Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections –A coalition of more than 70 patriot groups, including the Delaware County Patriots, will campaign to pressure the State Legislature to return Pennsylvania to in-person voting as per the Pennsylvania Constitution.

The campaign will be officially launched Aug. 27 at a 5-hour rally at Keystone Horse Center, 103 Horse Farm Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815.

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections
Catherine Engelbrecht

It starts at 11 a.m.

Keynote speaker will be Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote who will describe how the 2020 Election was stolen and the plans to steal this year’s election. Also special guest Jack Maxey will discuss “Hunter’s Laptop from Hell and How the Chinese Own the Biden”

The event will be emceed by Sam Faddis of Unite PA. Also taking the stage will be Webb Kline of We The People of Columbia County, Tonie Shuppe of Audit the Vote, Tabith Vaallea of FreePA and Zach Scherer of Butler County Patriots.

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections
Jack Maxey

Tickets are $10, children are free.

There will be food and drink vendors and entertainment.

Camp stools and chairs are allowed but not outside food or beverages.

Pay at the door by RSVP at or

Catherine Engelbrecht Jack Maxey Kick Off Campaign To Reform PA Elections

Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14

Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14 — More than 70 Pennsylvania grassroot groups will unite to hold rallies, noon to 1 p.m., June 14 at the district offices of state representatives to ensure honest elections in November.

Those wishing to participate with the Delaware County Patriots can RSVP here.

Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14
Grassroot Groups To Rally For Honest Elections June 14

Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

This is courtesy of the Delaware County Patriots:

We’ve got a chance to vacate/withdraw the recent certification of PA electors for Joe Biden, based on alleged fraud in the General Election.

Senator Doug Mastriano offered a resolution on Friday to that effect stating that the GOP-controlled state legislature “will make a bid 
to reclaim its power to appoint the state’s electors to the Electoral College.”  Click  HERE for more information.

The resolution must pass the Senate and House, by Monday, Nov 30, when this legislative session ends. 

We need to support Senator Mastriano, and our President!

Call or email Senator Mastriano and GOP Assembly leaders listed below.  
Tell them 
“I strongly support Senator Mastriano’s resolution to withdraw certification of PA electors, given the extent of alleged fraud.”

Senator Doug Mastriano

(717) 787-4651


Speaker of the House: Bryan Cutler  

(717) 783-6424


House Majority Leader: Kerry A. Benninghoff 

(717) 783-1918


Senate Majority Floor Leader: Jake Corman (Republican)

(717) 787-1377


Lawrence Tabas, GOP State Chair

(717) 234- 4901

Delco Patriots Push
Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

Valentine Rally For President Trump

Valentine Rally For President Trump — The Delaware County Patriots will be holding a Valentine’s Day rally for President Trump from 3 to 5 p.m., Friday at the Springfield Mall, Route 320 and Baltimore Pike.

Valentine Rally For President Trump
Show the love.

The rain date is noon to 2 p.m., Saturday.

Bring Signs Showing your Support for our President.

Valentine Rally For President Trump

Delaware County Patriots 2017 Picnic

Delaware County Patriots 2017 Picnic — The Delaware County Patriots annual group picnic is 1 – 4 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10 at Pavilion 17 in Ridley Creek State Park.

There will be sandwiches, drinks and cutlery.

Candidates for state and federal offices are expected to attend.

A $5 donation is requested and appreciated.

Please RSVP by emailing .


Delaware County Patriots 2017 Picnic

Russ Diamond Visits Delco

Russ Diamond Visits Delco
Russ Diamond

Russ Diamond Visits Delco — State Rep. Russ Diamond will address the Delaware County Patriots, 7 p.m., Monday, April 17, at the Marple Library, 2599 Sproul Road, Broomall 19008.

Diamond, a Republican who represents the 102nd District, might be best known as the man who started the PaCleanSweep movement after state legislators voted themselves a pay raise in 2005 during a midnight season. This resulted with numerous high ranking officials being removed from office.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Chick-fil-A sandwiches and other refreshments will be served.

RSVP here.

Five dollar donations are requested for those who attend.

Russ Diamond Visits Delco

Betsy Nelsen Guest Of Delco Pats

Betsy Nelsen Guest Of Delco Pats — Betsy Nelsen, who is the Northeast Regional Coordinator of Heritage Action, is the speaker at the Feb. 13 meeting of the Delaware County Patriots.

It’s 7 p.m., at the Marple Library, 2599 Sproul Road, Broomall Pa. 19008.

Betsy Nelsen Guest Of Delco PatsHeritage experts have played a prominent role on President Trump’s transition team.

Pizza, soft drinks, coffee and dessert will be provided. A $5 donation is requested to cover the cost of the room. Register here.

Betsy Nelsen Guest Of Delco Pats

Monumental Thanksgiving Fete

Monumental Thanksgiving Fete — The Delaware County Patriots will be having a Thanksgiving social, 6 p.m., Monday, Nov. 14 at the Marple Library, 2599 Sproul Road, Broomall, Pa. 19008.

Monumental Thanksgiving Fete
Preparing for a happy, thankful event.

We suspect it will be a happy one.

Dinner is pot luck and attendees are asked to contribute. It will be followed by a screening of the movie “Monumental”.

Door fee is $5 to cover the cost of the room.

Please RSVP at

Monumental Thanksgiving Fete

Delco Patriots Hear Chris Stigall

 A crowd of more than 80 braved the ice and a snowbank-filled parking lot, tonight, Feb. 18, to meet candidates Bob Guzzardi and Roger Howard and hear  WPHT radio host Chris Stigall critique our present class of politicians.
Especially the Republican class.

Stigall was the guest of the Delaware County Patriots at the Newtown Square, Pa. Knights of Columbus Hall.

“I struggle to understand what Republican means anymore,” he said. Stigall, who is bald, said if he “had hair he’d pull it out” after hosting two prominent Republicans on his show.

Stigall noted that “big tent” once meant agreement on the major principles while overlooking minor disputes.

“We may not agree on every issue but we agree that the country is in trouble,” he said. “The ‘big tent’ has been highjacked.”

He said some in the party establishment are trying to spin Ronald Reagan as having been a “great compromiser” rather than the great communicator as he was known in his lifetime.

He read a long excerpt from a 1977 speech by Ronald Reagan that could have been made regarding today’s political circumstance. He noted there were no compromises on principles.

Stigall, who was once a congressional assistant to Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO6), whom he still greatly admires, said the general public has a tendency to put politicians on a pedestal, a fault he once considers himself as having.

“This deifying is another something I won’t do anymore,” he said. He said the final cure came after he was invited to a one-on-one dinner by a prominent politician and lectured about “getting his mind right” after he had been criticizing the policies the pol had been backing.

He said he has taken to emphasizing that our political class are merely public servants.

Stigall noted that our Republican-controlled state has been unable to end socialism regarding the sale of liquor, nor do much of anything else regarding the advancement of economic freedom such as ending automatic deduction of union dues from the workers paychecks.

Stigall thanked Guzzardi who is taking on Gov. Tom Corbett in the May 20 Republican primary and, Howard who is running for the 158th District seat being vacated by long-time state Rep. Chris Ross. He said, however, his policy is to not make primary election endorsements.He said, though, he will never support a Democrat and give full support to the Republican winner.Guzzardi, it should be noted, got strong applause when he was introduced by moderator Lisa Esler.

Stigall did say regarding the governor’s race “I want that nut job  (Allyson) Schwartz to get the (Democrat) nomination” as he feels that  would be surest path to a Republican victory.Stigall had an interesting comment regarding ultra-liberal Philadelphia Daily News columnist Will Bunch, who he says has lost his temper in discussions with him to the point where Bunch has called him a racist. Stigall said he read Bunch’s column regarding abolishing the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Delaware River Port Authority, which are graft magnets. Stigall welcomed Bunch to the conservative club, at least temporarily.Stigall can be heard from 5:30 to 9 a.m. on WPHT 1210 AM



Steve Bucci Provides Inside 9/11 Insight

 Steve Bucci Provides Inside 9/11 Insight

With Steve Bucci (second from right) are Delaware County Patriots Mary Ellen Jones, Chuck Martini and Lisa Esler.

The Delaware County Patriots drew a crowd of 100 to the Newtown Square Knights of Columbus Hall, Sept. 11, to hear a man who had a front row seat of the first 9/11.

Steve Bucci, a former Special Forces officer who now heads the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at Heritage Foundation, became an assistant to then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in July 2001. His wife, a nurse practitioner, was looking for work and he suggested her for the clinic at the Pentagon. The day of her interview, she put on a nice dress, high heels and jewelry and rode in early with her husband. It was Sept. 11.

Bucci was breakfasting with congressmen with the television on when they saw the first plane hit the World Trade Center. They felt it was pilot error. They were then watching what they thought was a replay when it dawned on them that it was a second plane. Bucci said they quickly determined we were under attack and went to a secure site in the building to plan a response.  It was there he felt the building shake when the third plane struck. He looked for Rumsfeld and was told the Secretary went to the crash site.

“It was not a photo op,” Bucci said. Rumsfeld was manning stretchers to take away the wounded when he found him. He said he wasn’t worried about his wife getting hit by a strike as he knew where the plane crashed which was opposite from the clinic. He became concerned, though, when he realized his wife might also be assisting at the crash site. She was and in high heels and jewelry. It was a dangerous place. Bucci said the rescuers worked on an unstable floor to evacuate the wounded which they did before it collapsed 45 minutes after the attack

Bucci had much to say also about the second 9/11 one year ago in Benghazi, Libya. He noted that when he worked for Rumsfeld, the government would ramp up security on that date as it was obviously a symbolic target. That policy appeared to end when the Obama administration took over.

Bucci said our embassies are especially vulnerable. He noted that in 2012 a career State Department officer noticed the British, Red Cross and others abandoning Benghazi and requested additional security. He was repeatedly rebuffed.

When the attack came, Bucci described it as a “well planned, well executed military operation.” He noted the skillful use of mortars by the Islamic attackers which indicated significant training. He said the justification for the failure of our military to intervene — that the firefight would be over and that intervention was “dangerous” — was “crappy”. He also said the administration knew within hours that it was not a spontaneous protest over an internet video but a planned attack.

He said he believed the Obama administration ignored security and hid the terrorism because it was trying to maintain a narrative during the home-stretch of the election that it had made the world safe.

Regarding the ongoing crisis in Syria, Bucci expressed  sympathy for the rebels noting that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad was a “horribly evil dictator.” He said that the Obama administration declined to act for two years resulting Assad’s killing of 100,000 of his citizens. He said, however, that intervention was a tricky thing as the best and most dedicated fighters of the rebels are led by a faction that is likely worse than Assad. He said many of those supporting Assad do so out of fear of the rebels rather than love for him.

He noted that there is a part of the rebellion that would be worthy of support but didn’t seem confident that would end up running things if the Assad were overthrown.

He said Putin is no friend of the United States and took pleasure in making Obama look foolish.

Bucci patiently answered questions from the audience ranging from 9/11 conspiracy theories — which he treated respectfully — to the state of Homeland Security, which he said is much improved over what it was in 2001. He noted that one of the biggest dangers we face is political correctness and the fear of tying Islamic extremism to terrorism. He cited Obama’s unwillingness to call the Fort Hood murders an act of terrorism as an example.

He said that Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda both have made contacts with Mexican drug lords and others in Latin America.

Bucci continued to answer questions after the event ended.


Steve Bucci Provides Inside 9/11 Insight