Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard — For those keeping track of the Swamp-inspired, pre-election accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore here they are:

Gloria Thacker Deason — Moore was 32 and Miss Thacker was 18 when they dated for several months in 1979. She said it never went beyond kissing and hugging and her parents knew they were dating. Moore doesn’t deny this albeit he takes issue with her claim that he bought her alcohol during dinner dates when she was below the then Alabama drinking age of 19.

Debbie Wesson Gibson — Moore was 34 and Miss Wesson was apparently 17 — the Washington Post story was not completely clear — when they dated for about three months in 1981. Her mother encouraged them. He played the guitar for her and read poetry to her. He kissed her twice during that time as per Miss Wesson. Moore doesn’t deny this one either.

Wendy Miller — Moore was 32 and Ms. Miller was 16 when Moore asked her mother for permission to date her in 1979. Her mother said no and that was that. Moore doesn’t deny this.

Becky Gray — Ms. Gray was 22 years old in the late 1970s when Moore asked her for her phone number several times. She became annoyed, complained and Moore stopped. By the way, Moore was never banned from the Gadsden Mall despite the reporting by some.

Gena Richardson — Ms. Richardson was 18 years old when Moore dated her in 1977. She said he gave her a “forceful” kiss. Horrors.

Those of us with 21st century, urban sensibilities find it troubling that a man in his 30s would date a girl in her teens and with reason as the expectation is now that a man dates for sex and not to seek a potential life-long mate. Once upon a time, though, these age differences were not scandalous as the man was understood to be looking for a wife to mother his children and the woman would be looking for an established breadwinner to be her husband and father her children. That this bewilders so many shows the degree to which our society has fallen. Moore was obviously not looking to abuse and lose these girls as no sexual impropriety occurred, as recognized by all,  which gets us to the remaining accusations.

Beverly Nelson — Mrs. Nelson said Moore tried to force her to have oral sex in 1977 when she was 16. Mrs. Nelson’s story has fallen apart. Her stepson is calling her a liar and In a public statement made with Democrat hack Gloria Allred, she neglected to note that Moore was the judge who dismissed her divorce case. Mrs Nelson also displayed a yearbook note purportedly signed by Moore that appears to have been forged.

Leigh Corfman — Mrs. Corfman said that when she was 14 in 1979, Moore took her to his home, stripped to his underwear, took off her outer clothes, and touched her on her bra and under pants. Pretty creepy. If true, Moore does not belong in public life. We don’t think it’s true.  Forty-year-old accusations without corroborating evidence made a month before an election should be rejected on principle. Moore has unambiguously denied this — along with the incident involving Mrs. Nelson — and the behavior she claims he exhibited is contradicted by how the other women used as examples of his bad character say he acted. You can’t have it both ways. Further, sickos don’t quit. If you want us to get off the Moore Express provide solid evidence of teenage mistresses after his marriage or how he hung out with Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton.

Can’t do that? Well, we will just continue to accept that it is a hit job by Swamp Dwellers who fear a Sen. Roy Moore can’t be controlled and hence must not be allowed near the secrets of their corruption.

Tina Johnson —  Ms. Johnson, the eighth accuser, said Moore complimented her looks and grabbed her buttocks during a review about a child custody matter in 1991. She was 28. So what is it? Moore goes for teenagers or moms nearing 30? We will note that Ms. Johnson has convictions for writing bad checks and third degree theft, and that any woman can make this allegation if left alone with any man hence the allegation should be rejected on principle if made after 30 years.

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard
Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard


Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard







Beverly Nelson Inactive Voter

Beverly Nelson Inactive Voter — A woman stood along side noted hack attorney Gloria Allred, today, and tearfully described how she was sexually assaulted by Judge Roy Moore 39 years and 11 months ago.

Moore is the Republican candidate in a Dec. 12 special election for U.S. Senate in Alabama.

Allred’s circus is a part of a continuing assault by the Deep State on a guy they fear is serious about draining the swamp.

Moore’s accuser Beverly Nelson of Calhoun County said she was born on Nov. 14, 1961 and that her impossible-to-disprove accusation had nothing to do with politics.

Why she was a Trump supporter, she said.

Hey Gloria, you are slipping.  You should have checked your client out a little better before you put the words in her mouth. Beverly Nelson is an inactive voter according to

Beverly Nelson Inactive Voter, Fibs About Trump Support

For bonus here is a video of a discussion of her body language.


Beverly Nelson Inactive Voter

Swamp Thing Attack SOP On Judge Moore

Swamp Thing Attack SOP On Judge Moore — Allegations that Alabama Judge Roy Moore sought to creepily date teenage girls 38 years ago are being trumpeted by noted swamp mouthpiece  and gay activist The Washington Post.

If you believe what the Post claims, we have some troubled assets to sell you.

Moore is the Republican nominee for the open Alabama U.S. Senate seat and the election is  Dec. 12.

Moore has vociferously denied the claims. Why do we unquestionably accept his denials?

Leaving aside that he has been a controversial public figure for two decades and was long a highly desired trophy by the anti-religious left hence ripe for such a take-down,  we have adopted the principle that any allegation made a month before an election against an anti-swamp candidate is false.

We remember Curt Weldon’s persecution by the Justice Department — the George (Swamp Can’t Be Spelled Without Dubya) Bush Justice Department  — in 2006. The allegations made three weeks before the election turned out unfounded but the damage was done and he lost.

We remember Alaska Senator Ted Stevens July 2008 indictment and his trial three months later which resulted in his conviction one week before the Nov. 4 election. It was later revealed that FBI agents conspired to withhold and conceal evidence and the verdict was overturned. No matter. He lost  the election by 3,724 votes to swamp-loving Democrat Mark Begich.

We remember the press conference by a Hillary swamp minion in October 2016 where several women came forward accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment. Several of the allegations were easily debunked and none was ever established.

Most troubling, though, was a claim not made against a candidate but the economy.  In September 2008, the swamp media was screaming the economy was going to collapse and we were all going to starve unless the big banks were bailed out IMMEDIATELY. On Oct. 3, with Republican John McCain ahead in the polls, President George (Swamp Can’t Be Spelled Without Dubya)  Bush signed into law a bill giving the banks, along with Wall Street money men like Goldman Sachs, $700 billion of our money to save them from the stupid decisions they had been allowed to make during the Bush and Clinton years.

We don’t necessarily think it was to keep McCain out of the White House, albeit he would have been less of a tool than Obama. Without the pressure of a presidential election, however, and with discussion and debate we don’t think Goldman Sachs and the banks   would have gotten our money.

The repercussions of this disaster remain with us.

So stay in the fight Judge Moore and may you win.


Swamp Thing Attack SOP On Judge Moore

Swamp Thing Attack SOP On Judge Moore


Chesco Bucks Republican Disasters

Chesco Bucks Republican Disasters — We reported how Democrats won in Delaware County on Tuesday but it’s worth noting that one-time Republican machines were whipped in Chester and Bucks counties as well.

In Chesco, there was not a single state-wide or county victory. Every line office fell. Way to go Val.

Oh, and the ballot question giving the option to end school property tax was overwhelmingly dominated in the county by the special-interest dissenters with (unofficially) 55,444 no votes to 39,534  yes ones.

In Bucks, Democrats won sheriff, recorder of deeds, prothonotary, and county controller but the GOP won the district attorney race, and most Bucks voters chose  Republicans Sallie Mundy (Supreme Court) Christine Fizzano Cannon (Commonwealth Court) and Craig Stedman (Superior Court) for the bench.

Bucks voters also voted against the ballot question 49,265 to 40,532.

I don’t think these Democrat gains are a particularly good thing. The Democrat Party is a cult run by wolves and populated by exceedingly obedient — and stupid — sheep.

But I’m not overly sad either. The GOP has controlled both house of the General Assembly since the start of the Millennium along with the governor’s office for six of those years, and the insidious banal corruption that burdens all our lives remains unaddressed. State (our) money continues to flow to institutions whose administrators make $3 million salaries.  Public guaranteed pensions — that means working familes are on the hook — continue to spiral out of control with one person getting  $477,591 for a life of leisure.

Teacher strikes remain legal. Tell us again why some are allowed to harm or threaten to harm children for money. Withholding education is obviously harming a child.

Public work projects continue to be inflated by 20 percent.  That means, Springfield, that you are paying $30 million more for your new high school than you would otherwise. Why haven’t you made an issue of this Alex Charlton? Tom McGarrigle? Andy Reilly?

And Alex and Tom, how about legislative salaries? You really need $85,338.65, Alex?

Tom, of course, as senator gets $197.35 more.

And that doesn’t count per diems and other benefits.

Maybe it’s unfair to take out our ire on some poor prothonotary or sheriff  but we the people are really getting sick of this.

Just sayin’.


Chesco Bucks Republican Disasters
Chesco Bucks Republican Disasters
Pennsylvania’s swamp


Dems Win Delco Council Seats

Dems Win Delco Council Seats — Tonight was not the GOP’s night.  Democrats won two seats on Delaware County Council, along with all of the line offices.

To our recollection no Democrat has served on the council since it went to a five-person board four decades ago.

As of 11:45 p.m., Republicans Dave White and John J.  Perfetti had 58,712 and 58,454  votes respectively as per the county website with Dems Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden  at 60,657 and 61,695.

Libertarian Edward Clifford had 2,040 votes and arguably played the spoiler for at least one seat albeit arguably not as Dems did better in the races without  a Libertarian candidate.

Jerry Sanders was beating Mary McFall Hopper for sheriff 61,846 to 58,435 with Libertarian Mathew Wallace getting 2,818 votes.

Joanne Phillips was beating Robert W. Kane for County Controller 64,357 to 58,938 and Mary Walk was beating Beth Naughton-Beck for  Register of Wills 62,979 to 57,504. No Libertarian help was needed.

One GOP bright spot was Jack Whelan apparent victory in the Common Pleas Court race. He has beaten Kelly Eckel 63,175 to 61,415 according to the unofficial numbers.

There are GOP bright spots at the state level too.

Sallie Mundy appears to have won election to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ahead of Dwayne D. Woodruff 1,039,470 to 946,363 as of 11:54 p.m.

Ms. Mundy ran as an unapologetic conservative proudly displaying endorsements from the NRA and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation on her web page.

Also, Christine Fizzano Cannon appears to be the top vote-getter in the Commonwealth Court race as of this writing with  893,973 votes. If the numbers hold she will join Democrat Ellen H. Ceisler on the bench, who appears to have the second highest total at 882,911.

In the race for Superior Court, the four top vote-getters appear to be Democrats Maria McLaughlin, 987,117; Deborah Anne Kunselman, 952,345; Carolyn H. Nichols, 893,489; and Republican Mary P. Murray, 841,035.

The referendum allowing  school districts to end replace taxes on homes passed 924,989  to 782,922 according to unofficial figures.

All judges were retained.

Also Republican Margie Rovinski easily won election to the Springfield School Board beating Caitriona Mulholland 426 to 255.

Dems Win Delco Council Seats

Dems Win Delco Council Seats



Election Day 2017 Voting Republican

Election Day 2017 Voting Republican — Tomorrow, Nov. 7, is election day and as it is an off-year — no presidential or congressional races — expect a low turnout.

This just means your vote matters more. On the ballot in Pennsylvania are county officials, judges, school directors and municipal officials, along with  a referendum that will allow school districts to exempt the property tax for homes.

We plan on voting yes on the referendum and a straight Republican ticket — sorry Dale. Locally, we are quite happy with taxes and services under Republican governance albeit that is definitely not the case for the state and federal level. We are especially a big fan of Margie Rovinski for the Region 5 Springfield School Board seat.

For the judges, it either a choice between a Republican or a Democrat and we certainly don’t want any more fashion-over-law Democrats on the bench.

Russ Diamond, a state representative for whom we have much respect, has a pretty good synopsis for state judicial elections here. 


Election Day 2017 Voting Republican

Election Day 2017 Voting Republican

Delco Libertarians Historic Slate For County Offices

Delco Libertarians Historic Slate For County Offices — The Delaware County Libertarian Committee is filing, tomorrow, Aug. 1, nomination papers for candidates for county council, sheriff, register of wills and controller.

“This marks the first time in recorded history that a third party has challenged the two major parties for a countywide slate in Delaware County,” said Libertarian Vice Chairman Dale Kerns.

Delco Libertarians Historic Slate For County Offices

Delco Libertarians Historic Slate For County Offices

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2017

Today, May 16, is Pennsylvania Primary Election 2017. To be chosen are the major party candidates for municipal and judicial offices. Turnout is usually very low.

One Pennsylvania Supreme Court seat is on the ballot. Republican Sallie Munday was appointed by Gov. Tom Wolf last year to fill a seat on the nine-member board vacated by  J. Michael Eakin and is seeking a full term. She is running unopposed in her primary. She will face in November Democrat Dwayne Woodruff, an Allegheny County Common Pleas court judge who is uncontested in his primary.   Chief Justice Thomas Saylor (R) and Justice  Debra Todd (D) will have retention votes in November, however.

For Pennsylvania Superior Court, there are four vacancies in which five candidates are running in each party. Superior Court is intermediate appellate court for most things.

The Republican candidates are: Emil Giordano, a Common Pleas Court judge in Northampton County; Wade Kagarise, a Common Pleas Court judge in Blair County; Mary Murray, a magisterial district court judge from southwestern Pennsylvania; Paula Patrick, a Court of Common Pleas judge in Philadelphia; and Craig Stedman, the Lancaster County district attorney.

The Democrats are: Bill Caye, an attorney in private practice; Debra Kunselman, administrative judge for the civil division of the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas;  Maria McLaughlin, a family law judge on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas; incumbent Superior Court Judge Geoffrey Moulton Jr.; and Carolyn Nichols, a Philadelphia Common Pleas judge.

For Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, there are two vacancies.Commonwealth Court is the intermediate appellate court where cases involving state agencies are heard along with some in which the Commonwealth is a party.

Republicans Christine Fizzano Cannon, a Delaware County Common Pleas Court judge in Delaware County and Paul Lally, a Pittsburgh lawyer are uncontested in their primaries.

Seeking the Democrat nominations are: incumbent Joseph Cosgrove, who was appointed last year and is seeking a full term; Bryan Barbin, a state representative from Cambria County; Timothy Barry, a lawyer from Allegheny County; Ellen Ceisler, a Court of Common Pleas judge in Philadelphia; Irene McLaughlin Clark, a lawyer from Pittsburgh; and Todd Eagan, an attorney from Scranton.

In Delaware County, District Attorney Jack Whelan is running for Common Pleas Court Judge. He is uncontested on the Republican side and has cross-filed as a Democrat where he will face Kelly Eckel. For County Council Republicans John J. Perfetti and Dave White, and Democrats Jennifer Leith and Brian Zidek are uncontested in their primaries. For Sheriff, Republican Mary Hopper and Democrat Jerry Sanders are uncontested in their primaries. For County Controller, Republican Robert Kane and Democrat Joanne Phillips are uncontested in their primaries. For Register of Wills, Republican Jen Maddaloni and Democrat Mary Walk are uncontested in their primaries.

In Springfield, Republicans Joseph Rago and Margaret Young are unopposed for auditor and tax collector respectively and there are no candidates in the Democrat primary. In the 4th Ward, Republican Paul Weschsler and Democrat Bonny Hodges are unopposed in their commissioner primaries. In the 2nd and 6th wards, Gina Sage and Bob Layden are unopposed in their commissioner primaries and there are no Democrat primary candidates. In the school board races, Dennis Dunn and incumbent Board President Jennifer Lofland are running in Region 2. Both candidates have cross-filed. The Springfield Republican Party treats school board races as non-partisan but one is upset at the proposed $130-million-plus plan for the new high school and lives in Region 2, well, Ms. Lofland is the incumbent.

Domenic Bentivegna is unopposed in Region 1; Jennifer Flynn is unopposed in Region 3; and Bruce Lord is unopposed in Region 8 albeit Lord, unlike, the others did not cross-file on the Democrat ballot so  even a loosely-organized write-in campaign can conceivable give him opposition in November.

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2017

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2017