Lauren Boebert Zen Question

Lauren Boebert Zen Question: If camera aimed at controversial congresswoman works in dark theater why would not camera aimed at cell of controversial billionaire child trafficker work in important prison?

Lauren Boebert Zen Question
Why that is a good question

ADL Or Defaming For Power And Profit

ADL Or Defaming For Power And Profit –Ashley St. Clair of BizPac Review has torn asunder the notso-Anti-defamation League.

She notes the group ostensibly dedicated to fighting antisemitism has orchestrated an advertiser boycott of Elon Musk’s X because it rescinded the ban on Donald Trump — the guy with a Jewish daughter who gave us the Abraham Accords and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — and refused to ban Chaya Raichik’s wonderfully mocking Libs of TikTok account.

Never mind that Ms. Raichik is an Orthodox Jew.

The ADL boycott has reportedly caused X to drop $22 billion in value and Musk is reportedly preparing a lawsuit against ADL seeking to recoup every penny.

May he bankrupt this gang of greedy liars all the way to sheol.

Here is Ashley’s video:

ADL Or Defaming For Power And Profit

ADL Or Defaming For Power And Profit

Climate Change Truth Test

Climate Change Truth Test –Russell Brand recently interviewed angry atheist Sam Harris regarding whether climate change is a crisis and made great points, namely that the debate is to foster division so the rich can get richer and grow in feudal power.

In other words, it’s not designed to resolve an issue.

Nobody likes pollution. Brand noted that in his British homeland what is considered “the right” are generally the strongest conservationists.

Here is our climate change truth test:

Someone important proclaims the we are using to much energy and the seas will rise and we are all going to die.

Does this someone move into a mini-house 5K feet above sea level?

Or does this someone move to a sea-side mansion with 100-times the average carbon footprint, and then build another sea-side mansion in Hawaii?

If the latter, we will bet the world that the seas are not rising and our energy use is not a crisis.

Climate Change Truth Test
Pretty good proof that the rich don’t fear rising seas

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed — The most important thing to the “woke” are the opinions of others.

They don’t care about truth or mercy or compassion.

They are in a cult.

They can be convinced to do any evil.

If someone tells them that they will be a good person if they castrate their child, they WILL castrate their child.

If someone says good people don’t release water to save the burning town, they WON’T release water even if it means letting children be burned to death.

They have willingly allowed themselves to become zombies without souls.

The below meme was put on X as defense of being “woke”.

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Five Times August fixed it.

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Good job

Hat tip Mindy Robinson

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming — The biggest problem facing the United States is character.

Weak, indifferent people have picked corrupt leaders. They’ve avoided obvious questions and when they did ask they happily believed the bald lies they were given as answers.

We attended last night’s (Aug. 24) meeting of Chesco United in Malvern.

The topic was Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFoor’s audit of 12 school districts including Abington, Lower Merion and West Chester.

It was revealed that all these districts — and it is fair to extrapolate this to the rest of the state — routinely pass big tax hikes despite having budget surpluses in the tens of millions of dollars.

This means real suffering is occurring among taxpayers — especially among property owners — and none of it is necessary.

What are they doing with this money?

Inflated administrative salaries, featherbedded jobs and unneeded yet overpriced construction projects bestowed on politically connected firms are just three things.

We the people must say no to save our homes, our freedom and the next generation.

We must learn to discern and ignore the name-calling and gaslighting from the government/corporate media that invariably swamps those who speak out to the point they are a threat.

If we don’t learn to stand up to the lies the global warming we will experience will be entirely due a lack of air conditioning.

Yeah, the globalist hiked the air conditioner efficiency standard in January.

One contractor just told us that a fix that would have cost about $800 last year is now $20K.

The people don’t have to accept this.

You don’t have to tolerate Barack Obama, Josh Shapiro and Hunter Biden living in luxury while you eat bugs.

Our national debt is now $32 trillion which means every citizen is on the hook for $200K.

Or not.

If we stand together and stop obeying those who claim to be our betters we can negotiate that down quite a bit.

It will take character though.

Tucker Carlson interviewed retired Col. Douglas Macgregor, Aug. 21, who pointed out that there are 44 four-star officers in our military now whereas at the height of World War II we had just seven.

The vast majority of those four-stars have their eye on a soft life as a board member at Raytheon or Boeing or some new version of Theranos, rather than serving our nation.

Why else would they mandate the vax to the point were thousands took a discharge rather than the jab, while hundreds of thousands of others took the jab unwillingly.

Any of them resign in protest? These guys have other priorities than winning a war much less defending our borders.

People, say no. Scorn the corporate media mouthpieces. Snap back at the guilt trips they try to dump on you. Embrace the persecuted and those victims of lawfare.

Most importantly attend public meetings and vote. Anyone who tells you your vote doesn’t matter is the enemy.

The ones running things now are not the good guys.

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming
This is the good guy

Chinese Requiring Digital ID To Buy Food

Chinese Requiring Digital ID To Buy Food — One now needs a digital ID to buy food in China and if it is flagged one goes hungry.

The below was posted on Tik Tok and then on X,

Don’t doubt that there are those who would love that to be the case in the United States.

Chinese Requiring Digital ID To Buy Food?

Biden Says Crack Users Must Be Taken Off Street

Biden Says Crack Users Must Be Taken Off Street — Many moons ago then Sen. Joe Biden gave a floor speech backing mandatory five-year sentences for crack cocaine users.

That would be users, not dealers, and users would be those in possession of a “piece of crack cocaine no bigger than this quarter”.

“You’re caught with that, you go to jail for five years,” he said. “You get no probation, you get nothing other than five years in jail. Judge doesn’t have a choice”

He also boasted of the forfeiture statutes which he said the government can take everything you own.

“Everything from your car, to your house, to your bank account,” he said with his twisted perverted child-sniffing grin.

He said the government was obliged to cordon crack users from the rest of society.

“They are in jail!! Away from my mother, your husband, our families,” he shouted. “I don’t want to ask what made them do this. They must be taken off the street.”

Ahh, but that was before he figured they could be useful as bagmen for Ukrainian and Chinese payouts.

Hat tip SweetPeaBelle

Watch the video and be sick:
Biden Says Crack Users Must Be Taken Off Street

Biden Says Crack Users Must Be Taken Off Street

GOP Lt Gov Loser Lobbying For Dominion

GOP Lt Gov Loser Lobbying For Dominion — Carrie DelRosso, the Republican who lost 2022 Pennsylvania lieutenant governor race, is now working for Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, a Philly-based lobbyist law firm with a proven reputation for providing progressive, industry-leading legal, business, regulatory and government relations advice to our regional, national and international clients.

Among those clients is Dominion Voting Systems.

They are also big on diversity/inclusivity/equity things.

Ms. DelRosso’s title is senior advisor, government relations.

The greatest threat America faces is that the overwhelming majority of those enter government are in it entirely for themselves.

GOP Lt Gov Loser Lobbying For Dominion

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret — Sean Davis of The Federalist pointed out that every Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee voted, yesterday, June 22, to keep secret the IRS whistleblower testimony the federal law enforcement establishment — including those who run his agency — abandoned standard procedures to stifle investigations into Hunter Biden before the 2020 election.

The whistleblower further revealed that agents who pushed for the investigation to move forward properly were retaliated against.

Charlie Kirk summed it up in detail with this tweet.

Two months before the 2020 election, on Sept 4, 2020, the DOJ ordered a “cease and desist” on any overt investigation of Hunter Biden or Biden family influence peddling

The DOJ tipped off Hunter Biden about a search of his storage unit allowing him to clear it before they arrived

The DOJ blocked executing a search warrant of Joe Biden’s guest house The DOJ repeatedly blocked more serious charges being brought against Hunter and slow walked the investigation over 5 years The FBI hid the form 1023, alleged foreign bribery document, from the IRS case attorneys overseeing the case

Whistleblowers have text messages directly linking then VP Joe Biden to Hunter’s Chinese business dealings — when Joe has previously denied any knowledge of Hunter’s business.

Those text messages show Hunter threatening to use his father for retaliation if his Chinese partners don’t do what he wants: “You will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

Oh, and Hunter Biden even expensed his prostitutes on his taxes.

The Democrat Party, which once upheld the rule of law despite political disputes, has become something vile.

It shamelessly rejects every American value and is solely motivated by a desire for greater institutional wealth and power.

They are seriously trying to imprison their opposition leader, a former president, for life over technicalities concerning a record keeping dispute.

Here is a roll call of the June 22 vote.

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret

Oz Woman Has Plan To Fight Global Tyranny

Oz Woman Has Plan To Fight Global Tyranny

By Bob Small

Australian Monica Smit has organized Global Walkout.

“We are walking out from the Globalist Society they are trying to enslave us into,” she says.

The group says that the tyrant’s agenda includes phasing out cash and bringing in digital currency.

They noted how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze bank accounts just for donations to the protesting truck drivers. 

Their plans include growing one’s own vegetables, sharing skills and using bartering. This is similar to the Transition Town movement.

There is still an active Transition Town in Media Borough, Pa.. I was part of Transition Town Swarthmore until it detransitioned.

Global Walkout differs from Transition Town in that it advocates using cash as much as possible and deleting payment methods from your electronic devices.

Every Second Sunday at 8 p.m. Oz time which is 3 p.m. ESDT a new step will be announced which can be found on its website

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you,” as Joeph Heller said. 

Ms Smit, by the way, was named by Inside the Vatican as one of their Top Ten of 2021 for her work as a founder of Reignite Democracy and her time in jail for “incitement”.  I

“Yet, one thing that has remained constant is the determination of individual’s to follow the Spirit’s call,” says the article.

“From age 18 to about 26, I tried the world instead of the Faith to see if it was better than being a Catholic,” Ms. Smits says. “Turns out it wasn’t.”

Further information can be found about her at these links:

BREAKING: Monica Smit ARRESTED for incitement – Rebel News

Monica Smit: Melbourne anti-vaxxer was once a reality TV wannabe | n

Activists Monica Smit and Avi Yemini back in court – The Age

How an anti-mask firebrand fans the right’s flames against Dan Andre

Thanks to Scott from Vermont who sent me the initial article about the Global Walkout.

The group says that the tyrant's agenda includes phasing out cash and bringing in digital currency.
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