Shocker! Poll Shows Top Dem Dog Down In Pa To Newbie

A poll released two days ago shows a 31-year-old Republican challenger to be five points up on one of the most powerful politicians in Pennsylvania.

The poll of 800 voters in Pennsylvania’s 116th legislative district shows challenger Tarah Toohil to be preferred to Democrat incumbent Todd Eachus 49 to 44 percent with 9 percent undecided. It was conducted Oct. 18 and sponsored by the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee.

Eachus is the majority leader in the State House. He was expected to easily win the race.

A Sept. 15 poll sponsored  by the committee showed Ms. Toohil down by 4 points.

Hat tip to Bob Guzzardi.

And in other poll news, Terry Madonna’s latest Franklin & Marshall Poll shows Republican Pat Toomey up by 7 points over Democrat Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania senate race.


A Ride Through Delaware

Take it for what it’s worth but I took a ride this morning down Naamans Road in Delaware between Route 202 and Route 261 and saw oodles of political signs for Glen Urquhart, the Republican congressional candidate; and John Carney, the Democrat congressional candidate; and state rep. candidates Democrat Dennis E. Williams and Republican Robert Rhodunda; and, of course, Christine O’Donnell; and various line offices.

But only one rather small one for Chris Coons.

O’Donnell Scores One and Nobody Even Notices

O’Donnell Scores One and Nobody Even Notices — The liberal, social media lit up with news of the Christine O’ Donnell/Chris Coon debate in Delaware concerning a discussion on separation of church and state.  Mr. Coons pointed out that the constitution said there should be separation of church and state.  Ms. O’Donnell asked if he was sure.  The crowd laughed.  He later pointed out, in the debate, that the First Amendment was about separation of church and state.  Ms. O’Donnell asked him if that was the truth.  Everyone laughed.  To be truthful, however, the Constitution of the U.S. does not stipulate separation of church and state, it says that the state cannot establish any state religion. 

The history of this amendment goes back to Thomas Jefferson when he, on the behest of a new religion called the Baptist Religion, fought to make it possible for Baptists to preach and form religious communities while he, at the same time, worked to stop the state from supporting the Anglican Church (The State Church in Virginia) through taxation.  He won the case and the church became separated from the state in that way, which was described much later as building a wall between the church and state.  The constitution, however, says nothing about the separation of church and state and according to the spirit of the amendment pushed through by Jefferson, the state could not outlaw any religion that was civil and lawful.  In other words the outlawing of people practicing their religions openly in schools or having religious symbols in public federal buildings is unconstitutional because it hinders the freedom of people to practice their religion.  It seems, therefor, that O’Donnell is right.  I guess even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

Obamanomics Or How Punishment From God Works

The doubts about Darwinian evolution expressed by Christine O’Donnell is this week’s subject for the long-knives who have apparently become bored with traditional witch-hunting. Commentator Rush Limbaugh just finished expressing some doubts of his own about Darwinism so the “open-minded” of this world can add him to the list of those they must shut up.

Will this Darwin-skepticism turn the election over to the Democrats? Will those who full well know the extent of the fiscal and economic disaster we face be unable to vote for O’Donnell and other Republicans because they fear they might get religious cooties?

In the last election many of those who voted for Obama and other Democrats, or refrained from voting for Republicans, were those offended by the attempt to keep Terri Schiavo from being forced to die of thirst and willfully ignored evidence of Obama’s destructive radicalism despite the undeniable conclusion that it would make them poorer and disadvantage their children.

Other SUV-driving suburbanites  simply cited anger over President Bush’s appointment of judges who pledge to follow the Constitution with implication they will overturn Roe V. Wade and allow for laws to bring some protection to unborn children.

So what did this rebellion against Biblical teaching get us?

Well, policies aimed at appeasing earth-gods for one-thing. It would be fair to call it scientific paganism. To atone for the sin of Deepwater Horizon all drilling was stopped in the Gulf of Mexico costing tens of thousands of jobs. To stop an angry Gaia from boiling us alive legislation is submitted to force us to curtail our energy use with the inevitable result that what’s left of our  manufacturing would be shipped to China so it could be they who emit the greenhouse gases.

This legislation will come to pass unless people like Christine O’Donnell are elected.

And then there is “health care” reform i.e. the superstitious belief that  putting ink on paper means better health care even if there ends up being fewer doctors, nurses and medications.

These things are almost akin to a Biblical punishment which if our leaders had read the Book they might pick up on.

Judging by the mocking of O’Donnell and other Christians running on the platform of stopping this agenda of self-imposed suffering, Democrats and the dinosaur media haven’t learned this lesson. One suspects, however, that the people have and will show it in five weeks, including in the State of Delaware.

Oh, and Darwinian evolution? The way it is suppose to work is that random genomic changes from a single-cell common ancestor fixed by natural selection account for all biodiversity. Note that guidance or design or initial programing by a creator is not allowed.

It didn’t happen. Those that insist that it did exhibit a faith far greater than those who simply think God came to Earth as a man to redeem us sinners, and rose from the dead.


She’s A Witch Says Dino Media

She’s A Witch Says Dino Media — The surprise GOP nominee for senator from Delaware opened her general election campaign, Friday, with a 17-minute speech at Family Research Council’s Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C. in which she focused on the enthusiasm of a conservative resurgency and rebutted the claims being circulated about her by Republicans, Democrats and members of the dinosaur media.

“The small elite don’t get us,” Christine O’Donnell said. “They call us wacky. They call us wingnuts. We call us, ‘We the people. We’re loud, we’re rowdy, we’re passionate. … It isn’t tame, but boy, it sure is good.”
The applause was loud.


She noted that she never had a high-paying job or company car, and it took her over a decade to pay off student debt before Fairleigh Dickinson University would grant a degree.

“I never had to worry about where to dock my yacht to reduce my taxes,” she said in a dig a Sen. John “I Married A Republican Billionaire” Kerry (D-MA).
She said she was ready for what was going to come.
“Will they attack us? Yes”, she said. “Will they smear our backgrounds and distort our records? Undoubtedly. Will they lie about us, harass our families, name call to try to intimidate us? They will. There’s nothing safe about it. But is it worth it? Well, let me ask you. Is freedom worth it?”So how, did her opponents in the Democrat and Republican parties and the dinosaur media respond?

They accused her of witchcraft.


Christine O’Donnell: ‘I Dabbled in Witchcraft’  read the headline on the ABC news website.

Christine O’Donnell in 1999: ‘I dabbled into witchcraft’ read the headline in the Washington Post.

How did  CBS’s Bob Schieffer lead off this morning’s Face the Nation ? You guessed it — she’s a witch.

The headlines stem from comments made by Ms. O’Donnell during an appearance on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect program in 1999 in which she described something she did as a teenager.

So to sum up this weekend’s coverage of the Delaware senate race:

Ms. O’Donnell: We are enthused this year. They are going to attack us but we will prevail.

Dino Media: She’s a witch. Buuurrrrrn her. Buuurrrn the witch. Buuurrrn witch, burn.

And this pretty much explains why the dino media is going deservedly extinct.

She’s A Witch Says Dino Media




Karl Rove Gay Rumors And Christine O’Donnell

Karl Rove Gay Rumors and Christine O’Donnell — Republican political consultant Karl Rove on consecutive nights on Fox News Channel disparaged the character of his party’s nominee in the Delaware senate race.

After the primary polls closed two days ago and it became clear that Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell had beaten establishment choice Congressman Mike Castle for the nomination, a visibly upset Rove told Sean Hannity that she had “checkered background” and said “nutty things”.  He called her a liar and, most damningly if true, accused her of spreading false rumors about Castle’s sexuality.

The outrage from conservatives was thunderous and Rove felt obliged to appear last night on Greta van Susteren’s On The Record to clear things up.

Which he did by repeating his claim that O’Donnell had bad character, couldn’t win, et cetera, et cetera.

When Rove cited her financial difficulties with banks and the IRS as examples of this alleged bad character, Greta said those would be more likely to garner sympathy from the average Joe and Jane in these Obamanomic times.

Rove then again accused Christine of spreading false rumors of Castle’s sexuality. Greta agreed that this would be a sign of very bad character.

So, did she?

Apparently, Rove’s allegations are based on this video produced by sympathizers of O’Donnell, who had been former employees. Nobody has produced any smoking gun showing that Christine requested, approved or even knew about the production, and, in fact, she quickly denounced it calling it an insult to Castle and his wife.

“Former”, btw, Karl means “no longer”. You seem to be saying that  Christine letting go some consultants who were advocating questionable tactics is a sign of bad judgment and character.

Highly illogical, as Mr. Spock might say.

Christine would later accuse Castle of “unmanly” tactics and suggest that he get his “man-pants” on. Rove apparently equates this with making an accusation of having a homosexual affair.

Ibid. Mr. Spock

But lets turn the clock back to Y2K when then-Gov George Bush was having a toe-to-toe battle with Sen. John McCain for the GOP presidential nomination and supporters of Dubya distributed fliers alleging that McCain fathered a black child out-of-wedlock and committed treason by collaborating with his North Vietnamese captors.

Can’t get much lower than that, Karl.  You know anything about that? You aren’t projecting a little with Christine, here, are you?

Karl Rove Gay Rumors And Christine O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell Will Win In Nov.

Tea Party-endorsed Christine O’Donnell clobbered heavily favored, establishment-endorsed Congressman Mike Castle 53-47 percent in yesterday’s primary to win the Republican Party’s nomination in the race to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate.

She now faces heavily favored Democrat Chris Coons in the seat formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden.

National Republicans say she will not get their support. Former Bush 43 guru Karl Rove, visibly upset, told O’Donnell supporter Sean Hannity on his Fox News program, that he had met her and was “not impressed” and practically ruled out any hope for a GOP victory in the Diamond State on Nov. 2.

Frankly, that Rove was upset at the defeat of a man who once tried to get his former boss investigated with the intent to impeach is rather indicative of what is wrong with the Republican Party leaders. One wonders why they never attack Democrats with the zeal they attacked O’Donnell.

Anyway, I’m going to disagree with Rove and predict a win for Christine.

During the next six weeks, Coons will portray O’Donnell as a flake. The GOP-establishment that backed Castle will hold Coons’ coat during these attacks and smile contentedly. The  News Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philly news broadcasts and the other dino media that infest the state will without relent print and broadcast stories reinforcing the Coons narrative. Most residents of Delaware will come to accept that she is a flake.

And then on Election Day these residents will look at their drastically higher health insurance premiums that the Democrats said would never rise, wonder why they can’t find a job and  vote for the flake who has been unyielding in her promises that she will stop the policies — policies in part backed by national Republicans —  that caused the mess this country is in.

Godspeed, Christine.

So Maybe Obama Is A Muslim

President Obama is coming to Philly, Sept. 20, to raise money for Joe Sestak’s campaign to be senator from Pennsylvania.

So Joe, you couldn’t get Mel Gibson ? The President is not a bad replacement choice. He seem to share the same warm feelings towards Israel and Jewish people as the Oscar-winning actor. And Chuck Hagel. And CAIR .

Hey, maybe the President is a Muslim after all.

Oh, I’m just joshing. The President likes his booze way too much and no Muslim could ever be such a fanatic supporter of unrestricted abortion.

But he really ought to haul Michelle with him the next time he visits Saudi Arabia. They never did take that Indonesian trip.


GOP Up In Pa

The  Reuters/Ipsos poll released, today, has Republican Pat Toomey up 47-37 percent among likely voters over Democrat Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Among registered voters, a category historically more favorable to the Democrats, Toomey is up 40-37 percent.

Meanwhile, the latest Rasmussen Poll has Toomey up 45-39 percent among likely voters with Toomey ahead 48-42 percent if leaners are factored in.

In the governor’s race, Reuter/Ipsos has Republican Tom Corbett head of Democrat Don Onorato 49 percent to 34 percent.

In other election news, Sestak has launched his first attack ads in which he accuses Toomey to be in the pockets of Wall Street and features a CNBC interview from 2007 in which he advocates ending corporate income taxes.

The ad buy is estimated to cost $110,000 and will run in every market but Philadelphia.

Toomey has responded saying he was just trying to explain to consumers that it is they who ultimately pay for taxes on corporations, and that he recognizes that a 0 percent corporate income tax is is “impractical for a host of reasons”.

Some friendly advice, Joe. You are living in a greenhouse on the “capitalist tool of Wall Street” matter so be careful about throwing stones. It’s not like Toomey ever voted to take $700 billion in taxpayer money to bailout Goldman Sachs et al. That’s not his name there in the yes category of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

It’s funny that even though the TARP bailout was pushed by President Bush most Democrats voted for it and most Republicans voted against it.


Joe “Way To Step In It” Sestak And Mayor Bloomberg

Joe Sestak, the Democrat’s pick to replace Arlen Specter as senator from Pennsylvania, has been dogged by claims that he harbors sympathies to radical Islamic organizations.

So to show that he is a true-blue maverick independent, the Admiral brought New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Philadelphia, yesterday, to endorse him.

What Bloomberg ended up doing was answering a lot of questions regarding his endorsement of  the Islamic Victory Mosque at the site of the 9/11 attacks.

Way to go Joe. It’s almost like getting the CAIR executive director to write a defense of your appearance at a CAIR rally.