What Is A Woman Free On Twitter

What Is A Woman Free On Twitter — Matt Walsh’s brilliant and heartbreaking documentary What Is A Woman is airing now on Twitter for free.

It was announced that the free viewing will be for 24 hours albeit when the 24-hours end is an open question due to the drama in the rollout as it was tagged by the Twitter mods as hate speech about two minutes after it went live at about 8 p.m., June 1 and its viewing was restricted.

What Is A Woman Free On Twitter -- Matt Walsh's brilliant and heartbreaking documentary What Is A Woman is airing now on Twitter for free.

At 8:25 the next morning Elon Musk retweeted the link with an out-and-out endorsement.

“Every parent should watch this,” he said.

Millions are now seeing it and they should.

You can find it here: https://twitter.com/realDailyWire/status/1664424891372941312

At least for the next several hours.

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie — Noted commentator Ann Coulter gave cruel and dangerous advice to Chris Christie so we gently chastised her and offered constructive and caring suggestions to the former New Jersey governor.

What did our good deed get us? A 12-hour time out from Twitter.

Oh, the humanity.

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie

Modern Parable About New York Justice

This modern parable about New York justice was written by Benny Johnson and found on Twitter.

Lady: You raped me Guy: No. I did not Lady: Yes you did Guy: When? Lady: I don’t remember Guy: uh? Lady: “Rape is sexy” Guy: This is insane Lady: I’m suing you to prove it Guy: ok NY Jury: He didn’t rape you Guy: Thanks NY Jury: Now pay her $5,000,000.00 Guy: WHAT!?


Modern Parable About New York Justice

Delco Dems Harassing Restaurants

Delco Dems Harassing Restaurants — The Democrats that run Delaware County, Pa. have recruited an ill-trained host of code inspectors which they have sicced on the county’s mom and pop restaurants.

The Delaware County Daily Times, which is their mouthpiece, have been dutifully publicizing the claims — regardless of how minor — of these inspectors happily using the names of the establishments putting them in the worst possible light.

Joy Schwartz, who is running for Delaware County (Pa) Council, has been banned from commenting on these articles.

Joy, your comments are more than welcome here and we’ll start with this one:

I have apparently been prohibited from commenting on articles in the Delco Times. So, I will spread my “misinformation” here.

From a reliable source… The Delco Health Department sends aspiring “health inspectors” to a 5 week “health inspector training” to learn how to pick pepper from fly poop. These people have no idea how restaurants operate in real life, so when the soda hose leaks a drop of seltzer into the ice container, they clutch their pearls in horror.

The newly trained inspectors are then deployed to nitpick and harass small restaurants, subjecting them to insufferable and cost-prohibitive regulations, in the name of protecting the public, forcing some to close down.

Then the Daily Times reports on every peccadillo committed by mom and pop establishments as if they are the muckrakers of old.

It is shameful for the Delco Health Department to use these blatant intimidation tactics and for so-called journalists to enable them to kill small businesses!

This is the same health department that gives out free condoms in bulk on request, lies about how many vaccines they administered, and cannot find anything better to do with their time.

It is a wasteful government boondoggle that is being used by the Delco Council of clowns, to hide the fact that hospitals are closing on their watch, emergency services are failing, and their priorities are completely backassward.

Delco Dems Harassing Restaurants

FBI Training Transgender Agents

FBI Training Transgender Agents — Emerald Robinson is reporting that the FBI is training transgender agents at Quantico and that one has already passed and is now a special agent in the Washington DC field office.

Put this in the we scare ourselves category. We wrote this as satire in August.

Really, really sick and stupid people now run 0ur government.

FBI Training Transgender Agents

John Lawrence Wants Another Barrier For School Board Candidates

John Lawrence Wants Another Barrier For School Board Candidates — Lois Kaneshiki, who was a Hollidaysburg school director from 2015-2019, has let us know that one of our Pennsylvania GOP favorite LOLs State Rep. John Lawrence (R-13) is trying to place more barriers up for ordinary citizens running for school board.

He announced he is will be sponsoring a bill that will require Background Checks for School Board Candidates.

These background checks are simply unnecessary for candidates.

They are time-consuming and costly to comply with, and require getting fingerprinted by the FBI.

For candidates?  Really?

This is simply a tactic to further discourage community members who want to participate in the governance of their local schools to get involved.

Even once elected, school directors almost never have direct contact with students.  Most of their activity involves attending official meetings and occasional school functions just like the general public).

Why should they all have to get background checks, unless they are going inside the schools?

Everyone who cares about making elected school board positions available to ordinary citizens should contact their state legislators and ask them to oppose to this bill.

John Lawrence Wants Another Barrier For School Board Candidates
Don’t forget the LOL
John Lawrence Wants Another Barrier For School Board Candidates

Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly Ridiculous

Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly RidiculousHere is a recent news release from Progressives for Immigration Reform.

Cows are uniting around the world to push back against claims that agriculture and animal husbandry need to be targeted to significantly lower greenhouse emissions. Translating for the cows, Kevin Lynn, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform said, “Cows are one of the most underappreciated groups in the world.  They aren’t the problem.  It’s people.  Population growth.  More people mean more cars, more infrastructure, more consumption, more electricity, more greenhouse gases.”

Moreover, Governments across the western world want to reduce fertilizer use by 50% which will also adversely impact cows. Leading cow intellectuals contend that “in 2020, nitrous Oxide (N2O) accounted for about 7 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.” The impact of farming is de minimis in the greater scheme of things. From a strategic standpoint it makes little sense to put 3,000 farms in the Netherlands, a country just a bit larger than the state of Maryland out of business given the result could lead to not only higher food costs – but famine!

For more than a decade, PFIR has represented the interest of cows and today proudly represents more than 94 million bulls, steers, cows and heifers. 

We must now ask ourselves where will the cows go when their farms are put out of business?

A study conducted by PFIR in ten major rural markets across America involving 1,500 cows found that less than 1% of cows drive SUVs, fly on jumbo jets or live in McMansions.  Cows have petitioned members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which to date has refused to engage.  The WEF has openly promoted the notion that cows are creating more than their fair share of greenhouse gases. 

Lynn continued, “How much longer are unelected power brokers like Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and activists like Bill Gates, going to milk this issue?  Human activity and U.S. population growth are fueling greenhouse gas emissions.  And population growth is driven by mass immigration.  You don’t see any cows crossing the border.”   

Cows contend that the lifestyle of humans such as those who jet off to attend conferences such as COP27 at ritzy resorts, along with an Open Borders agenda of too many, is what’s driving greenhouse gas emissions.  And they’re fed up with being blamed.  

“It’s time to show cows the appreciation they deserve and put the cow critics out to pasture,” said Lynn. “Reduce human activity.  Slow mass immigration.  Then we can all breathe a little easier.” 

  To see the video, click here or watch below.

Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly Ridiculous in Raucous Video
Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly Ridiculous in Raucous Video

Drag Queen Gedankenexperiment For Hip Suburban Ladies

Drag Queen Gedankenexperiment For Hip Suburban Ladies — Here is a gedankenexperiment for hip suburban ladies who defend drag queen story times for children.

Imagine your local public library hiring a pimp to read stories to little kids, some of which glamorize prostituition.

Would you be OK with that?

Close your eyes and repeat 10 times: Grooming is bad. Take a deep breath and do it again.

Drag Queen Gedankenexperiment For Hip Suburban Ladies
Drag Queen Gedankenexperiment For Hip Suburban Ladies

Chris Beck Still A Man

Chris Beck Still A Man –Retired Navy SEAL Chris Beck became a poster boy/girl for gender fluidity when he declared in 2013 that he was “transitioning” to a woman.

Well, now for the rest of the story.

Beck, who served several combat deployments and received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, now say it was manipulation by Veterans Administration psychologist Anne Speckhard with the intent to write a book and become a millionaire that led him to start taking hormone treatments and declare publicly he was doing so.

Chris Beck Still A Man
Chris Beck and his fiancee Courtney on the Robby Starbuck show

The book was Warrior Princess which Beck says he tried to stop from being published as he began having doubts about his treatment.

Beck is now speaking out against transgenderism. If he can be fooled imagine how easy it is to fool a kid in middle school.

Watch Beck’s interview with Robby Starbuck here: https://rumble.com/v1y4nn2-1.-the-real-story-with-chris-beck.html

We have to learn that just because someone speaks in the name of science doesn’t mean they are practicing it.

Chris Beck Still A Man
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