Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems

Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems — It’s being reported that establishment Republican stalwart Jeff Bartos and his wife, Sheryl, attended a Sept. 21 fundraiser for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro.

Who is surprised by this?

The Democrat and Republican establishments are the same people. Check out this old story about Stradley Ronon. Shapiro at the time was the Philadelphia lobbying law firm’s counsel and Val DiGiorgio, who ran Chesco’s GOP and would become the state GOP chairman, headed its banking and public finance sections.

Bartos runs in the same circles as does Jim Greenwood and Craig Snyder and Robert Jubelirer as does Michael Chertoff and Mario Civera.

These are the guys that make your lives harder.

If you want your lives to be easier vote for the guy they don’t want.

That would be Doug Mastriano.

He is running as a Republican.

As if party labels still matter.

Hat tip Susan-Jane Goldner

Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems
Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems

Bussed Migrants Prove Limits to Inviting the World

Bussed Migrants Prove Limits to Inviting the World

by Joe Guzzardi

Emotions are raw; temperatures are heated, and embattled parties are exchanging strong statements. The uproar’s cause: illegal immigrants being sent to sanctuary cities. New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. mayors Eric Adams, Lori Lightfoot and Muriel Bowser allege that Texas, Florida and Arizona governors – Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis and Doug Ducey, respectively – are playing politics with migrants’ lives, and that racism motivates their actions.

After calling Abbott a racist, Lightfoot openly questioned the Texas governor’s Christian values. Bowser declared that the migrants’ arrival constituted a public emergency, and asked the White House to summon the National Guard, an ignored request. Fulfilling a promise he made in April and upping the ante in the immigration debate, DeSantis sent two planes with migrants, mostly Venezuelans, to Martha’s Vineyard, an elitist playground. In the spring, the Florida Department of Transportation received DeSantis’ approval to set aside $12 million to fly the aliens to Martha’s Vineyard and Delaware. Abbott sent two busloads to D.C.’s Naval Observatory, Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence.

DeSantis and the other governors counter the mayors’ political grandstanding charges by saying that the financial burden illegal immigrants create should be shared among the states. In the governors’ collective opinions, no destinations are better suited as new homes for aliens than sanctuary cities whose leaders have long avowed their willingness to accept them.

Days after the migrants arrived in Chicago – and the total 500 headcount is miniscule compared to the millions that have crossed into Texas – Lightfoot changed her hospitable tone. She shipped the aliens unannounced to suburban Elk Grove Village. Mayor Craig Johnson was as displeased as Adams, Lightfoot and Bowser with the influx of mostly poor, undereducated and unskilled into his municipality. Johnson asked: “Why are they coming to Elk Grove?”

Johnson’s question is valid. From the moment migrants cross the border, during their resettlement, and indefinitely into the future, taxpayers fund the exorbitant costs.

new financial analysis from the Federation for American Immigration Reform found that to provide for the 1.3 million illegal aliens that Biden has released into the interior and the 1 million estimated gotaways, taxpayers will be assessed $20.4 billion annually, a sum that will be added to the existing $140 billion that’s allotted each year to the existing, long-term illegal alien population. FAIR estimates that each illegal alien costs American taxpayers $9,232 per year, and further calculates that the $20.4 billion could provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to more than 7 million additional needy families, fund and expand the entire National School Lunch Program, hire more than 315,000 police officers to combat the nation’s escalating crime wave across the country, and hire 330,000 new teachers, which would end America’s long-standing teacher shortage.

Bussed Migrants Prove Limits to Inviting the World

The billions of dollars spent on migrants is against a backdrop of unmet needs in American families. A Brandeis University study found that 35 percent of American families, despite working full-time, year-round, do not meet the “basic family needs budget” – the amount needed for rent, food, transportation, medical care and minimal household expenses. For black and Hispanic families, 50 percent cannot afford life’s fundamentals. The Brandeis survey showed that low-income families with children are struggling; more than two-thirds of full-time workers don’t earn enough to make ends meet. Those families would need to earn about $11 more per hour to fully cover basics costs, or about $23,500 in additional annual earnings. Black and Hispanic families would require a $12 hourly income spike, $26,500 annually, to meet the family budget.

Biden campaigned as Scranton Joe, working America’s champion. But as president, Biden has abandoned his commitment to lower- and middle-class families. Instead, Biden has rewarded illegally present foreign nationals with billions of dollars. As a result, Scranton Joe is as unpopular in his hometown as he is nationwide. In Pennsylvania’s 8th District that includes Scranton, Biden’s approval rating is 38 percent, indicative of his failures.

View Online

Joe Guzzardi is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist who writes about immigration and related social issues. Joe joined Progressives for Immigration Reform in 2018 as an analyst after a ten-year career directing media relations for Californians for Population Stabilization, where he also was a Senior Writing Fellow. A native Californian, Joe now lives in Pennsylvania. Contact him at

Bussed Migrants Prove Limits to Inviting the World

Steve Kirsch Links To Lindell Vote Fraud Expose

Steve Kirsch Links To Lindell Vote Fraud Expose — Tech pioneer Steve Kirsch accomplishments include the invention of the optical mouse and the Infoseek search engine. These made him a lot of money and quite a bit of that had gone to Democrat candidates.

Kirsch was even a Biden voter.

That changed with the Covid vaccine mandates and the suppression of concerns regarding the vaccines.

Kirsch now appears to be seeing what many of us have seen for two years regarding our election system. He has linked on his Substack page the new documentary SELECTION CODE: The Movie which was finance by Mike Lindell.

“A US Senator suggested I view (it),” he says. “It’s excellent. I recommend everyone reading this take an hour to watch it, especially the last 15 minutes.”

And it is excellent and we share his recommendation.

The movie is centered upon the plight of Tina Peters who is County Clerk and Recorder in Mesa County, Col. An attempt by state officials to cover up fraud in the April 2021 municipal election led her to reveal backups she made of the machines.

The establishment media trashed her nightly and the Democrat-controlled state accused her of crimes. Authorities put her in handcuffs and trashed her home in a search.

Things the Stasi does.

The most poignant scene was the spilled box left by the jack-boots of mementos of her son Remington. Remington was Navy SEAL with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan who died when his parachute malfunctioned during a military parachuting demonstration in 2017.

The Gold Star mother stuck to her guns, though, and only the most stupid — or most corrupt –would deny her evidence.

It’s time for all of us to awake. There are still honest judges, prosecutors, police and even journalists who better start to doing their jobs. Tyranny is not far away. Did you see what happened to Lindell yesterday? Could this movie have anything to do with that? Make sure you watch it.

Greenwald Describes Shameless State Of Media That Is Now Media Of The State

Greenwald Describes Shameless State Of Media That Is Now Media Of The State –Glenn Greenwald who was lionized by the left when he was blasting George W. Bush and the Patriot Act 15 years ago, is now vilified by his former fans when he points out that new boss is the same as the old boss.

He posted on Sept. 6 a Twitter thread that must be read.

The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded “disinformation experts,” the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood, he said.

A series of “crises” have been cynically and aggressively exploited to inexorably restrict the range of permitted views, and expand pretexts for online silencing and deplatforming. Trump’s election, Russiagate, 1/6, COVID and war in Ukraine all fostered new methods of repression, he said.

Greenwald Describes Shameless State  Of Media That Is Now Media Of The State

There’s now an entire new industry, aligned with Dems, to pressure Big Tech to censor. Think tanks and self-proclaimed “disinformation experts” funded by Omidyar, Soros and the US/UK Security State use benign-sounding names to glorify ideological censorship as neutral expertise, he said.

A major myth that must be quickly dismantled: political censorship is not the by-product of autonomous choices of Big Tech companies. This is happening because DC Dems and the US Security State are threatening reprisals if they refuse. They’re explicit: he said.

The worst of all – the most repugnant and despicable – are those calling themselves “journalists” while doing the opposite of what that term implies: they serve rather than challenge power, they deceive rather than inform, they demand censorship rather than free and open inquiry, he said.

Check out the whole thread.

Greenwald Describes Shameless State Of Media That Is Now Media Of The State Now Media Of The State

Patriot Act Author Wants Shapiro; Polls Tied In Pa

Patriot Act Author Wants Shapiro; Polls Tied In Pa — Bob Small has let us know that seven more Republicans have joined the gaggle of registered R feudalists who want Josh Shapiro to be our next governor.

The new batch includes Michael Chertoff, who served as US Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush and co-wrote the Patriot Act; and Mario Civera, who represented Upper Darby in the State House for 20 years, and rather poorly in hindsight.

Patriot Act Author Wants Shapiro; Polls Tied In Pa
Globalist don’t want Doug

The latest sin of Doug Mastriano, the guy who won the GOP gubernatorial election in the primary, is that the retired colonel and combat veteran with an interest in history, wore a Confederate uniform in a faculty photo at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle.

RINO support for Shapiro was predicted on this site here and here six years ago, and here in 2019.

Chertoff et al does not care about the people who vote Republican. Shapiro does not care about those who vote Democrat.

Their true constituents are places like Stradley Ronon, the shameless lobbyist law firm where Shapiro worked with former state GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio.

By the way the latest poll via Rich Barris and Rasmussen Reports has Mastriano and Shapiro knotted at 43 percent. The working class want Mastriano. The I-want-people-to-think-I’m-smart class wants Shapiro.

Patriot Act Author Wants Shapiro; Polls Tied In Pa

Royce White Sums It Up As Globalists Vs Nationalists

Royce White Sums It Up as Globalists Vs Nationalists in a brilliant open letter in response to Joe Biden’s hateful “Soul of a Nation” speech he made Sept. 1 in Philadelphia.

Here’s the start of it:

Dear Joe,

My name is Royce White. I’m an American citizen, born and raised in the 32nd state of the union. I’m a Christian, I am a Black man and yes I am a MAGA Republican. Although given the current state of politics, it may not be fair to call us Republicans at all. There are no Democrats or Republicans anymore, Only Globalists and Nationalists. On this day I feel more concerned than ever about the future of this country. Yet for many reasons I feel equally blessed. I don’t believe I could’ve been born or lived in a more fitting time for the way God built me. All the forces of evil, all the spirit of corruption, has coalesced into a megalithic wrecking ball with spikes and an AI guidance system. This evil, this corruption infects all our institutions, starting with the church and then the academies, and our politics downstream from such moral hazard. It has left blood across the entire breadth of our society. While such an outlook is certainly grim, still it provides the circumstance for men with sacred honor and national honor, to stand in testimony of the truth. To bear witness under one of the greatest incentives to remain silent. That incentive isn’t the barrel of a gun or the blade of a knife, but the threat of a government that doubles and triples down on lies. This is where I find myself right at home, at peace and in my natural way. This is the greatest honor I could hope for. The fact that the highest office of the land is entrenched in this set of lies, is just a bonus. Not only do I get to bear witness, but the stakes couldn’t get any higher. You have betrayed the office you currently hold, you have betrayed the oath you took, you have betrayed the American people. You have betrayed America herself. You are not the President of the United States, but a traitor to the republic. Now on national television, under a beautiful night’s sky made to look especially ominous by a dramatic backdrop of red lights, you double down on this treachery and tell the American people that MAGA republicans are domestic terrorists. Artifice!

I write this with the full understanding, that given your speech last night, this letter may in fact land me in the crosshairs of the next DOJ witch-hunt. I go forward anyway because the surrendering of our right and need to speak the truth, is the very point where America ceases to be what it was designed to be. Although I find your speech last night to be dishonest in the most absolute way imaginable, and therefore completely illegitimate, I still feel a sense of obligation to go on the record and reflect a more genuine perspective from someone on our side. Our side being the side of America, not the fictitious MAGA boogeyman you portrayed us as last night. 

We are not fascists. We are not terrorists or extremists. We believe in God, family and country. You and your globalist puppeteers don’t believe in God or family, so it’s easy to understand why you don’t believe in having a country. We believe in having a country. We believe in having a nation. That does not make us fascists… In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The nation-state provides an essential identity, which legitimizes our citizenship and thus substantiates our individual rights. These rights are guaranteed by the constitution. They were not given to us by the government. They were gifted to us by the creator. Of which the constitution simply guarantees said rights, while also enshrining the creator as the soul source of them. Albeit, American freedom and God are inextricably linked. Not that people aren’t free to not believe in God or even hate God, but the backbone of American freedom is God. Surely someone in an office such as that of President must understand that. So the christofascism claim constantly made by the liberal establishment and it’s zealots is a nonstarter.

And you can read the rest here:

Royce White Sums It Up As Globalists Vs Nationalists
Royce White Sums It Up As Globalists Vs Nationalists

Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When?

Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When? — David Icke, the BBC sportscaster who was a household name before he declared the world was run by child-eating space lizards, says in a widely spread interview that Netherlands, the world’s second largest food exporter, is eliminating farmers during a food shortage.

Dutch Prime Miniser Mark Rutte is supported by the World Economic Forum, Icke notes.

Icke says that people are uncontrollable when food and energy are cheap.

We concede his point.

The interview got a boost when journalist Benny Johnson tweeted it.

Then there is this

We aren’t yet ready to buy that Queen Elizabeth is a space lizard but let’s consider this chart of Covid-19 deaths which shows U.S. deaths peaking at 10 per million on Jan. 13, 2021. As of Tuesday (Aug.30, 2022) its 1.3 per million.

This interactive timeline, however, shows that U.S. excess mortality of all causes was between 100 and 200 per 100,000 people at the Covid death peak. It’s now between 300 and 400 per 100K.

The increase can’t be Covid.

The timeline works with a slide near the bottom of the page.

And this

Author and one-time New York Times reporter Alex Berenson is reporting that live births in heavily vaccinated Singapore are down 8.5 percent from last year. Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen is saying live births are down 14 percent in Sweden from last year.

Births aren’t down everywhere — the U.S. birth rate is actually up a teeny bit from 2021 — but Berenson’s and Imanuelsen’s reporting shouldn’t be dismissed.

And one doesn’t have to believe in space lizards to know that tyrants have always been and the powerful always want more power, and these people don’t consider the rest of us as anything important.

Until last month, this crowd had carved in stone that Earth’s population should not be more than 500 million. This would require eliminating 7 billion people to achieve.

Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When?
Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When?

Covid Sows Seeds For Totalitarian Harvest

Covid Sows Seeds For Totalitarian Harvest — Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, has published on his Substack an article by Dr. Mattias Desmet, who coined the term mass formation psychosis, which is a “specific kind of group formation that makes people radically blind to everything that goes against what the group believes in. In this way, they take the most absurd beliefs for granted.”

He cites an incident in the 1979 Iranian Revolution when people started to believe that the portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini could be seen on the surface of the moon. Crowds would fill the streets during full moons to look for it — and claim to be able to see it.

More significantly, those griped by this psychosis become radically intolerant of dissent, and radically willing to sacrifice for the collective. He cites an Iranian mother who turned her son over to the authorities to be hanged. She then actually put the rope around his neck.

Covid Sows Seeds For Totalitarian Harvest
Mattias Desmet

Desmet is a well-published Belgian psychiatrist and statistician who is a professor at Ghent University.

Desmet is also the author of the recently published The Psychology of Totalitarianism, which is also the title of the Substack article.

Obviously, mass formation psychosis is a stepping stone to totalitarianism.

“Totalitarianism is not a historical coincidence,” Desmet said. “It is the logical consequence of mechanistic thinking and the delusional belief in the omnipotence of human rationality. As such, totalitarianism is a defining feature of the Enlightenment tradition.”

He says his book focuses on the broader cultural–historical processes from which totalitarianism emerges.

He said the Covid response matches the process. Expert virologists were called upon to save us. They replaced unreliable politicians who had been answerable to the people. When the mechanistic experts failed, they changed definitions like Orwell’s pigs and consolidated power.

Desmet also said that the “explosive proliferation of mass surveillance technology led to new and previously unimaginable means for the manipulation of the masses.”

He said his book ultimately is about finding a way out of the current cultural impasse. 

“The real task facing us as individuals and as a society is to envision a new view of humankind and the world, to find a new foundation for our identity, to formulate new principles for living together with others, and to reclaim a timely human capacity—Truth Speech,” he says.

Read the whole article here.

Covid Sows Seeds For Totalitarian Harvest


Elites Are Morons Masses Now Think

Elites Are Morons Masses Now Think — The crowd that considers itself the elite i.e. the wealthy, the political leaders, the academics, the cultural gatekeepers, has lost the respect of the ones who actually make stuff, according to Victor David Hanson.

The productive class now considers the pondering class who makes the rules to be incompetent screw-ups, Hanson says.

The article is The Worst and the Stupidest? and can be found here.

Elites Are Morons Masses Now Think
Elites Are Morons Masses Now Think
incompetent screw-ups

Bill Barr Is Not Trustworthy

Bill Barr Is Not Trustworthy — Bari Weiss interviewed former Attorney General Bill Barr for an hour-and-a-half podcast released Aug. 25. The transcript can be read on Substack.

Ms. Weiss is one of the good gals. She is a fine journalist with integrity but she couldn’t leave her bubble with this one.

Barr comes off as likable with high morals. He says he liked Donald Trump and that he would support him in 2024 against the likely Dems, and you almost believe him.

“And if he did adjust, he could go down in history as a great president, ” Barr said.

The mean tweets didn’t stop, though, and then the final straw which was Trump’s denial of the legitimacy of the November 2020 election.

“The more we looked at the fraud allegations, the more we saw that most of them were frivolous, and those that weren’t frivolous were simply not substantiated by the evidence,” Barr said.

Bill Barr Is Not Trustworthy

“I talked to the AP reporter and I told him that to date we haven’t seen evidence of fraud on a scale that would have affected the outcome of the election,” Barr said.

And so the demon pretending to be an angel is revealed.

Barr is a reason why more than half this country thinks Biden may be a pretender

He was silent on votes being counted without observers able to observe. He kept mum about governors changing election law, which we know from high school is not how it works. He didn’t fight to audit voting machines which would have gone a long way to stifling suspicion regardless of what the audit found.

Election confidence always trumps private corporation IP concerns.

Barr couldn’t say this.

What’s truly damning, though, are the claims claims that Barr stopped investigations in the weeks after the election.

“Attorney General Barr, however, instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities,” said Bill McSwain, who was then U.S, Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. “I was also given a directive to pass
along serious allegations to the State Attorney General for investigation – the same State Attorney General who had already declared that you could not win.”

Tony Shaffer, a former Army intelligence officer who was a member of Trump’s advisory board says that Barr angrily ordered him to stop looking into Jesse Morgan’s story. Morgan, a truck driver, said that he hauled 162,000 curated mail-in ballots from Bethpage, N.Y. to Harrisburg in October 2020.

Shaffer has told this story many times including in this this interview with Joe Hoft. It starts at about the 11 minute mark

One of Ms. Weiss’ last questions involved Jeffrey Epstein

BWIs it possible that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t die by suicide? 


If Epstein was murdered, Barr’s answer means the government was a partner in it.

A wide-spread belief that our government murders is social poison.

The New York Post two-weeks ago reiterated the reasons for suspicion. Pathologist Michael Baden claims Epstein’s injuries were consistent with strangulation not hanging; cameras reportedly malfunctioned; and guards falsified records that they checked on him.

Barr never publicly recognized these things.

Bill Barr is not trustworthy.

Bill Barr Is Not Trustworthy

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