Memorial Day Shooting Suspect Arrested

Memorial Day Shooting Suspect Arrested — US Marshal, July 9, arrested the suspect in the Memorial Day shooting  inside the Leon Spencer Reid American Legion Post, 233 Simpson Road, Ardmore, Pa.

The post is in Lower Merion Township.

Andrew McCutchen, 35, of Philadelphia, was captured in Williamsport then extradited to Montgomery County.

The victim, a 26-year-old man, was shot several times. He was taken to a hospital in a private vehicle. He was released many days later following extensive treatment.

Memorial Day Shooting Suspect Arrested
Andrew McCutchen

Police Swarm Ardmore In Chase Of Shooting Suspect

Police Swarm Ardmore In Chase Of Shooting Suspect

By Sharon Devaney

Dozens of Haverford and Lower Merion police officers are swarming the Section 8 homes on West Spring Avenue in the Ardmore section of Lower Merion, Pa. to catch the suspect in Monday’s shooting at the Leon Spencer Reid American Legion Post.

Ardmore Avenue is blocked off as are other streets.

An arrest is expected.

Ambulances are on the scene.

This post went live at 8:22 a.m., May 29.

UPDATE 11:36 a.m.: Police have identified the suspect as Andrew McCutchen, 35, of Philadelphia. He has a tear-drop tattoos under his right eye and dime-sized dark mark under his right.

He is wanted for attempted homicde.

The victim is 26-year-old man. He was shot several times. He is in critical but stable condition, police say.

Police say McCutchen targeted him as a result of an earlier disturbance.

McCutchen and another man fled the scene in dark grey 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LS.

Another man, came out of the post and fired several times at the car and that matter is also being investigated, police say.

UPDATE 1:13 p.m. We have heard a report that this morning there was a naked man shouting praises to Allah in the street in this neighborhood.

Police Swarm Ardmore In Chase Of Shooting Suspect
Photo by Sharon Devaney

Police Swarm Ardmore In Chase Of Shooting Suspect

Shooting Reported In Ardmore

Shooting Reported In Ardmore

By Sharon Devaney

Haverford Police are investigating a shooting that occurred about 7 o’clock this evening, May 27, at the Leon Spencer Reid American Legion Post, 233 Simpson Road, Ardmore, Pa.

The hall had been rented for a private party.

The suspects were seen fleeing in a pickup truck.

A disturbance about 2:30 p.m. in the area reportedly involved a fight between two women in the presence of a child.

Shooting Reported In Ardmore
Photo by Sharon Devaney

DOJ Reportedly Backing Crime Supporting DAs

DOJ Reportedly Backing Crime Supporting DAs – The Justice Department is funding groups affiliated with George Soros funded soft-on-crime prosecutors and judges, according to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

Bailey has sent a letters to Congress, Dec. 13, asking for an investigation.

Bailey cited the Vera Institute — a Brooklyn-based advocacy group that wants to “transform the criminal and legal justice system.

What say you, Jack Stollsteimer?

DOJ Reportedly Backing Crime Supporting DAs

Missouri Escapee Arrested In Chesco

Missouri Escapee Arrested In Chesco — Mario Che-Tiul who escaped from a Missouri jail was arrested today, Sept. 21, in Chester County, Pa. in Avondale.

He was facing charges of child molestation.

What was he doing in Chesco?

It sure is a long way from the Show Me State.

Did the word go out on the criminal grapevine that Chesco was a nice, woke place to hide out considering murderer  Danelo Cavalcante managed to bust out of Chesco’s prison and spend two weeks on the lam?

Missouri Escapee Arrested In Chesco

Ex-Chesco Warden Pushed Out By May Escape

Ex-Chesco Warden Pushed Out By May Escape — Former Chester County Warden Ronald M. Phillips was pushed out due to Igor Vidra Bolte’s escape in May.

And the county prison had a K-9 program that ended in 1986.

County Commissioner Joshua Maxwell revealed these bits at today’s (Sept. 20) meeting of the prison board.

The board consists of the county commissioners, District Attorney Deborah Ryan, Sheriff Fredda Maddox, the county controller and the president judge of Common Pleas Court.

Phillips started at the prison in 1983 and worked his way up the ranks. He began a leave of absence in July and officially retired Aug. 30, the day before  Danelo Cavalcante’s escape.

He was replaced by Howard Holland, who had been police chief of Downingtown where Maxwell had been mayor.

Was there a search for Phillips’ replacement or was Holland merely ordained? That’s assuming Holland gets the permanent job as he is now merely interim warden.

We asked this earlier. Police and correction skills are not necessarily interchangeable and if Bolte’s escape caused Phillips to lose his job, is Holland’s in jeopardy?

Probably not considering the reception he got at today’s meeting.

Anyway, Maxwell conceded the prison has been short staffed with 60 of the 300 positions not being filled. He also admitted information about Cavalcante’s escape was woefully delayed from being transmitted to the community.

He said there were plans to return a K-9 program to the prison.

It has been widely noted that if the county Sheriff Department had maintained its highly regarded one, Cavalcante would have been rounded up within hours.

The program, however, was allowed to whither when Fredda Maddox was elected to the office in 2019.

By the way, the Sheriff Department is down 40 deputies.

Why is Chesco having so much trouble keeping people?

Ms. Maddox, a Democrat, is stepping down as sheriff in a bid to become a Chesco Common Pleas Court judge. The election is Nov. 7.

Bunny Welsh, who was Ms. Maddox’s predecessor, pointed out that it took her 10 years to develop the K-9 unit. She noted that it doesn’t just take highly trained dogs but highly trained handlers who will work unexpected hours.

Prison Fixes Get Green Light

The board approved, in response to the escape, a design phase for prison renovations with TranSystems. Proposed renovations include are enclosing the eight exercise yards, adding a sally port, and removing the basketball hoops as they are a liability issue along with a security one.

The TranSystems presenter noted that an enclosed yard would prevent drones from dropping contraband to the inmates.

The cost was estimated at between $2.5 and $3.5 million and the job will take six to nine months.

Also a temporary barrier will be installed where Cavalcante made his escape.

Holland Addresses Board

Holland addressed the board from the floor saying plans are in place to add razor wire to where Bolte escaped but there are construction delays. He said there also plans to add metal fencing where Cavalcante broke out.

He said he wants to add 50-75 cameras for $70,000 along with eight people to watch them. Holland says he plans to have more drills. He said wants an alarm system on an outside fence, drones and drone operators, oh, and a K-9 unit.

He said if he these programs Cavalcante would never have escaped.

On the other hand, if the prison was fully staffed and had more than one guard watching the exercise yard he probably wouldn’t have escaped either.

Public Comments

Before public comments, the audience was specifically told not to bring up the Sheriff Department K-9 unit.

Sally Mininger (sp) from Tredyffrin noted the hero of the Cavalcante matter was Border Patrol dog Yoda and then said Bunny Welsh had great program but was gutted when Freda Maddox took over as sheriff. She said there were but two dogs left when Cavalcante escaped at which point she was told to stop talking about the Sheriff Department’s K-9 unit.

She ended by saying it wouldn’t be necessary to reinstate the program if it had been gutted “in 1986 or whenever.”

Guy Ciarrocchi of Tredyffrin said commissioners failed the community. He wanted to know if the prison would start taking murderers until fully staffed or at least keep them in isolation.

Shelia Learner (sp) of Westtown said she never came to these meetings but is livid.

“You had one job to do . . .” she said. “And you failed it. You are not doing a good job and I think you have to think that this is not job for you.”

Daryl Cooper (sp) of East Marlboro Township said the board ratified two major proposals without the expertise to understand them. He did, however, complement Maxwell on his expressions of empathy at the start of the meeting.

A Malvern woman criticized Sheriff Maddox and Commissioner Marian Moskowitz for being almost invisible during the escape.

Ex-Chesco Warden Pushed Out By May Escape
TranSystems proposed temporary fix where Cavalcante made his escape

Ex-Chesco Warden Pushed Out By May Escape
They really, really want to get rid of the basketball hoops.

Ex-Chesco Warden Pushed Out By May Escape

Ex-Chesco Warden Pushed Out By May Escape

Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt

Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt –The Chester County Commissioners ‘subject this morning, Sept. 14, was naturally yesterday’s capture of Danelo Cavalcante.

Cavalcante had been terrorizing the area for two weeks since his Aug. 31 escape from the county prison in Pocopson.

Commissioner Michelle Kichline expressed hope that Yoda, the K-9 that captured the escaped murderer, could attend a meeting of the board.

The audience wasn’t buying the cuteness. Cavalcante would have been nabbed within hours if the county had not gutted the Sheriff Department’s highly regarded K-9 squad it had a mere three years ago.

About 40 were in attendance when comment time arrived and this did not count those watching on the web.

One woman noted that if the county had used the money they spent on the manhunt to fix the problems that arose at the prison — such as short staffing and demoralized guards — the escape would never have happened.

Several, including Bobbie Surrick (sp) of East Bradford, asked why Chesco was a sanctuary county, which means a county that does not prosecute violations of immigration laws.

Another woman noted that if Chesco cooperated with immigration authorities, Cavalcante would have been deported immediately after ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao filed a protection-from-abuse order. Her children would never have had to watch her brutal stabbing death.

Jennifer Farnum (sp) said a illegal was set on fire and killed by two other illegals in Chester Springs. She said the matter got no publicity.

One woman said the ReadyChesco alert system failed miserably during the prison break/manhunt.

Most of these comments came via Zoom and all were supposedly restricted to agenda items.

We had to leave before those who wished to comment on general items had their chance.

The Chesco public is not happy with its government.

Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt

Forrmer Chesco Deputy Matt Mendenhall and Nero. Once upon a time Chesco had an excellent K-9 squad.

Citizens Berate Chesco About Prison Problems, Cavalcante Manhunt

Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape

Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape — Former Chester County, Pa. Sheriff Bunny Welsh appeared, today, Sept. 6 on WWDB‘s Don’t Back Down and AM 990’s Chris Stigall show to describe the ongoing effort to capture Chesco prison escapee and multiple murderer Danelo Cavalcante, who has now been on the lam for a week.

The escape has made international news.

Cavalcante escaped from the prison, Aug. 31, after being convicted 15 days earlier for the April 2021 stabbing of Deborah Brandao, his ex-girlfriend. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Cavalcante, who entered the country illegally, was also wanted for murder in his native Brazil.

While we missed the Stigall show, we heard her tell Don’t Back Down hosts Stan Casacio and attorney Andy Teitelman that a plea in Portuguese from Cavalcante’s mother for him to surrender is being broadcast from aircraft over southern Chesco. She noted that men and women in law enforcement are diligently searching the area in the 90-plus heat all the while wearing body armor and carrying full equipment.

She said that Cavalcante, who is only about 5-feet tall, is believed to have some survival training, which is helping him avoid arrest.

Ms. Welsh said that Cavalcante’s prison shirt has been found.

She noted that if the Chesco Sheriff Department kept its K-9 squad Cavalcante would likely been arrested hours after his escape.

She said the prison in Pocopson is designed for 1,100 inmates but now has a population of about 600.

Ms. Welsh, who was among those consulting with President Trump regarding law enforcement issues, also told a story about the compassion of the President. She said that family whose son died of a fentanyl overdoes asked her to pass on a letter to Trump. She said that he took it and offered condolence. Following the event, though, he approached her, talked with her about it and then wrote a personal note to the family.

Trump never went public. The only ones who know about it are the ones she tells.

Hopefully, she never stops telling it.

She said that Trump, in person, is gentle and more inclined to listen than speak.

Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape

Bunny Welsh Gives Insight On Cavalcante Escape

Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal

Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal — Sharon Devaney’s life got worse when her Toyota Camry was t-boned at Lawrence and Ellis roads in Haverford Township, Pa. about 8 a.m., April 10, 2017.

Sharon, then 44 of Havertown, was dropping her daughter off at her parents before work.

She said it was lucky that the crash was on her side as her girl, who was just a middle-schooler, might not have survived.

As it was, Sharon was left with permanent injuries to both legs.

“I used to go running. I can’t run any more,” she said. “I can’t bike. There is so many things I can’t do.”

She said the other driver was doing about 70 mph when she hit. She was an illegal alien from Trinidad and Tobago.

Police would tell her they couldn’t turn her over to immigration authorities as Delaware County had declared itself a sanctuary county.

Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal
Sharon Devaney

And that was when it was controlled by the GOP.

We wrote about it which brought forth much protesthing from the powers that were.

Anyway, the lady from Trinidad escaped serious punishment and she remains in the area today.

Sharon began making illegal aliens an issue.

This was the right thing to do. Exempting a group of people from the laws of the land is basically committing social suicide, after all.

She said, however, this made her the subject of a vicious harassment campaign.

A series of customers claiming bad service and implying racism caused her to leave a job as a massage therapist in Lawrence Park. She had never before received complaints and her children are bi-racial.

She said that for the first time the children’s books she wrote started getting bad reviews on Amazon.

Her Facebook account was cancelled and the Haverford Township Free Library wouldn’t let her do a book reading.

Remember, she is a township resident and a published author. Her books are not controversial.

This is a library that has no problem letting large, sexually confused males dress as women and read to children.

She was also was rejected for an opening on the Library Board.

Sharon has had both knees replaced and four surgeries on her legs. Doctors are afraid to do any more on her left.

“I had to learn to walk again twice,” she said.

She has a handicapped placard for her car. She walks with a brace. In winter when its icy she needs a cane.

“It’s humiliating,” she said.

Delco Woman Still Suffers From Crash Caused By Illegal

The Delco Juvenile Offender Mystery

The Delco Juvenile Offender Mystery — Our story about last night’s United4Delco’s candidate’s forum caused a brouhaha after we reported that Delaware County’s juvenile offenders are being being incarcerated at the county’s Intermediate Unit educational facility in Aston.

Delco’s juvenile detention facility has been shuttered, after all, and the mischievous tykes have to be kept somewhere.

We have since heard that they were only been kept at the school during the day. Where do they go at night? They didn’t say.

We heard that they were being sent to juvenile facilities in Montco and Chesco. Then we heard that wasn’t true, and that Montco and Chesco weren’t taking them because, well, they were just too unruly.

Then we heard they are being shipped to Ohio.

So what does District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer say about it? He is the guy responsible, after all, and dreams of being president despite an objective lack of competence in the job he now holds.

We await his answer.

We did hear that Aston Police were being sent to the I.U. almost daily to deal with the younguns.

The Delco Juvenile Offender Mystery

The Delco Juvenile Offender Mystery