Blame Establishment For Qanon, Bad Journalism Begets Conspiracies

Blame Establishment For Qanon, Bad Journalism Begets Conspiracies — We’ve long been fascinated by the Q movement and we look in bemused wonder at the angst expressed over it by traditional, establishment media outlets from Wikipedia to the Washington Post to name-your-dinosaur.

Seriously, it’s not the anons who have been burning down police stations, abusing motorists and blinding cops.

The most mind-blowing thing about it is that it has a better track record than the paid professional pundits about important issues. Trump did not collude with the Russians, which is what Q claimed all along and Rachel Maddow didn’t.

And, yes, there is a conspiracy at the highest levels to foil President Trump’s campaign/administration and it now appears to have involved Barack Obama and the CIA director.

Two for Q; zero for the Beltway smart-set.

But there is completely bat-sugar crazy stuff about Q.

If you are deep-state-loving dino journalist who want to put it to bed here you go.

Q claims that there was an attempt to assassinate President Trump with a submarine launched missile while he was flying to Singapore for the June 2018 summit with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un, and that somehow schlock lawyer Michael Avenatti was involved.

Really Jake Tapper, you can’t turn that into a Saturday Night Live skit?

A weather cam caught what appeared to be a missile flying from Puget Sound over Whidbey Island, Washington State at 3:56 a.m., PDT, June 10– yes, the image is real and was reported by traditional media — when Air Force One should have been in the vicinity coming from the G-7 summit in Quebec.

Q implies the missile was aimed at the president.

Of course, Trump left the summit early and flew east to Singapore via Crete hence was no where near the Pacific Northwest.

Granted, it’s kind of weird he would fly east over unfriendly nations and war zones rather than Canada and the Pacific but it is what it is.

If it was a missile, it could not have been aimed at the President.

Blame Establishment For Qanon, Bad Journalism Begets Conspiracies
And we thought he was just a creepy porn lawyer

Avenatti’s alleged connection stems from this June 10, 2018 tweet showing an airplane in crosshairs.

On July 29, 2018, Q posted a large, tough-looking guy walking outside Avenatti’s office. If our recollection is right, it caused Avenatti to file a police report.

Crazy stuff. If you can’t debunk it Maggie Haberman, turn in your investigator-journalist card.

Here is bonus thing for the dino media to get their teeth into. At George H.W. Bush’s funeral on Dec. 5, 2018, envelopes were placed in the programs of the wives of George Bush, Mike Pence, Joe Biden and Barack Obama causing looks of consternation.

The web was, and is, full of speculation about what they contained.

Why doesn’t one of the connected beltway journos ask one of the receiving parties what they contained? Speculation ends and conspiracy is over.

This actually goes beyond ending a fun internet mystery. If those envelopes were not part of the planned proceedings it shows either an horrific breakdown in security or the Trump administration acquiescing to something rather hinky.

Regarding Q, he/she/it implied that funeral was held to stop the scheduled release of incriminating information which implies the ex-president’s death was “hurried along”.

“Well played, DS (Deep State)”, Q posted. “Please allow us to counter.”

“Our promise to counter”, Q posted on Dec. 12 regarding the envelopes.

Knock yourself out with that one Fredo Cuomo.

Regarding the claim that Qanon is a “potential terror threat” as leaked in an FBI memo in 2019, downplaying Antifa while screaming Q really makes us almost buy the theory.

The only act of public disruption — and it doesn’t even include violence — we could find directly involving Q , was a guy who blocked a bridge near Hoover Dam for a couple of hours in 2018. cites others but they are stretching it. Really, blaming Q for domestic violence and a mob boss getting whacked?

Blame Establishment For Qanon, Bad Journalism Begets Conspiracies Blame Establishment For Qanon

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