Extremist Abortion Agenda Planned In Pa.

Extremist Abortion Agenda Planned In Pa.— Villanovans for Life, last night, Nov. 17, got a warning of a frighteningly extremist abortion agenda Democrats have prepared if they should take the Pennsylvania Senate.

The warnings were provided by Kurt Weaver and and retired Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen who were representing Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Proposed bills include making it a Class 2 felony to “coerce or forgo” a woman from having an abortion. This could mean a 10-year sentence for convincing a woman that she’d be happier carrying the child.

By the way, keeping the child is very likely to make the woman happier.

Also, a war is being waged on crisis pregnancy centers. These very compassionate — and cheap — institutions have made life easier for thousands of women and girls. The Democrats want them gone. They’ve already begun a smear campaign. They will cut off from them all state money. The State Attorney General is actively seeking complaints against them.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers outnumber abortion providers nine to one.

The Democrats will end spousal notification of abortion and parental notification for minors.

Parents clueless is used to cover up rape, incest and trafficking.

And, of course, they want to make abortions legal for any reason up to nine months.

Pennsylvania’s present limit is 24 weeks.

Abortion is a lucrative business, Judge Allen said. There are now eight hospitals in the state performing them. The reason is money, not health care.

Pregnancy complications not controlled through abortion, she said.

Weaver said that are about 30,000 abortions performed annually in Pennsylvania with about 2,300 performed after 15 weeks. About a million abortions occur in the United States, annually.

It was pointed out that the pro-abortion side has far more money to spend than the pro-lifers and that they also have the media on their side. While a lot of money comes from the operations, it is likely a lot more come from billionaires who think the world has too many, especially non-white, people and governments with a similar motivation.

She said what the pro-lifers had on their side is truth.

In the end, truth always wins.

Also speaking were Melissa of Magnolia Women’s Center, and activist Marlene Downing.

Updates about legislation and other issues can be found at PaFamily.org

Extremist Abortion Agenda Planned In Pa.-- Villanovans for Life, last night, Nov. 17, got a warning of a frighteningly extremist

Extremist Abortion Agenda Planned In Pa.

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  1. “…take the senate”?

    The Marxist filth will steal the senate and not a damn thing will be done about it.

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