1st Amendment rights plain and simple,” said Leah. “Who is protecting us? Where is law enforcement?”

Leah says she and Stenstrom are raising money to continue her legal battle and contributions can be made here:

Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results
Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users — Our website punches way above its weight, — triggering the right people is proof positive — but we don’t deny we are small.

And we can now say with proof positive that we’d be much bigger but for the active discrimination of Silicon Valley megacorporations.

Searchers finding our site are up significantly. This is entirely due to the ever growing DuckDuckGo, which hit the 100 million daily search milestone last month.

Google remains 50 times bigger but we got 2.7 times the hits from DDG yesterday.

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users

DDG appears to be using algorithms designed to let people find what they are looking for rather than filtering for political content.

Ponder that for a moment. This is obviously not just happening to us. Actually, it was this comment by Fred Donaldson that tipped us off to it. How many other websites that question the narrative are being made unaccessible? How much necessary information is the citizenry being prevented from hearing? How many lies are they being told through claims of authority?

We hear that DDG is run by leftists/progressives/whatever. So what? Their searches are honest and that’s all that counts.

If you really want to “stick it to the man” make DDG your default search engine for mobile and desktop.

It is an easy thing to do.

If 75 million (official) Trump voters do this, a real hurt will be put on Google, and real benefits will be received by those media outlets that don’t have the seal of approval by the government/corporate establishment.

If you cannot do this simple thing don’t pretend you would have fought alongside George Washington in 1776.

And let’s not discount the very real privacy benefits DDG provides.

May Paoli never become Silicon Valley.

Check out Fred’s site here: and follow him.

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd — Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA1) was among the 11 Republicans who voted to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA14) of her committee assignments.

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd
Congressman Squish Fitzpatrick

All Democrats voted to do so.

Marjorie was a follower of the Q conspiracy movement, which we have written about, and which we feel is far, far, far less damaging to this nation than the Beltway conspiracy movement.

Actually, the Q slogan “Where we go one, we go all”, often seen as WWG1WGA, is something we see as a positive answer to the divisive garbage promoted daily by the establishment in all its outlets.

White privilege? A guy with light skin out of work in Cambria County is somehow more “privileged” than a sports has-been with dark skin who signed a mega-million dollar contract with a slave owner?

Why is the concept even considered?

How has Fitzpatrick sought to remove Maxine Waters (D-CA43) from her committee assignments for the real hate she spewed and the real suffering she cause?

How about his non-attempt to get Eric Swalwell (D-CA15) removed from his assignments for his relationship with a Chinese spy? He sits on the Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence, after all.

How about Sen. Diane Feinstein of California for her relationship with a Chinese spy for that matter? And that’s not even going into matters involving hubby Richard Blum.

Why has Fitzpatrick not done these things?

Because he is a squish.

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd

HCQ Treats Covid19 Successfully

HCQ treats Covid19 successfully. It should be good news but it just creates a desire to vomit.

Hydroxychloroquine is a safe and successful treatment for the China Flu.

The American Journal of Medicine says so in its January edition:

. . .when started earlier in the hospital course, for progressively longer durations and in outpatients, antimalarials may reduce the progression of disease, prevent hospitalization, and are associated with reduced mortality.

Just as President Trump pointed out back in June.

Just as Dr. Simone Gold bravely declared and lost her job for it.

The AJM also said azithromycin was effective, alone or with HCQ.

The AJM also touted zinc as a treatment:

Zinc is a known inhibitor of coronavirus replication. Clinical trials of zinc lozenges in the common cold have demonstrated modest reductions in the duration and or severity of symptoms.18 By extension, this readily available nontoxic therapy could be deployed at the first signs of COVID-19.19 Zinc lozenges can be administered 5 times a day for up to 5 days and extended if needed if symptoms persist. 

Gee, zinc successfully treats Covid symptoms. Where did we hear that before?

As for the dangers pounded nightly by our — pick an unprintable word — media of HCQ, the AJM says that while concerns exist as with any drug it is a remarkably safe one:

HCQ was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1955, has been used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide since then, is sold over the counter in many countries, and has a well-characterized safety profile that should not raise undue alarm

If our media and regulatory agencies merely stayed neutral and let frontline doctors follow to where their observations led, tens of thousands of people would likely still be alive.

But our establishment strangely attacked, even to the point of sanctions, any who tried to promote it as a treatment. Discussion was banned by the social media giants and advocates were merciless mocked by establishment news organs.

The answer as to why this happened has nothing to do with science or the public good. Our establishment is corrupt. Anyone who trusts our media — or our regulatory agencies — is a fool.

Remember when grandma-killer Andrew Cuomo got an Emmy award? See where grandma-killer Rachel Levine has been nominated as assistant secretary of health?

Yeah, you are a fool if you trust this crowd.

Hat tip Vox Popoli

HCQ Treats Covid19 Successfully

HCQ Treats Covid19 Successfully

Apple Deleting Telegram App?

Apple Deleting Telegram App? — We have received a report —from Lin Wood no less — that Apple will be deleting the Telegram app from their phones without notice.

To stop this follow these directions:

Apple Deleting Telegram App

Apple Deleting Telegram App?

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda — We got an email (see below) that “streamers” like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Studios are seeking “TV series with a social message.”

In other words, the one-percenter tech oligarchs want propaganda designed to make you angry and afraid. They don’t want to make you happy. They don’t want to inspire you to help others. They want to make you angry and afraid.

They want you to hate.

And Orwell only predicted two minutes a day of it.

But but but, you say, maybe they want content that inspires you to help others.


Any content sought by this crowd is going to cover up injustice if not out-and-out encourage it.

This crowd lives on oppression.

How do you beat propagandists with this much power?

We could suggest cancelling but that won’t do much and just leave you out of touch with what the masses are getting fed.

We would instead encourage reading, especially the Bible but the great philosophers like Plato as well, along with original documents and speeches like the Constitution, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural and The Federalist Papers.

And histories.

Read good histories like those by Stephen Ambrose and bad ones like those by Howard Zinn. See the difference. Know what the other side believes, why they believe it and why they are wrong.

Mental exercise is a lot like physical exercise. It starts hard but then becomes easy, and you find yourself much healthier and stronger.

We are encouraging deletion of Facebook accounts. Not just deactivation but full deletion. Cancel Facebook.

There are 80 million Trump voters. Yes, we think millions of Trump votes were flipped to Biden and Biden is an illegitimate president. Even if you insist on the 74 million figure, though, 10 million of us deleting our Facebook accounts will have an enormous impact. Don’t forget that those who want to keep in touch with you will have to seek you on the media that you use.

The fish that swims from the school is the cool one.

And make DuckDuckGo your default search engine on the desktop and mobile. Google is Goliath but Goliath was beaten.

The email:

Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda
Netflix Soliciting For Propaganda

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right — The mask is off corporate America and the means it plans to use to control the populace comes right out of 1984 or maybe the Book of Revelation.

Will it demand a mark on our hands for us to buy and sell? It seems they may soon have the power if they don’t already.

What makes us laugh is the idealistic socialists who think they have won something. They really think the reach of the Gates and Bezos and Buffet will decline.

Silly children.

It’s going to grow along with its heavy-handiness. Look at Biden’s cabinet picks.

For the record we still maintain the vote fraud was real and massive, and Biden is an illegitimate president. Saying this was once solidly protected speech.

Prominent politicians, though, that would be you Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John “Fascist” Fetterman, are saying it should be a crime. If the Democrats pack the courts, as some think, maybe it will be in a few months.

Dominion Voting Systems is threatening lawsuits left and right against those saying there are problems with their machines.

Rather than using courts to squelch the questions, the matter would once have been resolved by examining the machines as was done in Antrim County, Mich.

Of course, Dominion refutes what was found in Antrim County, but shouldn’t that just mean more investigation? Why the, rather fanatical, opposition to examining machines and ballots?

The matter would be far more likely to get resolved and the nation united.

But that’s not going happen. It’s not the will of the plutocrats.

The laugh’s on you Occupy Wall Street. And us too, for that matter. Actually, on everyone who is not in line for a six-figure government pension.

Alternatives to Twitter and Facebook are multiplying. We’ve long championed Gab. One that might be even better is We’ve begun using it regularly. Here’s an interesting little tidbit we found regarding the price of insulin.

Here’s a parable to help you get through the next few years:

Plato saw Diogenes washing vegetables. “If you knew how to pay court to the king, you wouldn’t now be washing vegetables,” he said.

Diogenes responded “If you knew how to wash vegetables, you wouldn’t now have to pay court to the king.”

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right
Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right

The Enemies Trump Made, The Friends He Kept

The Enemies Trump Made, The Friends He Kept

By Joe Guzzardi

In 1924, Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster founded what is today America’s third largest publishing company. Simon & Schuster’s first foray into publishing was crossword puzzle books. Simon’s aunt was a crossword puzzle enthusiast, so the newly formed company wisely decided to fill the nation’s puzzle book void. Nearly a century later, Simon & Schuster made the curious, from a corporate perspective, woke decision to cancel Sen. Josh Hawley’s book, “The Tyranny of Big Tech,” for what the company described as “his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.” Stated more precisely, Simon & Schuster objects to Hawley’s support of President Trump, and indirectly charged him with inciting the Washington, D.C. riots.

The Enemies Trump Made, The Friends He Kept

Hawley is one of 75 million Americans who have well-founded doubts about the November election’s validity, and his book’s topic – Silicon Valley’s censorship of other-than-woke opinions that now include President Trump permanently – troubles Americans. Simon & Schuster, apparently, would rather silence Hawley than publish a book that would appeal to a large chunk of 75 million potential book-buyers. Above all, Congress, the media, Silicon Valley and corporate America’s goal is to relentlessly malign the not-so-suddenly friendless President Trump who, in his eyes, has been abandoned by Vice President Mike Pence, his three Supreme Court appointees, congressional Republicans, his Attorney General and others.

For all the preaching that the incoming Biden administration spouts about moving on and uniting America, its actions belie its rhetoric. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach or use the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. The latter failed. If Congress’ impeachment also fails, the never-Trumpers’ wishful thinking goal then becomes to impeach the president after he leaves office, which the Constitution doesn’t permit, or perhaps to rely on the New York district attorney’s office to uncover financial crimes the Trump Organization committed.

In the meantime, President-elect Biden is ignoring the nation’s disaffected 75 million, a curious strategy for a candidate who won, perhaps fraudulently, key swing states by the narrowest margins. As for the reported 80 million that voted for the Biden-Harris ticket, most of them cast anti-Trump rather than pro-Biden ballots. With the mid-term 2022 election just 22 months away and with President Trump increasingly unlikely to make a Grover Cleveland-like bid to become the second president elected to nonconsecutive terms, a significant portion of the 80 million will have their eyes firmly focused on the incoming administration’s agenda.

Immediately facing the newly inaugurated President Biden will be his student debt and immigration pledges. During his campaign, Biden promised to cancel up to $10,000 in student debt, which exceeds $1.5 trillion outstanding, and to extend the COVID-related payment pause scheduled to expire this month. But Pelosi, Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) want the debt forgiveness tab increased ‘‘with a pen” to $50,000, and thereby let taxpayers absorb the bill. Many Americans perceive waiving student loan obligations as abdicating individual responsibility and grossly unfair to students and parents who played by the rules and paid off their debt as it came due. A better solution: let the rolling-in-dough universities who encouraged student indebtedness take the hit.

On immigration, President-elect Biden already faces intense pressure to deliver on his vow to introduce an amnesty bill within his first 100 days in office. With Democrats controlling all three government branches, amnesty may look like a no-brainer, but history says differently. In 2008, President Obama had a Democratic-controlled Congress, but amnesty, toxic as always, went nowhere. And Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, was defeated legislatively countless times before President Obama issued an Executive Branch Memorandum to temporarily legalize the program. Passing any form of amnesty is a tough nut.

President Trump had many shortcomings, including his abrasive personality. Presidents Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama were smoother, but elitist. Voters wearied of the smooth talkers’ globalist agendas and – ergo – the Trump presidency. Democrats would love to remove President Trump so that he will be barred from a 2024 candidacy. If the Democrats have their way, President Trump will have no Cleveland-like second go-around!

Presidents Trump and Cleveland have character similarities; they’re both truculently honest. During his administration, President Cleveland was called “ugly-honest” and was admired for the enemies that he made, namely corrupt politicians. President Trump’s foes include career swamp dwellers, corporate America, Wall Street, Big Tech, China, America-last Democrats and RINOs. His friends, not in high places but 75 million strong, want to Make America Great Again. Evaluate President Trump by the enemies that he made, and the friends that he kept.

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

The Enemies Trump Made, The Friends He Kept

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny — Check out Glenn Greenwald’s article How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler on Substack.

Vile, corporate anti-liberal — in the original, good meaning of the word — have taken over communication. Their “progressive” minions, whose reasoning skill makes a George Romero zombie look smart, shuffle along in ironic approval considering themselves “woke”.

Check out Greenwald’s article. If you can’t see it, a subscription is worthwhile.

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny
Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny

Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending

Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending — L. Lin Wood, who until a few weeks ago ranked at the top of U.S. defamation attorneys, embarked on an epic tweet storm starting about 2 o’clock this morning (Jan. 4), in which he expressed a belief that Chief Justice John Roberts was being blackmailed by a major intelligence agency.

The blackmail alleged by Wood is especially horrific and implies that the subject consents to perform unspeakably vile deeds on camera to grant the blackmailers collateral in exchange for the subject getting power and wealth.

Wood says he has copies of the blackmail files as one of the intelligence agencies was hacked by a group known as The Lizard Squad, the name of which has been trending in Twitter throughout the morning.

The Squad, says Wood, gave the files to bit actor Isaac Kappy, who had been claiming that child rape/murder was rampant in Hollywood.

Kappy died of apparent suicide in May 2019.

Wood says he now has the files and has created a “deadman’s switch” if anything should happen to him or a loved one.

He says that if asked to turn the files to law enforcement he will only agree to provide them to attorney Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn or President Trump as they are the only ones he trusts.

In a related matter, former CEO Patrick Byrne reported that a Gulfstream 1159 with a registration number N53OGA was purposely destroyed on a remote airstrip in Guatemala on Oct. 27, 2019 after illegally entering that nation. The plane had been used by Jeffrey Epstein. On Feb. 10, 2011 a “John Roberts” was a passenger on it. For the record, the Supreme Court was not in session that day.

Conspiracy theories can be destructive, and the one in which children are being raped and murdered for wealth and power is growing greater by the moment. Chief Justice Roberts must take this seriously and address it. Wood’s claims against Roberts are defamatory. If Roberts should sue, Wood only has one defense. Roberts must call him on it.

Wood’s offer to turn the evidence over on his terms ought to also be called. If he’s telling the truth, the truth must be revealed. If not, the matter must be put to rest.

In another related matter, Wikileaks has just made a huge data dump. Check it out here. Hat tip Chris Saullo.

Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending
Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending