Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals

Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals — Charles Alexander has posted video on X that is proof positive that HIAS Pennsylvania is helping illegals find sanctuary in Delaware County, Pa.

HIAS Pennsylvania is an NGO or “non-government organization.”

NGOs are used by plutocrat globalists to escape rules binding governments to affect policies overwhelmingly unwanted by the citizenry.

Illegals, unlike immigrants, are those who enter our country against our laws.

Some might be otherwise decent people but many are criminals of the worst sort and deserve no sympathy.

Regardless, social order collapses when laws are purposefully ignored by government and misery prevails.

Charles is the proprietor of Chuckles Sports and has been writing about illegals in Delco.

And giving county government angina.

It is within the realm of possibility that HIAS, or another NGO, buys or leases the shuttered Springfield and Delaware County Memorial hospitals and uses them to house illegals.

The county must restrict the ability of NGOs to subvert the laws and norms.

Here is Charles’ video:

Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals

Video Reveals NGO Aid To Delco Illegals

Pornhub Was Missing In Senate Tech Grilling

Pornhub Was Missing In Senate Tech Grilling — Pornhub blocked Texas residents, March 14, after the state passed a law requiring age verification to access pornographic material.

Texas joins Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Utah and Virginia in requiring age verification.

The Senate Judiciary Committee led by Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) held a hearing Jan. 31 to grill social media CEOs about the impact their corporations were having on kids.

In the hot seat were Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, X (formerly Twitter) CEO Linda Yaccarino, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, and Discord CEO Jason Citron.

Wonder why the Pornhub boss wasn’t called. It seems strange officials would be more concerned by the young reading X or Facebook, than having easy access to Pornhub.

It’s obviously easy to stop children from accessing it, and unlike the other social media companies it only serves one purpose.

For what it’s worth, a rumor that we think has merit is that Pornhub is a pretty ugly honey trap and that one’s identity is not a secret to those who run it.

Pornhub Was Missing In Senate Tech Grilling -- Pornhub blocked Texas residents, March 14, after the state passed a law requiring age verification to access pornographic material.

Pornhub Was Missing In Senate Tech Grilling

Black Grandmom Handcuffed For Hour After Noting Upper Darby Councilmembers Aren’t Paying Taxes

Black Grandmom Handcuffed For Hour After Noting Upper Darby Councilmembers Aren’t Paying Taxes — A rarely used law was levied against an Upper Darby grandmother who dared speak against township’s council plan to raise sewer fees despite two members being in arrears of those fees.

Olivia Taylor of Kent Road in the 6th District was hauled in handcuffs from the council meeting room, Jan. 17.

Four police officers guarding the council room were joined by two others outside to escort the 5-1, 103 pound woman to a police car. She was taken to the station and placed in a locked “cubical.” There were no chairs. She stood for an hour on a bad leg — still in handcuffs — before Sgt. Louis Garay returned to process her.

Two female officers stripped searched her. They removed her jewelry, shirt and bra. She refused to remove her pants, though, and Garay told the female officers to let her be when he was informed.

“I’m in shock at this point,” she said. “I was in a council meeting for God’s sake. I didn’t think I was going to be arrested.”

She was fingerprinted and mug shot.

Ms. Taylor is charged with “disrupting meetings and processions” a state law from 1972. It had been written to protect churches and funerals. It’s a third degree misdemeanor.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court found but two citations of its use in 2013 when it upheld the conviction of a woman who disrupted a procession for a fallen police officer.

Ms. Taylor has been calling attention to the dark side of Upper Darby politics since since she learned that former 6th District Councilman Sheikh Siddique owed $80,000 in back taxes on 40 dilapidated homes that he rented to desperate single moms.

“I’m on every (township council) video since 2017,” she said.

Her targets when arrested were 6th District Councilman David Bantoe, who she says owes $14,000 in back taxes and $3,000 in sewer fees; and 2nd District Councilwoman Jess Branas, who she said had owed $1,187 in sewer fees.

Ms. Taylor got the information via right-to-know requests.

She also says that Council President Hafiz Tunis of the 7th District has 27 outstanding traffic tickets and that his car has been booted six times.

Ms. Taylor says the January police platoon was for her fellow activist Rich Blye. She said police were ordered to arrest him on sight.

Ms. Taylor will have a preliminary hearing, Aug. 25, before District Magistrate Benjamin Johns. She is pleading not guilty.

Upper Darby’s actions are the actions of wannabe tyrants. It would have been no problem for council to have had her removed and sent home. What it did was intimidation. A moral government does not make grandmothers stand in handcuffs for an hour and strip search them because of a shouting match.

Of course, when a chunk of council is already flagrantly violating its own laws, “moral government” can only be sarcasm.

Oh, to really twist in the knife, these bozos identified Ms. Taylor, a proud Black woman, as white on her court docket.

Black Grandmom Handcuffed For Hour After Noting Upper Darby Councilmembers Aren't Paying Taxes
Olivia Taylor with the court docket identifying her as “white”. You can see it if you zoom.

Chaya Raichik Interviews Mike Grondahl, Founder of Planet Fitness

Chaya Raichik Interviews Mike Grondahl, Founder of Planet Fitness — Many wonder about the logic behind American corporations squandering billions by promoting policies that not merely ignore profit but push sales away.

That’s not how capitalism is supposed to work.

So why?

Those unnterested in products or profits have built resumes, references and credentials making them appear to CEOs and boards of directors as solid hires for positions of high responsibility.

These hires while perfectly content to enjoy their high pay and perks while not interested shareholders were highly interested in sex parties of the most perverse.

Along with pats on the head from those they considered the in-crowd, who protected them from consequences.

Chaya Raichik i.e. Libs of TikTok interviewed Planet Fitness founder and former CEO Mike Grondahl and posted it on X, March 29.

Grondahl says that when he took the company public he learned that the company’s lead council, Richard Moore,– who had been a North Carolina assemblyman — was a self-admitted pedophile. Moore came via Ropes and Gray, the law firm the company used.

Grondahl brought the information to the new board.

And the board fired him.

That’s Grondahl.

Grondahl was the one fired.

Planet Fitness’ new owners fired Grondahl because he objected to a pedophile setting policy.

If Planet Fitness goes under Moore will parachute to safely as will the board members supporting them.

Their lifestyles will not be affected.

Unlike the investors, customer and employees.

Here is Chaya’s interview:

Chaya Raichik Interviews Mike Grondahl

Chaya Raichik Interviews Mike Grondahl

Sell Your Google Stock

Sell your Google stock.

The Gemini artificial intelligence chat has made woke Alphabet a joke international.

Here’s the latest parody as reposted by Elon himself.

Remember, though, it’s a meme and the words don’t match the captions.

Sell Your Google Stock

You know Google is in trouble when they use a white guy in the advertising.

Idiot 1 Percent Sets Agenda For America

Idiot 1 Percent Sets Agenda For America — Pollster Scott Rasmussen noticed after several months of surveys that a few out of every thousand espoused views far more radical than everyone else. In the aggregate, they were about 1 percent of responses.

And these respondents were invariably those who lived in zip codes of over 10,000 persons, had incomes greater than $150,000 and had graduate degrees.

Hey Penn Delco — or any school district — who does that sound like? His title starts with an S.

Rasmussen specifically surveyed those with these characteristics. He found they were 86 percent white with two-thirds being between 35 and 54. Forty-seven percent of them said Americans had too much freedom, with that rising to 69 percent of those most political.

That same percent of the most political also said it was right to cheat to win a close election. Compare this to 93 percent of Americans who say it’s always wrong.

Searing proof of the worthlessness of a grad degree is that 69 percent had a favorable view of Congress with 71 percent having one of journalists.

By the way:

  • 77 percent of this 1 percent want to impose strict restrictions and rationing on the private use of gas, meat, and electricity.
  • 72 percent of them favor banning gas powered vehicles.
  • 69 percent of them favor banning gas stoves.
  • 58 percent of them favor of banning sport utility vehicles.
  • 55 percent of them favor banning non-essential air travel.
  • 53 percent of them favor banning private air conditioning.

These are opposed by between 63 percent to 83 percent of most Americans.

Rasmussen said that the most radical were educated at Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, John’s Hopkins, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Cornell, MIT, and the University of Chicago.

These people are the enemy. They are cruel, heartless and indifferent to the suffering of others. Now, if they are inconvenienced or asked to sacrifice even in the slightest, you’ll hear it. But others? Not so much. Ask the Uyghurs.

They are lovers of money and comfort. Greed is their prime directive. They mouth altruism and concern but have carbon footprints most of us can only dream about.

This crowd has far greater influence in society that the average of American.

We must make it a priority to change this.

By the way, most of them are no where near as smart at they think they are so please make it a point that you don’t reinforce this for them.

Hat tips ZeroHedge and Newt’s World.

Idiot 1 Percent Sets Agenda For America

Idiot 1 Percent Sets Agenda For America

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese?

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese? — Texas has placed razor wire barriers on the Mexican border against the wishes of the federal government. The Biden administration is demanding they remove it.

Why did Texas have to secure the border which should be a federal job?

Why is Biden opposing them? Why is he making threats?

What if Texas ignores Joe, as Gov. Greg Abbott says he plans on doing?

Does Biden order federal troops in to remove the wire? What if there is resistance? Shooting?

Big wars have started over smaller things. That kind of turmoil here would give an excuse to cancel the election and certainly clear the board of whatever China wants to do.

It frankly seems that the President of the United States is working for Beijing.

By the way, federal law indisputably prohibits the border crossings that are occurring. Texas is not the one in the wrong.

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese?

Jeff DeWit In Heap Big Trouble

Jeff DeWit In Heap Big Trouble — Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit has been caught on tape bribing Kari Lake to drop out of his state’s U.S. Senate race.

Ms. Lake, who had Arizona’s governorship stolen from her in 2022, was told by DeWit that powerful interests “from back east” were going to practically give her the world if she quit.

She turned it down.

“They are going to try to have me murdered,” she laughed.

“They say the cartels are operating in 50 states, right now,” DeWitt responded.

Ms. Lake asked who was behind the request.

“Forget the who,” said DeWit. “Let me tell you about the what.”

“It’s not about control,” DeWit said. “It’s about being on the team.”

He was sounding like the politico/corporate villain from a cheesy movie.

Ms. Lake asked what they wanted and DeWit said they wanted her to stay out for two years.

They’d give her whatever corporate job she wanted in return. Maybe even as a “talking head” said DeWit.

Ms. Lake then said this was not about her but about defeating The Donald.

DeWit said it was about what makes the most money for the guys offering the bribe.

Ms. Lake again made it clear she wasn’t interested.

“Just to say, is there a number?” DeWit asked.

“Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, a billion, no,” said Ms. Lake. “This is not about money, this is about our country.”

DeWit wasn’t finished though.

“What I can do is this,” he said. “I can give you an incredible opportunity to have a bigger voice to fight for stuff than you currently do.”

Ms. Lake said she didn’t want to deal with people like this.

“I would be absolutely immoral if I did that,” she said. “That’s immoral, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I did that,” she said.

“It’s very powerful people,” said DeWit.

Ms. Lake challenged DeWit to come to the light and to go public with this crowd was doing.

“No, no, no,” he said. “I turn my key in my car and ‘boom'”

He asked Ms. Lake to give him a counter offer.

“I can’t be bought,” she said.

Unlike DeWit, apparently.

DeWit was the chief operating officer of Trump’s Arizona campaign in 2016 and 2020, and the campaign’s chief financial officer in 2016.

Here’s the audio, which Ms. Lake has confirmed is for real:

Below is the image Jeff DeWit has on his X profile where Donald Trump is giving him a shout out.

Jeff DeWit In Heap Big Trouble

Usurious Health Care In The USA

Usurious Health Care In The USA — It flows around us like it’s water and we’re the fish but we’re not fish and when reality hits, it dawns on us that we’re drowning.

Things are getting worse for a lot of reasons and this includes health care.

A friend sent us this November 2020 study by National Nurses United that shows that US hospitals were then charging patients $417 on average for every $100 of the cost of treatment.

This is double what it was in 1999.

And many were charging a lot more including King of Prussia-based Universal Health Services at $892 per $100 and Temple University Health System at $1,042 per $100.

The shark with the biggest teeth was Capital Health at $1,443.9 per $100.

Doctors and nurses aren’t getting the loot but, rather, the corporations consolidating hospitals, pharma, and insurance companies whose profits strangely increase with rises in health care costs.

Wasn’t ObamaCare supposed to solve this?


Hospital income went from $34.37 billion in 2009 to $52.9 billion in 2010 when the Affordable Care Act was enacted.

Communism is evil, and socialism is pathetic and stupid. Capitalism, though, is not an idol to which one gives blood sacrifice. Too many Americans seem to think we should, though.

Rich people are great when their wealth comes from creating products and services that ease things for all.

When the wealth comes from scams, lies and destruction of competition, well, not so much.

Our health care has been taken over by the latter, as has much of our government. There is a reason why America’s richest counties are in the suburbs of D.C.

The government pigs have rigged things for the health care pigs — along with many other pigs — so the great trough is overflowing.

How to fix things?

Start with the principle that greed is bad and freedom is good. Make the equation balance and things will get pretty nice.

Usurious Health Care In The USA

Usurious Health Care In The USA

Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse

Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse — Here’s some globalists talking this week in Davos, Switzerland about how best to bring forth the “new world order”

Here’s some Brits telling them what to do with it.

Freedom is good and the globalists know what they can do with their new world order. Not so sure about the Pennsylvania Republican Party though. Hope someone spells it out for them soon.

Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse
Freedom is good