Racist Pitt Abortion Horrors Described to Villanovans

Racist Pitt Abortion Horrors Described to Villanovans — Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen described the University of Pittsburgh abortion experiments to Villanovans for Life, Nov. 17.

Judge Allen, a retired Pennsylvania Superior Court judge, and Kurt Weaver were guests of the Villanovans. They represented Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Pitt recruited women — disproportionately Black — for the project. The women were asked to postpone their abortions until the fetus could further develop. Labor was induced and and the babies were kept alive while their kidneys were harvested.

This was largely ignored by traditional establishment media and details were omitted from what little coverage there was.

Human beings kept alive while their organs are harvested is something from a horror movie. It is happening, though, in this state in clean, well-lit rooms at a respected educational institution.

Yes, Blacks were disproportionately recruited.

Racist Pitt Abortion Horrors Described to Villanovans

Black voters, you are basically voting for the villains of Get Out and Three the Hard Way.

Republican leaders, most of the public would be revolted by the Democrats stated goal to allow abortions — and organ harvesting –through the ninth month.

If the public doesn’t know, however, they can’t vote about it.

Please learn to fight.

The media tools of the corporate wannabe tyrants will certainly lie and gaslight, so persistence and tenacity is necessary.

Truth prevails, though, when it’s spoken.

The Federalist is covering the matter. It’s an excellent source of news, and we’d encourage subscribing, albeit one can follow for free on X or Telegram.

Racist Pitt Abortion Horrors Described to Villanovans

4 thoughts on “Racist Pitt Abortion Horrors Described to Villanovans”

  1. “Human beings kept alive while their organs are harvested is something from a horror movie. ”
    Or straight out of the People’s Republic of China.
    Remember that the American Left, our self-named Progressives, are ideological relatives of the other totalitarian, Statist Western worldviews-the Marxists, the fascists, the National Socialists, the Fabians. They do not believe in individual rights. They believe that the collective, the State, is supreme.
    When you remember this, then stories like this make sense.

  2. But the People want their abortions and access to their “choice” to murder these little ones.

    And we have the nerve to call ourselves “civilized.”

  3. Shame on PA legislators for funding this vile university every year. A bill, giving Pitt 169 million in the 2023-2024 state budget, was passed in the House of Representatives on Halloween Day (how fitting). Every representative in Allegheny County, where Pitt’s home campus is located and where this atrocity is occurring, voted to fund the diabolical institution. Pitt’s heinous activities are no secret, even having national media exposure in 2021 which thoroughly described the ongoing situation there.

    Still, in local media and among state legislators, we only hear crickets.

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