Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?

Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs? — An emergency meeting has been called by the Pennsylvania State Republican Committee, we have been told.

Does it involving censuring Sen. Pat Toomey for his gutless vote to convict President Trump and stay in the good, and profitable, graces of the cool-kid crowd in the D.C. establishment?

Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?
We once admired this guy

We certainly hope so.

Why has Toomey been silent about vote fraud concerns, anyway? Does he really think it’s OK keeping minority observers from observing vote counting? That, that happened in Philadelphia is without dispute.

By the way, why didn’t the establishment media call the attack on the White House in June, an insurrection?

Did they call the attacks on the Mark O Hatfield Courthouse, along with numerous other federal buildings in Portland, Ore., an insurrection?

The destruction of a police station in Minneapolis?

The CHAZ district in Seattle?

The shooting of the Republican House Majority leader in 2017?

The near-fatal assault on Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) by his Democrat neighbor?

Pretty fair questions dontcha think?

You think Toomey might have paid better attention to Michael T. van der Veen. Here he is setting CBS straight.
Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?

2 thoughts on “Toomey Censure Looming By Pa Pubs?”

  1. Pat Toomey – the Ellsworth Toohey of 2021 – is part of the PA GOP cabal that I fought in the mid-60s, as editor of the Valley Forge Sentinel, covering Upper Merion. There were so many corrupt deals, overpaid consultants, phony township meetings (including one at a diner in Bridgeport Borough because they didn’t even know the borders of the township) that I kept it up for more than two years until all the advertisers were called and told to drop their support, and they did. Great editor, the late Charles Johnson (Silver Star), whom I worked for on Bulletin rewrite Suburban, called me “Fearless Fred” and once handed me a ten-page letter from all the Upper Merion officials, claiming I was an evil reporter. Johnson asked me if there was a story in the letter, and I answered “no”, and that was the end of it – even though I learned later that it went to every newspaper in the region, plus tv and radio, to blackball me. Ended up a division CEO for JRC, publishing 18 newspapers, and retired running The Phoenix daily in Phoenixville.

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