Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL

Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL
The Charlton endorsement letter sent by Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation to its donors in Pennsylvania’s 165th District.

Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL — Yesterday (May 12), we questioned whether the Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation actually endorsed incumbent State Rep. Alex Charlton in the May 15 GOP Primary.

Our suspicion stemmed from a May 12 email forwarded to us from Federation legislative director Maria Gallagher in which she said  I never used the word endorse in connection with Rep. Charlton and that I never spoke with Senator McGarrigle who implied that it had in a constituent letter.

Well bake the potatoes black, it most certainly has endorsed the man who couldn’t vote to limit abortions to 20 weeks and only scrambled to get some kind of pro life creds after he realized he had a serious primary challenger.

And it did so in a seriously sneaky fashion. A letter — signed by Ms. Gallagher — was sent May 7 to the local pro life activists that had worked for or contributed to the group, and only to them.

She said in bold, underline print I am writing to let you know that it is important to vote to re-elected Alex Charlton as State Representative in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, May 15 and, in bold print It is vital we stand with Alex Charlton on Tuesday May 15 and Make sure that you go to the polls on Tuesday, May 15 and vote for Alex and Encourage your friends, relatives and neighbors to go out vote for Alex Charlton on Tuesday, May 15.

That’s not an endorsement? LOL.

The letter is included in this article as a jpg file.

Ms. Gallagher correctly points out that the likely Democrat will be a more extremist pro abort than Charlton. She fails, however, to point out that this person is not running in the GOP primary and that Charlton’s opponent Regina Scheerer — who is not just a sincere supporter of protecting the helpless but will also be a fighter against cronyism and corruption and inflated school construction costs — has as good a chance of winning the general,  actually we think better, than Charlton.

For the record, the entire civilized world bans abortions at 18 weeks or less with most of them banning abortions at 12 weeks.

Pro Life Group Endorsed Charlton After All LOL

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  1. –cronyism and corruption and inflated school construction costs–

    Charlton’s true problem

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