Was Reggie Up In Polls Before Pro Life Fed Backstab?

Was Reggie Up In Polls Before Pro Life Fed Backstab?Was Reggie Up In Polls Before Pro Life Fed Backstab? — John Haenn’s June 4 interview with Dr. John Huyette regarding the 165th Pennsylvania House District Republican Primary is available as a podcast and can be accessed below.

Haenn hosts WFYL’s Our Time radio show. Huyette reveals to him that non-endorsed challenger Regina Scheerer was likely ahead in the polls until incumbent Alex Charlton radically changed his position regarding abortion — or claimed to anyway — and received an opportune endorsement from the opportunistic Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation.

Huyette also reveals that Mrs. Scheerer had campaigned with Charlton in 2016.

Was Reggie Up In Polls Before Pro Life Fed Backstab?

CAP Happy With Election Results

CAP Happy With Election Results

By Leo Knepper

(May 15) was a fantastic night for CAP (Citizens Alliance for Pennsylvania), and CAP PAC supported candidates. Scott Wagner, the CAP PAC endorsed candidate for Governor, won by a comfortable margin. We look forward to an exciting gubernatorial race in the fall. Pennsylvanians will be able to draw clear distinctions between the candidates. One option will be Gov. Tom Wolf, who has never met a tax increase he didn’t like. The other option will be Scott Wagner, a man who understands that every dollar that government spends is coming out of someone’s pocket.

Both of the candidates CAP PAC supported for the Senate won commanding victories. Kristin Phillips-Hill (York County) and Jeremy Shaffer (Allegheny County) both ran fantastic campaigns. Shaffer’s campaign is especially noteworthy. Jeremy defeated an incumbent Senator, Randy Vulakovich, by over 15 points! Senate Republican leadership pulled out all the stops to defend Vulakovich, including filing a baseless complaint against CAP. Senate Republican leadership is trying to weaponize the Pennsylvania Department of State. Their goal is to violate the privacy of the donors to our 501c4, despite the protections granted to donors by federal law and precedent. (We will keep you posted on this issue.)

We would also like to congratulate Representatives Dawn Keefer (York County) and Justin Simmons (Lehigh County) for their victories. The final triumph we’d like to report is Mike Jones (York County). Mike won nearly 85 percent of the primary vote. He had by far the most significant margin of victory for any of the CAP or CAP PAC supported candidates.

We are looking forward to an exciting November.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

CAP Happy With Election Results

CAP Happy With Election Results

Alex Charlton Wins 165th House District

Alex Charlton Wins 165th House District — Incumbent Alex Charlton won last night (May 15) beating unfunded challenger Regina Scheerer in the GOP Primary to represent the 165th District in the Pennsylvania State House.

The unofficial tally is 4,473 to 2,347. It was Mrs. Scheerer’s first run for a major office, possibly any office. We will ask her when we see her.

She was motivated to run after Charlton dismissed concerns expressed by herself and other pro-life activists — including two local parish priests — at a meeting regarding his vote against SB 3. The bill would have limited abortions to 20 weeks in Pennsylvania rather than the existing 24 weeks.

Most countries limit abortions to 20 weeks or less.

After Mrs. Scheerer got on the ballot, Charlton began running as a strong pro-lifer even getting the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation, which sent a special letter of support for Charlton to area pro life activists. The Federation has shown itself to be nothing more than tool of the political establishment. 

Also, the party started spending money. Slick, professional mailings touting Charlton appeared on a daily basis. Ads appeared on Facebook. It was the Wehrmacht versus Holland at that point and Regina had no chance.

Still, it should be noted that Democrat Jennifer O’Mara got but 224 votes less than Charlton in her uncontested primary. He’s likely going to want Mrs. Scheerer’s support come Nov. 6. We are not certain that he’s going to get it. Hopefully, he is smart enough to try and reach out.

It should also be noted that abortion is not the only concern of many who voted against him. He spit in the face of activists several times, most glaringly concerning a commonsense anti-vote fraud bill.

Some might be thinking that if you are going to be represented by a Democrat, why not one who doesn’t pretend.

Except for Lou Barletta in the Senate race, the other candidates we liked also lost. We thought Paul Mango had a chance, the others not so much. We will happily back Scott Wagner for governor come November. He will be a YUGE improvement over Tom Wolf.

Establishment-connected Jeff Bartos of Montco won the lieutenant governor race getting about 48 percent of the vote with three women splitting the rest including our fav Peg Luksik. A little coordination on the citizen side would have helped.

We think we will be writing in Snake Plissken for that office come November.

An interesting thing is occurring in the Chester County District 2 Race for State Republican Committee.

State committeepeople, who are elected every four years during a primary election,  determine who the party endorses in state-wide elections and, more significantly, pick  the state party leadership.

While our friend Donna Ellingsen — who has been subjected to vicious and personal attacks in this campaign — is down by more than 600 votes and is not going to surpass party endorsed Patricia Milanese, her running mate Tim Welsh is down by but four votes to party endorsed Vincent Talucci.

Remember, these are unofficial figures.

For Republicans who robotically press the buttons for the party-endorsed ask yourself why do we pay vastly inflated prices for public projects like the Springfield High School? Why is money automatically and involuntarily deducted from the paychecks of public workers and used for political purposes — like campaigning for Tom Wolf — with which they might not agree? Why can’t a certified poll watcher from the center of the state watch polls in Philadelphia (and vice versa)? Hmm Alex? Why are persons who call themselves teachers still allowed to threaten to harm or even harm children for more money? Isn’t withholding an education from a child (teacher strike) harming a child? Why is someone in this state getting a $477,591 public pension?

Remember, Republicans have controlled the legislature for most of the last two decades and all three branches for at least four of those years.

Alex Charlton Wins 165th

Alex Charlton Wins 165th

Primary Election Choices 2018

Primary Election Choices 2018 — Here’s who we are voting for in today’s Republican Primary:

Senate: Lou Barletta

Governor: Paul Mango

Lieutenant Gov.: Peg Luksik

State Rep. 165th: Regina Scheerer

And we will write in Joseph M. Billie’s name in for 5th District congressman.

If you live in the 4th congressional district, we encourage you to write in Stan Casacio. Hopefully, Stan is giving his supporters his official name up there but even if you write-in Snake Plissken you are sending a message that needs to be sent.

If you live in State Committee Region 2 of Chester County we encourage you to vote for Donna Ellingsen and Tim Welsh for  Pennsylvania Republican Committee.

Polls close at 8 p.m.

Primary Election Choices 2018

Primary Election Choices 2018

Peg Luksik Endorses Regina Scheerer

Peg Luksik Endorses Regina Scheerer
Regnina Scheerer

Peg Luksik Endorses Regina Scheerer — Peg Luksik, whose record of pro-life activism and educational reform is beyond dispute, has endorsed Regina Scheerer for the 165th District Race for the Pennsylvania House.

She is running in the Republican Primary which is tomorrow, May 15. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Dr. Luksik  is running for lieutenant governor in the GOP primary as well and all are encouraged to vote for her.

Here is her letter endorsing Mrs. Scheerer

May 14, 2018

To My Fellow Republicans:

Tomorrow we have a real opportunity in District 165.  We can elect a true pro-life conservative champion.  Regina Scheerer has been a recognized leader in the fight to protect our most innocent pre-born children for over 2 decades.  

She is not just an advocate for the lives of these precious little ones, she is a champion.

And right now, more than ever before, we need champions in Harrisburg.

That is why I am honored to add my voice in endorsing her candidacy.  

It is my sincere hope that you will join me in helping to elect the individual who will never abandon the values that we all hold dear, and will stand firmly in defense of all of our precious children from the moment of their creation.


Peg Luksik

The 165th District has 63, 769 residents as of 2011 and consists of Morton Borough;  Springfield Township except for the 2nd precinct of the 3rd Ward; Marple Township except for the 5th Ward; and the 4th and 6th wards of Radnor Township along with 1st Precinct of the 1st Ward, the 1st Precinct of the 3rd Ward and the 2nd Precinct of the 5th Ward.


Peg Luksik Endorses Regina Scheerer




Write In Voting Explained In Video

Write In Voting Explained –Joe Billie, who was preparing a GOP primary challenge when Pat Meehan represented the 7th Congressional District, is launching a write-in campaign for what is now the 5th District and has submitted the below how-to video.

The only name on the GOP ballot for the 5th District Congressional race is Pearl Kim.

Write In Voting Explained

Write In Voting Explained In Video

GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa.

GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa. — The once respected Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation has baldly revealed itself to be a mere arm of the Republican Party Establishment.

Earlier we noted that it sent a letter to the pro lifers on its mailing list in the 165th State House District saying I am writing to let you know that it is important to vote to re-elect Alex Charlton as State Representative in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, May 15 . . . It is vital we stand with Alex Charlton on Tuesday May 15 and Make sure that you go to the polls on Tuesday, May 15 and vote for Alex  . . .

Charlton is the incumbent who has shown himself indifferent, if not hostile, to the concerns of pro life people.

GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa.
The letter in which the Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation urges votes for Alex Charlton in the Republican Primary because his “Democrat opponent has an extreme pro-abortion position”.

Especially damning in the letter were the words His Democrat opponent has an extreme pro-abortion position and would vote to reverse the many pro-life gains we have had in Pennsylvania.

Um, he doesn’t have a Democrat opponent. His opponent in the Republican primary is Regina Scheerer who is a consistent and sincere pro lifer along with being an anti-corruption activist.

For some reason this pro life group — excuse me, Republican establishment group  — felt the need to dissemble.

Now, we learn they have also endorsed Jeff Bartos for lieutenant governor. Bartos is the guy who supported Planned Parenthood board member Scott Zelov for Montgomery County Commissioner in 2015. He’s the guy who created a ballot leaving off the name of outspoken pro-lifer Joe Gale in that general election. He’s the guy who will not raise a finger to protect the unborn.

Of course, he’s also the guy with the party connections so that means he’s the guy  who gets Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation support.

And, like Charlton, Bartos is using it for cover.

GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa.

Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL

Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL
The Charlton endorsement letter sent by Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation to its donors in Pennsylvania’s 165th District.

Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL — Yesterday (May 12), we questioned whether the Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation actually endorsed incumbent State Rep. Alex Charlton in the May 15 GOP Primary.

Our suspicion stemmed from a May 12 email forwarded to us from Federation legislative director Maria Gallagher in which she said  I never used the word endorse in connection with Rep. Charlton and that I never spoke with Senator McGarrigle who implied that it had in a constituent letter.

Well bake the potatoes black, it most certainly has endorsed the man who couldn’t vote to limit abortions to 20 weeks and only scrambled to get some kind of pro life creds after he realized he had a serious primary challenger.

And it did so in a seriously sneaky fashion. A letter — signed by Ms. Gallagher — was sent May 7 to the local pro life activists that had worked for or contributed to the group, and only to them.

She said in bold, underline print I am writing to let you know that it is important to vote to re-elected Alex Charlton as State Representative in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, May 15 and, in bold print It is vital we stand with Alex Charlton on Tuesday May 15 and Make sure that you go to the polls on Tuesday, May 15 and vote for Alex and Encourage your friends, relatives and neighbors to go out vote for Alex Charlton on Tuesday, May 15.

That’s not an endorsement? LOL.

The letter is included in this article as a jpg file.

Ms. Gallagher correctly points out that the likely Democrat will be a more extremist pro abort than Charlton. She fails, however, to point out that this person is not running in the GOP primary and that Charlton’s opponent Regina Scheerer — who is not just a sincere supporter of protecting the helpless but will also be a fighter against cronyism and corruption and inflated school construction costs — has as good a chance of winning the general,  actually we think better, than Charlton.

For the record, the entire civilized world bans abortions at 18 weeks or less with most of them banning abortions at 12 weeks.

Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL

Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue?

Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue? — A controversy has erupted as to whether Alex Charlton is being supported by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation as is being claimed in his campaign literature.

Charlton is the incumbent representative for the 165th District in the Pennsylvania House. He is facing retired math teacher and Springfield resident Regina Scheerer in Tuesday’s (May 15) primary election.

Charlton has angered many activists for his strange opposition to mild bills that would curtail the cronyism rampant in this state. What really inspired Mrs. Scheerer’s campaign, however, was a meeting she attended by several persons including Father Anthony J. Costa, who is pastor of Saint Francis of Assisi Church  and Father John Gabin who is pastor of Holy Cross Church, both in Springfield, to discuss Charlton’s Dec. 12 vote against SB 3 .

SB 3 would have limited abortions in Pennsylvania to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy rather than the existing 24. Liberal Sweden bans them at 18 weeks while most of the rest of Western Europe bans them at 12 weeks.

Charlton was only one of six House Republicans to vote against the bill which passed both chambers but was vetoed by Gov. Wolf.

At the meeting, Charlton reportedly defended his vote with vigor saying he does not know where life begins and that dismemberment abortions are not the norm.

With Mrs. Scheerer’s campaign, however, Charlton has been claiming to be pro life and defender of the “vulnerable”. He  cites his vote for HB 2050 which would “prohibit the abortion of any child solely due to a diagnosis of possible Down Syndrome.

That vote, however, was cast on April 16 long after Mrs. Scheerer received 900 signatures to get on the ballot much of it due to Charlton’s position on abortion and some observe that the qualifier “solely” arguably makes the bill meaningless.

Anyway, last week, Charlton again strongly promoted a claim of being pro life. A constituent letter from State Sen. Tom McGarrigle, his former boss, specifically cited Charlton as being “supported” by the influential Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

Those  affiliated with Mrs. Scheerer’s campaign have said they have been in contact with the group’s legislative director Maria Gallagher, who, they say, claimed never to have spoken with McGarrigle and that her group has not endorsed Charlton.

An email has been sent to Ms. Gallagher for clarification and we await.

Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue?

Alex Charlton Pro Life Endorsement Untrue?


Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race Update

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race — A mild medical issue last week has not caused Donna Ellingsen to quit her bid to represent Republican voters from State Committee Region 2 of Chester County on the Pennsylvania Republican Committee.  She and her running mate Tim Welsh have put real fear in the party bosses getting rich off cronyism and corruption and they are going pedal to the metal to stop citizen crusaders. We are republishing this article from April 20.

Complaints are common about cronyism and corruption; about unfair taxes and public spending with no benefit for most.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Donna Ellingsen

Most of the time the complainers only vote in major elections if at all.

We aren’t going to judge. The lazy, corrupt, cronyist media likes it like that and fails to report the issues in a way that explains their ultimate consequences.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Tim Welsh

On May 15, Republican voters in State Committee Region 2 of Chester County will have a chance to give a black eye to cronyism.

Two candidates long-sickened by the how-can-we-milk-the-cow-today attitude of the GOP leadership are in the race.

They are Donna Ellingsen and Tim Welsh.

The 351 state committeepeople are elected every four years during a primary election. They determine who the party endorses in state-wide elections and, more significantly, pick  the state party leadership.

Last year, a guy who works for a political fixer and has close ties with the state’s leading D behind Tom Wolf won the state chairmanship . It was by just two votes despite arm twisting and intimidation.

There are rarely challengers to the people put up by the party leaders.

Chesco Region 2 is a exception hence an opportunity.

It consists of Coatesville, South Coatesville, Modena, and Valley from Area 14; Atglen, East Fallowfield, West Fallowfield, Highland, Parkesburg , Sadsbury  and West Sadsburgy from Area 15; Elk, East Nottingham , Lower Oxford, Oxford Borough, Upper Oxford and West Nottingham from Area 19; and Caln and West Brandywine.

To help Donna and Tim call 610-932-2242.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race