George Santos Should Stay In Congress

George Santos Should Stay In Congress — The usual suspects are demanding that GOP Rep-elect George Santos resign because he lied like a dog about being Jewish during his campaign.

George Santos Should Stay In Congress

George Santos flipped New York’s 3rd Congressional district red in November when he defeated Robert Zimmerman.

Stick to your guns, George. If a guy can call himself a girl and walk into a ladies room, you can call yourself a Jew and walk into Congress.

Hey, it’s not like you were sleeping with a Chinese spy or hanging out with a guy who rapes and murders young black men.

Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

By Olivia Braccio 

You hear it every four years: “This upcoming election is the most important one of our lives!” But what we’re going to face this November isn’t an election—it’s another epic battle in an ongoing fight to preserve our God-given rights, our freedoms, and everything else that makes America great.

Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

War is being waged against the nation. But not by an enemy territory. The horrifying reality is that this attempted destruction of life as we know it is coming from our own elected officials. Their intent is to ruin this nation from the inside out. We have never seen anything like the past five months of oppression. Personally, I did not even know it was possible for legislature to impose these types of restrictions anywhere, let alone in a first-world country in the 21st century. If you’re alarmed by what you’re experiencing, good. It means you’re paying attention. Now pay attention on Nov. 3. People are focused on Trump and Biden, and anyone who knows me knows that there is nothing I could ever want more than for Trump and Pence to win a second term. But what many don’t realize is that your local candidates in your congressional, senatorial, and state representative districts have much more to do with your personal lives than the president. These are the people speaking for you and making decisions for you. You need to find out who they are and what they stand for.

If you’re still not convinced that the liberal agenda is being foisted upon unsuspecting members of society, or you believe it can’t affect you directly, check out one of the latest and particularly disturbing brainchildren currently being birthed by members of the Left. A Satanic temple is coming to Marple. This is not a joke. I wish it were. I brought this to our fifth district congressional candidate, Dasha Pruett’s attention a couple days ago and I know you will find it as unsettling as both she and I did. Fifth district residents, this specifically impacts YOU, and you know the incumbent, Mary Gay Scanlon, is not going to lift a finger to put a stop to it. According to a Patch article I came across giving the details of this project, it states that DelCo residents “shouldn’t be alarmed” and that the focus is an “altruistic, charitable” mission. A man named Joseph Rose, who founded Satanic DelCo back in February, is proposing its development. Yes, there actually is an organization called Satanic DelCo, and if you’re a Delaware County resident who didn’t know about this, I am truly sorry to be the one to inform you.

None of this makes any sense at all. Explain to me how a person can perform acts of altruism or charity in the name of Satan. And if a person truly is interested in giving back to their community, why would they even consider seeking an opportunity to do so from a Satanic temple? Why not a food pantry, an animal shelter, or a crisis pregnancy center? Something is off about this.

This is the kind of lunacy being promoted, and our job for the next three and a half months is to unify against it. It is no longer Republicans against Democrats. It’s logic and reason against senselessness. It’s people who care about the community around them against people who want to serve themselves at the expense of others.

Democrats, I’d like to address you directly here. Seeing as Dasha will need at least some of you currently living in her district to vote for her in order to unseat Mary Gay Scanlon, I’d like to take a minute to reach out to you and ask you to consider something: What if there had never been any such thing as political party? I know it sounds absurd; bear with me for one minute. What if political candidates ran with no label attached? Imagine that there are no such things as Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party, or even Independents. I know there’s no way this could be a reality, but if none of us had the option of voting based on party, on a certain set of values put in place by an establishment, you wouldn’t be able to fill in a bubble on a ballot and just assume that candidate holds the same beliefs as you based on the letter next to the person’s name. People are drawn to what is familiar to them, to whatever reflects aspects of themselves. It’s instinctual. Of course you vote for your party’s candidates, that’s who you identify with. But if neither you nor the candidates belonged to any party, you wouldn’t automatically agree with any of them. You’d have to first examine the ideas each candidate is espousing in order to determine who aligns with you. You would have to pay close attention to see which candidate’s platform sounds most likely to benefit their constituency—which includes YOU.

If there were no such thing as party affiliation, and you heard some of the candidates saying it would be a good idea to defund or even abolish police, kill full-term fetuses, release prisoners convicted of sexual offenses and other violent crimes under the guise of preventing them from catching a virus, allow men into women’s restrooms and boys on girls’ sports teams, delete the past two hundred forty-four years of history…you wouldn’t think this person was fit to function in society, let alone hold public office. Some of them even feel the American flag is a hate symbol, and now a Satanic temple is coming to YOUR county…claiming to be doing acts of goodwill and kindness? Few people, when thinking critically, would vote for individuals championing these philosophies. And yet, this is the modern-day Democratic platform. The fact that these principles are attached to a major political party is the only thing legitimizing the irrationality.

So yes, fifth district Democrats, I am specifically asking you to vote for a Republican candidate. Again, imagine that Dasha does not belong to any political party, and neither do you. Let’s just look at her as an individual. As somebody who actually knows her, I can vouch that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more personally invested in their congressional race. She’snot your average political candidate. She’s not a politician at all. She’s someone who already suffered through communism in the USSR and has taken it upon herself to prevent that type of government system from being instated here. It’s an interesting coincidence—or maybe it isn’t a coincidence at all—that certain events occurred simultaneously with Dasha’s campaign. She knew there were people running on a socialist platform, sure. Bernie Sanders. AOC. But neither she nor anyone else would have predicted that we’d be seeing the very aspects of socialism she has given warnings about, such as government overreach, civil unrest, removal of rights, and erasure of history, begin unfolding just a month after she filed. It’s terrifying, but will ultimately work in her favor—due to the current state of affairs, it could not be more self-evident how badly we need a person with her unique background and perspective in the House of Representatives. So in November, let’s not think about party at all. Let’s instead support and vote for individual candidates who advocate for law and order, rights and freedoms, common sense, empathy, and most importantly, love.

Ed. Note: Yes, Satanic DelCo is real and attributes to itself sweet-sounding values like: One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason. Why not just call itself Christian? Because Satan is a liar and SatanicDelco isn’t interested in acting with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason. Satan is Hebrew for “One who plots against another.” Look at the roots and understanding will be found. Any group that names itself for Satan is by definition untrustworthy. The only way to make sense of what goes on in the world is to look at the Cross. It’s put high on our churches and worn around necks and is truly a sign of compassion and empathy. Why is that? It certainly wasn’t meant to be. It’s a horrific instrument of torture. It was the most evil thing ever built by man. You can say it was inspired by Satan. Now, though, it merely mocks him and reveals him as the loser he is. Satan isn’t to be feared. Be bold in calling out his lies and telling the truth.

Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

Dasha Pruett Is Best For 5th District

Dasha Pruett Is Best For 5th District

By Olivia Braccio

It’s no secret that more women than ever are running for U.S. Congress this year—four hundred ninety, at least, breaking 2018’s record of four hundred seventy-six. But are any of them as cool as Dasha Pruett? I can’t imagine so.

Dasha Pruett Is Best For 5th District
Dasha Pruett

If you really want to see the American dream personified, look no further than PA’s 5th district GOP nominee. Having emigrated from the USSR, Dasha has a love and appreciation for the United States of America that is deeper than a lot of natural-born citizens, because many of the things we own and use every day, the freedoms we have always had, are all things she had to spend the first ten years of her life without. Her story—escaping a tyrannical government and starting a new life here in the States—is the precise vision on which our beautiful nation was founded. She knows better than anyone the perils of government overreach and knows how fortunate we are to live in a country where we have the rights that we do. I know she will be a fantastic role model as well as public servant for her constituents. People like Dasha are what make America great, and now she is running with the intention of keeping it that way.

I also know she is going to be scrutinized for the next four months—she already has been, but it will intensify as Election Day draws nearer, not to mention after she takes office. Every time I see a Republican woman running for a seat, I can’t really help but think of Sarah Palin and how she was decimated in 2008. I was twelve then—exactly half my life ago—and still haven’t forgotten it. That was the first time I really became aware of how much criticism Republican women take in comparison to other demographics of people seeking public office; let’s not even mention what Melania Trump has been subjected to since before our president was even inaugurated.

I wish I could build a wall of protection around Dasha, but seeing as that’s not one of my options, I’d like to say this: despite my proclivity to idolize each year’s GOP candidates, in reality I know they are just regular human beings. They bleed, sweat, and cry like any of us. Please keep this in mind before you go launching personal attacks. Even if you disagree with a person’s views, consider the tremendous amount of effort it takes to run for office. Take into account how much selflessness, strength, inner resolve it takes for a candidate to rearrange everything, sacrifice most aspects of their current lifestyle, take time away from their families, put themselves in the public eye, have doors slammed in their faces, and expose themselves to so much potential disparagement in the interest of improving their communities. It’s easy for anyone to sit around home and complain about the way things are, talk about what they wish would change, but she’s one of the people who got off their sofa and is actually trying to do something about it. I know politics are dirty by nature, just wish people would look at the human side of it. Before you say something, think about how there is a whole life, personality, and family attached to the name on that ballot. I know everyone dislikes members of the opposing party, but please try to look at her as an individual—Dasha isn’t just your congressional candidate, she is somebody’s mother and somebody’s daughter, somebody’s wife and somebody’s friend.

I cannot overemphasize how desperately we need people with a genuine appreciation for this country in the U.S. House of Representatives. Incumbent Mary Gay Scanlon cares nothing for the USA and apparently is pretty open about that fact. Did anyone see what she posted on Independence Day? A photo of a protester, carrying a desecrated image of our flag, with herself in the background. This woman is a disgrace to her district, America, and humanity as a whole. Ask yourself who you think is more fit to hold office: somebody who would show such blatant disrespect to her constituents and the nation she’s supposed to be serving, or somebody who is eternally grateful for the opportunities provided here and wants to ensure that future generations will also have that available to them. This is why it’s so important to vote based on person, not party. Although let’s be honest here—every major problem facing the US today is a result of poor Democratic leadership. Economic collapse, racial tension, looting and rioting, removal of rights, erasure of history, attempted defunding of the police…this is the new Democratic platform. This is not what anybody actually wants. This is only what ill-informed people think they want. And if they were to get their way, it wouldn’t take very long for them to see the repercussions and realize their mistake. But by then it will be too late.

As incredible as Dasha is, she’s not fueled by liberal tears alone. If you’re a 5th district resident and want her representing you in Washington D.C., then you have to help put her in that position. Donate or volunteer if you can; if you can’t, word-of-mouth does more than you think. Ask people you know if they’re registered at their current address, which congressional district they’re in, and if they know their precinct. Remind them that this election is on Nov. 3, and that they do not have to be registered with the Republican party in order to vote for a Republican candidate in a general election (yes, some people actually don’t know this.) If they’re not registered at all, it HAS to be done by October nineteenth in order to vote in the upcoming general. Encourage them to meet or at least research the candidates. Most importantly, V O T E. Dasha has an excellent shot at this election, but it’s not in the bag. It’s never in the bag. For her to win, YOU have to fulfill your civic duty and exercise your right. The power, the opportunity, to get her into office lies in YOUR hands—don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Ed Note: If anyone from the Mary Gay Scanlon wants to send us an endorsement column, we’d be happy to run it.

Dasha Pruett Is Best For 5th District

Gary Cobb Fights For Fathers

Gary Cobb

Gary Cobb Fights For Fathers

Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Gary Cobb is seeking the vacated Congressional seat long held by Rob Andrews in the staunchly Democrat 1st District of New Jersey.

He’s running as a Republican. Cobb, like many, started off as a D went to the GOP  after watching how the policies of the Democrat Party destroyed African American families.

“(They were) an incentive for the man to leave the home, and it’s destroyed African-American families throughout the country,” he said.

“All my brothers and sisters have gone to college,” Cobb said. “The reason we were able to have some success was our dad was there, there was some discipline in the home.”

The 1st District includes Camden County and  parts of Burlington and Gloucester counties..

He will face state Sen. Donald Norcross, who is brother of George Norcross, the one-percenter Democrat power broker who just lost control of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.

The publications’ parent company, Interstate General Media, is now under the sole control of H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, who bought out the shares of Lewis Katz following his death.

Gary Cobb Fights For Fathers

A Tale of Two Colleagues: Meehan Vs. Stollsteimer In 2012?

This article by Chris Friend is being published with his kind permission.

It could be a battle royale between the two former prosecutors, but what about Joe Sestak?

Assistant District Attorney, Delaware County.

Assistant United States Attorney, Eastern District of Pennsylvania,
specializing in prosecuting illegal firearms cases and violent drug

Governor-appointed Safe Schools Advocate for the School District of
Philadelphia — a position that was ultimately “eliminated” not for
budgetary reasons, but because he publicly chastised the Governor and
Department of Education for their willful failure to protect students.

Was often mentioned as a possible nominee for United States Attorney.

And now, this person is considering running for Congress as a strong get-tough-on crime candidate.

Such a resume would seem a great springboard for elected office, as
law-and-order candidates have met with great success lately: Governors
Tom Corbett and Chris Christie are former prosecutors, as are
Pennsylvania Congressmen Tom Marino and Pat Meehan, as well as State
Representative Todd Stephens.

But here’s where it gets interesting.  All the aforementioned
politicians are Republicans, but this resume belongs to Jack
Stollsteimer, a self-styled RFK Democrat who is strongly positioned to
win his Party’s nomination in next year’s Seventh Congressional District
race.  To claim the ultimate prize in November, he would have to beat
not just a Republican, but his former U.S. Attorney boss, Rep. Pat

But first things first. Will the path to the nomination be clear, or
will a well-known Democrat with a history of success — and
unpredictability — decide to throw his hat into the ring? And if so,


The district, which includes most of Delaware County, parts of
Chester County and a section of Montgomery, is traditionally perceived
as Republican, because voter registration favors the GOP, and the
Delaware County courthouse has long been controlled by the well-oiled
Republican Machine.

But while Republicans hold a majority of offices throughout the
county, their grip on power has been slipping.  No Republican
presidential candidate has won Delco since 1988, and numerous Democratic
state legislators now represent districts long-held by the GOP. But
perhaps most telling, in 2010 — the largest Republican wave since 1946
— both Governor Tom Cornett and U.S. Senator Pat Toomey lost the

Yet Pat Meehan won by ten points.

Meehan’s impressive showing was bolstered by the Republican tidal
wave and the fact that it was an open seat, since former Congressman Joe
Sestak ran for U.S. Senate.  That substantial victory has provided him a
solid foundation to launch his re-election bid. 

But to stay in office, he will have to wage an aggressive campaign,
taking nothing for granted. Unlike last year, he now owns a voting
record. And when it comes to Congress, Seventh District voters have an
independent streak that defies conventional political wisdom. 

In the 70’s and 80’s, the Seventh was represented by Bob Edgar,
arguably to the Left of Mao and universally recognized as the most
liberal member of Congress.  After giving up the seat to
(unsuccessfully) run for U.S. Senate, Edgar was replaced by the
generally-conservative Republican Curt Weldon. But in the Democratic
wave of 2006, he lost to Sestak, a former Navy Admiral who, like Edgar,
was unabashedly liberal.

Understanding the volatile electorate, the District’s wild
fluctuations of the past, and sensing that the seat is not as safe as
last year’s election results would indicate, the national Republican
Campaign Congressional Committee has “enrolled” Meehan in its Patriot
Program.  An effort designed to assist mostly freshmen, the program
targets the top ten GOP legislators whose perceived vulnerabilities will
likely lead to tough reelection fights.


Stollsteimer has been actively courted not just by local leaders but
the national Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee. To take on
Meehan, though, he must first secure the Democratic Party’s nomination. 
To that end, his plan is to aggressively work the committee to earn its
endorsement, hopefully avoiding an expensive, and potentially bruising,
primary fight. He has already made inroads, having secured the backing
of several highly influential Democrats within the Party hierarchy.

“Jack would be a great candidate if he decides to run, with a strong
profile and reputation for independence and integrity, that has
attracted the attention of the national Democratic Party,” a Party
leader in the district told “Freindly Fire.”

That official requested anonymity, though, as the path has not yet
been smoothly paved for Stollsteimer — or any other potential
candidate.  And that’s because there is an 800 pound gorilla hovering in
the wings who could change the dynamics of the race at a moment’s
notice — for both the primary and general elections.

And in typical fashion, that individual is playing it coy, not
announcing his intentions whether to seek the Congressional seat —
which he happened to hold just seven months ago.

Joe Sestak is the ultimate wild card, an independent Democrat who has
often clashed with Party powerbrokers and a person to whom the terms
“conventional wisdom” and “predictability” simply do not apply.

He gave up what virtually every political analyst stated was a
near-100 percent safe seat, to run as David against Goliath — 30-year
incumbent powerhouse Arlen Specter, whose war chest dwarfed that of
Sestak. The political insiders not only didn’t give Sestak much of a
chance — he was trailing by more than 20 points just a few months out
from the primary — but did everything in their power to stop him. 

They attempted to talk him out of running, not just to keep the
Congressional seat safe but to avoid a primary challenge to Specter. 
When that didn’t work, there was the “Job Gate” offer, in which Sestak
said the White House dangled a high-ranking position in exchange for his
dropping out of the senate race. But that didn’t work, either.

Then the D’s took the gloves off, with prominent leaders, including
then-Governor Rendell and the state Democratic Party chairman, openly
attacking Sestak on numerous fronts.  They said he could not win a
general election, and predicted a Sestak primary victory would be
“cataclysmic” in the fall election.

And yet, despite the GOP wave, Sestak lost to Toomey by a mere two points.

Would Sestak present a viable candidacy to Meehan?  Absolutely.  The
2012 elections will be more favorable to Democrats, not just because a
presidential year always brings out more voters, and political waves are
never sustainable when they crest at such a high level, but because the
“Republicans-are-destroying-our-Medicare” issue will undoubtedly gain
traction.  Democrats are already pointing to their win in the recent New
York special election as evidence, given that the seat was widely
expected to remain in GOP hands.

But for the Democrats to be successful in the Seventh next year, they
need to unify soon or risk losing good candidates.  Very few will be
willing to put blood, sweat and tears into a campaign — and they would
have to open a committee very soon — while the specter of a Sestak
candidacy still looms.  And if Sestak declines to run, but announces
that decision late in the game, precious time will have been wasted.

Sestak would most likely be able to establish a grassroots operation
and generate significant fundraising relatively quickly, due to the
national network gained from his senate run, but the same is not the
case for other candidates. They would have to lay the groundwork, and
that takes time and resources.  And many potential donors and campaign
workers will stay on the sidelines, reluctant to commit to someone like
Stollsteimer — no matter how attractive a candidate he may be —
until Sestak makes up his mind. 

In an age where campaigns routinely begin over a year out from the
election, any significant delay could prove a boon for the Meehan camp.
Translation: the longer Joe Sestak remains noncommittal, the less likely
the Democrats’ chances for success next November.

Will Sestak get back into the political fray?  If so, would it be for
Congress, a position some think is not prominent enough for someone
used to commanding a carrier-battle group — especially when he would
likely return to Washington in the minority? And why would Sestak still
be touring Pennsylvania, meeting new Democrats statewide, if he intends
to run in the relatively small Seventh District? 

It is never easy when it comes to predicting anything regarding Joe
Sestak, and experience has shown that most “experts” are wrong anyway.

So the biggest question is the simplest one: at this point, does even
Joe Sestak himself have any idea what he is going to do?  Whatever the
answer, it’s in the best interest of his Party to make up his mind

Let the games begin.

Big GOP Day In Pa

Republican Tom Corbett handily won the governorship last night beating Democrat Dan Onorato. The unofficial tally with 53 districts — 40  in Philadelphia and 13 in Delaware County —  to go was 2,136,683 votes to 1,783,581. With Republicans retaining control of the state Senate and winning the state House, Pennsylvania can make the elephant its official mascot for at least the next two years.

The senate race was much closer than expected and not called until after midnight when Democrat Joe Sestak conceded to Republican Pat Toomey. The unofficial tally as of 7 a.m. was 1,993,704 votes for Toomey to 1,916,284 votes for Sestak. Exit polls showed Toomey winning by 4 percent rather than the 2 that he did, but silly people should know that dead Philadelphians can’t answer exit polls.

Toomey lost Philadelphia by more than 283,000 votes with Corbett doing only slightly better. With the GOP running things now Corbett should put stopping vote fraud pretty high on his things-to-do list.

Sestak won on his home turf in Delaware County, 108,307 votes to 84,630.

Five of the state’s 19 congressional seats switched to the GOP including Sestak’s 7th District Seat won by Pat Meehan over Bryan Lentz. None switched to the Democrats so with the dust cleared, Republicans are sitting in 12 of the seats.

According to incomplete and unofficial figures from the Department of State, Meehan won 133,146 to 106,214 with James D. Schneller getting 2,635 votes.

Regarding the other switched seats, Republican Mike Kelly beat incumbent Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper, 102,601 to 82,125 in the 3rd District; Republican Michael G. Fitzpatrick beat incumbent Dem Patrick J. Murphy 125,081 to 108,452 in the 8th District; Republican Thomas Marino beat incumbent Democrat Christopher Carney 109,603 to 89,170 in the 10th District; and Republican Lou Barletta beat incumbent Democrat Paul Kanjorksi 100,108.

Two incumbent Democrats who opposed ObamaCare — Jason Altmire of the 4th District, and Mark Critz of the 12th District, who was not in office at the time of the vote — won squeekers over Keth Rothfus and Tim Burns respectively.

With regard to the state House, Republicans are expected to control at least 110 of the 203 seats including the seat held by retiring House Speaker Keith McCall in the 122nd District which is in Carbon County and was won by Republican Doyle Heffley over Democrat Justin Yaich; and in what might be the surprise of the night, the 116th District seat in Luzerne County held by House Majority Leader Todd A. Eachus which went to newcomer Republican Tarah Toohil  9,693 to 7,957.

Complete details can be found at the Department of State website .


Big GOP Day In Pa

Pre-Election Tea Party Pep Talk

Speaker James Jones fired up the 130 or so Delaware County Patriots at tonight’s meeting at Kings Mills in Aston with a pre-election battle speech about the importance of Tuesday’s election.

Jones, a Bucks County businessman and Navy veteran of the Vietnam and Gulf wars, and the Beirut conflict, described how taxes and corruption are endangering the nation.

Jones praised fellow small businessman Dee Adock who is running against incumbent Democrat Allyson Schwartz in Pennsylvania’s 13 District congressional race. Jones said he attends church with Adock and described him as a friend.

Jones is owner and CEO of QSI Consulting, a human resources firm. He lost to Mike Fitzpatrick in this year’s Republican 8th District congressional primary. He is endorsing  Fitzpatrick in the race against incumbent Democrat Patrick Murphy.

The crowd was a bit bigger than the one Democrat senate nominee Congressman Joe Sestak got for a rally Sunday in Media , which is the heart of his district.

And they had to pay a $5 admission fee.

And nobody was protesting them.

The event began with the Pledge of Allegiance and since no one objected it is unlikely that there were any members of the League of Women Voters in the audience.


Pre-Election Tea Party Pep Talk

The Battle Against Altmire

The pundits say  Jason “Glory Grabber” Altmire will  be among the few Dem congressional incumbents who won’t be sweating on Tuesday but there those in his Pennsylvania 4th District who still have hopes to change that.

Take Peter Sour of Currmudgeon-Patriot who has been showing how Altmire is nowhere near as conservative as he pretends to be. Pete points out that Altmire has absolutely no intention of voting to repeal Obamacare despite his boasting about how he didn’t vote for it.

You can call him “Talk-Is-Cheap” Altmire.

I’ll join in and remind all that a vote for Altmire is a vote for Pelosi regardless of what the NRA might say .

Republican challenger Keith Rothfus, OTOH, is the real deal .

And those pundits? The most recent Susquehanna poll showed Altmire ahead of Rothfus 47 percent to 35 percent. It seems any well-known incumbent under 50 percent ought to sweat a little.

Embattled DCCC Cuts Back In Philly Market

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is cutting back its Philadelphia television ad buys until the final week of the campaign which starts Oct. 26. The plan originally called for heavy advertising for the last two weeks.

The DCCC is the national campaign arm for Democrat U.S. House Candidates.

The market which includes New Jersey and northern Delaware  has numerous endangered Democrat seats including Pa7 where former federal prosecutor  Republican Pat Meehan is fighting Democrat state Rep. Bryan Lentz for the seat being giving up by Democrat Joe Sestak; Pa8 where Democrat incumbent Patrick Murphy is down in the polls to Republican challenger Mike Fitzpatrick; Pa13 where Democrat incumbent Allyson Schwartz has found herself wary over-the-shoulder glances at Republican Dee Adock; and NJ3 where incumbent Democrat John Adler is taking desperate measures against Republican challenger John Runyan.

And of course in Delaware there is a Republican-held seat being given up by Mike castle which is contested by Republican  Republican Glen Urquhart and  Democrat Lt. Gov. John Carney.

Hat tip to

Burns Has Money Edge In Homestretch

GOP Challenger Tim Burns has the edge in dollars for the final sprint in Pennsylvania’s 12 District congressional race.

As of Sept. 30, he had $409,735 in the bank compared to $263,182 for incumbent Democrat Mark Critz, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Critz outraised Burns $478,769 to $257,966 but has been spending it much faster. About half of Critz’s money have come from political action committees.

Critz beat Burns in a special election May 18 to fill the remainder of the term of Democrat John Murtha who died Feb. 8.

A Democrat pollster had Critz leading 48 to 41 percent in early September. A Republican poll from about the same time had Burns up 48 to 43 percent.