The Battle Against Altmire

The pundits say  Jason “Glory Grabber” Altmire will  be among the few Dem congressional incumbents who won’t be sweating on Tuesday but there those in his Pennsylvania 4th District who still have hopes to change that.

Take Peter Sour of Currmudgeon-Patriot who has been showing how Altmire is nowhere near as conservative as he pretends to be. Pete points out that Altmire has absolutely no intention of voting to repeal Obamacare despite his boasting about how he didn’t vote for it.

You can call him “Talk-Is-Cheap” Altmire.

I’ll join in and remind all that a vote for Altmire is a vote for Pelosi regardless of what the NRA might say .

Republican challenger Keith Rothfus, OTOH, is the real deal .

And those pundits? The most recent Susquehanna poll showed Altmire ahead of Rothfus 47 percent to 35 percent. It seems any well-known incumbent under 50 percent ought to sweat a little.

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