Your Body So What Says Mary Gay

Your Body So What Says Mary Gay — An undated video of Delco’s congresswoman, Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa5), is flying around X in which she praises lockdowns and says those reluctant to take vaccines deserve what’s coming to them as far as loss of employment and education.

Former Al Gore advisor Naomi Wolf describes her smile as “demonic”.

Patrick Byrne is, well, even more undiplomatic.

Mary Gay proclaims “my body, my choice,” as she demands restriction-free abortion even through the ninth month.

Granted, the slogan ignores the body of the baby and the wishes of the father, albeit ironically far more often than not it’s the father whose choice is what’s honored in the termination of a pregnancy.

Her hypocrisy, though, is still glaring.

There are a lot very good reasons why one might not want to take a vax, even one far more tested that the Covid ones foisted upon us.

For Pete’s sake, there are people who can’t eat peanuts.

Here is the video.

This November, let’s choose to retire Mary Gay.

Your Body So What Says Mary Gay
Oh, come on, Naomi. It’s not THAT demonic.

3 thoughts on “Your Body So What Says Mary Gay”

  1. Things like that inherent contradiction, practically doublethink, are hallmarks of the Left’s worldview. Truth is not a value to the Left.
    That doesn’t mean that no Leftist ever tells the truth, and it doesn’t mean that no conservative ever lies.
    It means that when it comes to telling the truth or advancing the agenda, the Left will sacrifice the truth to that goal.
    Scanlon is just another one.

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