Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?

Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?  – Pennsylvania school districts — including, at least, Penn Delco and Wallingford Swarthmore — are encouraging children, some reportedly as young as 5th grade, to “transition” to the opposite sex without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.

It should be self evident that permanent, life changing things should not be done to developing bodies.

Actually, it should be self-evident that permanent, life changing things to developing bodies should be prevented.

We wonder if the school directors and administrators pushing this stuff consider that with just slight paradigm shift, they might be on the hook for their life savings.

Seven-figure lawsuits are already being filed against doctors by adults who were encouraged to let themselves be sterilized and made sexless before they could be expected to understand the consequences of what was being done to them.

Remember, those behind the transitioning movement have strong financial motives. They aren’t doing this out of compassion. Maybe our educators ought to consider that.

Money is not the only motive, of course. Grooming is real. Check the headlines regarding yesterday’s (Dec. 18) arrest of prominent Philadelphia transsexual activist Kendall Stephens for raping two boys under the age of 13.

Children are being lied to about their destinies, and that’s demonic.

Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?
Sun Valley students walked out of the high school, Oct. 25, to protest the school’s policy supporting boys to pretend to be girls. The board passed the policy anyway including a provision that parents need not be told if their child is transitioning.

Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?

Wallingford Swarthmore Hiding Transitioning From Guardians

Wallingford Swarthmore Hiding Transitioning From Guardians — Just heard a horrifying storying concerning Wallingford Swarthmore School District in Pennsylvania. A little girl is “transitioning”. The school is refusing to tell her grandmother, who is her legal guardian.

If you think for one moment that the pathetic little monsters who run this district care an iota about this girl’s well being, you are as pathetic as they are.

This is an evil, moneymaking scheme.

Wallingford Swarthmore Hiding Transitioning From Guardians

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco –The Penn Delco School Board, last night, Nov. 20, passed policy that will let parents be cut from conversations regarding sexual confusion their child might be having.

The policy also gives boys access to girls’ private spaces.

A standing-room crowd of 50 saw the policy pass by consent in the district’s Service Center on Dutton Mill Road. This means they don’t have to say their ayes or nays before the crowd.

In public comments prior to passing, Lisa Esler of Aston, a former school director, asked that it be tabled.

Kathi Culp noted the issue was ripping apart the community and asked why the board was so eager to pass it. She noted that there is no student in the district to whom it would apply

“Why are we rushing it?” she asked.

Jaci Farra noted the policy violates numerous aspects of the state and federal constitutions including the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause. She also said the policy violates several laws which are written based on objective biological definitions of sex, rather than arbitrary feelings.

She noted what the board did renders Title IX meaningless.

Ms. Farra further noted that the board in their haste rejected a meeting with a lawyer versed in educational policy development despite the lawyer having guided the Pennridge School District‘s successful and community-accepted sex-based bathroom policy.

All the women received loud applause.

After it passed, Joe Dychala of Aston took the podium and ripped the board for what it did. He ended up in a heated shouting match with school board President Leon Armour who ordered him away from the mike well before Dychala’s allotted time. Dychala finished saying his piece, however, and then some.

Mrs. Esler returned and said the board should be ashamed of itself for the rather cowardly way it instituted the controversial policy. She noted that the district’s cost per pupil is $20,000 per year and asked that the board give parents wishing to find an alternative school $10,000, which resulted in condescending sneers from the board.

Ms. Farra returned and said the new policy gives the Superintendent a dangerous degree of authority.

“Giving the administration this much power gives the board members the chance to wash their hands (of unpopular decisions),” she noted.

Brian Devane (sp) noted that he graduated from Sun Valley not that long ago. He said that school boards’ histories of adopting fads has led to tragic ends, some of which he personally witnessed. Devane said that in his school days ADHD was the fashion. Many of his friends were diagnosed with it and prescribed Adderall.

He said that he has attended many funerals for these friends.

Joe DiPietro of Aston said that he joined the Marines after high school rather than attend college. He expressed concern — which is not unwarranted — for the dangers the females students will face under this new policy.

“If something happens to my daughter you are going to see this face again and it’s not going to be cool, calm and collected,” he said.

Phil Falcone (sp) said he might be the oldest person in the room

“If what you guys did, you did 40 or 50 years ago, there would have been people outside with straitjackets,” he said.

Not one person spoke in defense of the policy.

The board, all Republicans, ran uncontested two weeks ago as they won on the Democrat ticket in the primary. Cross-filing is allowed in school board races.

We suspect most Penn Delco residents were rather surprised they would vote for such a policy. Here, for instance, is a story concerning Armour we carried three years ago.

The meeting started with Superintendent George Steinhoff saying district kindergartners will now be bussed and that Democrat State Sen. John Kane (9th District) is completely on board with his dream of cutting funds for cyber charter schools.

Well, that would end one escape for parents fearing for their daughter’s safety.

Starting a charter school is very doable in Pennsylvania and, yes, the school district has to fund it but this actually works out well for taxpayers.

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco
A standing room only crowd at the Penn Delco Service Center on Dutton Mill Road. Their opposition was unanimous to the transgender policy that was passed.

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco

Penn Delco Mocks Reason With Definition Of Biological Sex

Penn Delco Mocks Reason With Definition Of Biological Sex — More than 75 concerned parents packed yesterday’s (Oct.25) Penn Delco’s school board meeting protesting the proposed resolution to give boys access to girls’ private places.

These include bathrooms and locker rooms with their showers and changing stations.

The policy — which includes the middle and elementary schools as well — unabashedly laughs at reason.

“‘Biological sex’ means the sex assigned by a doctor at birth” it says. “For intersex individuals or others with genetic anomalies, ‘biological sex’ refers to gender identity”

This arbitrary twisting of meaning would awe Humpty Dumpty.

The night was to be the first reading of the policy but it was neither read nor were copies available.

It was a first reading without a reading.

Humpty Dumpty would be beside himself.

Again, they are laughing at you.

The board said they’d have it online by the next morning. This would be after everyone has left, of course.

Its online here.

Parents do not have to be told that their child is having emotional troubles over his or her gender, under the policy, and the child gets to pick his or her pronouns. These might not necessarily be his or her, by the way.

The board denied that boys have already been allowed into girls spaces. Female students in attendance shouted that wasn’t true.

A mechanism long in place for students with emotional issues is the individual education plan (IEP). These would not be necessary for children confused about their sex under the new policy.

The board did not address whether the Sun Valley students protesting the policy would suffer consequences for yesterday’s walk out/lock out.

Parents, either get new school boards or get your children out of government-run schools into schools that you control.

The next Penn Delco Board meeting is the Nov. 15 study session followed by Nov. 20 business meeting.

The election by the way is Nov. 7.

We just heard that some of those young people in the previous picture are receiving serious threats from the caring and gentle supporters of the pr0posed Penn Delco bizarre biology policy so we are changing it to the one of the cop. Get your kids out of government run schools to schools you can control

Penn Delco Mocks Reason With Definition Of Biological Sex

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation — About 50 students left Sun Valley High School at 10 o’clock this morning, Oct. 25, to protest the Penn Delco School District’s gender fluid bathroom/locker room policy.

Penn Delco is in Delaware County, Pa.

The students were met by a similar number of parents and supporters along with encouraging honks from passing drivers.

The students braved warnings, then threats from administration for having the walk out, which was reportedly originally scheduled for Oct. 2.

And there was peer pressure.

About 70 percent of the students support the school policy with about 30 percent opposing, said freshman James Pantuliano.

On his way out the door, another student grabbed his sign defending safe bathrooms and tore it up.

He didn’t back down, though.

“You never know what their motive is,” he said regarding boys who enter the traditional private places of girls.

There were reports that students had to pass through a “wall of teachers” to participate. They reportedly received threats that their grades would be affected and they would be banned from school sports.

Freshman tennis player Taylor MacNamee-Graham wasn’t worried.

“Tennis is over so I’ll be fine,” she said.

She said she didn’t care about getting in trouble anyway.

A senior who identified himself as Pablo said the protest was the right thing.

“I don’t want males going into female bathrooms or vice-versa,” he said.

He said the faculty tried to keep the protest from being discussed.

“They tried to stop us from talking about it but we have freedom of speech,” he said.

An order was broadcast for the students to return when they left the building but was ignored.

Aston Police were at the parking lot entrances.

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation
Community support for the students

Parents were reportedly never made aware of the change in bathroom policy, nor do they seem to be aware of sexually graphic books reportedly encouraging child-adult sex in the libraries.

Libraries — including those in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools — are the only place in Pennsylvania where children can legally be exposed to graphic depictions of sex.

The protestors were not allowed to return to class.

We doubt they lost any learning.

They certainly passed the lesson of the day which was how to stand up to tyranny.

The Penn Delco School Board is to meet 7:30 tonight at the District Service Center Building, 3000 Dutton Mill Road, Aston, PA. 19014.

Starting a charter school is very doable in Pennsylvania, by the way.

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation
Do Aston Police think they have more important places to be?

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness — Sam Smith of Chester put on a dress and make-up, tonight, Oct. 18, and told Delaware County (Pa.) Council that he wanted a doula.

A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth.

Sam was taking issue with agenda item 7L concerning hiring five doulas to provide support to 14 “pregnant persons.”

Yes, they used the phrase “pregnant persons” and that’s what Sam was calling out.

Good for him. The twisted souls who cook up phrases like this are vandals no different than a kid spraying painting crap on the wall of a business. Well, they are far, far, far more destructive of course.

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness

And when those like on Delaware County Council, in a moment of weak-minded thoughtlessness, submit to them, mocking’s necessary.

Sam did a fine job.

See below for the video.

In other matters, Giselle  Cosentino made a presentation on behalf of the Garrett Williamson Foundation in Newtown Square. The foundation is seeking $45,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money to repair a 200-year-old barn damaged in a tornado in 2019 and to pay for the enrollment of 400 fourth graders from the William Penn School District in the foundation’s school to farm program.

The foundation is on a 250-acre tract on Bishop Hollow Road.

Council unanimously approved the grant.

Helen Kaplonski of the Child Guidance Resource Centers on Old West Chester Pike in Haverford Township sought $87,570 in ARPA money to replace copper window frames installed in 1963.

The grant was approved with  Christine A. Reuther abstaining. Ms. Reuther sits on the organization’s board.

The board approved 28 agenda items including 7L and 7k which provided for the training of 18-20 doulas, which is a apparently going to be one per person. The county also want the doulas to be able to overcome language barriers..

Gotta look out for the “pregnant persons”.

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

By Bob Small

The latest transoversy: Should there be separate leagues for transexuals engaged in amateur athletics.?

One reason for this is purely statistical.  Shouldn’t we have four lanes for stats;  i.e., men. women, MTF and FTM, or do the numbers really matter?

Well, even amateur sports declare a champion and winners of individual meets, so, rightly or wrongly, most societies emphasize winning, and, mostly, in what is considered a “fair” manner, without any performance enhancing drugs or operations, etc .

“If you go through male puberty you should not be able to take away medals away from females,” said Trans Activist Caitlin Jenner. At the same time “Trans women who transitioned before male puberty do not have a performance advantage”.  

My addition to this is that, however you do it, it should be post op transexuals.

TheWorld Boxing Council believes this also.

Two of many dissenting views are Trans Girls Belong on Girls’ Sports Teams – Scientific American  and Myths About Transgender Girls in Sports | ACLU of Iowa 

Note “The Olympics have had trans-inclusive policies since 2004, but a single openly transexual athlete has yet to qualify.

Another voice for separate competitions is Let Trans Athletes Have Their Own Sport Competitions 

“What about male transsexuals? Are they to have no competitive arenas of their own? Due to their use of estrogen, they are weaker and less competitive than otherwise would have been the case, but still far stronger than undrugged girls. And their female to male counterparts are stronger and thus more competitive than they were before, thanks to doses of testosterone, but still nowhere near the level of males. No, they should not be banished from sports rivalry. They, too, deserve to experience the joys of competition. They should be allowed to organize their own events, whether in high school, college or the Olympics. We already have the Paralympic Games. Why not also organize athletic games for transsexuals? 

However, there have been some FTM exceptions (see below)

Ethics Explainer: The Other – THE ETHICS CENTRE 

One more voice;

An 8th Grade Girl Explains Why Male Athletes Should Not Be Allowed in … 

In March of this year, the WAC (World Athletics Council) voted to exclude male athletes who have undergone male puberty from female World Ranking competition”.

Lastly, can we advance to the place where we are no longer “otherizing” Transexuals, athletes or not, once we’ve found agreement on the above issues.

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

Separate League Is Latest Transoversy

Transgender Explosion Traced To Greed Says Tucker Guest

Transgender Explosion Traced To Greed Says Tucker Guest — Tucker Carlson’s X-cast, Oct. 4, revealed that greed is behind the epidemic of young people wanting to change their sex.

Explaining this was Chris Moritz, a long-time investment banker, who followed the money behind this pseudo-medical scheme.

He said that the sex-reassignment market, which includes surgeries and pharmaceuticals, had $2.94 billion in sales in 2018. This rose to $4.18 billion in 2022 and is expected to hit $7.5 billion by 2030.

“The biggest single policy catalyst for this explosion is Obamacare,”Moritz said.

He said that when the law was enacted in 2010 it quietly included a mandate that insurance companies provide coverage for “medically necessary” gender affirming care.

By 2016, sex reassignment surgeries had increased by 50 percent.

That same year, just before Obama left office, the law was amended to prohibit “gender identity” as a reason for insurance companies to deny coverage.

Sex reassignment surgeries boomed 150 percent in the next year.

Trump revoked this provision but the Biden administration almost immediately put it back

Moritz said that in 2013 the American Psychiatric Association changed The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) from its decades-old definition that transgenderism was a mental illness to one that should be treated physically with chemicals and scalpels.

Transgender Explosion Traced To Greed Says Tucker Guest
Chris Moritz and Tucker Carlson

Also the name was changed from gender identity disorder or transsexualism to gender dysphoria.

“If you remove the pharmaceuticals, if you remove the surgeries, what are you left with?” Moritz said. “You’re left with a . . . cross-dresser.”

Carlson noted that the stakes are low with cross dressing.

“You’re not defacing your body,” he said. “You’re not stopping the natural process of maturation.”

Moritz said that there had been no long-term study on the effects of these procedures on children despite the use of powerful and, obviously, life-altering drugs.

The bad results from these treatments are not widely publicized.

A California study of 869 vaginoplasty patients found that 25 percent required hospitalization afterwards, and that 44 of patients had to have major surgery due to bowel injuries and bleeding, Moritz said.

And the procedure is associated with the total, irreversible loss sensation and sexual function.

Moritz said that mastectomies are increasingly being performed on girls.

The Biden Administration has endorsed genital reconstructive surgery for minors, he said.

The interview features some grisly details on vaginoplasty that every parent even thinking about doing this to their kid should hear.

One shocking revelation is that Iran is one of the largest centers for sex reassignment surgery. Apparently the mullahs, like American college presidents, really believe that this can make a man into a women.

No need to throw him off a building, then, if he should have sex with a man.

Here is the complete interview, which as of Oct. 6 has been looked at by 34.3 million.

Horrific Tragedy Of The Transgender Movement

Horrific Tragedy Of The Transgender Movement — This was found on Twitter. Everybody should be aware of the lies being jammed down our throats by our media and educational institutions.

Those who have transitioned should know that they are still valuable and that God sill loves them.

When I was in my early 20’s, I went to NYC to get castrated. Then was going to go to Mexico & then Thailand to get more surgery done; maybe even the “final snip”. Two weeks before castration I was on a beach on Coney Island with 2 post-operative transgender “women”. We were having a good time til it got serious, they looked at me and said, “Don’t Do It!” One said “All my life I thought IF I could just become a woman I’d be happy & I’d find peace & purpose. Now I’m legally & medically a woman but am more miserable now than ever before. I think of taking my life everyday. Please don’t do it to yourself! I just want to die & not exist!” The other looked at me & said, “I think of taking my life several times a day. Please don’t put yourself in my place. I hate myself for what I’ve done to my body. You don’t want to live like this, feel like this or be like this every single day of your life. Don’t do it!” I never went to my appointment for castration & I never furthered the process. Major turning point in my life. If not for them, I may have made some more bad choices and mutilated my body. The wrong-sex hormones for 20+ years was enough, but I also had some free-floating silicone injected into my face & body, but I never went further. The hormones wreaked havoc on my mind & body for many years; the battle with #depression, #anxiety & #PTSD was the least of it. This is not just #physical or #medical, it is #mentally #crippling and a #Spiritual attack as well! Suicide attempts & all! This Is What I Call My “Spiritual Intervention”… if not for those two post-op transgenders speaking the hard truth to me, then I would not have survived that cult. I Am Blessed To Be Free!

Horrific Tragedy Of The Transgender Movement
Horrific Tragedy Of The Transgender Movement

FBI Training Transgender Agents

FBI Training Transgender Agents — Emerald Robinson is reporting that the FBI is training transgender agents at Quantico and that one has already passed and is now a special agent in the Washington DC field office.

Put this in the we scare ourselves category. We wrote this as satire in August.

Really, really sick and stupid people now run 0ur government.

FBI Training Transgender Agents