Stollsteimer Misrepresentations Cause Concern

Stollsteimer Misrepresentations Cause Concern — District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer’s letter read into record at the May 18 meeting of Delaware County Council is causing concern.

The letter dismisses reports of improprieties during the 2020 Election claimed in a lawsuit by Gregory Stenstrom, Leah Hoopes and Ruth Moton.

Stollsteimer Misrepresentations Cause Concern -- District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer's letter read into record at the May 18 meeting of Delaware County Council is causing concern.
An image was found on Truth Social

Stollsteimer says the suit is based on three videos circulated on-line. He says his investigators found them to be about a “right to know” request and had been taken out of context or distorted.

The lawsuit, however, includes 37 videos and several audio files. Further, the right-to-know request was filed May 21, 2021 and the best known videos from the web involving Delco vote fraud were recorded March 23 and April 19 of that year.

Stollsteimer also said the woman who blew the whistle regarding the election issues, Regina Miller, refused to cooperate with his investigation. He neglected to note, however, that he refused to grant her a standard immunity agreement, which is a routine and necessary thing in whistleblower matters.

Something stinks in Delco.

 Stollsteimer Misrepresentations Cause Concern

Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case . . But Wait

Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case . . But Wait — Delaware County Council, May 18, read into the record a May 4 letter from District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer that allegations of Delco vote fraud in 2020 were complete fictions and comments by election workers heard in videos released by a whistleblower were taken out of context or doctored.

The whistleblower revelations are part of a lawsuit filed in November 2021 by attorney Thomas J. Carrol on behalf of Gregory Stenstrom, Leah Hoopes and Ruth Moton.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes were Delaware County Board of Elections certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center. Ms. Moton, was a 2020 candidate for the 159 District in the State House.

“The investigation determined that during the processing of the Right-to-Know response, several copies of identical documents were printed,” Stollsteimer wrote in the letter. “Where election personnel identified documents as duplicates of documents already prepared for a response (in production to the Right to Know request), such duplicates were discarded. No records of the 2020 general election were destroyed, erased or withheld from the Right-to-Know request for the public generally.”

Stollsteimer said the whistleblower did not cooperate with the investigation.

He praised the Delaware County election workers for “their perseverance and dedication in the face of the relentless criticism they’ve endured since the 2020 election.”

So it’s over. Time to move on. Nothing to see.

But wait .. .

Stollsteimer says the lawsuit relies on three videos. The lawsuit, however, contains 37 video exhibits and several audio ones.

And the plaintiffs have filed a response to Stollsteimer in which his claim in his May 4, 2022, letter that he conducted an investigation following a November 2021 Newsmax story as it relates to the 2020 General Election . . .is false. Undersigned counsel, as well as counsel for the whistleblower, Regina Miller, spoke with Detective Lythgoe on April 21, 2022 and were informed by Detective Lythgoe that District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer was investigating events related to fulfilling a 2021 Right to Know Request.

Further Stollsteimer’s letter cites that his office used a “Special Investigation Unit” to conduct a criminal investigation concerning the Newsmax story but failed to disclose that Demar Moon is employed by the District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer and assigned to the Special Investigation Unit and that Moon was hired at the District Attorney’s Office as a favor to Defendant James Savage and that Stollsteimer further failed to disclose that Demar Moon was employed at the Voting Machine Warehouse under the supervision of James Savage for the November 3, 2020, election.

The response says that Stollsteimer failed to disclose that defendant Gerald Lawrence donated $2,500 his political campaign in 2019 — and $25,000 to that of Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who as AG is representing co-defendant, former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar.

Regarding the claim of the whistleblower Regina Miller being “uncooperative and unwilling to meet with detectives” which was made in Stollsteimer’s letter and repeated before Delaware County Council, it is noted that Stollsteimer’s office refused to grant her the standard immunity agreement to reassure her that her meeting with his office would not ultimately be something used against her, nor would Stollsteimer and his people tell her who the targets of the investigation were.

The entire document is below.

The videos regarding Delaware County voting issues that perhaps were the most seen on social media can be found at

The Right to Know request was filed May 21, 2021. The videos were made on March 23 and April 19, 2021. Obviously, they have nothing to do with Right to Know.

And what do missing V-drives have to do with Right to Know?

Here are the videos:

Some final points for those who still think something doesn’t stink in Delco:

On Oct. 30, 2020 the Delaware County GOP issued a press release about voter books being given to others than the duly-elected Judges of Election to whom their care was trusted. This had never before happened in our memory.

On Nov. 6, 2020, we published this story from an anonymous poll worker.

People, you are not just allowed to be angry, you are obligated to be.

Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case .  . But Wait
Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case . . But Wait

Swarthmore Getting New State Rep

Swarthmore Getting New State Rep

By Bob Small

Besides the State wide elections, there were other elections on Primary Day. Some of these elections may actually be just as important to our day-to-day lives.

On May 17, for the first time in four election cycles , not one vote in Swarthmore was cast for Leanne Kruger-Braneky aka Leanne Kruger. The ballot was a matter of shock and dismay for those Swarthmoreans unaware that the last census had caused the Legislative Reapportionment Commission to move Swarthmore out of the 161st District into the 165th.

She was first elected in 2015 as Leanne Kruger-Braneky, but sometime over the past few terms the couple divorced and thus, she lost her hyphenated name. Though originally from New Jersey, she has been granted “unofficial Swarthmore citizenship. “ My experience is that she, or her office, knew what to do for what we call “constituent service”, helping anyone who needed to weave through the labyrinthine government bureaucracy, without it being dependent on “party” or any inside knowledge, which is the way it should be but normally isn’t.  We will miss her for the example she set.

Swarthmore Getting New State Rep
Leanne Kruger no longer in Swarthmore

Leanne will be facing Ed Mongeluzzo in November for her new position.

He is focusing on outreach to veterans. According to his website and Facebook posts, his finances are almost nil.  Hopefully, the GOP  will realize he is running against a Democrat and provide support.

The replacement legislator, now that Swarthmore is the 165th, is Jennifer O’Mara.  Jennifer comes from a blue collar background and  has an inspiring backstory.   She is both a graduate and an employee of the fabled University of Pennsylvania.  Jennifer believes “there is more that unites us than divides us”.

As Chris Freind has pointed out, however, she has a free ride in November.

This would be the same free ride the Congressional Candidates in our congressional, 3, 13, and 14 have this November. 

Wonder how that happened?

Hopefully, someone(s) from the Constitution, Green, or Libertarian Party or even an Independent candidate will  get the requisite signatures to be on some of these ballots.   

Otherwise, why waste the space on the ballot?

Swarthmore Getting New State Rep

Guns Gays And June

Guns Gays And June — Delaware County Vice Chairwoman Elaine Schaefer during her short speech at Monday’s Media Memorial Day event alluded to the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uldave.

She said we should embrace our common values and consider curtailing our freedoms.

OK, we can work with her. Can she work with us?

The intransigency by gun right defenders comes from the reasonable assumption that for those like Ms. Schaefer it is about banning guns and not about stopping mass shootings, or even mundane weekly shootings in places like Chicago and Philadelphia.

We challenge Ms. Schaefer to make the first step of faith. Simply say, “I support the right of a sane, law-abiding adult to have an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine.”

“Law-abiding” should be self-evident but we can start considering the definitions of “sane” and “adult”.

We can then start discussing whether ending cash bail is wise and do the same for not just defunding but demoralizing the police.

We can ask how we can create a culture where life is revered. When prominent politicians express support for the literal killing of babies it’s easy to see how certain ungrounded young can acquire a nihilistic philosophy.

How about instead of our schools teaching that we exist by chance and nothing matters once we die, we start teaching that we are here for a purpose and that we face a judgement after death at which we must account for what we have done?

No sane, law-abiding adult supports mass shootings or mundane weekly ones. That’s the common value we share.

Gay Be Not Proud

June is being pushed by the establishment bullies as “Gay Pride Month”. We should love everyone and we can think of a couple of gay journalists who have become heroes of ours, but it’s beyond stupidity to encourage pride in participating in objectively destructive sex acts or rejecting half of humanity and not creating children of your own.

What one should be proud of is standing up to establishment bullies.

Guns Gays And June
Gillette Stadium lit up in celebration of #Pride2022
Guns Gays And June

Tufts Study Recommends Williamson As National Model

Tufts Study Recommends Williamson As National Model — Williamson College of the Trades, which could be considered Delaware County’s secret jewel, is becoming a little less secret.

Researchers from Tufts University compared students at the school in Middletown Township to those at Delaware County Community College, Pennsylvania State University at Brandywine, and Johnson College of Technology in an assessment of character from August 2012 to May 2015.

The conclusion can bed summed up as if you want your roof fixed, look for a Williamson guy.

The study — Act: Assessment of Character in The Trades — was designed to test the Williamson College “theory of change,” which posits that if healthy, able-bodied young men, who are intellectually and emotionally prepared, honest, frugal, entrepreneurial, temperate, and industrious, are given a curriculum that educates them with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a good mechanical trade in the context of a school setting that provides Judeo-Christian ethics and values, then they will succeed in life.

Tufts Study Recommends Williamson As National Model

The study found that students at all schools started with the same average score on the Five Cs Model of Positive Development: Competence, Confidence, Connection, Caring, and Character but the Williamson students had not dropped by studies end while the other student scores did.

Especially noteworthy was that in the “Faith” score — which includes hopeful future expectations and purpose — was higher for Williamson students at the end of the study and lower for those at the other schools.

The report concludes with a recommendation for the Williamson model to go national.

“(The study is a) story of obvious success in imbuing in them the skills necessary for a successful career in the trades but, more than that, it is a story about how character develops through the model of education provided by Williamson and how these young men are becoming pillars of contribution and caring to their communities and to their families. It is a story about providing a model of how, through trade education and character development, seamlessly integrated, we can transform the lives of millions of American young people.”

Note the part about transforming the lives of millions of American young people.

The study was funded in part by the John Templeton Foundation of West Conshohocken.

Tufts Study Recommends Williamson As National Model

Not Missing Swarthmore’s Michael’s

Not Missing Swarthmore’s Michael’s

By Bob Small

We’ve been discussing the proposed 5-floor condo in Swarthmore for quite a while, but a recent letter in The Swarthmorean adds a new perspective.

In the May 27 issue of The Swarthmorean, John Brodsky made reference to a former pharmacy in Swarthmore. 

“When Michael’s — with its soda fountains, news stand, phone booths, etc. — was replaced by doughnuts (Dunkin Donuts), Swarthmore was pretty much sunk!” he wrote.

Not Missing Swarthmore's Michael's

My experience at Michael’s in the early 1990’s was not a happy one.  The main cashier I always ran into there was our Swarthmorean version of “The Soup Nazi”, a man who always had a nasty word to share with customers.  Upon discovering The Medicine Shoppe about a mile away in Morton, which did not have a “Soup Nazi”, many of us Swarthmoreans transferred our business there.

Now there’s another store down the block from Dunkin Donuts for all us “urban apartment transplants”. Any time I’ve gone into Swarthmore True Value Hardware and asked for “something that you use to fix a?!” and name the item, or try to, or ask for a “whatchamacallit” or maybe even a “veeblefetzer”, Charlie and all his employees are unfailingly pleasant and helpful. What they can’t locate, they will try to order.  

Because of their attitude, I generally avoid going to Office Despot or some such big-box store unless absolutely necessary. This is one way a small business can continue to thrive, but it requires some effort.

On another topic, I’ve finished my Ivermectin regimen prior to the latest recount. I’m waiting to get back to a stronger version of myself, when I’ll have some more thoughts on lesser-known Pennsylvania politicians and politics.

Not Missing Swarthmore’s Michael’s

Media Memorial Day 2022

Media Memorial Day 2022 just ended and featured a parade of antique cars, fire trucks, military vehicles, the Penncrest Marching Band and the Media Little League. It was followed by a moving ceremony which remembered those who died to keep America free, along with tributes to Ukrainians fighting to keep their nation free.

The ceremony was emceed by Media Mayor Bob McMahon, a Vietnam veteran.

Media Memorial Day 2022
Major Patrick Creed

Retired Army Major Patrick Creed, who had returned the day before from the Ukraine where he spent 70 days assisting that nation’s military, spoke of the heroism of the Ukrainian soldiers.

Media Memorial Day 2022
Father Daniel Troyan

Father Daniel Troyan of Holy Myrrh-Bearers Ukrainian Catholic Church described the overwhelming response by Delaware County residents when it became known that his parish was collecting relief for the embattled nation. He also noted human traffickers are targeting Ukrainian refugees, notably if they are women and children traveling without a husband and father.

Alexandra Kurlowicz, a member of Holy Myrrh-Bears and the daughter of Soviet-era refugees from the Ukraine, spoke of the nation’s long history of suffering.

Bill Lovejoy, commander of Clayton T. Smith-John M. Howard American Legion Post 93, paid tribute to Gladys Mae Martin, long-time post member who was active in the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum, 2 E. State St., Media. Mrs. Martin died, May 26. She was 99.

Media Memorial Day 2022
Alexandra Kurlowicz

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa5) told how she was the daughter, sister and granddaughter of veterans, and showed the Gold Star medal her great-grandmother was presented when she went to France after World War I to visit her son’s grave.

State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara (D-165) paid tribute to her husband who served two combat tours.

Also speaking were Delaware County Vice Chairwoman Elaine Schaefer and State Sen. Timothy Kearney (D-26).

Ashli Rice performed beautiful renditions of patriotic hymns.

Father Dan sang the Ukrainian national anthem, also beautifully.

Media Memorial Day 2022
Bill Lovejoy and Joe Bracken
Media Little League
Penncrest Marching Band
Media Memorial Day 2022

Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact

Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact — Delaware County Council (Pa.) is scheduled to vote tonight, May 18, on a three-year professional services agreement with CrowdStrike for Falcon Complete End Point Protection Software.

Cost will be $33,830 per year.

CrowdStrike is the scandal-plagued cyber security firm that “investigated” the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers in 2016; claimed it was the Russians and then kept the FBI from seeing the machines for itself.

You would think the Delco Republicans would express a tad bit of concern.

The meeting is 6 p.m. in the Council Public Meeting Room on the 1st Floor of the Government Center Building, 201 W. Front St., Media, PA. 

Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact
Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact

Seth Keshel Damning Delco Reveal

Seth Keshel Damning Delco Reveal — Seth Keshel is a former Army intelligence captain who became a civilian statistical analyst and made waves with claims that election fraud was massive in 2020.

He has now finished his study of Delaware County, Pa. and it shows that high and likely fraud occurred in almost every municipality excepting for Democrat strongholds. (see image).

Seth Keshel Damning Delco Reveal
Click to expand

The conclusion is based on the degree of divergence from trends in voter registration as established by publicly available county and state data.

Of course one can always respond with “lies, damn lies and statistics” but one would then have to ignore the videos of Delaware County officials describing rigging and voting violations: the undeniable breaks in chain of custody; claims of massive fraud contemporaneous with Election Night; overturning of duly passed election laws by executive fiat backed by judicial fiat; unprecedented delays in vote counting; Delco voting judges not being giving Voter Books prior to election; etcetera.

But hey, there is probably some other explanation, right? LOLOL

What bothers us most is the silence of the local Republican leaders. If they make a movie about it they can call it Silence of the Sheep as Silence of the Lambs has been taken.

How to cut, copy and recreate courtesy of The Federalist
Seth Keshel Damning Delco Reveal

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

By Bob Small

West Grove’s Jennersville Hospital closed on Dec. 31 and Caln’s Brandywine Hospital closed on Jan. 31.  These institutions in Chester County are owned by Tower Health and lost $42 million in the last fiscal year. 

In my Delaware County, Crozer Health Systems which operates Crozer- Chester, Delaware County Memorial, Springfield, and Taylor hospitals, along with outpatient centers and physician practices is being sold to ChristianaCare Health System. 

While Delaware County Memorial has closed its maternity ward, and Taylor has ended its hospice program, the hospitals are remaining open for the time being, according to Kevin M. Spiegel, chief executive officer of Crozer Health.

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

We should note that Crozer Chester is the hospital for Chester, Pa., one of the poorest cities in the nation.  All four of these hospitals serve, or served, a population with limited medical coverage mobility, who were unable to use their coverage in other hospitals.

In the mean times, and these will be mean times, some of us have coverage that let us use hospitals in say, Delaware or Philadelphia.  Most in Chesco and Delco do not. Many of these residents will be scrambling to find a hospital to use.  Some may fail. For some, these are just regular routine tests, but for others…..

Since we started this article, Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge Edward Griffith has given hope to saving Brandywine and Jennersville hospitals by ordering Tower Health to resume negotiatons with Canyon Atlantic Partners. A sale fell through in December.

At a Feb. 15 town hall, State Senator Tim Kearney (D-26) responded, D-26, responded to my query about asset striping, citing the Hahnemann Hospital case, by saying that the State Legislature had various pending bills to address this.  He favored hospitals being run by non-profits such as ChristianaCare rather than for-profit entities like Crozer Health.

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco
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