Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

This is courtesy of the Delaware County Patriots:

We’ve got a chance to vacate/withdraw the recent certification of PA electors for Joe Biden, based on alleged fraud in the General Election.

Senator Doug Mastriano offered a resolution on Friday to that effect stating that the GOP-controlled state legislature “will make a bid 
to reclaim its power to appoint the state’s electors to the Electoral College.”  Click  HERE for more information.

The resolution must pass the Senate and House, by Monday, Nov 30, when this legislative session ends. 

We need to support Senator Mastriano, and our President!

Call or email Senator Mastriano and GOP Assembly leaders listed below.  
Tell them 
“I strongly support Senator Mastriano’s resolution to withdraw certification of PA electors, given the extent of alleged fraud.”

Senator Doug Mastriano

(717) 787-4651


Speaker of the House: Bryan Cutler  

(717) 783-6424


House Majority Leader: Kerry A. Benninghoff 

(717) 783-1918


Senate Majority Floor Leader: Jake Corman (Republican)

(717) 787-1377


Lawrence Tabas, GOP State Chair

(717) 234- 4901

Delco Patriots Push
Delco Patriots Push For Certification Withdrawal

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