Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard — For those keeping track of the Swamp-inspired, pre-election accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore here they are:

Gloria Thacker Deason — Moore was 32 and Miss Thacker was 18 when they dated for several months in 1979. She said it never went beyond kissing and hugging and her parents knew they were dating. Moore doesn’t deny this albeit he takes issue with her claim that he bought her alcohol during dinner dates when she was below the then Alabama drinking age of 19.

Debbie Wesson Gibson — Moore was 34 and Miss Wesson was apparently 17 — the Washington Post story was not completely clear — when they dated for about three months in 1981. Her mother encouraged them. He played the guitar for her and read poetry to her. He kissed her twice during that time as per Miss Wesson. Moore doesn’t deny this one either.

Wendy Miller — Moore was 32 and Ms. Miller was 16 when Moore asked her mother for permission to date her in 1979. Her mother said no and that was that. Moore doesn’t deny this.

Becky Gray — Ms. Gray was 22 years old in the late 1970s when Moore asked her for her phone number several times. She became annoyed, complained and Moore stopped. By the way, Moore was never banned from the Gadsden Mall despite the reporting by some.

Gena Richardson — Ms. Richardson was 18 years old when Moore dated her in 1977. She said he gave her a “forceful” kiss. Horrors.

Those of us with 21st century, urban sensibilities find it troubling that a man in his 30s would date a girl in her teens and with reason as the expectation is now that a man dates for sex and not to seek a potential life-long mate. Once upon a time, though, these age differences were not scandalous as the man was understood to be looking for a wife to mother his children and the woman would be looking for an established breadwinner to be her husband and father her children. That this bewilders so many shows the degree to which our society has fallen. Moore was obviously not looking to abuse and lose these girls as no sexual impropriety occurred, as recognized by all,  which gets us to the remaining accusations.

Beverly Nelson — Mrs. Nelson said Moore tried to force her to have oral sex in 1977 when she was 16. Mrs. Nelson’s story has fallen apart. Her stepson is calling her a liar and In a public statement made with Democrat hack Gloria Allred, she neglected to note that Moore was the judge who dismissed her divorce case. Mrs Nelson also displayed a yearbook note purportedly signed by Moore that appears to have been forged.

Leigh Corfman — Mrs. Corfman said that when she was 14 in 1979, Moore took her to his home, stripped to his underwear, took off her outer clothes, and touched her on her bra and under pants. Pretty creepy. If true, Moore does not belong in public life. We don’t think it’s true.  Forty-year-old accusations without corroborating evidence made a month before an election should be rejected on principle. Moore has unambiguously denied this — along with the incident involving Mrs. Nelson — and the behavior she claims he exhibited is contradicted by how the other women used as examples of his bad character say he acted. You can’t have it both ways. Further, sickos don’t quit. If you want us to get off the Moore Express provide solid evidence of teenage mistresses after his marriage or how he hung out with Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton.

Can’t do that? Well, we will just continue to accept that it is a hit job by Swamp Dwellers who fear a Sen. Roy Moore can’t be controlled and hence must not be allowed near the secrets of their corruption.

Tina Johnson —  Ms. Johnson, the eighth accuser, said Moore complimented her looks and grabbed her buttocks during a review about a child custody matter in 1991. She was 28. So what is it? Moore goes for teenagers or moms nearing 30? We will note that Ms. Johnson has convictions for writing bad checks and third degree theft, and that any woman can make this allegation if left alone with any man hence the allegation should be rejected on principle if made after 30 years.

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard
Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard


Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard







6 thoughts on “Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard”

  1. Just supposed one of Clinton’s accusers was found to have forged a note, and we later also learned that Clinton had made a major decision regarding her life, long after she said she never had contact with him. Would the media just ignore it and try to cover for her?

    Or just suppose five women came out and said, yeah I date Bill Clinton but all we did is kiss. Is that even possible to imagine?

  2. I was informed that Leigh Corfman, the only one that could actually draw blood on Judge Moore, was interviewed this morning on the Today show.

    Here is the link for you to make up your own minds.

    Frankly she kind of creeped me out. It seemed that she and interviewer Savannah Guthrie well rehearsed it.

    It’s a hit job.

  3. While we never took Tina Johnson’s claim seriously we can now put it in the debunked category. Moore was representing Ms. Johnson’s mother in a custody case concerning Ms. Johnson’s son when the alleged incident occurred. The grandmother wanted custody as she felt her daughter was violent, unfit, absent and unstable.

    And she got it.

    Leaving aside that Moore won and that the court accepted that Ms. Johnson was violent, unfit, absent and unstable, the idea that a lawyer would grab his opponent’s butt during a emotion-filled custody dispute and not have it become an issue is laughable.

    This is a set up and vile excuse for journalism. I wish New York Times vs Sullivan was overturned and the Washington Post was sued to oblivion.

    1. To push it way over the top , she claimed this happened as her and her mother exited his office together with her mother leading the way. As if that isn’t preposterous enough he would have to have been so brazen as to risk having his secretary witness the act as she sat at her desk right outside his office. At the same time this unstable, violent drug addict claimed that she was so shocked she just froze and didn’t say or do anything. Insanely ridiculous to say the least.

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