Veteran’s Infant On Terror List While Border Wide Open

Veteran’s Infant On Terror List While Border Wide Open — America’s borders are wide open and we have no idea who is crossing them other than they are mostly young men.

Never fear though. The ones in charge of security have an eagle-eye on things.

They put an 8-week old infant and his mother on the Quiet Skies terror list, just last month.

Why? Because the baby’s father, AJ Fischer, an Air Force veteran, was a participant in the J-6 protests and is facing trial because that.

The woman is Fischer’s fiancee. She was no where near Washington that day.

Only a fool would sincerely believe that either she or the child pose any danger.

Their boarding passes, though carry the SSSS mark to make sure they get extra attention from the TSA and air marshals.

The first two S’s apparently stand for stupidity and sadism.

Those so labeled get enhanced screening which includes strip searches and swabbing ever zipper and hem. It can take hours to complete.

Veteran's Infant On Terror List While Border Wide Open
A. J. Fischer while serving in the Air Force

Which also means that security people have to spend hours dealing with people obviously not any kind of threat.

That’s where the stupidity comes in.

Very bad — and stupid — people are running things.

Those of you who have not been in the habit of speaking out must learn to do so.

It’s for the sake of your children.

Veteran's Infant On Terror List While Border Wide Open
The boarding passes with the terror markings

And you will be surprised at how many you find that agree with you.

Hey, did you see where communist Venezuela is preparing to invade its smaller neighbor Guyana to steal its oil?

And freighters and a U.S. warship were just attacked in the Red Sea, and not by moms with infants?

And the Ukrainians are about to lose a war that should have ended with a negotiated peace a year and a half ago?

Or that the  House Select Committee on the January 6 protests lost all the tapes of witness interview statements.

All. The. Tapes.

How many people still believe the garbage they spewed?

Let’s Go Brandon!!

Hat tips Gateway Pundit and Dawn Bancroft

Veteran’s Infant On Terror List While Border Wide Open

If I Were An Evil Government Official

If I Were An Evil Government Official — Highly viewed, influential and respected Tucker Carlson is doubling down on his claim that the US government is hiding wreckage of extraterrestrial space ships and the bodies of their pilots.

He cites testimony from “high level” whistleblowers as proof.

He accuses Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Ala3) and Congressman Mike Turner (R-Oh10) of preventing the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023 passed in July from being implemented.

Just sayin, but if I was an evil government official, I’d drop strong hints that ET was real and that we had his tech.

Then, at an appropriate moment, I’d have some lizardly AI-created thing appear simultaneously on broadcast and the web, say Klaatu Barada Necktie or whatever, then declare that we all had to get chipped and eat bugs.

Oh, and that he had tasked certain people such as evil government officials as the overseers to make sure this happens.

Question for Tucker: Was the fate of these UFO whistleblowers the same as the FBI whistleblowers or are they landing on their feet?

Here is his X-cast from Nov. 28:

If I Were An Evil Government Official

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror — Tech entrepreneur now activist Patrick Byrne is reporting that policy promoted by the Biden Administration is responsible for Israel being caught flat-footed, Oct. 7, when Hamas crossed the border and murdered 1,400 of its citizens, often in unspeakable ways.

Byrne says Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines  and Dan Shapiro, who was ambassador to Israel in the Obama Administration, have economic stakes in Paragon Solutions Software, a cyber-intelligence company

These cronies got Biden to use export controls to force Israel to adopt Paragon’s Graphite product for cyber-security rather than those of other home-based competitors Pegasus, NSO Group and Candiru, says Byrne.

And, well, it looks like Paragon was just not that good.

Golly, what the company would the U.S. ever be using for its cyber-intelligence?

Sleep tight, America.

By the way, Israel has now enlisted the blacklisted companies to assist in the search for the hostages — including Americans — taken by Hamas.

Here’s Byrne’s short video report via X:

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror

Penn Delco Mocks Reason With Definition Of Biological Sex

Penn Delco Mocks Reason With Definition Of Biological Sex — More than 75 concerned parents packed yesterday’s (Oct.25) Penn Delco’s school board meeting protesting the proposed resolution to give boys access to girls’ private places.

These include bathrooms and locker rooms with their showers and changing stations.

The policy — which includes the middle and elementary schools as well — unabashedly laughs at reason.

“‘Biological sex’ means the sex assigned by a doctor at birth” it says. “For intersex individuals or others with genetic anomalies, ‘biological sex’ refers to gender identity”

This arbitrary twisting of meaning would awe Humpty Dumpty.

The night was to be the first reading of the policy but it was neither read nor were copies available.

It was a first reading without a reading.

Humpty Dumpty would be beside himself.

Again, they are laughing at you.

The board said they’d have it online by the next morning. This would be after everyone has left, of course.

Its online here.

Parents do not have to be told that their child is having emotional troubles over his or her gender, under the policy, and the child gets to pick his or her pronouns. These might not necessarily be his or her, by the way.

The board denied that boys have already been allowed into girls spaces. Female students in attendance shouted that wasn’t true.

A mechanism long in place for students with emotional issues is the individual education plan (IEP). These would not be necessary for children confused about their sex under the new policy.

The board did not address whether the Sun Valley students protesting the policy would suffer consequences for yesterday’s walk out/lock out.

Parents, either get new school boards or get your children out of government-run schools into schools that you control.

The next Penn Delco Board meeting is the Nov. 15 study session followed by Nov. 20 business meeting.

The election by the way is Nov. 7.

We just heard that some of those young people in the previous picture are receiving serious threats from the caring and gentle supporters of the pr0posed Penn Delco bizarre biology policy so we are changing it to the one of the cop. Get your kids out of government run schools to schools you can control

Penn Delco Mocks Reason With Definition Of Biological Sex

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation — About 50 students left Sun Valley High School at 10 o’clock this morning, Oct. 25, to protest the Penn Delco School District’s gender fluid bathroom/locker room policy.

Penn Delco is in Delaware County, Pa.

The students were met by a similar number of parents and supporters along with encouraging honks from passing drivers.

The students braved warnings, then threats from administration for having the walk out, which was reportedly originally scheduled for Oct. 2.

And there was peer pressure.

About 70 percent of the students support the school policy with about 30 percent opposing, said freshman James Pantuliano.

On his way out the door, another student grabbed his sign defending safe bathrooms and tore it up.

He didn’t back down, though.

“You never know what their motive is,” he said regarding boys who enter the traditional private places of girls.

There were reports that students had to pass through a “wall of teachers” to participate. They reportedly received threats that their grades would be affected and they would be banned from school sports.

Freshman tennis player Taylor MacNamee-Graham wasn’t worried.

“Tennis is over so I’ll be fine,” she said.

She said she didn’t care about getting in trouble anyway.

A senior who identified himself as Pablo said the protest was the right thing.

“I don’t want males going into female bathrooms or vice-versa,” he said.

He said the faculty tried to keep the protest from being discussed.

“They tried to stop us from talking about it but we have freedom of speech,” he said.

An order was broadcast for the students to return when they left the building but was ignored.

Aston Police were at the parking lot entrances.

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation
Community support for the students

Parents were reportedly never made aware of the change in bathroom policy, nor do they seem to be aware of sexually graphic books reportedly encouraging child-adult sex in the libraries.

Libraries — including those in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools — are the only place in Pennsylvania where children can legally be exposed to graphic depictions of sex.

The protestors were not allowed to return to class.

We doubt they lost any learning.

They certainly passed the lesson of the day which was how to stand up to tyranny.

The Penn Delco School Board is to meet 7:30 tonight at the District Service Center Building, 3000 Dutton Mill Road, Aston, PA. 19014.

Starting a charter school is very doable in Pennsylvania, by the way.

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room Despite Administration Intimidation
Do Aston Police think they have more important places to be?

Sun Valley Students Protest Boys In The Girls Room

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness — Sam Smith of Chester put on a dress and make-up, tonight, Oct. 18, and told Delaware County (Pa.) Council that he wanted a doula.

A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth.

Sam was taking issue with agenda item 7L concerning hiring five doulas to provide support to 14 “pregnant persons.”

Yes, they used the phrase “pregnant persons” and that’s what Sam was calling out.

Good for him. The twisted souls who cook up phrases like this are vandals no different than a kid spraying painting crap on the wall of a business. Well, they are far, far, far more destructive of course.

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness

And when those like on Delaware County Council, in a moment of weak-minded thoughtlessness, submit to them, mocking’s necessary.

Sam did a fine job.

See below for the video.

In other matters, Giselle  Cosentino made a presentation on behalf of the Garrett Williamson Foundation in Newtown Square. The foundation is seeking $45,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money to repair a 200-year-old barn damaged in a tornado in 2019 and to pay for the enrollment of 400 fourth graders from the William Penn School District in the foundation’s school to farm program.

The foundation is on a 250-acre tract on Bishop Hollow Road.

Council unanimously approved the grant.

Helen Kaplonski of the Child Guidance Resource Centers on Old West Chester Pike in Haverford Township sought $87,570 in ARPA money to replace copper window frames installed in 1963.

The grant was approved with  Christine A. Reuther abstaining. Ms. Reuther sits on the organization’s board.

The board approved 28 agenda items including 7L and 7k which provided for the training of 18-20 doulas, which is a apparently going to be one per person. The county also want the doulas to be able to overcome language barriers..

Gotta look out for the “pregnant persons”.

Man In Dress Mocks Delco Council For Pregnant Person Wokeness

Lauren Boebert Zen Question

Lauren Boebert Zen Question: If camera aimed at controversial congresswoman works in dark theater why would not camera aimed at cell of controversial billionaire child trafficker work in important prison?

Lauren Boebert Zen Question
Why that is a good question

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed — The most important thing to the “woke” are the opinions of others.

They don’t care about truth or mercy or compassion.

They are in a cult.

They can be convinced to do any evil.

If someone tells them that they will be a good person if they castrate their child, they WILL castrate their child.

If someone says good people don’t release water to save the burning town, they WON’T release water even if it means letting children be burned to death.

They have willingly allowed themselves to become zombies without souls.

The below meme was put on X as defense of being “woke”.

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Five Times August fixed it.

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Good job

Hat tip Mindy Robinson

Woke Cult Explained, Exposed

Vivek Schools TMZ Climate Cultists

Vivek Schools TMZ Climate Cultists —Vivek Ramaswamy x-posted, Aug. 31, an interview with Harvey Levin and another TMZ host in which he schooled them regarding the non-existent climate crisis.

Ramaswamy pointed out that climate-related deaths have dropped by 98 percent over the last century and that reason for this is abundant energy, the vast majority of which is created by fossil fuels.

What makes the interview terrifying is the zombie-like, unassailable certainty Levin and the other fellow had regarding the belief that man-made energy use is going to kill us all, despite the data, evidence and logic presented by the Republican presidential contender.

He explained that the Maui fire catastrophe was not caused by global warming but happened because a woke government official refused to release desparetly needed water.

He said forest fires are now more severe because the woke running things have abandoned management practices that worked well for decades.

How much CO2 is released by a massive forest fire anyway?

Ramaswamy said those pushing climate crisis agenda are not sincere and their prime goal is to weaken the United States especially to the benefit of China which laughs at the issue.

He asked why the climate crisis crowd is the biggest opponent of nuclear energy, which a stable, effective and produces zero greenhouse gases.

Nobody likes pollution. Everybody likes heat, air-conditioning, refrigerators, transportation and food.

The three running for president who seem to get this and are trying to make the equation balance are Ramaswamy, Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump.

If Americans don’t start waking up to this and voting appropriately and scorning the cultists, they are going to find themselves in impoverished misery and only dimly aware as to how they got there.

Here is the interview:

Vivek Schools TMZ Climate Cultists

Biden And Fetterman Worse Than Idiocracy

Biden And Fetterman Worse Than Idiocracy –Joe Biden visited Philly, today, June 17 to view the section of I-95 that collapsed last Sunday and was introduced by Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman.

Here it is:

In 2006, Mike Judge gave us Idiocracy, a satire premised on the devolution of intelligence leading the United States to become a society of morons running robotically on the systems and technologies developed by previous generations.

People, listen up.

Listen up and tremble.

The leaders of the America depicted in that movie about a nation of morons are smarter than our real-life ones of today.

Biden And Fetterman Worse Than Idiocracy
Yes, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho is more competent and cognizant than Joe Biden. Really. This is not an exaggeration

Biden And Fetterman Worse Than Idiocracy