Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss

Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss — Bob Small of Swarthmore sent us this link about how libraries in Oregon are dealing with the bizarre decision by Dr. Seuss Enterprises to stop publication of six classic titles due to anti-intellecutal and arrogant wokeness.

The libraries — believe it or not — plan to keep them on the shelves until it is time to remove them due to well-established criteria i.e. the books become worn or are no longer checked out.

So kudos to the libraries for not caving into virtue signaling hypocrites.

Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss
Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss

Karen For Madeleine Dean

Karen For Madeleine Dean — House Democrats Madeleine Dean (D-Pa4) and Pramila Jayapal (D-Wa7) accused Attorney General William Barr of being sexist and hostile during his contentious Judiciary Committee testimony, July 28.

We wrote a song to comfort them in their pain. We call it Karen.

Oh Karen
I didn’t mean to make you cry
I didn’t even try
But any answer is the answer that would do

I didn’t mean to smile
But it was a little while
I was thirsty and coffee is my brew

Yes, I knew I’d have to piss
And I knew that you would miss me
I knew that you wouldn’t let me go
And when it was time to take
My needed bathroom break
You would bang your fist and loudly tell me no

Oh Karen
Trump is going to win
And you will cry again
But remember that before it is too long
It is our noble fate
To keep America great
And all your sad sad tears will soon be gone

Karen For Madeleine Dean
Karen For Madeleine Dean

WitchesAgainstTucker And The ‘Party Of Science’

WitchesAgainstTucker And The 'Party Of Science' -- Fox News' courageous Tucker Carlson  has triggered the Democrats. First they tried a boycott -- which failed miserably
Tucker doesn’t seem impressed

WitchesAgainstTucker And The ‘Party Of Science’ Fox News’ courageous Tucker Carlson has triggered the Democrats. First they tried a boycott — which failed miserably — now they have brought forth the witches. Yes, #WitchesAgainstTucker is trending on Twitter.

Just the latest from “The Party of Science“. Yeah, “Party of Science” deserves a ROTFLMAO, Democrats.

Carlson is a truth teller and is about as non-partisan as you are going to get on cable. Check him out at 8 p.m., EDT on FNC.

WitchesAgainstTucker And The ‘Party Of Science’

Most Violent Day In Chicago

Most Violent Day In Chicago — May 31 was the most violent day in Chicago in the last 60 years with 18 killed in 24 hours. Stores were looted as police were absent. You saw the headlines right? That was sarcasm. The traditional i.e. establishment globalist media is not about telling the truth or informing the public.

Who needs police around anyway? Actually, you probably don’t if you are killing someone or looting a store.

Most Violent Day In Chicago
Most Violent Day In Chicago

Pre-Paid Debit Cards For Illegals In LA

Pre-Paid Debit Cards For Illegals In LA

By Joe Guzzardi

The handful of journalists who have spent decades on the immigration beat have a saying: “Never say never.” Translated, the maxim means that no matter how outrageous or illegal federal, state or local lawmakers’ outreach is to unlawfully present aliens, a more shocking development will soon supersede it.

Pre-Paid Debit Cards For Illegals In LA

As an example of the inherent wisdom of never say never, turn to Eric Garcetti, the legacy mayor of Los Angeles. With Garcetti’s wholehearted endorsement, Los Angeles city officials are accepting applications for pre-paid debit cards, including from illegal aliens. The cards, funded privately, will have values of $700, $1,100 and $1,500, depending on the applicants’ household income, assuming that annual earnings fall below the federal poverty line and that the household’s head has a 50 percent income reduction directly related to COVID-19. As of this writing, 450,000 people have submitted applications for what Garcetti calls Angeleno cards.

No one argues that being down and out in Los Angeles, and with limited prospects for significant lifestyle improvements, is awful. But neither can anyone disagree that Garcetti’s action, and the actions that precipitated the cards’ issuance, involves multiple federal immigration offenses. Employers are guilty of hiring illegal immigrants, the aliens are guilty of falsifying employment documents that may involve identity theft and of working without legal authorization, and Garcetti is guilty of harboring aliens. Specifically, Title 8, U.S. Code 1324 prohibits proving direct cash assistance to illegal aliens that enable them to remain in the United States. Nevertheless, Garcetti said, “Applicants will not be asked anything about their immigration status. We are all Angelenos.”

For more than 20 years, California’s Republican and Democratic governors Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom have disregarded immigration laws. During that period, the governors, along with mayors like Garcetti, San Francisco’s Willie Brown and Ed Lee, and Oakland’s Libby Schaaf, have willfully turned their backs on U.S. workers.

The Migration Policy Institute estimates that Los Angeles County has more than 1 million unauthorized residents; 80 percent fall into the prime working-age demographic, 16 to 54. Furthermore, MPI found that 66 percent of Los Angeles’ civilian, over-16 population is employed – a total that includes unlawfully present immigrants. Contrary to the old, discredited saw that illegal immigrants do jobs that Americans won’t do, Los Angeles’ alien population is nearly exclusively employed in manufacturing, food services, construction, professional services and retail. In an increasingly tight employment market, most Americans would eagerly take jobs in those employment sectors.

University of Southern California Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research study found that more than half of Los Angeles’ residents are unemployed. Within the next three months, the USC study estimates about 33 percent of those unemployed residents will run out of money, and will be unable to meet their financial obligations. Chaos will likely follow.

As Los Angeles slowly reopens its economy – an event that, given Garcetti’s hardline “we will shut you down” stance, may be weeks away – U.S. citizens and lawfully present immigrants are entitled to have the first opportunity to fill jobs as they become available. Since there is literally zero likelihood that California’s state or municipal officials will prioritize American workers, mandatory E-Verify is the best and perhaps only chance U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents will have to get back on the road to economic stability.

President Trump has consistently punted on E-Verify. During the employment crisis, now is the time for the president to step up and put his office’s full weight behind the companion House and Senate bills, the Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act, which Senate Finance Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) introduced. The legislation would permanently reauthorize E-Verify. Within a year, all employers would be required to use the program, and existing employees would have to be E-Verify-checked. Employers that refuse to adopt E-Verify would be subject to fines up to $2,500, and risk further penalties.

Congress should do everything in its power to protect the jobs and wages of hard-working Americans. The Accountability through Electronic Verification Act would be one part of that elusive goal.

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at jguzzardi@pfirdc.org.

Pre-Paid Debit Cards For Illegals In LA

Kung Flu Fighting

Kung Flu Fighting — If you missed the just ended presidential Covid-19 update, a silly person pretending to be a journalist snippily asked President Trump about a report that someone in the White House referred to the disease as the Kung Flu. The President asked her who. She didn’t know. The President asked her to repeat the phrase. She got flustered. The president was Kung Flu fighting. His quips were fast as lightning. It was a little bit frightening. But he fought with expert timing.

Kung Flu Fighting
Kung Flu master

And for what it’s worth, we never heard the phrase until the silly person pretending to be a journalist brought it up. We think she coined a new name for the disease which will come into common use.

Kung Flu Master

Brawndo Brian Williams Heralds Idiocracy With Report On Bloomberg Spending

Brawndo Brian Williams Heralds Idiocracy With Report On Bloomberg Spending –Highly paid MSNBC news professional Brian Williams discussed Michael Bloomberg’s failed presidential bid with highly paid New York Times news professional Mara Gay.

Brawndo Brian Williams Heralds Idiocracy With Report On Bloomberg Spending
The idiocracy has arrived.

It may have been the scariest thing ever to appear on the internet.

“Somebody tweeted recently, that with the money he spent he could have given every American a million dollars,” Ms. Gay opined.

“I got it, let’s put it on the screen,” said Williams. “When I read it, tonight, on social media, it all became clear. Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. The US population is 327 million — don’t tell us if you are ahead of us on the math — he could have given each American $1 million and have had lunch money left over. It’s an incredible way of putting it.”

A more incredible way of putting it is that some still trust NBC and the New York Times as sources of information.

What Bloomie spent equals about $1.53 per American. It’s about enough for a can of Brawndo for each of us. We would have been charitable and given ours to our Democrat friends who still read the New York Times or watch an NBC product. It’s what plants crave.

Brawndo Brian Williams Heralds Idiocracy With Reporting On Bloomberg Spending

Frisco Homeless COVID-19

Frisco Homeless COVID-19 — Here’s your happy thought for the day with a big black lining: What happens when it dawns on Nancy Pelosi that those homeless defecating in the streets of her neighborhood are going to be major spreaders of COVID-19 if (when?) the disease should break out here?

Frisco Homeless COVID-19 San Francisco Homeless COVID-19
The picture of incompetence
San Francisco Homeless COVID-19

Bad Bernie Bro Example Cited By Scalise

Bad Bernie Bro Example Cited By Scalise — Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s woman-beating attorney general and former deputy chair of the Democrat National Committee, took it upon himself to defend Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt) supporters against accusations of thuggery with this tweet:

I have never seen @BernieSanders supporters being unusually mean or rude. Can someone send me an example of a “Bernie Bro” being bad. Also, are we holding all candidates responsible for the behavior of some of their supporters? Waiting to hear.

Bad Bernie Bro Example Cited By Scalise

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La1) replied that he could think of an example.

Whatever could he have meant?

Bad Bernie Bro Cited By Scalise