Blame Delco Council For Election Suspicion

Blame Delco Council For Election Suspicion — Delaware County Council got tough love, July 3, when it was pointed out that election suspicions routinely aired that trigger them so profoundly are entirely their fault.

Right to know requests for election documents are almost automatically rejected by the county, even after rulings by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records that the documents are public.

There is only one logical explanation for this behavior and when one figures it out, it makes one sick.

Also Delco continues to deny poll watchers the same access at its central ballot counting as a other precincts. The different standard was due to Covid as revealed at a recent Montgomery County Commissioner meeting.

Montco is about to end the restrictions. Delco seems to want to make them permanent.

Why? Again, the one logical explanation makes one sick when one figures it out.

On Wednesday, Scott Thomas of Broomall refuted objections raised by Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther at an earlier meetingregarding the feasibility of counting ballots by hand. Laura Lewis of Radnor again raised concerns about voting machines.

Carris Kocher of Concord objected to the opening of additional voting centers and accused the Board of Elections of giving Election Director James Allen to make decisions unsupervised.

She also said the county does not require election workers to take an oath to follow the Constitution.

Blame Delco Council For Election Suspicion

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  1. If you want a clear picture of just how far gone the election systems are nationwide (with special emphasis given to the sad state in PA), then listen to this interview of Dr. Douglas Frank by Scott Kesterson of Scott is a minister of Christ and that informs his work and this piece is above and beyond. It defines how broken our election systems are and then gives a 7-step plane for reclaiming our Republic.

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