Mayorkas Ministry Of Truth Gets LOL

Mayorkas Ministry Of Truth Gets LOLHomeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed at a congressional budgetary hearing, April 27, that the Department of Homeland Security is creating a “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat misinformation ahead of the 2022 midterms. 

The idea was quickly dubbed “The Ministry of Truth” as per Orwell’s 1984.

The concept flies in the face of everything for which the United States stands.

Mayorkas Ministry Of Truth Gets LOL
Alejandro Mayorkas wants to be minister of truth

The government does not get final say on the truth.

The way it works is that a government spokesman or agency or department makes a claim and the rest of us get to question it.

If the claimant has the competence one would hope, the questioning would lead to an answer that seems right and acceptance happens.

Hope is not a strategy, however, and government is filled with screw-ups, charlatans and greedy, corrupt premeditated liars.

Which is why they don’t get the last word on truth.

Mayorkas Ministry Of Truth Gets LOL

California Bill Lets Illegals Enforce Law

California Bill Lets Illegals Enforce Law

By Joe Guzzardi

When the subject is California and the state’s extreme politics, nothing ever surprises. But even long-time California skeptics admit that Senate Bill 960 (SB 960) raises eyebrows for its audacity and disregard for public safety.

Introduced by State Senator Nancy Skinner, a Democrat who represents District 9 and its radical cities of Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond, the bill proposes to allow non-U.S. citizens to become California law enforcement officers. Skinner’s bill removes the condition that an individual must be a citizen or a lawful United States permanent resident to become a police officer, a step too far in many Californians’ opinion. Since Skinner’s legislation doesn’t specifically ban illegal immigrants from the non-U.S. citizen category, the conclusion that many have reached is that SB 960 would allow illegally present aliens to wear the badge. The bill originally passed committee 4-1, has been read twice, and will soon get a third and final reading before it can proceed to the floor for debate.

SB 960 has sparked controversy, and the first to speak out is Skinner herself. At a March 22 Senate Public Safety Committee hearing, Skinner insisted that her bill “only allows those who are living here legally and have the legal ability to work here – through a visa, a Green Card – to become peace officers.” She added, “I just want to be clear on that.” Despite Skinner’s insistence, SB 960 is at best murky on the permissibility of illegal immigrants becoming law enforcement officers.

To give Skinner the possible benefit of doubt, SB 960 may be the consequence of her district’s inability to retain police officers. The Mercury News reported that Oakland is the state’s “most watched police department with both a federal monitor and strong civilian oversight.” As a result of the intense oversight, officers are leaving the Oakland PD in unprecedented numbers, from an average of about four per month late last year to 10 or 15 a month since then.

California Bill Lets Illegals Enforce Law

Despite federal and municipal oversight, in 2021 OPD investigated 134 homicides, the most since 2012, and the city endured a 21 percent increase in shootings. Crime rates in Berkeley and Richmond are equally terrible. In Berkeley, a crime occurs on average once every 70 minutes; in Richmond, once every 158 minutes. Berkeley isn’t the only challenged city in the state. The Los Angeles Police Department has 296 vacant officer positions and almost 500 fewer on-duty officers than it did this time last year, according to LAPD reports.

Whatever the solution is to the Bay Area and sanctuary state California’s rising crime rates and its dwindling number of police officers on the payroll, rewarding illegal aliens with the vital job of enforcing the law isn’t the answer. One of the existing provisions to qualify as a California police officer is that the candidate complete a background check that confirms his or her good moral character. Since little information can be confirmed about an illegal immigrant’s life prior to voluntarily and illegally coming to the U.S., no meaningful background check can be performed. Known for certain, however, is that entering the U.S. without inspection violates U.S. immigration law which furthermore means that the prospective police candidate’s first action was criminal.

Blue states like New York, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and California have pushed to promote illegal immigrants to the same level as legal immigrants, a grave injustice to the foreign-born who followed the proper procedures to attain lawful permanent resident status. Opening up good, albeit dangerous, jobs like police officer to illegal aliens is a disservice all the way around – to citizens who want protection provided by the most qualified and best trained, to citizens seeking high-paying jobs with affirmative benefits, and to the U.S. homeland which is always imperiled.

Specifically, border agents have encountered 838,685 illegal aliens since October 1, fiscal year 2022’s beginning, to February; Biden has released 37.9 percent, or 318,700. Add to 838,685, hundreds of thousands more migrant gotaways not included in the official total.

Assuming the pace at which agents apprehend or encounter illegals keeps up – 167,737 per month pre-Title 42 removal – the alien encounter total by fiscal year end September 30 will exceed 2 million. And if Biden releases aliens at the same rate, another unsupervised 760,000 illegals will be at large. Skinner’s ill-conceived idea to give law enforcement jobs to noncitizens, a category that may include illegal aliens, is foolish and dangerous.

PFIR analyst Joe Guzzardi writes about immigration issues and impacts. Contact him at and

California Bill Lets Illegals Enforce Law

Fifth Column Environmentalists

Fifth Column Environmentalists — The confidence Russia had in its Ukrainian invasion stems from the world’s dependence on its oil and natural gas.

One of the reasons for this dependence is due to policies passed in the name of environmentalism in Western democracies.

Several European counties — including Germany — have banned fracking, notes Gatestone Institute.

Germany is also shutting its nuclear power plants.

This important nation is almost entirely dependent on Russia for its energy.

Of course, the US can’t help. Two years ago we may have been an energy exporter but now with Green New Dealies running things and pipelines shuttered, not so.

What’s horrifying is that this weakening is not the result of domestic stupidity but out-and-out treasonous greed.

Yes, our environmental activists are getting mega-bucks from Gazprom, the Russian energy giant which is funneling the money through Bermuda.

They are literally fifth columnists.

Bet your left and right foots that our media outlets and politicians are getting cuts as well.

Oh, the Chinese are also giving greenbacks to greenies, says Gatestone.

Be mad, be angry.

Don’t bleat, roar.

Fifth Column Environmentalists
You know they care about the environment because of all the $$ they give environmentalists LOL
Fifth Column Environmentalists

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times — Russia is demanding that it’s oil and natural gas be purchased with rubles and not dollars or euros, and they are serious.

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times

It’s a huge deal which bodes harder times for those of us in the West, but maybe better times.

We’ll have to think more about what we eat and where we eat and what we buy and where we vacation.

Really you don’t have to blow $8,700 for a week at pervo-run Disney World, when it will be far more memorable — and cheaper — to rent a cabin on a lake and teach your kids to fish.

Don’t like the future we painted? If you are a Biden voter blame yourself. This wouldn’t have happened if we maintained our energy independence — Russia’s power lies in it’s energy resources — or pointlessly and shamefully fled like rabbits from Afghanistan.

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times

Portland Council Comedy Club

Portland Council Comedy Club — The Portland, Ore. City Council continues to hold its meetings online in its never-ending battle against Covid, and probably Putin too now.

This is a good thing as they have become the one place in America where you can find gut-splitting comedy unafraid of offending the woke.

Here is a snip from yesterday’s (March 16) session.

Hat tip Andy Ngo

Portland Council Comedy Club
Portland Council Comedy Club

Promoting Confidence In Pennsylvania Courts With Essay Contest, LOL

Promoting Confidence In Pennsylvania Courts With Essay Contest, LOLPennsylvanians for Modern Courts is promoting an essay contest for second and third year law students on the topic of using social media to promote confidence in the workings of Pennsylvania’s judicial branch.

“Under the existing rules of judicial conduct, how might Pennsylvania’s courts utilize current communication tools, such as social media, to engage Pennsylvanians to install confidence in the workings of the judicial branch and its decisions?” says the group.

Winner gets $5,000.

Think we should enter?

Good friend Elaine Mickman, who has had considerable experience with Pennsylvania’s court system, is considering this as a submission:

Top Ten Reasons to NOT have Confidence in the Untrustworthy Judiciary

1. Judiciary operates “Court-Gate” whereby the Courts are “divorced from the law.”

2. The Judiciary accepts “in-kind” gifts and contributions which promotes case and party bias, prejudice, obstruction of impartiality, all amounting to “rigged” and “case-fixing” rather than Ruling by Law.

3. Judiciary does NOT comply with, and is at “war” with the Constitution.

4. Judiciary does NOT comply with and supersedes legislated laws.

5. Judiciary does NOT comply with, nor apply their own adopted Rules.

6. Judiciary does NOT comply with the Judicial Canons.

7. Judiciary is typically NOT held accountable for their misconduct.

8. Judiciary “talks out of 2 sides of their mouth” and does NOT enforce their own orders,  Nor do the lower courts comply with appeal court Opinions or orders.

9. Judiciary regularly denies procedural & substantive due process, and “gate-keeps” court access.

10. Judiciary is typically de-humanizing.

Hey, partisan Democrats pretending to be objective Supreme Court justices in Pennsylvania: Why are you putting the interests of private corporations over election transparency in Fulton County? The “strict protocol” argument is laughable, by the way. If an auditor makes a false claim — even an innocent one — those watching from the other side will easily pick it up and ruin that auditor’s career.

Promoting Confidence In Pennsylvania Courts With Essay Contest, LOL
Promoting Confidence In Pennsylvania Courts With Essay Contest, LOL

Labor Force Deaths Rise 40 Percent According To Insurer

Labor Force Deaths Rise 40 Percent According To Insurer — OneAmerica, an Indiana-based insurance company, says that deaths are up 40 percent for those of working age, which is 18 to 64, from pre-Covid levels.

Most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths.

America’s health care system is run by sociopaths, morons and cowards.

Hat tip Steve Kirsch.

Labor Force Deaths Rise 40 Percent According To Insurer

Ivermectin Recommended For Refugees By The CDC

Ivermectin Recommended For Refugees By The CDC — Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, tweeted an hour ago that the CDC is recommending administering ivermectin as presumptive therapy (giving medication without a diagnosis) to refugees.

Sick, twisted monsters are in charge of this nation’s health care.

Ivermectin Recommended For Refugees By The CDC
Ivermectin Recommended For Refugees By The CDC

Government Rationing Regeneron It’s Revealed

Government Rationing Regeneron It’s Revealed — The establishment media is not a watchdog of government but its mere mouthpiece so we will share this Twitter thread from Jim Jackson, who describes himself as Urgent Care specialist, golf addict, UTMB + TAMU, life member #NRA, #RuleofLaw, #MAGA forever.

Jackson reveals that the government is now rationing monoclonal antibody distribution, and claims it is specifically aimed at areas with low vaccination rates.

Monoclonal antibodies treatment i.e. Regeneron has been proved to be successful against Covid-19.

So ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are stridently discouraged, and now Regeneron is rationed.

They’re still pushing the barely tested vaccines, though.

What kind of monsters have we put in charge of our health?

See where West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice just said that Covid deaths of vaccinated people have increased 25 percent? Of course not. Thank you Jamie Dlux for reporting this.

Justice comes on at the 6:30 mark.

Here’s Jackson’s Tweets in case they should disappear.

Government Rationing Regeneron It's Revealed
Government Rationing Regeneron It's Revealed

Here’s a screen shot of the announcement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Emergency site.

Government Rationing Regeneron It's Revealed

HCQ and ivermectin — well, cough, not if you have a, cough, horse — may be hard to get but Vitamin D and C are sold OTC as is zinc and Quercetin, which Dr. Zev Zelenko  says is an emergency substitute for the prescription drugs.

Dr. Zelenko is selling a convenience pack here. Note that Zelenko has been outspoken that you can buy the ingredients elsewhere online and at most drug stores, and is quite open with how you should take it.

Government Rationing Regeneron

Biden Promotes Hygiene Or You Tell Us What He Said

Biden Promotes Hygiene Or You Tell Us What He Said — When Joe Biden was asked about immigration on the White House driveway, Sunday, July 25, he appeared to respond with a a boast about his hygiene.

Or you tell us what he said.

This guy cannot be the running the country. Neither can Kamala.

So who can?

Biden Promotes Hygiene Or You Tell Us What He Said
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