DOJ Reportedly Backing Crime Supporting DAs

DOJ Reportedly Backing Crime Supporting DAs – The Justice Department is funding groups affiliated with George Soros funded soft-on-crime prosecutors and judges, according to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

Bailey has sent a letters to Congress, Dec. 13, asking for an investigation.

Bailey cited the Vera Institute — a Brooklyn-based advocacy group that wants to “transform the criminal and legal justice system.

What say you, Jack Stollsteimer?

DOJ Reportedly Backing Crime Supporting DAs

2 thoughts on “DOJ Reportedly Backing Crime Supporting DAs”

  1. Delco DA Missy Stollsteimer became DA with Soros money and with help from his friend Josh. Now they will help him become AG. Heaven help us! He will do to PA what he has done to Delco. He failed to investigate election fraud. After bragging about success in reducing gun violence in Chester, we now know that Chester is the drug and gang capital of PA. Someone please tell Jack that he can’t substantially reduce crime if he is not willing to lock up the criminals. His accomplices in keeping criminals on the streets are the Delco Council. Councilman Kevin Madden refuses to open the juvy detention center until he can build a new state-of-the-art one for $45 million of your tax money. He is also content to maintain the GW Hill Prison at 2/3 capacity while thugs roam the streets in Upper Darby.

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