O’Donnell Scores One and Nobody Even Notices

O’Donnell Scores One and Nobody Even Notices — The liberal, social media lit up with news of the Christine O’ Donnell/Chris Coon debate in Delaware concerning a discussion on separation of church and state.  Mr. Coons pointed out that the constitution said there should be separation of church and state.  Ms. O’Donnell asked if he was sure.  The crowd laughed.  He later pointed out, in the debate, that the First Amendment was about separation of church and state.  Ms. O’Donnell asked him if that was the truth.  Everyone laughed.  To be truthful, however, the Constitution of the U.S. does not stipulate separation of church and state, it says that the state cannot establish any state religion. 

The history of this amendment goes back to Thomas Jefferson when he, on the behest of a new religion called the Baptist Religion, fought to make it possible for Baptists to preach and form religious communities while he, at the same time, worked to stop the state from supporting the Anglican Church (The State Church in Virginia) through taxation.  He won the case and the church became separated from the state in that way, which was described much later as building a wall between the church and state.  The constitution, however, says nothing about the separation of church and state and according to the spirit of the amendment pushed through by Jefferson, the state could not outlaw any religion that was civil and lawful.  In other words the outlawing of people practicing their religions openly in schools or having religious symbols in public federal buildings is unconstitutional because it hinders the freedom of people to practice their religion.  It seems, therefor, that O’Donnell is right.  I guess even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

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