Bill Maher Goes Q, Thank U

Bill Maher Goes Q, Thank U — Iconic liberal TV host and outspoken Democrat Bill Maher shouted to the world, April 19, the epidemic of child trafficking and pedophilia plaguing us.

He called out Nickelodeon and Disney by name and said the Max documentary “Quiet on Set” about child abuse at Nickelodeon is the talk of Hollywood.

He sounded like he was posting on 8chan — since evolved into 8kun — circa 2017.

We’ve always found the Q movement entertaining. The most troubling thing for us was that — despite its craziness — it more accurately described current events than the Washington Post or New York Times or other official news outlets.

Child trafficking was upon what it focused and it stayed focused on it despite the laughter.

While Jeff Epstein and Disney and Hollywood stories were being spiked by the establishment mouthpieces, the anons behind Q were digging and dissecting often with healthy skepticism.

And now what they revealed more than half a decade ago is being dragged into the light.

Are children actually being eaten? Harvested for adrenaline? Are household names involved?

We no longer laugh at the claims.

The same day Maher gave his monologue, Conservative Voice, which airs noon to 2 on WWDB 860AM interviewed, Kim Kelly of Uniting America. She described the same thing albeit it in far more detail. Thousands of children disappear in this country every year. Yes, we have leaders who are being blackmailed via child sex do the bidding of evil people.

The podcast can be found here:

Anyway, Bill, WWG1WGA

Bill Maher Goes Q

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