Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?

Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs? — An emergency meeting has been called by the Pennsylvania State Republican Committee, we have been told.

Does it involving censuring Sen. Pat Toomey for his gutless vote to convict President Trump and stay in the good, and profitable, graces of the cool-kid crowd in the D.C. establishment?

Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?
We once admired this guy

We certainly hope so.

Why has Toomey been silent about vote fraud concerns, anyway? Does he really think it’s OK keeping minority observers from observing vote counting? That, that happened in Philadelphia is without dispute.

By the way, why didn’t the establishment media call the attack on the White House in June, an insurrection?

Did they call the attacks on the Mark O Hatfield Courthouse, along with numerous other federal buildings in Portland, Ore., an insurrection?

The destruction of a police station in Minneapolis?

The CHAZ district in Seattle?

The shooting of the Republican House Majority leader in 2017?

The near-fatal assault on Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) by his Democrat neighbor?

Pretty fair questions dontcha think?

You think Toomey might have paid better attention to Michael T. van der Veen. Here he is setting CBS straight.
Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill — Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania’s 1st District Republican congressman, will be introducing a “carbon tax bill” today says the Washington Examiner. It will be similar to Market Choice Act introduced in 2018 by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FLA26) which died in committee.

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax
Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa1)

The Curbelo bill imposed a tax of $24 per metric ton on industrial carbon-dioxide emissions, beginning in 2020 and rising annually at a rate of 2 percent above inflation.

In return, federal taxes on gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel would be repealed. The payers would mostly be operators of coal and natural gas power plants.

This means paying more for lighting, air-conditioning and heat, and maybe less for food and transportation.

And of course, coal plants (and mines and their jobs) would soon disappear as natural gas produces much less CO2.

Which would naturally mean less revenue which means someone is going to pound his fist and say we need to bring back the gasoline tax.

The claim that most of carbon tax money will be used to rebuild infrastructure also deserves a big LOL as that is what the gasoline and diesel tax is supposed to do now and obviously doesn’t.

We can’t jump on Fitzpatrick too much. Our wish is to replace all coal and NG plants with nuclear and hydro-electric ones so we give him credit for trying.

Hey Brian, if you really want to fix infrastructure repeal the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931. Studies show it adds 20 percent to the cost of federal projects. Repealing it means 20 percent more work with same amount of money. Infrastructure problem are solved. It’s almost like magic.

And on the other hand there is Pat Toomey.

Pennsylvania RINOs Roam Unchecked
Sen. Pat Toomey (RINO-Pa)

Pennsylvania’s “Republican” senator joined the Democrats in again futilely voting to repeal President Trump’s court-approved use of emergency funds to build the much-needed wall on the Mexican border.

This wall is not anti-immigration. The wall is anti-drug smuggling and anti-child trafficking. If border crossers are forced to use supervised ports of entry it becomes a whole lot harder to bring children here to be molested.

Cartel coyotes no longer abandon customers to die in the desert.

Senator, a whole lot more Pennsylvanians support this wall than KYW and the Philadelphia Inquirer will lead you to believe. This one is going to burn you.

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill

Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey

Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey — With the election safely over and a another six-year term guaranteed, Sen. Pat Toomey has returned to gun grabbing.

Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey
Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey

“Four years ago, 20 young children and six school employees were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School,” the Pennsylvania Republican said in a statement Dec. 14. “It was a terrible day for our country, and meeting some of the families of the victims was one of the most moving moments in my Senate career. These senseless killings also inspired me to work across the aisle on common sense gun safety legislation that upholds the Second Amendment while also making it harder for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to purchase a firearm. I remain committed to this cause and look forward to working with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) again next Congress on our background check proposal.”

OK, let’s be charitable. Maybe he really just wants to stop senseless killings and not take from average citizens the constitutional right to the means to defend themselves from cruel aggressors which is what politicians usually mean when they talk about “sensible” gun regulations.

So here is our suggestion for Sen. Toomey,  a litmus test if you will, for his “common sense” gun safety legislation: Equate gun rights with voting rights.

This means put in your bill that the criminals and mentally ill who should not be allowed to own guns should not be allowed to vote.

We dare you.

Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey

Toomey Deserves Re-election

Toomey Deserves Re-election
Pat Toomey deserves your support.

Toomey Deserves Re-election — Some are wondering why Sen. Pat Toomey deserves their votes this Nov. 8 in his re-election bid. This article from May 31, 2013 should be all the reason one needs.

By the way, he basically saved Sarah Murnaghan’s life along with the lives of other children subject to the whims of unfeeling bureaucrats of the type with which his opponent associates.

Here is the 2013 article republished.

Sen. Pat Toomey has taken on the uncaring federal health care establishment in an attempt to  to save the life of a 10-year-old Newtown Square girl.

He notes that Sarah Murnaghan may have just weeks to live. Sarah has cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant. She is fighting for her life at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“Pediatric organ donors are in short supply and the likelihood of Sarah receiving a pediatric lung in time is virtually non-existent,” Toomey said.

This is due, in part, because the decision is being made based on a waiting list rather than medical necessity.

Toomey notes that a federal mandate that allocation policies be based on medical necessity only applies to patients over the age of 12.

Sen. Toomey is asking the Department of Health Human Services for intervention.

“I have asked Secretary Sebelius to do everything she can to assist Sarah and I hope and pray that red tape doesn’t get in the way of helping her. I understand we need rules to prioritize organ transplants, but the fact that Sarah is 10 and not 12 shouldn’t be a reason to deny her a chance at life,” he said.

Toomey is also promoting this petition to save Sarah created by her family.

Toomey Deserves Re-election

Pat Toomey Stay Strong

Pat Toomey Stay StrongPat Toomey Stay Strong — Sen. Pat Toomey, who has been a very good senator for Pennsylvania and the nation, has gone on record saying the replacement for recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia must be appointed by the next president.

He is right.

There are troubling reports that the U.S. Senate’s Republican majority which is not known for its profile in courage will listen to the whispers of the Washington game players and allow Obama to name another Bill Ayers disciple.

Any choice by Obama, it should be noted, will be a Bill Ayers disciple.

If you want to continue to protect the lives of little girls, Sen. Toomey, make sure you fight these whisperers and make sure the Scalia seat stays vacant until next January.

Many people who voted for you in 2010 did so with for the sole reason that would you be in a position to stop Obama on a matter such as this. If you abandon them they will certainly abandon you this fall.

Pat Toomey Stay Strong

Katie McGinty Experience Described

By Scott WagnerKatie McGinty Experience Described

Every now and then there comes a time when I must stand up for a friend who is being attacked because of someone’s political agenda.

I consider Senator Pat Toomey a friend and a colleague.

Senator Pat Toomey is being attacked by Katie McGinty, a candidate who is running for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate representing Pennsylvania.

Every day, I receive at least two emails from Katie McGinty’s campaign either attacking Pat Toomey or asking for a campaign contribution.

I know both Senator Toomey and Katie McGinty personally.

For six years I served on the board of a privately held company in South Central Pennsylvania – during my time on that board Katie McGinty was a colleague and served for two years.

In the two years she served on the board, she brought no value or ideas to assist the company in her board position.

Katie McGinty is the same person who, just last year, had an unsuccessful run for governor and was hired by Governor Tom Wolf to be his Chief of Staff.

I had many conversations with Katie during her tenure as Chief of Staff to Governor Wolf.

Katie McGinty is a climber – always looking for the next opportunity instead of taking ownership of what she’s already responsible for.

In addition to the less than impressive interactions I had with Katie in the private sector, Katie has a failed candidacy for governor under her belt, Tom Wolf then made a job for her as his Political Action Committee Chair on June 14, 2014 which she served briefly as until Tom Wolf once again gave her a job as his Chief of Staff on November 10, 2014, Katie McGinty then resigned from her position on July 22nd – 22 days after Governor Wolf vetoed a responsible budget sent to him by the House and Senate.

Click here for a link to an article on PennLive regarding her resignation –
It is my opinion that Katie McGinty is at least 1/3 responsible for the budget mess that we are in now and partially responsible for the budget veto.

As Governor Wolf’s Chief of Staff, Katie McGinty would have been the first person in line advising Governor Wolf to veto the budget sent to him on June 30, 2015.

Katie McGinty’s continued campaign attacks on Pat Toomey are without any merit.

Katie McGinty does not have a clue that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is waging an all out war on the coal industry which is effecting thousands of coal miners in Western Pennsylvania.

Effectively, the EPA has waged a war on industrial America.

Katie McGinty is attacking Pat Toomey – someone who has stood up for American citizens repeatedly during his time in office.

In the last two weeks, two people I know have received their health insurance renewal pricing for the 2016 year – the first person with a college age child is seeing their premium go from $720 to $1195 per month.

The second person is seeing their family coverage go from $1028 per month to $1750 per month.

Both people have opted to use high deductible insurance plans to keep their monthly premiums at a range that is affordable.

Millions of people are being negatively affected by Obamacare and their monthly health insurance premiums are sky rocketing.

Senator Pat Toomey voted against Obamacare.

What is even more disturbing to me is in the wake of the bombed Russian airliner and the ISIS attacks in France that claimed the lives of countless innocent victims, is how anyone in their right mind could have supported and endorsed the Iran Deal – yet Katie McGinty endorsed the Iran Deal on September 9, 2015.

Katie McGinty has been pounding the pavement attempting to gain every union endorsement she can receive.

In addition, in the last two weeks Katie McGinty has added raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour as another one of her campaign platforms.

I am sorry if this  is perceived as a personal attack on Katie McGinty, but the public needs to know who the real Katie McGinty is – an extremely liberal candidate who failed in her candidacy for governor and does not deserve to serve as a United States Senator.

I am very concerned with the direction of our country – the last seven years of President Obama’s presidency has set America back 30 to 40 years.

In closing, I fully support Pat Toomey and, as my friend, I stand by him.

Pat Toomey is a United States Senator who cares deeply about America and Pennsylvania.

I will not and cannot stand by and watch a candidate who is uninformed and not qualified for the position of a United States Senator take shots at my friend.

I hope you will do the same.

Katie McGinty Experience Described

Ethanol Mandate Repeal Sought By Toomey

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has announced that the is working to repeal a law that drives up the cost of everything from gasoline to groceries. Ethanol Mandate Repeal Sought By Toomey

“Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and I introduced the bipartisan Corn Ethanol Mandate Elimination Act of 2015 to abolish the corn ethanol mandate in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS),” he said.

“The RFS requires fuel suppliers to blend millions of gallons of biofuels – most often corn ethanol – into the nation’s gasoline supplies,” he said. “This results in higher gas prices, increased food costs, damage to car engines, and harm to the environment. This is nothing more than the government using corporate welfare to shower money on a favored industry and then send the bill to the general public. You deserve better.”

The mandate is strongly supported by Iowa farmers and presidential candidates notably avoid opposing the issue in that early primary state.

Guess we know Pat’s not running for president.

Ethanol Mandate Repeal Sought By Toomey

Toomey Opposes Internet Regulation

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has declared opposition to the Obama Administration’s recent assumption of internet regulation. Toomey Opposes Internet Regulation

“The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted that the Internet is a utility the government can heavily regulate,” he said. “This is terrible news for the American people. The last thing the Internet needs is a massive government takeover that threatens innovation, economic freedom, and jobs. Yet the FCC’s decision to impose heavy-handed regulations on broadband providers would do just that. The FCC’s decision is a big government, legally suspect solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.

“One of the main reasons why the Internet has thrived, created jobs, and provided exciting innovations is because it has never been subject to political control. That is why I intend to fight against this unwise FCC action and keep our Internet free from more government restrictions.”

He said he discussed the matter on Feb. 26 with WHP radio’s RJ Harris that can be heard here.

Toomey Opposes Internet Regulation

Danny Faulkner Scholarship Act To Return

Danny Faulkner Scholarship Act To Be Introduced Again

Sen. Pat Toomey announced at today’s Delaware Valley Pro-Blue Rally that he will be bringing back the Danny Faulkner Scholarship Act.

With the temperatures in the teens a crowd of almost 200 gathered at Independence Mall this afternoon, Jan. 10, to show unequivocally that blue lives mattered.

The event,  the Delaware Valley Pro-Blue Rally, was organized by Independence Hall Foundation and featured an all star lineup of local media and political figures.

“It’s a pretty brisk day in Philadelphia but it’s a good day to stand up for police officers,” said Headliner Sen. Pat Toomey.

Toomey noted that the site, 13th and Locust streets, where Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner was murdered by hipster celebrity Mumia Abu Jamal was not all that far from where the rally was taking place. He said he will be reintroducing the Danny Faulkner Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship Act, which will guarantee the maximum in federal Pell Grants to children of police and military personnel who died on duty. The bill had been introduced in 2010 but died in committee.

Toomey also remembered Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson, who was murdered in an ambush attack, Sept. 12,  by whackjob Eric Frein in Blooming Grove, and State Trooper Alex Douglass, who was wounded in the attack.

He said that people like Frein were part of the madness police have to deal with every day.

“The protestors don’t speak for America,” he said.

Toomey was preceded by Congress Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) who noted that he awoke to read this morning that 2,000 men, women and children were murdered by Boko Haram Muslim extremists in Nigeria.

“I don’t know how many academic professors will be out in protest,” he said.

He noted that three of those killed in Paris terror rampage of the last 48 hours were police officers.

Speakers mercifully kept their remarks short due to the bitter cold.

Long-time Media, Pa. Mayor Bob McMahon read a message in support of police from fellow Democrat Congressman Bob Brady of the First District. Brady, who was scheduled to speak, could not attend due to a bout of the flu.

McMahon, speaking for himself, said with regard to his experiences in Vietnam and elected office is “What I’ve learned is that the most important issue in any city or borough is public safety.”

State Rep. Steve Barrar (R-160) said “We must make sure there is never another rally in which people chant “What do we want? Dead cops!”

Chester County Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh noted that no matter what the badge says police work together. She told an anecdote about how a young man had entered a contest to go hunting with the Chester County sheriff not realizing that the Chester County referred to was in South Carolina. She worked with her Southern counterpart, whom she knew, to get the boy his hunting trip.

Philadelphia County Sheriff Jewell Williams said “People should come out to support the men and women in blue.”

WIP commentator and former Philadelphia Eagle Garry Cobb it was his father, who served in the Army, who taught him how to respect men and women in uniform. He noted he learned to play football in the Police Athletic League and a policeman was his first coach of whom he had fond memories.

Filmmaker Tigre Hill said his respect for police began at a young age. “My mother pointed at a policeman and said ‘he is your friend'”

State Rep. Mike Verb (R-150) expressed concern about some of the statements made by public officials regarding law enforcement officers.

“Demand leadership at all levels, not just in the Commonwealth but at the federal level.”

Educator and activist Armond James said many of his students see police as “the enemy.” He said honest conversation is needed. He said cops put their lives on the line everyday.

Rich Davis of West Chester-based American Sheepdogs said “Police officers have our backs and their families have our hearts.”

Homeless advocate and Philadelphia Police Advisory Board member Joe Eastman noted that he never saw an officer who was superman.

“But I have seen hundreds of dedicated men and women who have taken an oath to protect this city.”

He said that police were all that stood before utter chaos.

Businesswoman and commentator Renee Amoore and attorney Matt Rooney, who is founder of, gave rousing statements in appreciation of those in blue, as did Bob Ballentine, secretary for Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5.

Master of ceremonies duties were performed by Teri Adams and WPHT Talk Show Host Dom Giordano, who was instrumental in promoting the event. Ms. Adams also started things with a moving rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

The invocation was given by Rev. Todd Johnson of First Emmanuel Baptist Church.  The ceremony ended with taps by Kevin Gruenfeld.

Montgomery County Sheriff Russell Bono and a Philadelphia councilman whose name we missed attended and were recognized from the podium.

Those interested in making a contribution to the families of slain New York Police officers Wenjian Liue and Rafael Ramos can contribute via PayPal by sending payments to Daily News Charities, account number  9387-575-837, routing number 021-000-322 or sending a check payable to Daily News Charities Inc. to Daily News Charities, Ramos and Liu families, New York Daily News, 4 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004.

Kudos to Don and Teri Adams and the rest of the Independence Hall Foundation.

For more photos of the event go here.

 Danny Faulkner Scholarship Act To Be Introduced Again
Danny Faulkner Scholarship Act To Be Introduced Again

 Danny Faulkner Scholarship Act To Be Introduced Again



Sarah Murnaghan Rule Permanent

Sarah Murnaghan Rule Permanent

Sarah Murnaghan is breathing on her own.

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, yesterday, June 23, made permanent a rule that let  children under 12 apply for adult lungs, and the Murnaghans of  Newtown Square are celebrating.

An change to the policy made June 11, 2013 in response to then 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan’s fight for a new lung had been set to expired July 1.

Then Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius refused to waive the rule instead offering a review that would have taken two years. This would have resulted in certain death for the little girl.

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey took the fight to the bureaucracy while the Murnaghans sought relief in the federal courts, which they got and which resulted in the temporary change in policy.

In the last year,  seven children  received adult lungs they would have previously been prevented from receiving.

Some will say that is a modest result. Others will point out that seven families have been spared the heartache of losing a child and wonder why the fight had to be made in the first place.

Sarah, by the way, is doing great and had her tracheostomy removed June 15. She is breathing on her own for the first time in years.

Sarah Murnaghan Rule Permanent