Biden Ethnically Cleansing Gaza?

Biden Ethnically Cleansing Gaza? — Reports are flying that Biden is going to be bringing Gaza Palestinians to the United States.

No Arab country is willing to take them. Egypt has built a border wall to keep out these whackos.

So why is our leader going to bring them here?

It’s not compassion.

Stupidity possibly, corruption probably but not compassion.

A competent leader would begin talking of the fate of Gaza post war. The assumption that most of us have is that it would be modeled on West Germany after World War II.

West Germany was de-Nazified and rebuilt, and kept its independence.

Israel’s invasion of Gaza was not merely justified but necessary.

If, however, the result is ethnically cleansing and annexing the land it will go from good guy to bad guy overnight in the minds of its best friends.

What Biden is reportedly seeking to do is extraordinarily troubling.

The only Gazans who should fear peace– assuming it is compassionate and just — are the ones we definitely don’t want here.

They are the ones who should be hanged, actually

Egypt’s border with Gaza. They don’t want the Gazans and neither should we.

Biden Ethnically Cleansing Gaza?

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