COL1972 Portugal Journey

COL1972 Portugal Journey — Col1972, the Philadelphia-based fashion house, showed off its latest wares during a trip to Portugal.

You can read about it here.

COL1972 was founded by a mom and her daughters two years ago as a reaction to the misogyny rampant in the fashion industry.

It seems to be doing well.

The name stands for Culture of Life 1972 and refers to the year before the Roe V Wade decision granting a right to kill.

COL1972 Portugal Journey
Celebrating life, in Portugal
COL1972 Portugal Journey

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times — Russia is demanding that it’s oil and natural gas be purchased with rubles and not dollars or euros, and they are serious.

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times

It’s a huge deal which bodes harder times for those of us in the West, but maybe better times.

We’ll have to think more about what we eat and where we eat and what we buy and where we vacation.

Really you don’t have to blow $8,700 for a week at pervo-run Disney World, when it will be far more memorable — and cheaper — to rent a cabin on a lake and teach your kids to fish.

Don’t like the future we painted? If you are a Biden voter blame yourself. This wouldn’t have happened if we maintained our energy independence — Russia’s power lies in it’s energy resources — or pointlessly and shamefully fled like rabbits from Afghanistan.

Russia Ruble Rule Heralds Hard Times

Moderna CEO Deletes Twitter Account

Moderna CEO Deletes Twitter AccountStephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna, has deleted his Twitter account dumped about $230 million in stock over the last year.

Wonder what’s up with that.

And in other news:

Moderna CEO Deletes Twitter Account -- See where Stephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna, has dumped $400 million in stock and deleted his Twitter account?
Moderna CEO Deletes Twitter Account

Groupon Selling Nike, Which Means Nike Is Not Selling

Groupon Selling Nike, Which Means Nike Is Not Selling — Groupon, the website that lets merchants move underselling merchandise, is offering Nike products. Just do it? Just sayin.

We will not do it, for what it’s worth. Nike uses slave labor. Nike — and Coca Cola for that matter — support slavery.

Slavery is a bad thing.

Groupon Selling Nike

Groupon Selling Nike

Price of Human Cargo to the U.S.

Price of Human Cargo to the U.S.

By Kevin Lynn

A tragedy occurred outside of Holtville, California, when a northbound big rig rammed into the driver’s side of an SUV that pulled out in front of the semi-truck, killing 13 people. This tragic event morphed into the surreal when we learned that the SUV was packed with 25 people who had been smuggled into the United States.

Price of Human Cargo to the U.S.

That’s right, 24 passengers and a driver packed like sardines in a vehicle designed to hold eight adults at maximum. Perhaps the driver who hailed from Mexicali, Mexico, was distracted when he pulled out in front of the semi making its way down Route 115. Anyone who has been in a Ford Expedition has to be thinking to themselves, HOW? How do you get 25 people into a vehicle like that?

Well, you start with ruthless, morally shipwrecked cartels that make steep profits trafficking humans across the border. Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies recently wrote that cartels expect to make $2,500 per individual smuggled from Mexico. When we do the math, that SUV had a human cargo valued around $60,000.

To give an example of just how revolting this incident is, one has to go back to the American slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. According to, slave ships could be either “tight pack” or “loose pack.” A tight pack could hold more slaves than the loose pack, because the amount of space allocated to each slave was considerably less, but more slaves would die on route to the Americas. It would appear the cartels these days have chosen the tight pack model.

Next, you have to look at the people making the journey to enter the U.S. illegally. Coming from Mexico, they have to fork over the $2,500 and be willing to place their lives in the hands of unscrupulous smugglers. How many other deprivations do they suffer along the way, and what motivates them to do so?

The motivation is to rush to the border and be physically present in the U.S. while the Biden administration plays musical chairs with immigration policy. Will the Biden administration win sweeping amnesties for illegal aliens, or will it fail to deliver on its promises? Many people are betting on the former and are engaged in a desperate and dangerous run to bust through the border in an attempt to claim a chair when the music stops.

Since Jan. 20, Americans have become more apprehensive of the Biden administration’s plans to make sweeping changes to immigration. The majority of Americans are in fact becoming more restrictionist as opposed to expansionist in their views.

The Rasmussen Immigration Index for the week of Feb. 14 – 18, 2021, fell to 86.0, and it’s fallen by nearly 15 points since the week before the November election. This shows voters want tighter immigration control from President Biden’s administration. Right now, the Immigration Index is the lowest since it began in December 2019.

The administration is playing with dynamite, and has pinned itself in a corner that leaves two ways out. They can either abolish the border or enforce our immigration mandates to the fullest extent of the law. To do anything less is to invite more tragedy the likes of which we saw last week.

It is not just traffickers who profit off this immoral trade. There are a dozen industries that profit from cheap, compliant and easy to abuse labor. When I was a kid growing up in the 1960s and ‘70s, there were roughly 750 meat packing plants across the country. My mother worked the front counter of a local one called Lustig’s. The work and pay were good.

Today, 80 percent of our beef products come from three companies. The work and pay are bad. These huge factory meat processors rely on a steady stream of illegal aliens. Their business model would not work without them, and only when compelled to do so by ICE raids are they inclined to pay more, offer benefits and improve work conditions to attract a native workforce.

Neoliberal technocrats also are culpable in this and other tragedies stemming from the trafficking of illegal aliens. These are the toadies that carry the water for the oligarchs who seek to maximize profit via the unbridled movement of people and capital across international borders. They despise the concept of the nation state with its quaint and, in their minds, antiquated concepts of societal norms and democracy. They filter and shape the news and commentary to fit their deranged world views. And in this way, they are most culpable in all of this.

Kevin Lynn is the executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform. Contact him at

Price of Human Cargo to the U.S.
Price of Human Cargo to the U.S.

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right — The mask is off corporate America and the means it plans to use to control the populace comes right out of 1984 or maybe the Book of Revelation.

Will it demand a mark on our hands for us to buy and sell? It seems they may soon have the power if they don’t already.

What makes us laugh is the idealistic socialists who think they have won something. They really think the reach of the Gates and Bezos and Buffet will decline.

Silly children.

It’s going to grow along with its heavy-handiness. Look at Biden’s cabinet picks.

For the record we still maintain the vote fraud was real and massive, and Biden is an illegitimate president. Saying this was once solidly protected speech.

Prominent politicians, though, that would be you Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John “Fascist” Fetterman, are saying it should be a crime. If the Democrats pack the courts, as some think, maybe it will be in a few months.

Dominion Voting Systems is threatening lawsuits left and right against those saying there are problems with their machines.

Rather than using courts to squelch the questions, the matter would once have been resolved by examining the machines as was done in Antrim County, Mich.

Of course, Dominion refutes what was found in Antrim County, but shouldn’t that just mean more investigation? Why the, rather fanatical, opposition to examining machines and ballots?

The matter would be far more likely to get resolved and the nation united.

But that’s not going happen. It’s not the will of the plutocrats.

The laugh’s on you Occupy Wall Street. And us too, for that matter. Actually, on everyone who is not in line for a six-figure government pension.

Alternatives to Twitter and Facebook are multiplying. We’ve long championed Gab. One that might be even better is We’ve begun using it regularly. Here’s an interesting little tidbit we found regarding the price of insulin.

Here’s a parable to help you get through the next few years:

Plato saw Diogenes washing vegetables. “If you knew how to pay court to the king, you wouldn’t now be washing vegetables,” he said.

Diogenes responded “If you knew how to wash vegetables, you wouldn’t now have to pay court to the king.”

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right
Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right

Chinook Block II Will Keep Delco Plant Busy Until 2035 Says Boeing

Chinook Block II Will Keep Delco Plant Busy Until 2035 Says Boeing — Boeing Defense has been boasting on Twitter that the latest version of it Chinook H-47 helicopter will keep its plant in Ridley, Pa. busy for the next 15 to 20 years.

Boeing says 542 aircraft will be coming to the plant for upgrades which include new rotor blades, a new drivetrain, an enhanced fuselage and redesigned fuel tanks.

The Block II will replace the F model and carry 2,000 pounds more bringing the maximum load to 22,000 pounds.

The Chinook first flew on Sept. 21, 1961.

Chinook Block II Will Keep Delco Plant Busy Until 2035 Says Boeing
Chinook Block II Will Keep Delco Plant Busy Until 2035 Says Boeing

Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta

Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta — Carolyn Comitta, who is seeking to replace fellow Democrat Andy Dinniman to represent the 19th District in the Pennsylvania Senate, is backed by Aqua America.

The Bryn Mawr-based, now-national water company that once called itself Springfield Water Co. and the Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. but now calls itself Essential Utilities gave a grand to Carolyn in April. Wonder why they want her to win.

Could it have anything to do with their lust for the locally owned Chester Water Authority?

Guess we know where Carolyn, who now represents the 156th District in the State House, comes down on the matter.

Hey did you see where Aqua — excuse us Essential Utilities — is making beaucoup bucks supplying water to frackers in the Marcellus Shale? Not that we have any problem with it but we kind of wonder how much that warms the hearts of Dinniman’s voters.

Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta
Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up — We reported this July 24 but we’ll reiterate. An investigation by Forbes has revealed that Nike literally buys slaves to make its products. This occurs in China and the slaves are Moslem Uighurs. Among the ways these slaves are advertised is from online postings proclaiming  The advantages of Xinjiang workers are: semi-military style management, can withstand hardship, no loss of personnel … Minimum order 100 workers! 

Does Nike brand its Uighur slaves with this? Just don’t it.

If you buy Nike products you support slavery. Before you read this maybe could plead ignorance but now, not so much.

Not everything made overseas is with slave labor, and there are things you have little choice in buying. Branded apparel is not one of them, though, especially when it comes from a brand that might be the biggest hypocrite in merchandising history.

It’s not hyperbole to say that if you buy Nike you support slavery.

Remember that next time someone talks about “white privilege”. Especially if it is from a guy who became an even bigger one-percenter when he figured out a new scam after he lost a step on the gridiron, or from a billionairess who got her wealth pandering and promoting perversion.

Really, how many slaves have you ever owned? Infinitely less than Nike.

Or John of God, for that matter.

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up

Theranos Director Blasts Trump, Mattis Likes His $$

Theranos Director Blasts Trump, Mattis Likes His $$ — Gen. Jim Mattis joined the Marines Corps Reserve in 1969 then commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1972 missing out on Vietnam. He rose through the ranks becoming a four-star general in 2005.

Theranos Director Blasts Trump, Mattis Likes His $$
In the right vs Theranos guy

If one wants to be a cynic one can say his most notable achievement was coining the phrase “no better friend, no worse enemy” with regard to the Marines.

After retiring from the military, Mattis joined the boards of General Dynamics, a major cog in the military-industrial complex, and Theranos, a bio-tech firm that, well, you can read about it here and elsewhere.

Mattis pushed to have Theranos’ blood-testing tech used by combat troops. That would not have been a good thing.

President Trump upon his election naively picked the Mattis as his Secretary of Defense. After two tension-filled years Mattis quit when Trump insisted on troop withdrawals from the Mideast. Mattis returned to General Dynamics and more big bucks.

But hey, he’s a patriot. Don’t criticize or question those making our (and others) bombs and guns.

As rioters loot businesses, burn churches, abuse citizens and ambush police, Mattis is now blaming Trump. How dare he defend the public! How dare he divide the nation! Hey General, the only major pol in D.C. that could have stopped Derek Chauvin was Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Mn). Just saying.

Of course, these riots have nothing to do with the murder of George Floyd. It’s a planned insurrection and if it wasn’t Mr. Floyd’s death it would have been something else. Yes, General, use of the military is warranted although we strongly suspect that the gang at G-D is sympathetic to the insurrection. Anything to get rid of an obstacle to overseas wars, right?

Theranos Director Blasts Trump, Mattis Likes His $$
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